What did you think of 2013 in cricket?

As fans, you drive the game. So as another year of cricket with its sagas, crises, triumphs and losses has come to a close, we want to know what you thought about it all

How is T20 affecting cricket?

Cricket's newest format has brought new fans to the game but has offended the sensibilities of several existing ones. We want to know what you think of T20

Will one-day cricket continue to hold its own between the other two formats?

The prognosis for one-day cricket has been gloomy for long, despite a successful 2011 World Cup and the recent Champions Trophy. Tell us what you think of the format

What do you think about the future of Test cricket?

In a year when we had back-to-back Ashes tours, an off-schedule series between India and West Indies, and a two-Test series between the top two sides, we want to know what you think of the challenges the five-day format faces and what its future looks lik

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