Glenn Turner October 20, 2008

A fruitful appeal

When Bruce Murray juggled a banana and the ball

This happened in 1969, during my first tour of India and Pakistan. We were playing in Dhaka and the crowd started to get a bit excited. Bruce Murray, who was fielding at third man, was getting pelted by a few things. One of them happened to be a banana.

Bruce tried to draw the attention of the umpires and began to run towards the pitch. Meanwhile Dayle Hadlee was running in to bowl - to Asif Iqbal, I think. We could all hear Bruce yelling, but the umpires didn't notice.

Dayle delivered the ball and it ballooned off the batsman's gloves to the vacant gully region - which wasn't vacant anymore because Bruce had arrived there, banana in hand, dived forward and caught the ball!

He actually claimed the catch, but the umpire cancelled the appeal.

As told to Kanishkaa Balachandran