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Former India opener; author of Beyond the Blues, an account of the 2007-08 Ranji Trophy season

World Twenty20 2012

Dhoni faces tough calls

After a golden run in his first few years, India's captain faces searching questions in the format that first brought him glory

Aakash Chopra

September 18, 2012

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Virender Sehwag grabs Yuvraj Singh's attention, Sri Lanka v India, tri-series final, Dambulla, August 28, 2010
Sehwag or Yuvraj? Some tough calls await India should they choose to tinker with their batting line-up © Cameraworx/Live Images
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For someone whose career as captain was kickstarted somewhat by default, when India's senior players opted out of the inaugural World Twenty20, MS Dhoni has done fairly well for himself.

Back in 2007, the automatic choice to lead the side ought to have been Virender Sehwag, for he was a fair bit senior to Dhoni and was also playing all three formats. Unfortunately for Sehwag, that year was the poorest of his career till then. Ergo, the responsibility of leading the young Indian team fell into Dhoni's lap.

Dhoni's brand of poker-faced calm captaincy with a penchant for taking risks led India to their first and only World Twenty20 victory. The rest, as they say, is history. He's one of the better captains India has produced - if not the best. In the last five years, he has passed quite a few stern tests with flying colours, yet there have been a crucial few he has failed at.

He's facing one such examination with the start of fourth World Twenty20. Can he regain lost glory in the shortest format of the game, his forte? Since India hosts the world's biggest T20 league, the IPL, it was expected to propel the team's fortunes in the World Twenty20s after the first one, but it hasn't worked out that way. India's below-par performances in the last two World Twenty20s have raised a few questions about the standard of the IPL and the quality of Dhoni's captaincy.

His method of operating in limited-overs cricket has always been to play seven batsmen and four bowlers. While this formula has worked well in ODIs, because the format allows the part-timers to finish their quota in the middle overs without much damage, it tends to backfire in T20 cricket. Every over in a T20 is worth 5% of the bowling innings (as opposed to only 2% in an ODI). In ODIs a side has the time to bounce back from a couple of expensive overs by part-timers, but there's no such luxury in T20 cricket. In T20's short life span, a clear pattern has emerged, where teams with potent bowling attacks tend to do better.

MS Dhoni's record as India's T20 captain

  • Matches 32
  • Won 14
  • Lost 16
  • Tied 1
  • W/L ratio - 0.87
  • ODI W/L ratio - 1.69

The other problem with playing only four frontline bowlers is that none of them can afford to have an off day. Considering that Zaheer Khan hasn't enjoyed much success in T20, L Balaji is coming back after a very long hiatus, and Irfan Pathan isn't the best option at the death, there is a strong case to reconsider the strategy of playing an extra batsman at No. 7. India's batting is, perhaps, the strongest in the tournament, and the top six batsmen should assume the responsibility of playing out the 20 overs.

If Dhoni indeed decides to play an extra bowler, he will face the dilemma of which batsman to drop from the XI. In a tournament like the World Twenty20, form must take precedence over reputation. Dhoni would either have to get Virat Kohli to open the innings with Gautam Gambhir, or he'll choose between Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma. Going by current form, Yuvraj and Sehwag seem to be the players most likely to be benched.

Yuvraj hasn't got enough hours of batting under his belt in the last ten months, and Sehwag has scored only one half-century in his last 11 T20 internationals. If you play Yuvraj, you've got to treat him as the match-winner of old, who would bat in crunch situations and also bowl two or three overs regularly. If Dhoni is going to ease him into international cricket, it will defeat the very purpose of Yuvraj's inclusion in the team. And if you're going to play Sehwag, he must start batting deep into the innings more regularly. Else, it's better to open with Kohli. These are going to be tough calls, but you have to be ruthless to win a world tournament.

In case Dhoni continues with the same team combination, which he's most likely to do, the team must assume the responsibility of scoring 30 runs above par when they bat first, and be prepared to chase, which they should choose almost every time Dhoni wins the toss.

Once you have the cushion of an extra batsman, in addition to what is already a very strong batting line-up, and two decent allrounders in R Ashwin and Irfan, you must not be talking about the pitch slowing down or leaking a few extra runs in the death overs.

