APRIL 06, 2014

When sportsmen stop caring enough

The body and mind may be fit enough but athletes often retire when overcome by a profound weariness. Cases in point: Ponting and Swann
Ricky Ponting's retirement came in stages, until he played out with Surrey © Getty Images
MARCH 24, 2014

How much of a sportsman's story do you need to know?

Journalists may crave the minutest details, but fans are happy to leave some things to the imagination
MARCH 10, 2014

On Twitter, sport is black and white

Sport has the capacity to forge bonds of connection, but it's hard to do that on platforms that encourage instant, reactive responses
FEBRUARY 25, 2014

Bigger, better? Sorry, no

Why does cricket have to succumb to the marketers' eternal need for everything to be bigger, flashier, and more in tune with youth - whatever that means?
FEBRUARY 09, 2014

Cricket's not a lost cause yet

Sackings, revamps, and poor crowds are dispiriting to witness, but your faith in the game is restored when you get thrashed by U-17s while being cheered on by sympathetic schoolchildren
JANUARY 27, 2014

Down and out in Galle

One of cricket's great attributes is that it has room even for the not-so-competent. Sometimes, though, that allowance does not seem to apply
JANUARY 13, 2014

Who's to blame when a player and coach fall out?

In football it's often clear whether a player's attitude or performance has a detrimental effect on the team. In cricket, that isn't so obvious from the outside
DECEMBER 30, 2013

The pull of sport during Christmas

Nothing makes a family get-together over the holidays more bearable than Test cricket on the telly
DECEMBER 16, 2013

Murder and mysterious cricket footage

The curious case of Test match footage used in a TV crime drama
DECEMBER 02, 2013

The grass must be green, the strip yellow

Unlike most other sports, cricket needs to look right to its fans, from the colour of the grass, the pitch and the stumps to the quality of the light
NOVEMBER 18, 2013

The perfect end

The best retirements require struggle, one last victory over the forces of entropy, the century made from unpromising beginnings through teary eyes
NOVEMBER 04, 2013

When Dad's Army did cricket, wretchedly

Television dramas have been historically poor at depicting cricket. Exhibit A: an episode of a well-loved British sitcom
OCTOBER 21, 2013

Do team-mates have to get along?

Dressing rooms are, after all, workplaces. Do you really need to make friends in there?
OCTOBER 06, 2013

Harmison of Sabina and elsewhere

His unpredictability could be frustrating, but perhaps the truth of his career and his personality was that he was somebody at his best out of the limelight
SEPTEMBER 23, 2013

Stop the treadmill, I want to get off

There's never any time to enjoy the triumphs because you need to look ahead to the next game
SEPTEMBER 09, 2013

Why does cricket not lend itself to the novel?

It could be because literary description of sport is almost impossible because of our over-familiarity with the language of reporting
AUGUST 26, 2013

Pondering Camus

The complex relationship between sport and morality
AUGUST 10, 2013

Keeping score

For some, there's a particular satisfaction derived from generating league tables and scorecards
JULY 29, 2013

'How's the Test going?'

Try to follow the game outside the cricket-playing world and its bewildering complexities might alienate you from the locals
JULY 15, 2013

Are England sloppy or have our expectations been raised?

After the grim nadir of the '80s and '90s, England fans have become used to their team winning again - and that, paradoxically, can be frustrating