OCTOBER 22, 2014

The thing about Australia's superiority to Pakistan

The numbers are all in Australia's favour but the fact that they haven't played in Pakistan for 16 years weighs against them

OCTOBER 21, 2014

Cricket: complex, unknowable cricket

We, as players and spectators, are finite, but cricket, utterly brilliant in its design, is not

OCTOBER 20, 2014

Flirtations with Jesse

The boys discuss if Ryder can stay good for the summer, the West Indies pullout, and the Alternative Cricket Commentary's return

OCTOBER 19, 2014

Remembering Budhi the dasher

Before Sehwag, and even Srikkanth, India had a swashbuckling opening batsman who also kept wickets

OCTOBER 18, 2014

The gentlemen of the village green

A tribute to men for whom a game of cricket was just that

OCTOBER 17, 2014

Jim Maxwell: Radio commentary's tireless doyen

Having graced the airwaves for more than four decades, he is a broadcasting institution on par with Benaud, despite not having played at senior level

OCTOBER 16, 2014

Where does Pietersen stand among cricket's villains?

For all his transgressions, he still can't compete with cricket's long list of rogues and rascals. Does the level of abuse he receives fit his crimes?

OCTOBER 16, 2014

What is defined as bullying on a sporting field?

Standing up to an intimidating opposition rather than complaining about them might be an old-school attitude, but it's still relevant

OCTOBER 14, 2014

Misbah's place in Pakistan history

He was the next great leader after Abdul Kardar and Imran Khan, standing between Pakistan cricket and its end

OCTOBER 13, 2014

The thankless job of fielding

In sport, bloopers by fielders and defenders tend to register more than the positives, such as goals or great bowling spells

OCTOBER 12, 2014

The visceral beauty of fandom

It is the fans' money and attention, and the players' skills and efforts that are indispensable to sport. Investors and broadcasters merely market the show

OCTOBER 11, 2014

ODI overs analysis using ball-by-ball data: Part 1

An analysis using ball-by-ball data to identify scoring and wicket-taking patterns through the 50-over innings in ODIs

OCTOBER 05, 2014

The Champions League should shed its elitism

The tournament would have greater context if it started including composite teams featuring promising Associate players from teams like Afghanistan and Ireland