MARCH 05, 2015

Let's talk about the ECB's strategy document

There has been all too much negativity in the wake of news that plans are afoot to overhaul English cricket

MARCH 04, 2015

The future of ODIs as seen through this World Cup

Stats and trends that are more than six months old are redundant. A revolution is coming

MARCH 02, 2015

Napier shows us World Cup joy

Outside the tournament venues, New Zealand is welcoming fans to enjoy its beauty and its cricket, nowhere more heart-warmingly than at Clifton Cricket Club

MARCH 01, 2015

The vices and virtues of Misbah

The debate about whether Misbah-ul-Haq is holding Pakistan back or holding them together is obscuring the team's real problems

MARCH 01, 2015

Why are injury breakdowns so frequent?

Over-hydration during games and excessive warm-up routines could be the reasons for the number of niggles, despite the medical help at hand

FEBRUARY 28, 2015

A potpourri of World Cup numbers - I

Tidbits from the 2015 World Cup

FEBRUARY 27, 2015

Throw open the gates to the Associates

Keeping them in the World Cup will inspire their countrymen to dream bigger and also prevent the game from being monopolised by a small club

FEBRUARY 26, 2015

Shapoor Zadran, cult hero

The Afghanistan fast bowler is an example of the exuberance the Associates bring to the table, but sadly they'll probably not be seen in four years' time

FEBRUARY 24, 2015

India v Pakistan across the eras

The two sides' records against each other have had very little to do with their form against the other top teams

FEBRUARY 23, 2015

What's with all the talk about Pakistan's lack of heart?

It seems fashionable when they fail to blame it on an absence of passion; the real reasons are probably much more prosaic

FEBRUARY 22, 2015

'The New Zealand stadiums have nailed it'

The Beige Brigade dislike comparisons being made to the Australian "colosseums", discuss the best batting and bowling performances against New Zealand, and celebrate 200 episodes

FEBRUARY 20, 2015

Tales of Greig and Lloyd

In the '70s, the two towering tourists managed to win the hearts of Indian fans with their charm and prowess

FEBRUARY 19, 2015

India need to be flexible with their bowling

Opening with a spinner and rotating the slower bowlers against specific teams could be a sensible ploy for an attack that is struggling for consistency

FEBRUARY 15, 2015

Pakistan lost it in the middle of both innings

Their spinners exerted no pressure on India, and their batsmen largely brought about their own downfall

FEBRUARY 15, 2015

Where have all the stylists gone?

You'll get powerful and innovative shots, spectacular fielding and express pace in this year's World Cup, but at the cost of artistry and mystery