JULY 07, 2014

Vinoo beyond the Mankad

One of India's greatest allrounders is today unfortunately mostly remembered for a mode of dismissal that, though legitimate, is seen by many to be unfair
Vinoo Mankad: opened the innings for India and bowled marathon spells of left-arm spin too © PA Photos
JUNE 17, 2014

Time to dump the coin toss?

Let the home team prepare the kind of pitch they want but let the visitors decide whether to bat or field first on it
MAY 16, 2014

Style over statistics

Wasim Raja played 57 Tests, scored four centuries, and averaged 36.16. But those numbers don't reveal his value to the side or the joy he brought to those watching
APRIL 14, 2014

The finest of Sri Lanka's early years

In the '80s, the classy Roy Dias gave stability to a Sri Lankan batting line-up that had to compete against teams with far greater experience and depth
MARCH 17, 2014

Takes a licking, keeps on ticking

A look at some brave efforts from injured batsmen who managed to return to the field to resume the fight
FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Fantastic Fazal

Neil Harvey said he was virtually unplayable. Frank Tyson said he was "like Bedser, only better". Remembering Pakistan's first great bowler, Fazal Mahmood
JANUARY 28, 2014

The speed-gun myth

Commentators spend a lot of time discussing bowling speeds but a machine can't tell us how fast a batsman considers a bowler to be
JANUARY 02, 2014

Remembering the West Indies support cast

The legendary fast bowlers are celebrated, as they must be, but many others played a part in the team's supremacy
DECEMBER 18, 2013

Whatever happened to Urnie?

Is the alternative Ashes trophy that came into existence in 1982-83 still around to be handed to the winning team?
NOVEMBER 22, 2013

The best player not to play a Test

From the mid 1890s until the First World War, the Philadelphia Gentlemen could match the world's best sides. All thanks to Bart King
OCTOBER 31, 2013

Were cricketers more hardy in the old days?

Are players' injuries treated better now than in the past or are they simply managed more conservatively?
OCTOBER 02, 2013

The amazing Sobers' amazing series

In England in 1966, he glowed with the bat and toiled with the ball in a comprehensive win, but were his efforts better than Imran's against India in 1982-83?
SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

When Imran walked on water

Botham's 1981 Ashes has been enshrined in legend, but was it the greatest all-round performance in a single series?
AUGUST 25, 2013

The original Little Master

Hanif Mohammad almost single-handedly carried Pakistan's batting in their early days as a Test nation
JULY 22, 2013

Hazare or Merchant?

In part two of the search for India's first great batsman, we look at two run-accumulators who shared the same first name
JULY 11, 2013

Who was India's first great batsman?

In part one, a look at three Indian-born batsmen who went on to achieve glory in other countries
JUNE 26, 2013

The Aboriginal question

Aboriginals make up only a small percentage of Australia's cricketers, raising questions about the board's track record in terms of player integration
JUNE 05, 2013

One-day cricket turns fifty? Not quite

Michael Turner, the Midlands Knockout Competition, and the origin of the limited-overs format
MAY 16, 2013

England v New Zealand: a 150-year history

It may not be a rivalry as storied as the Ashes, but it has lasted just as long
APRIL 14, 2013

So you're not a keeper?

Today any failed selection is called a blunder. But back in 1890, in a case of mistaken identity, Australia picked a batsman as their reserve gloveman for the tour of England