Netherlands news December 17, 2014

Chris Adams appointed to Netherlands role

Chris Adams, the former Surrey coach, has been appointed to a short-term consultancy role with Netherlands.

Adams, who was sacked by Surrey midway through the 2013 season, will join Netherlands for three weeks culminating in their appearance in the World Cricket League Division Two in Namibia from January 17 to 24. He will spend two weeks at a training camp with the side before they play five matches in eight days against Canada, Kenya, Namibia, Uganda and Nepal.

Netherlands did not qualify for the World Cup and were relegated to ICC World Cricket League Division Two, but while they have retained faith in coach, Anton Roux, they hope that Adams' contribution will help earn their qualification back up to Division One.

The role also represents another opportunity for Adams. He has, to date, failed to translate his reputation as a captain - he led Sussex to unprecedented success in the middle of the last decade - to his career as coach and, despite applying for several vacancies of late - jobs at Lancashire, Somerset, Derbyshire and Leicestershire - he has been unable to secure a permanent role.

He enjoyed a successful short-term stint with Sri Lanka - they won the Test and limited-overs series in England - earlier this year, but remains on the look-out for longer-term positions.

"This is a really exciting opportunity," Adams told ESPNcricinfo. "The aim is to help a young side find the extra skills they need to win and, by doing that, to remind people what I can do.

"People took a lot about the environment and culture of teams, but ultimately it is about winning. I've had success wherever I've been and this is another opportunity to work with a side to bring about success."

Adams' assertion that he has "had success wherever [he] has been" might surprise some Surrey supporters. While Surrey won the CB40 title and promotion in 2011, that proved the highpoint in a relationship that subsequently soured. Any progress that had been made was abruptly halted by the tragic death of Tom Maynard in 2012 and, exactly a year later, Adams was sacked.

"Of course, I'm sorry the way things ended the way they did at Surrey," Adams said. "We were building nicely, we enjoyed some success and then tragedy struck. It set in place a chain of events which ended my time with the club.

"I think we were terribly unlucky. Even after we signed Graeme Smith [for the 2013 season], who we had so much faith in, he turned up for a few games, sustained a serious injury and had to leave. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

"It would have been nice if the club had taken a different view. It would have been nice if they had shown more patience and understood that a distraught dressing room needed some time. But it wasn't to be.

"The cricket world is small and there aren't many coaching roles out there. It's been a frustrating time.

"But I have to be patient. And my experience with Sri Lanka reminded me how much I love this game and how much I had to offer. Maybe I had lost a bit of confidence, but I'm a strong character and I'm looking forward to helping another group of players fulfil their potential."

George Dobell is a senior correspondent at ESPNcricinfo