DECEMBER 17, 2014

Why the bouncer is not essential to cricket

Sure, it makes for thrilling viewing, but the tests of courage it provides can be achieved by other means
The bouncer: not worth the risk © Getty Images
DECEMBER 12, 2014

The greatest rivalry never played

What if South Africa and West Indies had clashed with each other in the 1970s?
DECEMBER 04, 2014

The characters of maidan cricket

From the Nonstop Commentator to the Flat-footed Slogger - a lowdown on the players who defined Indian club cricket in the '70s
NOVEMBER 05, 2014

The appeal I didn't withdraw

How long can you remember an error of judgement on the cricket field?
NOVEMBER 03, 2014

The forgotten centurion

Andrew Strauss was a key batsman in many of England's memorable wins (and draws), but it's unlikely you'll remember his contributions off hand
NOVEMBER 02, 2014

A village state of mind

There's something to be said for being unsure of cricket, its whims and unwritten rules, but wanting more, and playing on regardless
OCTOBER 24, 2014

The bias of umpires

Understanding historical trends in decision-making might help you deal with the iffy calls you receive. Or maybe not
OCTOBER 16, 2014

Where does Pietersen stand among cricket's villains?

For all his transgressions, he still can't compete with cricket's long list of rogues and rascals. Does the level of abuse he receives fit his crimes?
OCTOBER 15, 2014

West Indies have the talent to challenge the top teams

With the batting and bowling talent they have, West Indies can be competitive against India, South Africa, England and Australia
OCTOBER 10, 2014

A soft spot for the dibbly-dobbler

These apologetic, innocuous trundlers come in various shapes and sizes. But in the modern era, they are slowly turning into an extinct species
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

Don't blame the bowlers for India's sorry record overseas

Batting collapses, even in friendly conditions, have been the chief cause
SEPTEMBER 20, 2014

The case against revoking ODI status

The ICC's decision to restrict the number of ODI teams deprives Associates of the ability to generate enough funds to survive, and to gain new fans
SEPTEMBER 18, 2014

The mathematician who loved cricket

GH Hardy loved watching cricket at Cambridge, and ranked mathematicians and physicists on the "Bradman class"
AUGUST 24, 2014

The joy of seeing a sledger receive his comeuppance

It's deeply satisfying to see a known potty mouth, especially one who has wound up your team, be defeated on the field - though it doesn't always work out that way
AUGUST 05, 2014

Celebrating 3500 ODIs

An analysis of one-day internationals, breaking up the 3500 games played so far into five sets of 700 each
AUGUST 01, 2014

How exactly does one 'lead by example'?

A captain needs to do enough as an individual to retain respect and control, but exceptional performances may not result in even greater influence
JULY 27, 2014

The geometry of captaincy

Maybe leadership in cricket is not so much about the art of captaincy as about the real-time computing of information
JULY 18, 2014

Revisiting the glorious summer of 2000

If England need a template for this transitional phase, they can turn the clock back to the series against West Indies at the turn of the century
JULY 17, 2014

Let's hear it for cricket's capriciousness

The game's idiosyncrasies can lead to plenty of talking points, but they also add thrill to the outcome
JUNE 29, 2014

Why so passive, England?

England have become a reactive batting side, content to respond to given field settings than to manipulate them