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George Binoy and Travis Basevi dig into our stats database

Tales of bittersweet debuts

Players who've scored a hundred and a duck on Test and ODI debut respectively

Travis Basevi and George Binoy

May 6, 2009

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Andrew Hudson is bowled by Kenny Benjamin on the third day of the historic, West Indies v South Africa, Barbados, 21 April 1992, only Test
Andrew Hudson made a duck on ODI debut, and 163 and 0 on Test debut © Getty Images

Eighty-two batsmen have scored a century on Test debut; 77 have a half-century or more in their first ODI; 526 players have been dismissed for duck in their maiden Test; and 153 have been out for no score in their first ODI. How many players, though, have scored a hundred and a duck on Test and ODI debut respectively, and vice versa? And are there any who've bagged a duck on both Test and ODI debut?

Australia's Marcus North was the last batsman to score a Test century on debut - 117 against South Africa in February - and he very nearly joined a select club of batsmen who've scored a century in their first Test and a duck in their first ODI (North managed 1 against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi). Only four batsmen have done it; none before Saleem Malik in 1982 and after Mathew Sinclair in 1999-00.

Malik was bowled second ball for duck by Joel Garner in his first ODI at the SCG in January 1982, but scored a second-innings hundred on Test debut against Sri Lanka in Karachi in March. Sinclair had a terrific first Test, scoring 214 against West Indies in Wellington in 1999, but made a blob in his first ODI against Australia in Christchurch in February 2000.

Scoring a hundred on Test debut and a duck on ODI debut
Player Test1 Test2 Opposition Start Date Scorecard ODI Opposition Start Date Scorecard
Saleem Malik (Pak) 12 100* v SL Mar 5, 1982 Test 923 0 v WI Jan 12, 1982 ODI 134
AC Hudson (SA) 163 0 v WI Apr 18, 1992 Test 1188 0 v India Nov 10, 1991 ODI 686
DL Houghton (Zim) 121 41* v India Oct 18, 1992 Test 1197 0 v Aus Jun 9, 1983 ODI 199
MS Sinclair (NZ) 214 - v WI Dec 26, 1999 Test 1478 0 v Aus Feb 26, 2000 ODI 1569

Five batsmen have scored 50 or more on ODI debut but made a duck on Test debut. Sri Lanka's Chamara Silva top-scored with 55 against Australia in Colombo on his ODI debut in 1999. He had to wait seven years to make his Test debut, against New Zealand in 2006, and when he finally got his chance, he botched it. Silva was out for a pair in Christchurch but bounced back with a half-century and a hundred in his second Test, in Wellington.

Scoring a duck on Test debut and a fifty (or hundred) on ODI debut
Player Test1 Test2 Opposition Start Date Scorecard ODI Opposition Start Date Scorecard
GD Barlow (Eng) 0 - v India Dec 17, 1976 Test 788 80* v WI Aug 26, 1976 ODI 37
EH Mattis (WI) 0 - v Eng Feb 13, 1981 Test 896 62 v Eng Feb 4, 1981 ODI 115
BC Broad (Eng) 55 0 v WI Jun 28, 1984 Test 990 76 v Aus Jan 1, 1987 ODI 409
KJ Barnett (Eng) 66 0 v SL Aug 25, 1988 Test 1103 84 v SL Sep 4, 1988 ODI 521
MH Dekker (Zim) 5 0 v Pak Dec 1, 1993 Test 1237 79 v NZ Oct 31, 1992 ODI 765
LPC Silva (SL) 0 0 v NZ Dec 7, 2006 Test 1820 55 v Aus Aug 26, 1999 ODI 1488

Only five batsmen - Dennis Amiss, Desmond Haynes, Andy Flower, Saleem Elahi and Martin Guptill - have scored centuries on ODI debut, but none of them managed one in their first Test. Haynes and Flower, though, appear in our table below because they scored half-centuries in their debut Tests.

The closest anyone has come to scoring a century on both Test and ODI debut is Stephen Fleming. He played his first Test, against India, in Hamilton on March 19, 1994 and made 92 before he was caught by Kapil Dev off Rajesh Chauhan. A week later, Fleming played his first ODI against India, in Napier, and was run out on 90.

