Tendulkar's retirement from ODIs December 23, 2012

'He changed the approach of batting in ODIs'

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Reactions to Sachin Tendulkar's retirement from ODI cricket

"There was a doubt about whether he would play ODI cricket or not. But I am not surprised by his decision. He has done what he thought was right. I don't think there was any pressure of selectors on him. It is his own decision. No one can drop him."
Former India captain Sourav Ganguly

"I have very fond memories of the century he made against Australia in Sharjah when I was at the non-striker's end. He redefined the art of opening the innings in one-day cricket, and what was amazing was the consistency with which he continued to score over a period of 23 years and more than 460 matches."
Former India batsman VVS Laxman

"Emotional moment to not see the person who inspired me to play for india not play one dayers anymore.hats off paaji.we all love you.respect"
India batsman Virat Kohli, via Twitter

"If you look at the statistics, his greatness becomes even more evident in the sheer volume of runs he has scored and the huge gap between him and the next batsman. To bat consistently at the top-order and the aggressive manner in which he did that is a staggering achievement."
Commentator and former India batsman Rahul Dravid

"He changed the way batting was approached in ODIs especially after he started opening. And he was good as a bowler, if a left-hander came in, he will bowl off-breaks, if a right-hander came in, he will bowl leg-spin, if there is dew then he will bowl seam-up and that's Sachin for you."
Former India legspinner Anil Kumble

"He has figured greatly with runs in the longer version of cricket. I think he has played a little bit more in the longer version but when he feels that he is good enough to play in the Test side, I know, he feels he is good enough to play in the longer version in order to achieve the milestone of 200 Tests."
Former Sri Lanka captain and batsman Arjuna Ranatunga

"I am disappointed and unhappy that we did not get an opportunity to celebrate Sachin's farewell ODI. He should have given time to the country to pay a tribute because legends such as him are born once in a century."
Former India captain Kapil Dev

"Against New Zealand in 1994 the team was looking for someone, and Tendulkar, still so young, offered to take up so much responsibility. The rest is history. The New Zealand attack was blown away by a rampant Tendulkar. His 49-ball 82 in Auckland remains one of the pivotal efforts of his ODI career."
Former India seamer Venkatesh Prasad

"I am lucky to have played cricket in Sachin Tendulkar's era. We will never get a legend like him."
Bangladesh fast bowler Mashrafe Mortaza

"You can never beat the moment at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, that night when millions of fans cheered on as he took a victory lap sitting on the shoulders of his teammates with the World Cup in his hand."
Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar

"Conclusion of a sterling ODI career from a wonderful batsman. Congrats Sachin Tendulkar."
South Africa batsman Hashim Amla, via Twitter

"Masters.423 matches, 23 yrs, 18426 runs !!!! These numbers no body else will be able to come close to.salute salute salute to Sachin."
India offspinner Harbhajan Singh, via Twitter

"He is the best man to decide when to retire from other formats because he knows his body well. All this time people were asking when is he retiring? Now that he has announced his retirement from ODIs, people are asking why has he retired? I don't understand the Indian people."
Former India allrounder Bapu Nadkarni

"He was the one who infused aggression into the game and you can say that he was a game-changer. It was a privilege to share the dressing room with him. The good thing is that he will still play Tests."
Former India fast bowler Javagal Srinath

"Emotional time ! Letting sachin go from one dayers ! 18 thousand plus runs ur jaw drops when u c those records ,master u will always live."
India batsman Yuvraj Singh, via Twitter

"The reason for playing cricket. The reason for watching cricket. Sachin Tendulkar..... No words.. Love you Paji"
India batsman Suresh Raina, via Twitter

"Statistics NEVER lie! They tell a very true story.. Well done Sachin! What an incredible ODI career.. #thebest"
England batsman Kevin Pietersen, via Twitter

''When you've played 23 years of international cricket, a time comes when ODIs don't excite you anymore as you have achieved everything that you possibly could have. Sachin has also won the World Cup, therefore his decision is understandable.''
Former Pakistan captain and commentator Rameez Raza

"If cricket was a religion then Sachin would have been the God. I'd have loved to play against him. I played in the 2010 Asia Cup but he wasn't there. I wish he was there in this series. I wish him all the best for the rest of his life."
Pakistan player Umar Amin

"Sachin is a cricketing God. Unbelievable what he's done for Indian cricket."
Former England batsman Paul Collingwood, via Twitter

"Waqar Younis was on a hat-trick having dismissed Sehwag and Ganguly at Centurion in 2003. As I walked in, he said to me 'be calm and stay focussed.' There was a lot of chatting from the Pakistanis but I survived the hat-trick ball."
India batsman Mohammad Kaif

"Greatest batsman of all time & my good friend Sachin Tendulkar retires from One day cricket. Thank you for making India so proud."
Former ICC and BCCI head Sharad Pawar, via Twitter

"I think he has obliged Indian cricket by retiring. The god has ultimately decided. Everybody is talking that he should retire. I suppose if I am playing cricket whether I am playing good or bad, the call has to be taken by the selectors."
Former Indian batsman Kirti Azad

"Actually I am surprised. If he is continuing with international cricket (Tests) then he should have continued with ODI also. We play almost 25 ODIs in a season. It is very important to keep playing international cricket."
Former selection panel head Kris Srikkanth

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  • Mike on December 26, 2012, 22:42 GMT

    @ DeathKnell: The TRUE God of cricket is Jacques Kallis. To say that someone is a God of cricket, we would be implying that the player is astute at all three disciplines of the game: Batting, bowling and fielding. In order to quantify who the TRUE God of cricket, let's compare Tendulkar's test record against that of Kallis. In Test cricket, Tendulkar (for now) has more runs and centuries than Kallis by virtue of playing more matches. Kallis has the better batting average of the two. In bowling and fielding, Kallis has close to 300 wickets and almost 200 catches. Both of these stats TROUNCE those of Tendulkar. In summation, Kallis is better than Tendulkar (at worst) 2 disciplines (Bowling and fielding) to Tendulkars 1 (for now). Envy is a sickness, please get well soon DethKnell :)

  • T on December 26, 2012, 22:37 GMT

    @Integrity1 - well you know what u are much bigger than all those people you have mentioned, because you know what SRT can & cannot do.. ha ha hah...