Former India opener Aakash Chopra is the author of Out of the Blue, an account of Rajasthan's 2010-11 Ranji Trophy victory. His website is here and his Twitter feed here

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Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 16:35 GMT)

Akash, It is easy to blame dhoni for India's poor show in T20, stating he has gone with 4 bowlers. Truth is, India does not even have 4 good bowlers. The quality difference between part timers and full time specialists is not too much.

Posted by Noball_Specialist on (September 19, 2012, 16:04 GMT)

Sehwag has to go.

Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 15:47 GMT)

Sehwag like HS is living on past glory...time to drop him

Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 12:47 GMT)

where are Baroon Aron and umesh jadav..? why we are not playing one of them instead of Irfan pathan.Atleast we could piock Dinda instaed of balaji or pathan

Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 12:47 GMT)

Dear friends, like to add something about Rohit Sharma. We usually talks about Rohit's batting and bowling. Anybody knows how great fielder he is. The charming athleticisum fielder always gives 100% on the field. He saves 15/20 runs for his country. He has highest catches against his name in T20 international. Really just cant understand in every article everybody talk about Rohit Sharma only. Please leave him alone. He will deliver for India. I agreed with somebody's comment, when he was in pick of forms he sat on the bench for almost 40 days without a single match in Australia for VVS. I saw him playing against Pakistan a day before, he played brilliently. I am sure he will dazzle again for India and will share his performance in Indian Victory. Definately India is going to win the T20 World Cup again. And to all Rohit's fan- Rohit will comeback again.

Posted by sweetspot on (September 19, 2012, 11:57 GMT)

For a country that ranks 119 on the Human Development Index, and having the worst per capita Olympic medal tally, we sure have a lot of people to telling a World Champion Team captain how to do his job!

Posted by itsthewayuplay on (September 19, 2012, 11:49 GMT)

i'm no fan of T20 and rarely follow the game but your comments aakash could equally apply to selection issues in all formats. i dont understand the dilemma re yuvraj. either he's fit enough to play international level in whatever format he's chosen or he's not. as he's been selected then you have to assume he can bat at the crunch overs and bowl his full full quota. if Dhoni wants Yuvraj to be eased back in to international cricket, it should start with domestic cricket. as for sehwag, he's always been a 1 in 10 at best performer. india's has one of the weakest bowling attacks in world cricket. indi'a's obsession with finding pace bowlers has meant that we have had no quality spinner since kumble retired and as a result india has no regular match winning bowler depending on the conditions. india's strength lies in batting and if 6 batsmen inc big hitters like raina, dhoni cant score runs then neither will a 7th. 5 bowlers gives a better balance to the side.

Posted by yuvimybro on (September 19, 2012, 10:59 GMT)

couple of games away rohit was struggling to put bat on ball and was using pad more effectively. well i am great fan of rohit as well but to say that you will bench yuvi or viru is utter non sense. all these years crucial matches were won bcose of viru at top and yuvi at the middle. pls dont write whatever you want. if india has to win this wc, its either viru or yuvi or virat who has to do what yuvi did in 07 and 11 wcs. also zaheer and bhajji are never given their credit, they have crucial breaks and even though bhajjis tally wasnt great, he removed pollard, de villeire etc all crucial wickets. no tough call for dhoni - viru, gambi, kohli, yuvi, raina, rohit / dhoni (order change only), pathan,bhajji, ashwin,zak. if someone is injured bring in tiwary. dhoni is very clear. critics are confused or confusing

Posted by baghels.a on (September 19, 2012, 9:33 GMT)

Why dosen't the ICC allow subsitutes to take part like in other sports such as football,rugby,Hockey,basketball,volleyball instead of making cosmetic changes like powerplays. In the warm up matches teams are allowed to play wih 13 players but only 11 at a feild, this way a team can specialist batter till no.8 and six reular bowlers and all this talk about 7 batters and part time bowlers problem will vanish, two subsitutes or even one is it too radical, i don't think so.....................

Posted by Raghuuuuu on (September 19, 2012, 7:48 GMT)

India will miss Praveen and RP Singh... They should have Jadeja and Yusuf in the T20 side... Balaji and Bajji should try in ILP. Virn and Gauti then virat with rohit and raina and yuvi with dhoni then ashwin with irfan and zak... RP or Praveen would have helped India...

Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 7:18 GMT)

I think if India have included RP Singh instead of L. Balaji , would have made a huge difference. RP Singh is one of the leading wicket takers in IPL and also has Best Bowling Figures for India in T20I. Also performed superbly in inaugural T20 WC won by India

Posted by analyseabhishek on (September 19, 2012, 6:40 GMT)

On current form and future potential, it is Sehwag's turn to be left out, as Akash Chopra insinuates ( but does not say forcibly enough, understandably!). Twenty20 is a specialist's game and 5 specialist bowler are a must. Indian problem is that the strong batting is unable to cover for the weak bowling in the stipulated 20 overs- although it is able to do it in 50 overs.

Posted by satish619chandar on (September 19, 2012, 6:28 GMT)

I don't think it will fall into the ears of our captains. Ever since Dada made Dravid a keeper and banked on Kaif, India got a grand liking to the concept of batsman at 7 and the availability of decent part time spinners made that job more easy for the captains. While i sincerely support the 5 bowler concept in the T20 especially if Irfan and Ashwin are among them, i doubt the quality of the fifth bowler in the current squad. Team can't afford to play both off color Zak, Dinda and Balaji in same team. Chawla is just for sentimental factors and won't get a game - atleast shouldn't. Bhajji should get the nod as the fifth bowler then and at his current form, can a combo of Yuvi, Virat and Raina do as much same job as Bhajji would? Plus, all three can bat well too. Tough decision but still, Dhoni as always will go for a batting centric team. Hope we chase as we do got some specialists in doing it.

Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 6:01 GMT)

pls.! don't give ur useless advice to msd.,we all know how he led csk.,sp pls.! don't teach him abt the cptnshp in t20.

Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 5:49 GMT)

Dhoni: Captain has a better vision of the game being on field in so many competitions, Only thing which he can re-consider is going with 1 quicker bowler. Pitches of Sri lanka would be Slow and Spin friendly but sometimes Medium pacers like Irfan n Balaji can be too predictable. Dinda should given a new ball with a Zak; You can also start throwing balls to Kohli, Viru, Raina for an over or two on these pitches. Viru n Gambhir: Its not about individual 50s in this format, 50-80 Runs partnership in a quick time can set the base. Viru n Gauti are great doing this, if not individual milestones. Yuvi: He should be given a chance off n on, to see if he is really ready for a stage like WC. I pray he is though. Bhaji: He should be sitting out, watching Ashwin bowl with his variations.

Posted by SpartaArmy on (September 19, 2012, 4:43 GMT)

Wow!! some one whose stint at international level is a failure making these statements about the Indian captain under whom two world cups are won has to be considered foolishness. The same formula won us First t2o Mr. Chopra, you are in no league to criticize dhoni's reaction on unsuccessful chases. Do you really think adding one more mediocre bowler WILL help the cause. It is more like adding Mr. Chopra at the top order to strengthen Indian t20/odi/test batting.

Posted by gdalvi on (September 19, 2012, 3:17 GMT)

@ sibi - All you said in your math is that 5th bowler bowls 20% of overs in T20 and ODI - which is true. This is not what Chopra is arguing about. What Chopra means is that if you get hit during 4 ov in T20 - they will add to 20%, but in same 4 overs in ODI just add to 8%. Hence impact of 4 bad overs from part-timers will be much bigger. Particularly since teams WILL try to hit part-timers in T20, but in ODI middle overs, they are mainly trying to build up the innings - so they usually don't take excessive risk.

Posted by NallaBaaba on (September 19, 2012, 3:09 GMT)

Don't know why people hate Rohit Sharma. We should encourage that chap. Dont know why he is forced to play t20/odi in first place. his shots are more suited for test. He is young and learning a process so mistakes can happen. He batted well in warmups and that will increase his confidence level and hopefully he will perform. Indian fans forget that without rohit, india would have lost World cup 2007, he made crucial 50 not out vs RSA and important 30 runs in the final. Also, in the world cup 2010, when india made 130 runs,, rohit made 78(46) 4 4's 6 6's. no questioning his ability. He just lacks temperament and application. It will be unfair to expect him to score 50 every t20 game(format is like 'hit' and 'miss'), but i have faith that he will perform. We should be more positive of Rohit. He can also bowl useful offspin. He can be benched for few games, but I'm damn sure 7 batsman+4 bowler formula will work. Rohit was 2nd highest wkt taker vs WI A and yuvi as we know is useful bowler

Posted by cellonec on (September 19, 2012, 3:00 GMT)

Chandru - As usual sarcastic comments..when this team reaches success ppl says tat woww wat a team combination n wat a capataincy..ppl will also add dhoni knows when to do wat..bla bla...keep your nerves calm n enjoy...Leave the choice to the captain n enjoy the game...every team has ups and downs..we cannot expect our team to win all world cups..

Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 2:12 GMT)

True, Dhony is not a successful captain in T20; because of his team balance. He always stick on 7+4 in all formats. But T20 has changed much. from 2007.So change the mind and and change it to 6+5, especially because of the presence of two good allrounders as Aswin and irfan.(Yuvaraj or Rohith can be opted out and bring Veeru to middle order)

Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 2:05 GMT)

@ Aakash : Very Nice Article. However as Sibi Joseph says Try and Drop Rohit. The so called " Potential" Youngster. Virat kohli looks Senior to him in the team. How long do you want to try this guy!! since 2007 he is "The most Promising" player. According to me Rahane shud have been tried rather than Him. Rohit should not play any form of international cricket. 5 Years and still never delivered apart from some its and bits.

Posted by AMAZINGFAN on (September 19, 2012, 1:53 GMT)

dhoni knows what to do with his team........he won t20wc and 20 over wc....i hope he drops yuvraj and bring in manoj tiway....yuvraj is useless....he doesn't deserve to be in the squad...

Posted by Nampally on (September 19, 2012, 0:41 GMT)

Aakash: Contrary to what you are saying, Dhoni does NOT have any tough decisions to make because the squad does not have any Bowlers with credibility! Against NZ Balaji leaked >8 runs/over, against Pakistan friendly he leaked 11 runs/over. Ashwin has improved after 11 runs/over against NZ to 4 runs/ovr vs. pakistan. Both ZAK & Irfan have been expensive but they did manage some wkts. as did Ashwin. The 7 +4 combo is not good approach but there is not much choice of bowlers to choose from this squad.Chawla was attrocious in IPL.Hence only bowler to be replaced is Balaji with only other seamer, Dinda. That is an easy & justified replacement.Hope that these 4 - ZAK, Irfan, Ashwin & Dinda- bowl at < 6 runs/over & use Sehwag/Yuvraj to share the 5th bowler.The wkt. this morning was spin friendly to SL team - 2 Mendises got 8 Wkts. I am sure Sehwag/Yuvraj & Ashwin can do it if they bowl at right spots too. This is a sad situation results when the best available bowlers are not in the squad!

Posted by   on (September 19, 2012, 0:33 GMT)

My playing XI would be: Gambir, Viru, Virat, Yuvi, Raina, Dhoni, Irfan, Ashwin, Bhajji, Zak and Balaji.

Posted by   on (September 18, 2012, 23:58 GMT)

Loved the last paragraph.. dhonis comments after some of the recent losses were repeatative..when you are leading a international side you can not give such lame excuses.. and god knows when is india going to have matchwinner bowler.. you cant really depend on your batting always... i dont have high hopes from this indian team specially because of their club level bowling.. i have always felt that zaheer has been highly overrated.. he is no good when it comes to limited overs cricket.. can anyone tell me when was the last time he took five wickets in limited overs match... i really do hope that indian team proves me wrong though..

Posted by TRAM on (September 18, 2012, 23:23 GMT)

All the non-fielders and out-of-form should be dropped. Ind bowling unit is already weak. So if they dont have good fielding 11, every team is going to score 200 runs against India and sorry I dont think Ind batsmen have the capacity to score 200 runs (this is not IPL). Hence I will drop Zak, Sehwag, Gambhir & Harbajan. The remaining 11 out of 15, IS the team. KEEP the good fielders Kholi, Tiwary, RSharma, Raina ALWAYS. Keep Yuvi since he is not yet a bad fielder and has shown signs of some batting form. More importantly he is the only left arm spinner in the team. In Dhoni, Ashwin, Pathan we have 3 already certainties who can bat. The remaining would be Balaji, Dinda and Chawla. Thats my playing 11 based on best fielding and in-form approach. Not that this 11 is great. But this is the best we can get of the available 15. Good fielders inspire others. Bad fielders do the opposite.

