NOVEMBER 23, 2014

The multifaceted Mr Ravi Shastri

We might know him better as a commentator, but in his day he was a fine spinner and, when called on, a gritty opener

NOVEMBER 22, 2014

Is Sarfraz Ahmed Pakistan's best wicketkeeper-batsman ever?

He may only be 12 Tests old, but his stats so far and the calm assurance he showed in Dubai mark him as one to watch

NOVEMBER 22, 2014

The tale of a win that didn't come to be

Delhi were expected to coast to the Irani Cup title in 1982. Then came an outrageous chase of 421 runs

NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Viva indoor cricket

It's one way to keep in touch with the game in the long, dark English winters

NOVEMBER 20, 2014

Fix the West Indies problem once and for all

Enough has been said about West Indies' countless player-board sagas. Just find a solution already

NOVEMBER 19, 2014

New 'dark horses' Zealand

The boys mull over a PR conspiracy, Rohit Sharma's mind-boggling double-ton, Chris Cairns, Mark Priest from Greymouth, and the good and bad of cricketing blokes

NOVEMBER 18, 2014

England need to wake up to ODI reality

If England are to keep abreast of more explosive sides like India, they need a radical change in approach, as Eoin Morgan recently stated

NOVEMBER 17, 2014

An irreverent look at cricket numbers

A 100 random numbers that tell stories - loads of fun in store. Plus, another Bradman surprise

NOVEMBER 15, 2014

Home advantage: everyone's property

In years past, the term was something of a pejorative; not so much these days, when just about every side seems to enjoy it

NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Embracing Maxwell's unpredictability

Fans pop a vein when his ludicrous tactics fail, shrug when he succeeds. Either way, cricket's first bona fide troll is not about to change

NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Pakistan's favourite whipping boys

Even when they were at their worst, Pakistan had no trouble beating New Zealand

NOVEMBER 12, 2014

The cons of miking up players

Getting players to commentate on their strategies from the field could invite mischief and corruption

NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Does the follow-on work in its current form?

A team with a lead of any size should have the option of enforcing the follow-on in the third innings of a Test, boosting their chance of taking 20 wickets

NOVEMBER 09, 2014

How will future historians judge modern numbers?

Will they think there's something odd about a bowler getting a batsman out one too many times?

NOVEMBER 08, 2014

In praise of those who don't set the pulse racing

Pakistan cricket has largely been about celebrating the winners, the mercurial, the flamboyant, but its current success has been built on players who are largely the opposite

NOVEMBER 05, 2014

The appeal I didn't withdraw

How long can you remember an error of judgement on the cricket field?