  • T on December 26, 2012, 22:24 GMT

    @micklem - you know what.. I did nt read the whole load of ...... (writing) that you have done below...tell me one whom you consider GOD, then we shall discuss further... going step by step...

  • Mike on December 26, 2012, 22:02 GMT

    Wow! Incredible tributes from the all time greats such as: . Sharad Pawar . Kirti Azad . Umar Amin . Mashrafe Mortaza (A Bangladesh "Fast" bowler no less) . Bapu Nadkarni

    I'm in awe!

  • Shanmugam on December 26, 2012, 21:29 GMT

    To all those who claim Sachin is God of cricket, is cricket only a batsman's game? What about the bowlers? If you guys at least claim he is the "God of batting", that would make some sense; at least, there is scope for argument. But, how could he be God of a *team* sport when he is good at only one facet of the game? Also, I didn't bring tests into the mix here. We all know that this article is about Sachin's retirement from ODIs. If people had praised Sachin as the best in ODIs, there would be no argument from my side. Someone else mentioned Don and Kallis and we had to retort. I also don't understand where I belittled Sachin in my messages unless arguing that he could not be the best cricketer ever is belittling. @DeathKnell, I don't think of any cricketer as God. Period. Bid Adieu.

  • Rony on December 26, 2012, 19:31 GMT

    Reply to DeathKnell 5: Point to be Noted,For a man who is labelled as Ultimate Batsmen in World Cricket can perform only these littlebit in the long list of crucial matches which he played and those who taken 49 centuries can't even took a single century during the crucial stages of world cup.On the Other hand his performance in the Knockout matches of other major tournament ICC Cmampion's Trophy is also totally ineffective.This shows when it matters Tendulkar is totally uselessless.

  • Rony on December 26, 2012, 19:26 GMT

    Reply to DeathKnell 4: In cricket Records and Statistics don't Reveal clear things.They will hide more than they reveal.If you want to Know the real class you had to check in details.In Cricket Important Occasion means the Knock Out and Crucial matches in world cup and ICC Champions trophy where all the testplaying countries would be playing.Tendulkar is totally worthless in those situations.His overall record in World Cup is Outstanding.But like the usual Tendulkar way ie mostly because of the innings against minnows and unimportant matches.He only played two times in crucial stages in World cups ie 98 vs Pak at Centurian in 2003 World Cup and and 85 also vs Pak at Mohali in the last World cup.But in the latter match Indian Momentum is lost because of Tendulkars's Innings.He tried for 100'th century and become very slow after 70.That played a major part in Indian Collapse during the final stages of their Batting.Anyway India won thanks to Pak's poor batting.

  • Rony on December 26, 2012, 19:25 GMT

    Reply to DeathKnell 3: In some situations everybody will play and some other situations nobody will be scoring,example is recent India's tour of Aus and Eng when nobody was scoring.In ODI's Tendulkar always just picking up some of the runs that must have eventually gone into some other player's name.He will never score in those Key situations when the personnel contributions will have a greater impact on Team's Success.I totally agree that his consistancy in these easy scoring situations is very high and he is the best among the Indian Top Order batsmen.But if you rate tendulkar as the greatest in the world ,then that would be solely because of these unfair advantage he got as an Indian Opener playing for long periods.So simply based on Overall records,runs,centuries and MOM awards can't put Tendulkar on top of the world Cricket.

  • Rony on December 26, 2012, 19:24 GMT

    Reply to DeathKnell 2: IF a team will play in Subcontinent batting wickets there is a great chance that the top order batsmen goes on to make bigscores.Obviously they will get more MOM awards.Only India had played significantly more times in these kind of batting wickets.NOt Pak,Not SL,Not any other team.If you check avg team scores you will find these facts.India's won percenatge will not be that much great,but still the average runs scored in the matches will be much better than those involving any other team in the world.The reason for these is, India is generating a lot of money in Cricket and BCCi wants to fully exploit these..So as an Indian Opener he will get plenty of oppurtunities to become MOM in Subcontinents especially in Indian Pitches.But the reality is,in most of his MOM awards even if he had not played somebody should have scored that runs atleast littlebit faster than him and eventually India would have won the match.

  • Rony on December 26, 2012, 19:19 GMT

    Reply to DeathKnell 1:I am here for you Don't stick on to craps like avg MOM awards and similar things.I totally agree he is the best batsman in India.But what about his performance in important occassions.In this regard even other Indian players like Dhoni are better than his standards.In His very long carrier he played very less times in important occasions.That two back to back centuries vs aus and 98 vs Pak at Centurian in 2003 world cup.These are very less for a batsmen to be called Utmost.He might have got 62 MOM awards in ODIs,but outside Subcontinent he got only 15 MOM awards.Among them 5 against minnows like Zimbabwe,Kenya and Namibia.So he got only 10 MOM awards against Test playing Nations.Out of these 10 only 3 times he got Centuries.Just Note these.Eventhough Sachin got these many centuries only 3 Out of them got him MOM outside Subcontinent against Test playing Nations.These shows he is very average player outside Subcontinent