OCTOBER 31, 2014

How boring is boring cricket?

Having graced the airwaves for more than four decades, he is a broadcasting institution on par with Benaud, despite not having played at senior level

OCTOBER 30, 2014

Cricket's humanity resists specialisation

While major sports across the world are driving their competitors towards homogenous physical ideals, cricket seems to celebrate diversity

OCTOBER 30, 2014

Can there be a World Cup in NZ without a Latham?

The boys pick their New Zealand World Cup squads, debate keepers Watling and Ronchi, and talk about the other teams' chances

OCTOBER 28, 2014

Batting: Pakistan's surprise weapon

An inexperienced bowling attack may have stunned Australia, but the batting had a bigger impact on the result, led by the genial Younis Khan

OCTOBER 28, 2014

The power that books hold

We may not be strangers to what players say, but we still tend to accord their words greater respect when they're on paper and between two covers

OCTOBER 27, 2014

A comparison of the Fletcher and Flower eras

Though both coaches had more wins than losses, Fletcher's team competed better against top-quality opposition and were more dominant at home

OCTOBER 26, 2014

Sri Lanka need to trust their own

There's still a tendency to look overseas when it comes to picking the coach. Are there grounds for this?

OCTOBER 25, 2014

ODI overs analysis using ball-by-ball data: Part 2

A look at various interesting high and low-scoring sequences in ODIs with the help of ball-by-ball data. Plus, a Bradman surprise

OCTOBER 24, 2014

The bias of umpires

Understanding historical trends in decision-making might help you deal with the iffy calls you receive. Or maybe not

OCTOBER 23, 2014

The renewability of cricket

We as players and spectators have a great deal to do with the perceived complexity of the game, simply because we change over time

OCTOBER 23, 2014

All hail the Phantom

One of Australian cricket's leading voices, he was also a technically correct opener who took on some of the best fast bowling attacks with distinction over a ten-year career

OCTOBER 22, 2014

The thing about Australia's superiority to Pakistan

The numbers are all in Australia's favour but the fact that they haven't played in Pakistan for 16 years weighs against them

OCTOBER 19, 2014

Remembering Budhi the dasher

Before Sehwag, and even Srikkanth, India had a swashbuckling opening batsman who also kept wickets

OCTOBER 18, 2014

The gentlemen of the village green

A tribute to men for whom a game of cricket was just that

OCTOBER 16, 2014

What is defined as bullying on a sporting field?

Standing up to an intimidating opposition rather than complaining about them might be an old-school attitude, but it's still relevant