MARCH 01, 2015

Why are injury breakdowns so frequent?

Over-hydration during games and excessive warm-up routines could be the reasons for the number of niggles, despite the medical help at hand
It's puzzling to see players cramping up even in non-humid conditions © Getty Images
FEBRUARY 16, 2015

The mystery of the non-existent run-outs

Why do fielders insist on throwing at the stumps when they know there's no chance of dismissing the batsman?
JANUARY 26, 2015

Who is the BBL aimed at?

There's nothing wrong with the quality of the cricket on offer, but the bells and whistles surrounding it are intrusive and overwhelming
JANUARY 14, 2015

What's with Australia's pitches?

All four tracks for the India series were uncharacteristic of their venues, to varying degrees
DECEMBER 30, 2014

Step in now, before it's too late

Why cricket should not be allowed to descend into ugliness for the sake of cheap entertainment
DECEMBER 15, 2014

A Test match for the ages

The Adelaide Test was pulsating, dramatic and poignant, and threw up questions about India's captaincy, and the absence of the DRS
NOVEMBER 30, 2014

Helmets alone offer no guarantees

In the light of Phillip Hughes' tragic accident, it's time to acknowledge that no protection is foolproof and cricket can never eliminate risk completely
NOVEMBER 12, 2014

The cons of miking up players

Getting players to commentate on their strategies from the field could invite mischief and corruption
OCTOBER 18, 2014

The gentlemen of the village green

A tribute to men for whom a game of cricket was just that
OCTOBER 08, 2014

Chucking: the irony

Just as political views may change over the course of time, our opinion of chuckers tends to be remarkably inconsistent. Case in point: Murali
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

The curse of soft-tissue injuries

Michael Clarke and Shane Watson have had a history of such injuries and modern-day sports science is yet to come up with a solution
SEPTEMBER 08, 2014

How many genuine allrounders does cricket have?

Of the game's many versatile greats, how many could command a place in their Test XI on the strength of one skill alone?
SEPTEMBER 01, 2014

Minefield, or incompetent batting?

Combating difficult conditions tests a batsman's skill. Australia were exposed in Harare because their players failed to come to terms with a legitimate turning track
AUGUST 21, 2014

It's home advantage, not doctored pitches

Why do columnists look for conspiracy theories every time a visiting team collapses abjectly?
AUGUST 04, 2014

Are the big three's bonds in danger of fraying?

If Australia come after India on the field the way James Anderson allegedly did, will the triumvirate be able to hold together?
JULY 22, 2014

Are Test batsmen maturing quicker these days?

Of late Rahane, Robson, Ballance and Stokes have all made hundreds in their first five Tests. Does that point to a larger trend?
JULY 10, 2014

The value of a cricketer's brand

Andrew Strauss will recover from the indiscreet remark he made about Kevin Pietersen, but his image won't be entirely as it was
JUNE 24, 2014

In quest of the ideal junior coaching system

More Australian states should look at the model created by NSW and Victoria
JUNE 11, 2014

What's more important: participating or getting better?

If clubs in junior cricket focus solely on retaining players year after year, there is bound to be a dilution in talent and the level of competition
MAY 30, 2014

Whatever happened to playing for the love of the game?

There seems to be a trend in junior sport in Australia of rewarding kids for just turning up to play