FEBRUARY 15, 2015

Pakistan lost it in the middle of both innings

Their spinners exerted no pressure on India, and their batsmen largely brought about their own downfall
Younis Khan isn't quite the best candidate to open the innings © Getty Images
JANUARY 09, 2015

Does Amir have an automatic right to be rehabilitated into cricket?

Wrong-doers must be given a second chance, but not necessarily in the same profession they let down
NOVEMBER 22, 2014

Is Sarfraz Ahmed Pakistan's best wicketkeeper-batsman ever?

He may only be 12 Tests old, but his stats so far and the calm assurance he showed in Dubai mark him as one to watch
OCTOBER 28, 2014

Batting: Pakistan's surprise weapon

An inexperienced bowling attack may have stunned Australia, but the batting had a bigger impact on the result, led by the genial Younis Khan
OCTOBER 14, 2014

Misbah's place in Pakistan history

He was the next great leader after Abdul Kardar and Imran Khan, standing between Pakistan cricket and its end
SEPTEMBER 09, 2014

Moeen Ali: England's man of the summer

He has won respect with his cricket doing the talking, not letting himself be crushed by shameful boos from fans
AUGUST 15, 2014

The spirit of cricket and the 15-degree rule

The phrase means nothing in this day and age; only the laws and playing regulations are of any importance
JUNE 13, 2014

Teams cannot risk tours to Pakistan

The board must instead concentrate on developing offshore bases, strengthening domestic cricket, and getting other countries to host their A team
MAY 15, 2014

What price credibility in Pakistan cricket?

Pakistan cricket, like Pakistan itself, is about political and personal whims. There are no notions of honour among the powerful, and to expect people to act on principle is delusional
APRIL 18, 2014

Who'll bring Pakistan back to financial health?

The PCB has ensured itself some financial security by agreeing to the ICC revamp, but it's unlikely the money will go towards securing the future of the country's cricket
MARCH 31, 2014

The promise of Shehzad

He displays a hunger for runs that bodes well for his and Pakistan's future
MARCH 14, 2014

Pakistan's pace-bowling talent is dwindling

Fast bowlers always bailed the team out of trouble. But in this Asia Cup, we saw the trend reverse
FEBRUARY 24, 2014

Let's be honest about T20

The format generally, and the IPL particularly, is all about fun and entertainment. It isn't an exacting test of skill
FEBRUARY 05, 2014

Pakistan and the Big Three

Whether by circumstance or not, Pakistan is now one of the few voices of dissent against the restructuring of the ICC
JANUARY 21, 2014

Misbah's moment

The Sharjah chase was perhaps Pakistan's best ever, owing much to the collective spirit that the oft-vilified captain has nurtured
NOVEMBER 12, 2013

A time for defiance and flair

There was a time when Pakistan masked ordinariness with defiance and flair. Now they are humbled and demoralised
OCTOBER 31, 2013

Pakistan's first-innings malaise

Over the last few years Pakistan's batting order as a whole has failed to respond to the challenge of batting first in an international match
OCTOBER 19, 2013

The sweet taste of M&M's success

Khurram Manzoor and Shan Masood, Pakistan's new opening combination, were the ones who put their team on the path to the big win in Abu Dhabi
SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

Losing my naivety with Pakistan

We can talk about Misbah and Hafeez, propose new stars and offer retirement to others, but we all know the game isn't cricket - it is the politics of self-interest and greed
AUGUST 07, 2013

Neros fiddle while talent burns

Pakistan cricket has talent but no fairness, meritocracy or systems