Strikers agree to play April 3, 2005

Kenya to field full-strength side

Cricinfo staff

The news that the Africa Cricket Association had brokered a deal which should signal and end to Kenya's internal crisis will mean that a full-strength side is fielded for the Intercontinental Cup tie against Uganda later this month.

A meeting of the players in Nairobi today ended with an agreement that all those who had been refusing to play for the Kenya Cricket Association would make themselves available for selection. A number of leading players have been on strike since October over contract issues and outstanding payments, and others are believed that have made it clear that they would not play for any side fielded by the KCA.

But obstacles remain. The KCA said today that it did not have any cash and so was unable to fund the team. It is thought that Percy Sonn, the ICC vice-president who was in Nairobi at the weekend, will ask the ICC to provide sufficient funds to enable Kenya to get over this hurdle.

Kenya's first match in the tournament, against Namibia, was due to be played last February but was postponed by the ICC when it became clear that the KCA was in no position to field a side.