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Michael Yardy and Rory Hamilton-Brown at the toss

How much does the toss really matter?

The numbers show that the team winning the toss has a marginal advantage, and the extent of it varies depending on the format and the quality of the teams

Ajinkya Rahane guides the ball towards third man

How do you compare players across eras?

You can't rate apples against oranges, we're often told. True, but there still are ways of discussing players of one age in the context of those from another

Darren Sammy makes a point at a press conference

Darren Sammy, WICB-slayer?

Will the West Indies captain go down in history as the man who brought the board to its knees?

MS Dhoni is all smiles after India's fifth straight win in the tournament

What's in a press conference?

Journalists look for headlines, while players usually hope to get away with saying nothing - though sometimes they make grand statements. Mostly, a balance is struck

Sachin Tendulkar watches Virat Kohli bounce the ball on the bat

Where Kohli is better than Tendulkar

In limited-overs cricket, Kohli always gives you the feeling that he can fix any situation, unlike Tendulkar - though the latter was a superior batsman