DECEMBER 19, 2014

Would Brearley have picked Cook as captain?

Cook lacks certain qualities the ex-England captain listed as those necessary for an ideal leader, in particular, charisma

DECEMBER 18, 2014

Was it right to play the fourth ODI?

Why there really is no point in the PCB trying to get international cricket back to Pakistan

DECEMBER 17, 2014

Why the bouncer is not essential to cricket

Sure, it makes for thrilling viewing, but the tests of courage it provides can be achieved by other means

DECEMBER 16, 2014

How does John Key feel about McCullum being named New Zealander of the Year?

Triple-hundreds trump landslide election wins. Also: the Adelaide Test, the NZ squad for the World Cup, the Box Cricket League and more

DECEMBER 15, 2014

A Test match for the ages

The Adelaide Test was pulsating, dramatic and poignant, and threw up questions about India's captaincy, and the absence of the DRS

DECEMBER 14, 2014

All Sehwag's children

Batsmen like David Warner will lead the game into the next generation. One man heralded the trend

DECEMBER 13, 2014

More numbers, from readers

Another dose of random numbers - this time from readers. Also: a tribute to Phillip Hughes, and the now-customary Bradman surprise.

DECEMBER 12, 2014

India's Adelaide blunder

Picking a newbie as the sole spinner in the XI could be a mistake that will haunt them

DECEMBER 11, 2014

Ganguly or Dravid: who was a better ODI captain?

Both backed younger players but their leadership brands were different and so were their win-loss records

DECEMBER 10, 2014

Pakistan's ODI batting a decade behind the rest

The return to tried-and-tested underperformers for the World Cup squad will undo all the good work done over the last 14 months

DECEMBER 08, 2014

Why do we remember what we remember?

Reflections on memories of a certain summer Saturday in 1983

DECEMBER 07, 2014

Healing by putting your bat out

Touching tributes by strangers all over the world have helped immensely in recovering from the pain of Phillip Hughes' death

DECEMBER 05, 2014

Grieving for a stranger

Not having known Phillip Hughes does not make the pain of losing him hurt less