Scoring a fifty (or hundred) on Test and ODI debut
Player Test1 Test2 Opposition Start Date Scorecard ODI Opposition Start Date Scorecard
MH Denness (Eng) 2 55* v NZ Aug 21, 1969 Test 658 66 v WI Sep 5, 1973 ODI 8
DL Haynes (WI) 61 - v Aus Mar 3, 1978 Test 819 148 v Aus Feb 22, 1978 ODI 48
KC Wessels (Aus) 162 46 v Eng Nov 26, 1982 Test 939 79 v NZ Jan 9, 1983 ODI 165
MD Moxon (Eng) 74 5 v NZ Jul 24, 1986 Test 1049 70 v India Jan 23, 1985 ODI 295
BC Broad (Eng) 55 0 v WI Jun 28, 1984 Test 990 76 v Aus Jan 1, 1987 ODI 409
Younis Ahmed (Pak) 8 62 v NZ Oct 24, 1969 Test 662 58 v India Feb 18, 1987 ODI 434
KJ Barnett (Eng) 66 0 v SL Aug 25, 1988 Test 1103 84 v SL Sep 4, 1988 ODI 521
A Flower (Zim) 59 1* v India Oct 18, 1992 Test 1197 115* v SL Feb 23, 1992 ODI 716
PK Amre (India) 103 - v SA Nov 13, 1992 Test 1200 55 v SA Nov 10, 1991 ODI 686
MJ Slater (Aus) 58 27 v Eng Jun 3, 1993 Test 1223 73 v SA Dec 9, 1993 ODI 860
SP Fleming (NZ) 16 92 v India Mar 19, 1994 Test 1255 90 v India Mar 25, 1994 ODI 896
ME Trescothick (Eng) 66 38* v WI Aug 3, 2000 Test 1506 79 v Zim Jul 8, 2000 ODI 1607
IR Bell (Eng) 70 DNB v WI Aug 19, 2004 Test 1712 75 v Zim Nov 28, 2004 ODI 2193
T Duffin (Zim) 56 2 v India Sep 13, 2005 Test 1765 53 v Kenya Feb 25, 2006 ODI 2339

Fifteen unfortunate batsmen suffered ducks on both Test and ODI debut, and Chris Martin isn't one of them. Bishan Bedi was the first, falling for 0 in the second innings of the Kolkata Test against West Indies in 1966 and bagging another in the first ODI of the Prudential Trophy, against England in 1974. No one has made a pair on Test debut as well as a duck in their first ODI. Bangladesh's Enamul Haque Jr came closest: he made 0* and 0 against England in his first Test, in Dhaka in 2003, and a duck against Zimbabwe on ODI debut in Chittagong in 2005.

Andrew Hudson appears in both the first table as well as the one below. He was out for duck on ODI debut against India in November 1991 and made 163 in his first Test innings, in Barbados in 1992, making him one of four batsmen to score a duck and a century on ODI and Test debut respectively. However, he also appears in the list of batsmen with ducks on both ODI and Test debut because he was dismissed for 0 by Curtly Ambrose in the second innings in the 1992 Bridgetown Test.

Scoring a duck on Test and ODI debut
Player Test1 Test2 Opposition Start Date Scorecard ODI Opposition Start Date Scorecard
BS Bedi (India) 5 0 v WI Dec 31, 1966 Test 612 0 v Eng Jul 13, 1974 ODI 12
Ijaz Faqih (Pak) 0 8 v WI Dec 22, 1980 Test 890 0 v WI Dec 19, 1980 ODI 101
K Srikkanth (India) 0 13 v Eng Nov 27, 1981 Test 911 0 v Eng Nov 25, 1981 ODI 125
GRA de Silva (SL) 12 0 v Eng Feb 17, 1982 Test 921 0 v Pak Jun 14, 1975 ODI 30
ERNS Fernando (SL) 0 46 v NZ Mar 4, 1983 Test 950 0 v NZ Mar 2, 1983 ODI 186
MAR Samarasekera (SL) 0 57 v Eng Aug 25, 1988 Test 1103 0 v Pak Jun 9, 1983 ODI 198
Mushtaq Ahmed (Pak) 0 4 v Aus Jan 19, 1990 Test 1135 0 v SL Mar 23, 1989 ODI 564
AC Hudson (SA) 163 0 v WI Apr 18, 1992 Test 1188 0 v India Nov 10, 1991 ODI 686
EA Brandes (Zim) 0 DNB v India Oct 18, 1992 Test 1197 0 v NZ Oct 10, 1987 ODI 454
GD McGrath (Aus) 0 DNB v NZ Nov 12, 1993 Test 1235 0 v SA Dec 9, 1993 ODI 860
JE Benjamin (Eng) 0 DNB v SA Aug 18, 1994 Test 1266 0 v Aus Dec 6, 1994 ODI 955
RG Hart (NZ) 4 0 v Pak May 1, 2002 Test 1600 0 v Pak Apr 21, 2002 ODI 1833
A Maregwede (Zim) 0 22 v SL May 6, 2004 Test 1698 0 v WI Nov 30, 2003 ODI 2070
GM Ewing (Zim) 2 0 v Aus Oct 17, 2003 Test 1663 0 v Eng Dec 1, 2004 ODI 2194
Enamul Haque jnr (Ban) 0* 0 v Eng Oct 21, 2003 Test 1665 0 v Zim Jan 24, 2005 ODI 2210

Remember Joey Benjamin? You probably don't, unless you follow county cricket. He was a medium-pacer who played one Test and two ODIs for England in 1994-95 but batted only once in each format. Fanie de Villiers nailed him for a duck in the 1994 Oval Test, and Craig McDermott bowled him for 0 on ODI debut in Sydney in 1994. He played one more one-dayer, in January 1995, before disappearing from the international circuit.

This list has largely been about batsmen, but here's a question about bowlers to round it off. Only two bowlers have taken a five-for on Test debut and a four-wicket haul on ODI debut. Who are they?

If there's a particular List that you would like to see, email us with your comments and suggestions.

George Binoy is a senior sub-editor at Cricinfo

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