MARCH 21, 2015

Did Pakistan fail?

Given the circumstances, they did the opposite in the World Cup, bringing fervour back to their fan base
Against Australia, Wahab turned into a fast bowling equivalent of Javed Miandad © Getty Images
MARCH 08, 2015

The jazba is back

It might be just a brief glimmer, but after a miserable build-up to the World Cup, Pakistan are bowling like their exalted predecessors
FEBRUARY 23, 2015

What's with all the talk about Pakistan's lack of heart?

It seems fashionable when they fail to blame it on an absence of passion; the real reasons are probably much more prosaic
FEBRUARY 05, 2015

Pakistanis should stop crying fixing

The obsessive tendency to paint players as corrupt following every defeat has served to deflect attention from the team's real problems
JANUARY 20, 2015

Pakistan's dot-ball problem

They seem to be hung up on what worked for the team in the 1992 World Cup, not realising that the rest of the world has moved past those strategies
JANUARY 03, 2015

Why Pakistan domestic cricket inspires pessimism

Less-deserving players have been picked for the Pentangular and A squads at the expense of talented allrounders
DECEMBER 23, 2014

The problem with Pakistan's World Cup preparations

Most of their matches are at venues that will suit their style of play, but their strategy is directed at tackling bouncier pitches
DECEMBER 10, 2014

Pakistan's ODI batting a decade behind the rest

The return to tried-and-tested underperformers for the World Cup squad will undo all the good work done over the last 14 months
NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Pakistan's favourite whipping boys

Even when they were at their worst, Pakistan had no trouble beating New Zealand
NOVEMBER 03, 2014

The second coming of Team Misbah

The current side calls forth memories of the golden era of 2010-12
OCTOBER 05, 2014

The Champions League should shed its elitism

The tournament would have greater context if it started including composite teams featuring promising Associate players from teams like Afghanistan and Ireland
SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

The Lahoris in the Champions League

They don't quite inspire the awe that their legendary predecessors did, but they will do well if they keep the cricketing traditions of the city alive
SEPTEMBER 04, 2014

Pakistan can't handle pressure in ODI deciders

Forget South Africa, it's Pakistan who have tripped up in high-pressure matches for a decade now
AUGUST 19, 2014

Younis Khan: unsung and endearing

Despite being part of a dysfunctional set-up, he has managed to get the best out of himself and players partnering him
JULY 28, 2014

Have England lost their new-found identity?

Cook and his boys seem to have fallen out of touch with the relentlessness that took them to No. 1
MAY 30, 2014

Chucking: the debate rages pointlessly on

For some reason, many among us seem unable to accept scientific explanations that account for so-called dodgy actions
MAY 06, 2014

The Waqar silver lining

The one good thing that may come of the latest shake-up in Pakistan's cricket administration is that Waqar Younis returns to the coach's job
APRIL 19, 2014

The home invasion

The Emirates have been a home away from home for Pakistan for three decades now. To see the IPL, which excludes Pakistan, being played there must feel like betrayal
APRIL 01, 2014

Haunted turns hunter

Saeed Ajmal was written off after Michael Hussey smashed him for 18 runs in an over in a World T20 semi-final. But he bounced back and how
MARCH 20, 2014

The what-ifs of Wasim Akram's captaincy

His stats, and the list of great players who flourished under him, indicate he ought to be up there with Imran and the rest. But is he?