Posted by Stateside_Steve on (September 18, 2012, 22:57 GMT)

We can armchair the captaincy all we want with our percentages, but I would defer to MSD to do it in real time. Even if you include the 5th bowler there is no gurantee that he won't leak runs. Even the top bowlers go for runs in T20, so it is better to go in with the extra batsman.

Posted by Nampally on (September 18, 2012, 21:12 GMT)

Aakash, as usual an excellent analysis. But I don't think Dhoni understands the percentages, otherwise he would not gamble with the XI by having a 7+4 combo -which includes 3 All rounders who will bowl. So Really ZAK & Balaji are the only bowlers who are not batsmen. Does India really need 9 batsmen incl.3 all rounders? When you consider how poorly ZAK & Balaji are bowling, I would ask for justifying their inclusion in the XI let alone calling them "Bowlers". Sehwag at the top of batting is India's trump card with highest S/R in any format. He must not be dropped to expose Kohli to face the new ball, being the most reliable bat. Balaji must be replaced with Dinda - that should be the only change.Sehwag is a very economical off spinner & can bowl 4 overs. Dhoni must understand this. India can bowl with ZAK, Irfan, Dinda, Ashwin & Sehwag while retaining both Yuvraj & Rohit in batting. Indian squad is very poor in bowling - missing Praveen, Munaf & Rahul Sharma, all T-20 specialists.

Posted by street_smart on (September 18, 2012, 21:01 GMT)

Based on the current form, I would drop Sehwag & Gambhir.. both of them....Send Kohli with Yuvraj to open & draft in Manoj Tiwary... who can add his legspin as well to his strong batting....

Posted by satishforcricket on (September 18, 2012, 20:50 GMT)

Dhoni is by far the best captain india has ever produced and one of the very best world has ever produced who can think of what he has for recourses and how he can manipulate the total strength and weakness to obtain best possible results from them. He assumed lot of resposibilty and sticks up with it and fact the results have been more in favour of him then against proves huge.

Akash chopra should should stick to analysing batting techniques of gambirs and kohlis and take them back to the ranji performers and try to improve them.

Posted by sloggingintheinnercircle on (September 18, 2012, 20:46 GMT)

I would go with a 6+5 combination and hopefully have some surprise tricks like promoting Pathan or Dhoni himself up the order. Opening the bowling with a spinner is an option with both Bhajji and Ashwin in the team as well. I really expected some experimentation during the practice games but it was all "same old same old" stuff - I hope it was to not expose the plans too early as opposed to having no plans whatsoever.

Posted by vrn59 on (September 18, 2012, 20:46 GMT)

My IND XI: Gambhir, Sehwag, Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Raina, Dhoni (wk), I Pathan, Ashwin, Harbhajan, Balaji, Dinda

Posted by BinduKumar on (September 18, 2012, 20:22 GMT)

Benchinh Sehwag is not a good option.... he batted long in lot of matches in the 2012 edition of IPL..hopefully he continues his IPL form into world T20 too.. going by form its appropriate to drop Rohit if required and play both Sehwag and Yuvraj...Irfan Pathan should not be used after 15 overs ...have either Zak or Balaji in the playing 11.. play Harbhajan and Ashwin together along with Piyush Chawla..

Posted by   on (September 18, 2012, 19:32 GMT)

You missed an important point there Akash, about percentage statistics. As each over in an ODI is considered @ 2% and 5% in T20, the mathematical difference is zero. 4 times 5% makes it to 20% of the overs and 10 times 2% makes exactly 20% of the total overs. But the 20% of the T20 may seem quite bigger as compared to those middle overs in an ODI. Excellent article though. Rather than dropping Sehwag, why cant they drop Rohit? Sehwag would try to score atleast.

