MARCH 31, 2014

The promise of Shehzad

He displays a hunger for runs that bodes well for his and Pakistan's future
Ahmed Shehzad: good things come to those who wait © Getty Images
MARCH 14, 2014

Pakistan's pace-bowling talent is dwindling

Fast bowlers always bailed the team out of trouble. But in this Asia Cup, we saw the trend reverse
FEBRUARY 24, 2014

Let's be honest about T20

The format generally, and the IPL particularly, is all about fun and entertainment. It isn't an exacting test of skill
FEBRUARY 05, 2014

Pakistan and the Big Three

Whether by circumstance or not, Pakistan is now one of the few voices of dissent against the restructuring of the ICC
JANUARY 21, 2014

Misbah's moment

The Sharjah chase was perhaps Pakistan's best ever, owing much to the collective spirit that the oft-vilified captain has nurtured
NOVEMBER 12, 2013

A time for defiance and flair

There was a time when Pakistan masked ordinariness with defiance and flair. Now they are humbled and demoralised
OCTOBER 31, 2013

Pakistan's first-innings malaise

Over the last few years Pakistan's batting order as a whole has failed to respond to the challenge of batting first in an international match
OCTOBER 19, 2013

The sweet taste of M&M's success

Khurram Manzoor and Shan Masood, Pakistan's new opening combination, were the ones who put their team on the path to the big win in Abu Dhabi
SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

Losing my naivety with Pakistan

We can talk about Misbah and Hafeez, propose new stars and offer retirement to others, but we all know the game isn't cricket - it is the politics of self-interest and greed
AUGUST 07, 2013

Neros fiddle while talent burns

Pakistan cricket has talent but no fairness, meritocracy or systems
JULY 15, 2013

Afridi speaks the magic word

Dare to dismiss him and he returns with an eye-popping performance
JUNE 16, 2013

Betrayed by the batsmen

Pakistan's batting order carries plenty of dead wood. There may not be too many alternatives but the few there are need to be looked at
JUNE 11, 2013

An international joke

The performance of a majority of Pakistan's batsmen, and of the people who pick them, has become laughable
JUNE 08, 2013

Misbah, Pakistan's magnificent nearly man

Misbah-ul-Haq's tragedy is that his heroism, too often, covers for the collapse of his fellow batsmen, a collapse so complete that is it beyond the skills of one of the world's best bowling attacks to rescue
MARCH 20, 2013

Where are Pakistan's young batsmen?

The batsmen touring South Africa have contributed immensely to Pakistan cricket but the time has come to look ahead and plan for the 2015 World Cup
MARCH 09, 2013

One-day testing ground important for Pakistan

It remains a mystery as to why Pakistan took on South Africa with such an untried Test bowling attack but the one-day series offers a vital opportunity to beginning planning for the future in whites
FEBRUARY 19, 2013

The power of a few good men

Nobody except Rambo - and I don't mean Pakistan's and ESPNcricinfo's linguistic champion Ramiz Raja - ever won a war in isolation
FEBRUARY 13, 2013

Big Bird II must fly

For anybody thinking the only way is up for Pakistan in this Test series, think again. Misbah-ul Haq's team was competitive in two innings in Johannesburg, which leaves plenty of room for improvement and an equal amount for deterioration
JANUARY 31, 2013

Batsmen in a fight for respect

At the beginning of Misbah's reign, Pakistan drew a series against South Africa. Expectations were low, and the dead wickets of the Emirates helped, but Pakistan seemed ripe for humiliation
JANUARY 03, 2013

New bowlers' game is made for Pakistan

A motorised parade of great heroes of India's past, including Wasim Akram, failed to inspire heroes of India's present and future to overcome Pakistan's competitive, albeit faltering, total of 250 runs