MARCH 22, 2015

Why does cricket need the Associates?

Because it gives more young people the chance to enjoy a sport, and society is better for the existence of sport
Whether Afghanistan play international cricket is immaterial as long as the game can bring pleasure to the displaced people of that country © AFP
MARCH 10, 2015

The DRS and the difference between close calls and clear ones

It has been said that when a player review of an lbw ends in an "umpire's call" verdict, the reviewing team should not lose its review. Here's why that is not justified
FEBRUARY 24, 2015

India v Pakistan across the eras

The two sides' records against each other have had very little to do with their form against the other top teams
FEBRUARY 09, 2015

How effective are left-right batting pairs?

Why it is a myth that left-right batting combinations have an advantage over other batting pairs in ODIs
JANUARY 22, 2015

Giving the batsman the benefit of the doubt? It's in the law

Why going in favour of the batsman on lbws is more than just a tradition in cricket
JANUARY 05, 2015

In defence of the bouncer

The delivery is essential to the game, but we need to guard against its abuse
DECEMBER 21, 2014

Bowling to blame for India's poor overseas record

The inability to build pressure by denying runs, even on pitches with sufficient help to keep batsmen honest, is India's biggest problem
DECEMBER 11, 2014

Ganguly or Dravid: who was a better ODI captain?

Both backed younger players but their leadership brands were different and so were their win-loss records
NOVEMBER 25, 2014

Rohit's innings a symbol of ODI batting's changing mindset

The recent trend of massive individual scores in ODIs owes to batsmen realising they can get a lot more out of each ball
NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Does the follow-on work in its current form?

A team with a lead of any size should have the option of enforcing the follow-on in the third innings of a Test, boosting their chance of taking 20 wickets
OCTOBER 27, 2014

A comparison of the Fletcher and Flower eras

Though both coaches had more wins than losses, Fletcher's team competed better against top-quality opposition and were more dominant at home
OCTOBER 12, 2014

The visceral beauty of fandom

It is the fans' money and attention, and the players' skills and efforts that are indispensable to sport. Investors and broadcasters merely market the show
SEPTEMBER 21, 2014

A method to rate the dominance of Test teams

Taking into account margin of victory and draws, while eliminating arbitrary decay in setting cut-off limits
SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

What the Indian calendar is doing to its bowlers

R Ashwin and Ishant Sharma's lack of first-class experience and consequent decline in skills speak volumes about the BCCI's skewed priorities
AUGUST 28, 2014

What cricket can learn from baseball's review system

In baseball, technology is used to help experts, not to second-guess them
AUGUST 16, 2014

Are slow over-rates really a problem?

Time should be considered wasted only when a bowling side tries to slow the game down for its own benefit
AUGUST 02, 2014

India's bowling weakness outside the subcontinent

Without good-quality third and fourth bowlers, India will continue to struggle outside the subcontinent despite their talented batting line-up
JULY 19, 2014

The decline of the specialist attacking bowler

Why do teams pick a fourth bowler who is practically incapable of taking five wickets in a Test innings simply because he can score a fighting 40?
JULY 06, 2014

Time to enforce Law 24

If umpires are allowed to judge every delivery on its merits, the problem of throwing can be solved
JUNE 22, 2014

Match-by-match analysis of control data

How much would individual batsmen score if they batted all 20 overs by themselves, and how frequently would they be in control?