AUGUST 20, 2014

Performance and result analysis of Test teams

A look at Test teams across the years, measuring the peaks of each team, and the highest peak across teams

AUGUST 19, 2014

Younis Khan: unsung and endearing

Despite being part of a dysfunctional set-up, he has managed to get the best out of himself and players partnering him

AUGUST 18, 2014

Is Jesse really another Paul Gascoigne?

The boys discover that the NYPD actually has a cricket team, provide a lowdown on former New Zealand quick Michael Owens, and offer a musical tribute to Shahid Afridi

AUGUST 18, 2014

How much practice is enough practice?

Deciding how much time to set aside to unwind is a dilemma in any profession. In sport, it's all down to the player, not the coach

AUGUST 17, 2014

It's time we had laws to eliminate sledging

Players should realise that their cricket skills speak louder than the abuse they sometimes dish out in the name of legitimate aggression

AUGUST 16, 2014

Are slow over-rates really a problem?

Time should be considered wasted only when a bowling side tries to slow the game down for its own benefit

AUGUST 15, 2014

The spirit of cricket and the 15-degree rule

The phrase means nothing in this day and age; only the laws and playing regulations are of any importance

AUGUST 14, 2014

What other sports can enhance the cricketer?

Baseball may be cricket's closest relative, but it's boxing that actually offers most to the cricketer

AUGUST 13, 2014

The complex art of picking openers

An opening pair requires good form and a happy blend of personalities to succeed. Perhaps Cook needs a new partner in the Strauss mould

AUGUST 12, 2014

Is Pakistan's slow approach now holding them back?

Under Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakistan have had a lot of success when they have batted for time and strangled teams with spin. But they may need a different tactic now

AUGUST 11, 2014

The eight-year gap between England and India women

Since 2006, England women have risen to unbelievable heights on and off the field, while India have sunk into oblivion

AUGUST 10, 2014

The un-English flair of Denis Compton

The antithesis of the dour English batting stereotype, Compton wowed fans and peers with his ability to play all the shots in the textbook and several outside of it

AUGUST 08, 2014

Remembering Paul Melville

The dashing Victoria batsman was set to be a star for Australia when his life was tragically cut short at 21

AUGUST 07, 2014

The dark subtexts of cricket literature

Why reading acclaimed works from decades ago is often revealing

AUGUST 05, 2014

Celebrating 3500 ODIs

An analysis of one-day internationals, breaking up the 3500 games played so far into five sets of 700 each

AUGUST 04, 2014

Are the big three's bonds in danger of fraying?

If Australia come after India on the field the way James Anderson allegedly did, will the triumvirate be able to hold together?