Posted by cricraz on (September 18, 2012, 19:28 GMT)

I agree Yuvraj cant justify his selection. It was ok to ease him in India on bilateral series but he should have never been selected for T20 world cup. I cant understand why Piyush and Harbajan were selected. Rahul Sharma has done well in T20 and he should have been given a chance in helpful subcontinental conditions. Pragyan Ojha or any number of the left armers who were succesful in the IPL should have been given a chance. Sehwag did well in IPL even though he has not performed for India in T20. But with Sehwag, unpredictable is his calling card and he still deserves a shot. Zaheer Khan has not been a force to reckon with in T20 and they should have tried Praveen Kumar instead.

Posted by   on (September 18, 2012, 19:08 GMT)

a good article but the same applies to bowlers as well. if 4 cant do it , how can u say the 5th will.. but since we are sure about the batting part we can risk with seven batsmen. a wise option wud be open with kohli and gambhir. play aswin,pathan,zak, balaji.the conditions have changed in sri lanka. part timers have always helped india slow down the opponent and thereby reating a pressure situation such that even the bowler with an off day can use it..

Posted by sameer111111 on (September 18, 2012, 18:43 GMT)

Makes sense to play 5 bowlers, but for that to happen, need someone who could bowl. What is the point of taking a bowler who can't bat nor field at all and would go for 45 runs anyway in his 4 overs? And once this bowling unit flops, we would be back to square one with Jadeja and Vinay Kumar back in the squad.

Posted by Smithie on (September 18, 2012, 18:38 GMT)

Interesting that you make no mention of the slow and ponderous fielders that make up the majority of the team. This adds further to the runs that have to be made up. Seems like the over emphasis on batting may prove an ongoing weakness for India.

Posted by thesilentplayer on (September 18, 2012, 18:26 GMT)

You make a good point about how each bowler has a larger share (5%) in T20s and how it thus becomes vital for Dhoni to consider dropping a batsman and adding a bowler. However, I don't think an extra bowler would make that big of a difference. To add to that, the IPL, over the years, has given us glimpses of many a great T20 batsmen, but how many IPL-only bowlers have made it into Indian colors? None. What are your thoughts on India trying to make 3 different teams, for Tests, ODIs and T20s respectively? Look at world number 1, 2 and 3- RSA, England and Pakistan all have different players (specialized that is) playing in different formats. There are certain players like the De Villiers, Kohlis, Jayawardanes and Ajmals that can succeed at all levels but the most, unfortunately, just cannot. Would be great to read your thoughts on the same. Different teams, different formats = fewer injuries, more specialized talent, and positive results.

Posted by PantherBadgers101 on (September 18, 2012, 18:18 GMT)

Excellent article! I feel if 6 batsman cannot do the job, what can the 7th accomplish? Moreover, we have a pretty long tail with Irfan, Harbhajan and Ashwin more than capable of knocking it around, so I would strongly suggest Dhoni go with 6 specialist batsman and drop either Gambhir or Rohit.

Posted by   on (September 18, 2012, 17:57 GMT)

"Once you have the cushion of an extra batsman in addition to a very strong batting line-up and two decent allrounders in R Ashwin and Irfan, you must not talk of the track slowing down or the team leaking a few extra runs in the death overs."

I hope Dhoni reads this statement.. :)

Posted by NaniIndCri on (September 18, 2012, 17:35 GMT)

I cannot understand why Yuvi is included in the team. No doubt he made huge contributions, but why the rush to bring him back? Why can't he be rested for six more months and bring him when he is completely fit? He's really struggling to run between the wickets, and his fielding will also be a concern. These things will matter a lot when playing against good teams.

Posted by US_Indian on (September 18, 2012, 16:17 GMT)

You are usually on the dot-Akash. I didnt like you as a batsman but I definitely like your insight, knowledge of the game ( you might have made a good captain or coach-believe me) and critical analysis in bits and pieces and comprehending it for the bigger picture. FYI Dhoni does not consider either Irfan or Ashwin as allrounders, in his opinion the only allrounder india has is His Excellency rajkumar of gujrat shri Ravindra Jadeja...LOL. He has to have faith in his bowlers and back them up , that will bring the desired results. In the first place they missed out on two possible selection advantage by not opting for either Munaf or Praveen or both, Balaji is good and enough experienced if he comes good that is a bonus for both India and him as he will be in the selectors radar again since ZAK need to reduce his burden, Irfan, Balaji, Munaf can take the responsibility and add couple of new guys, pace should not be a worry. Tiwari should play most matches than Rohit, as he is productive.

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