APRIL 08, 2014

Why T20 is about cricket's natural evolution

The shortest format is but a logical extension of cricket's bias towards batsmen, and our changing ideas about time
T20: not a corruption of an ideal form © ICC
MARCH 23, 2014

Brash youngsters or scapegoats?

It's easy to blame some of Pakistan's young batsmen for their brash approach but how about singling out the underperforming senior players instead?
MARCH 12, 2014

Sealed with a six

Shahid Afridi's recent Mirpur heroics added a new chapter to the tradition of climactic final-over finishes in games between India and Pakistan
FEBRUARY 26, 2014

Steyn's heady concoction

He has just about every weapon a fast bowler needs but he also possesses an irresistible aesthetic perfection
FEBRUARY 11, 2014

Pity the poor young English cricket fan

For those who grew up watching a team that always had Kevin Pietersen in it, his departure marks the end of an era
JANUARY 24, 2014

The beauty of the maghrib chase

The Sharjah chase took you back to the days of playing street cricket and wanting to complete a game before the sun set
JANUARY 14, 2014

Australia's Ashes win: a blast from the past

The 5-0 result was the ultimate validation of the impulse towards an idealised notion of Australian cricket
DECEMBER 31, 2013

Is Misbah one of Pakistan's best captains?

If you go by the numbers of wins and individual performances while in charge, he hasn't done too badly
DECEMBER 13, 2013

Why Mitchell Johnson fails the hipster test

He may be all the rage but to a hipster-connoisseur of fast bowling, he's not quite the real deal
NOVEMBER 25, 2013

Two more to Pakistan's fast bowling tally

It's too early to anoint Bilawal Bhatti and Anwar Ali as the next big things, but it's great to watch them send stumps flying and batsmen hopping
NOVEMBER 16, 2013

Sachin mania: it's about religion

Like saints were revered and worshipped by people of various faiths, Tendulkar transcends differences and brings his devotees closer to the divine
NOVEMBER 01, 2013

The existential dread of the Pakistani fan

Pakistani fans genuinely fear the death of the country's cricket. There are reasons for this
OCTOBER 18, 2013

Slow strangle in the UAE

Pakistan's bowlers have developed a style of attacking but attritional cricket that saps the opposition's strengths, like the heat and aridity of the Middle East do
OCTOBER 15, 2013

Little England on top

England's best sporting moments have mostly come when they have been cast in the role of the scrapping underdog. That has changed somewhat under Andy Flower, though not much
OCTOBER 04, 2013

Aren't Pakistan catching 'em young anymore?

What has happened to Pakistan's celebrated history of throwing barely pubescent youngsters into international cricket?
SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

It's not Fawad's fight

We tend to be too eager to saddle sportspeople with the burden of being catalysts for social change
SEPTEMBER 05, 2013

The idea of Afridi

His larger-than-life aura is fittingly captured by a melodramatic, entertaining new masala movie that takes what he means to Pakistan to its logical conclusion
AUGUST 13, 2013

The sound of Shoaib

He stirred something deep within us, something born of our basic emotions, something that is part of the essential appeal of all sport
JULY 27, 2013

Walking tall

Would Mohammad Irfan's remarkable journey have been possible had he not been 7'1"?
JULY 21, 2013

Enough about Misbah already

Pakistan needs to look beyond the captain at the real problems that afflict the team