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Talented Ryder needs to re-earn respect - McCullum

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Brendon McCullum has said Jesse Ryder might need to re-earn respect within the New Zealand team and remove doubts about his commitment once he's ready to attempt a comeback to the national side. McCullum, however, said that Ryder's talent was "unquestionable" and that New Zealand Cricket only stood to benefit from his return.

In an interview with Radiosport, McCullum said he felt Ryder was in a "really good space" during their interactions while playing for different IPL franchises over the last two months.

Ryder has since avoided signing a central contract with New Zealand Cricket for 2012-13 and his manager Aaron Klee said that was because he did not feel ready for such a commitment. Klee reiterated that Ryder wanted to play for New Zealand and would not go down the Twenty20 freelance route.

"Who knows what the game's got installed for Jesse in the next 6-12 months ... he's got to do what makes him happy, get himself back to where he needs to be," McCullum said. "His talent his unquestionable but I guess his respect within the team needs to be continued to be re-earned.

"You want to know every time you go into battle the guy standing next to you is equally committed as you are, and I guess that's been questioned on a couple of occasions with Jess, and we now know there have been a few issues that he's had to deal with, and I'm talking out of school here because I've told him honestly what I think as well, and I'm sure he won't mind me commenting on it."

Ryder had taken an indefinite break from cricket in early March before deciding he would play the IPL, which began in early April, to work towards his comeback. The intention behind the break had been to resolve personal issues after a "deeply stressful and emotional time" following the incident that resulted in him being dropped during the home ODI series against South Africa this year.

After a defeat in the second match against South Africa, Ryder and Doug Bracewell went to a hotel and became involved in an argument with a patron, breaching team protocols in the process.

"Jess knows he's got to earn some of that respect back from some of the guys and I think that's quite right just like anyone has to gain respect when they come into the team," McCullum said. "He's got a tremendous amount of talent and everyone wants him back on the park. He's just got a couple of blemishes he's got to iron out. I'm sure if he can do that then New Zealand Cricket and Jesse are both going to benefit from it. Six months in this game is a long time so we'll see how it unfolds and we wish him all the best."

While Ryder was playing in the IPL, the NZC chief executive David White had said it was unlikely that he would be selected for New Zealand's tour of West Indies in July.

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  • Garry on June 5, 2012, 21:34 GMT

    MrPontingToYou murali also needs to earn back his respect in the cricketing world after the ball hit the ground and he claimed a catch to dismiss Jacob Oram in the 2007 would cup semi.

  • Rob on June 4, 2012, 8:31 GMT

    Jesse is a great cricketer, can't wait to see him back playing for our country.

  • kieran on June 3, 2012, 12:32 GMT

    Thats rich coming fro McCullum.

  • Earl on June 3, 2012, 11:22 GMT

    Some cricketers get picked on all the time.It appears that they are used to show that all players should be alike..Symonds was picked on by Australia.Was he worse than Pointing?Pointing became captain.Benn was fined and the Australians who were involved not fined. I notice that a lot of fit looking players seem to have the most injuries.Cowdfrey and Graveney were not the fittest looking players,but would make millions of runs in todays game...they could bat.Players used to drink quite a bit and play well.Trueman and Sobers are perfect examples.Give Ryder some space o be himself.I would rather go watch Ryder play than Cook or Strauss.Ryder has taken some of the most stunning catches I have ever seen.

  • Dummy4 on June 2, 2012, 17:31 GMT

    Jesse is a character who needs a bit of monitoring and friendly counseling. Senior guys in NZ team (including baz and Rosco) should have taken him under their wings and guided him properly. I remember reading a article where he an Rosco grew together and how their career shaped up. It should not be allowed to become another sachin-kambli kind of story. NZ stand to benefit to have Jesse in team. Leaving aside the ego, all involved should surely give him another chance.

    He is surely a popular cricketer and his talent is unquestionable. May be Rosco should be the right person to bring him back to the team.

  • anthony on June 2, 2012, 15:59 GMT

    McCullum needs to earn back his respect in the cricketing world after he ran out murali, who had walked out his crease to congratulate his partner who had just scored a century.

  • Kavin on June 2, 2012, 14:51 GMT

    I think he needs to take a break for a month or so and work hard on hid fitness and come back stronger. He's one of effortless clean strikers of the cricket ball, just like Inzamam-ul-haq and Brian Macmillan from South Africa.

  • Dummy4 on June 2, 2012, 13:43 GMT

    Feels sad for the boy. Does anyone know, what goes on in his mind? His body and mind house not only a cricketer, but also a human being. He needs to be handled slightly differently. John (John Wright), if anyone can, perhaps it is you, who can.....

  • stewe on June 2, 2012, 13:19 GMT

    common jesse get that earlier ipl form goin again...

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