MARCH 17, 2015

The wicket I took on a Test ground

It only changed a nine-wicket defeat into an eight-wicket one but the memory will live forever
It happened at the Brabourne © Daniel Rosenthal/Rachel Holland
FEBRUARY 02, 2015

A trip down 2005 lane

There is nothing in sport quite as good as the realisation that the success you've almost written off as impossible is actually happening
JANUARY 19, 2015

Any bats for sale in Malabo?

You've got to practise your cricket, but it's not worth the risk of taking your own bat through customs in a non-cricket playing country
JANUARY 05, 2015

What we often miss in World Cups

It's impossible as adults to watch sport as we did in childhood, when we remembered only the great moments and filtered out the drabness in between
DECEMBER 22, 2014

The charm of the Boxing Day Test

This annual fixture is special not just for the cricket, but also because it satisfies one of the tenets of Christmas - bringing people together
DECEMBER 08, 2014

Why do we remember what we remember?

Reflections on memories of a certain summer Saturday in 1983
NOVEMBER 24, 2014

How much can you love a franchise?

Yes, money is important, and so is the quality of the contest, but there's also something to be said for soul, and meaning
NOVEMBER 09, 2014

How will future historians judge modern numbers?

Will they think there's something odd about a bowler getting a batsman out one too many times?
OCTOBER 28, 2014

The power that books hold

We may not be strangers to what players say, but we still tend to accord their words greater respect when they're on paper and between two covers
OCTOBER 13, 2014

The thankless job of fielding

In sport, bloopers by fielders and defenders tend to register more than the positives, such as goals or great bowling spells
SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

Following Durham's fortunes from Upton Park

Tuning in to a cricket final while on Premier League duty
SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

It's about anecdotes, not numbers

Runs and wickets matter little in games involving authors, seminarians and the like. It pays to keep your ears open
SEPTEMBER 01, 2014

The power of booing

It has value when used against players who have transgressed - particularly if they have somehow offended the spirit of the game
AUGUST 18, 2014

How much practice is enough practice?

Deciding how much time to set aside to unwind is a dilemma in any profession. In sport, it's all down to the player, not the coach
AUGUST 03, 2014

The fear of the ringer

How a team can collapse in the face of some ordinary bowling if they believe they are batting against a pro
JULY 14, 2014

When the weak can resist the strong

Cricket and football give lesser teams and players a chance to hold out and sometimes even show up stronger opposition
JUNE 30, 2014

Cricket as a metaphor for life

Perhaps in no other game does the adage of playing the hand you're dealt apply as much as it does in cricket
JUNE 16, 2014

Why stadiums need a sense of place

In football, increasingly, it's hard to tell which city you're watching a game in. Cricket venues still maintain a sense of where they belong
JUNE 02, 2014

So how was your cricket weekend?

Did it involve getting locked in a coffee-shop toilet, getting off the bus in the wrong place, and discovering the Bopara pose?
MAY 20, 2014

The tragedy of fixing

Incidents that in a drama you'd reject as absurd you relish in sport because you know they actually happened. Until you stop believing that they actually happened