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Chris Gayle walks out to bat after missing four games

What Gayle tells us

T20 batting will move on from him, but for now, as he stands on the verge of yet another monolithic landmark, he is a reminder of what is possible in the game

Peter Roebuck

The return of Peter Roebuck

The typescript pages of his newly discovered diaries from 1986 provide an intimate window into the man's thoughts and reflections

Kevin Pietersen plays a scoop

The sad pleasures of the KP sunset

At 36, Kevin Pietersen still exudes the aura of a superstar. It is a pity that international cricket no longer has the benefit of his presence

Shahid Afridi comes up with a cross-batted swat

What is a cameo?

We've all seen them: innings of throwaway flair that transport us. But how exactly do you define one?