South Africa v India, 1st Test, Centurion, 5th day December 20, 2010

Smith surprised by India's fifth-day approach


Graeme Smith expected more of a fight from India on the final morning, and was surprised at how easily the last two wickets came. Perhaps, it had something to do with the fact that after a comprehensive Test win, two of the three questions that came Smith's way were about Sachin Tendulkar. Smith chose to be brutally honest. The stage for that tone was set when Jacques Kallis was asked why he didn't applaud for Tendulkar's century even as every other South African did. Smith's bemused look told a story then.

And two questions later, when Smith was asked to rate Tendulkar's century, he let rip. "It gets difficult," Smith said. "The guy has scored 50 Test hundreds, it's hard to rate. He started scoring Test hundreds probably before I can remember. Under pressure, being able to score runs is always a good feather in your cap. [However] I must be honest I was a bit surprised he made life so easy for us this morning. That did surprise me a little bit. But otherwise, yesterday his partnership with MS Dhoni was [good] … I think MS probably needs some credit for that also because if he didn't hang around, Sachin probably wouldn't have got his 50th. That partnership in general was the one time that they really stood up in the game."

On the final morning, with India's last two wickets needing 30 runs to avoid an innings defeat, Tendulkar didn't farm the strike. He exposed Sreesanth and, after his dismissal, Jaidev Unadkat to the fiery quicks, Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel. Sreesanth fell when he was given three balls to face from Morkel, and Unadkat when he had to deal with an entire over from Steyn.

Smith also took a dig at Harbhajan Singh when rating Paul Harris' performance. "Paul was brilliant you know," Smith said. "If you compare him to Harbhajan, the way he controlled the game for us was brilliant. Paul gets written off every series, whether it is the opposition, or the media, everyone seems to bad-mouth him or write him off. He always seems to find a key way to do something for us, to allow other people to do big things. In our dressing room, too, he plays a big part."

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at Cricinfo

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  • The_Saaj on December 23, 2010, 21:32 GMT

    I can't stop laughing at the comments posted against best batsman ever. Looks like they are over-excited and has no clue what is real cricket, many Indians do not. This is not a tennis or any other single handed game. All 11 has to play as a team. Forget about discussion of how gr8 the Master Blaster is because nobody amongst knowing good cricket has any doubt on this and he is incomparable. The fact is, this man is the top scorer of both innings and still getting abused??? What a shame! Come on, make up your mind, idiots!

    Don't post your foolish comments just you got account in Cricinfo and know the language. Go learn Cricket before making statements!

  • on December 23, 2010, 16:43 GMT

    Well, All the talkers of Attitude and pride, hold your horses. Guys, everyone knew immediately after Herbhajan's wicket that this is the end. It was never about losing by this much margin or something else. Maybe there will be other strategies in Dhoni and co.'s mind. Thats why Sachin exposed the tailendars. You cant tell everything by just sitting in front of television. And sorry to say, cause simth has let me to say this but, the above comment has come from member of one of the all time CHOKERs team, who has given up most of the time when it was too easy for them or when it mattered. Does smith has any excuses for that? OR Does anyone questioned their ability on that? Its high time that let the other team define their strategies and ways. About Sachin's attitude, everyone nowadays is searching chances to blame him. Dont know why? Even I was surprised by Sachin's move. But we have the whole two tests to see how Sachin and Co. justify their decisions. Any takers?

  • Anil_vsk on December 23, 2010, 8:38 GMT

    That was definitely team strategy or influence of laxman. On hindsight we can always say that some other strategy might have worked.

    I think Gary/Dhoni/Sachin/Laxman were thinking like this: "If at all Sachin can try and shield Sree & co it would be only for some part of the day not all. Let Sree & co get to play some deliveries before the new ball is taken. An that is our "best" way to draw the match. All the other approaches are second best"

    I would generally like the top order batsman to shield the lower order (10 & 11) batsman though and take most of the strike especially in SA conditions.

  • sonjjay on December 23, 2010, 6:49 GMT

    @oman20101982 Thanks for being so concerned about your Indian "brothers".Its only some of them that call sachin as god.Trust me if u ever come to India there are lot of people who dislike sachin.Sadly anyone who says something in favour of sachin on here is slotted as a worshipper,cant we simply be fans ??This goes for you too NISH67. Its been 670 comments since and defending tail enders for 98 overs still remains impossible regardless of what one says.I doubt it would have snow balled into a issue if there was any other player instead of Sachin.

  • divya.smiles on December 23, 2010, 3:17 GMT

    I will tell all Indians smthng..remember this ..n dont forget... In 1999 ,wen Lara made the famous so called mtch winning knock of 153 against Aussies at Barbados, U guys hv any idea about how many singles did Lara take even in that crunch situation and give the strike to 9 th and 10 th batsman to face Mc Grath and Gillespie? West Indies needed 3 runs to win and Lara was on the striking end and Walsh on the other end n WI were already 9 wickets down..n wen Mc Grath bolwed to Lara ,lara took a single ..n made Walsh(last wicket ) to face Glen Mc Grath..who?? listen again Glen Mc Grath...thnk god Walsh faced Glen Mc Grath for the rest of the over...n wen Lara took the strike in the next over...then he hit the winning shot... .. the moral of the story is ..IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY BATSMAN ON THIS PLANET TO TAKE A SINLGE AT THE END OF EVERY OVER AND RETAIN STRIKE FOR THE NEXT ONE/TO PLAY ALL THE BALLS WITHOUT GIVING STRIKE TO THE TAIL ENDERS...THSE THINGS HAPPEN..

  • Meety on December 22, 2010, 23:44 GMT

    @ sachinlegend - nobody rates Lara's 400 as his best innings, it's very rarely talked about, his double hundreds are much more worthy of discussion. Dissappointing that if someone says something less than praisworthy of SRT - they are then labelled a "Sachin Hater".

  • divya.smiles on December 22, 2010, 23:25 GMT

    stop blaming tendulkar..always u ppl try to find faults in this gr8 man..he did a lot to India..n btw wht did laxman n dravid contribute wen India really needed them? No one has guts to answer ….take it easy guys..after all he is Sachin Ramesh tnedulkar..the name itself speaks volumes.. lara got lucky and tendulkar didnt... n smith was just tryin to say sachin made a mistake thereby attacking his self confidence for the next is a tactic...hope Indians think with brain ..

  • anfour on December 22, 2010, 19:14 GMT

    I agree with wat a reader said.Why did people not criticise VVS Laxman wen he exposed Ishant Sharma to the Australian bowlers?Bcos v won de match.Oderwise the story wud hav been different.I dont hold any grudge against Laxman but I can't help but ask:'Where was India's so calld 2nd innings saviour in this match when we needed him?'India wud have lost by,say,an innings and 200 odd runs had it not been for SRT and Dhoni innings.So I find it more graceful to lose by an innings and 25 runs.While most of u were thinking about making SA bat again I think Sachin was thinking of saving the match along with the tailenders which is why he exposed them.In the long run it wud help them to gain confidence by facing Steyn and Morkel.

  • shri619 on December 22, 2010, 13:58 GMT

    the whole world knows south africa's history no one in the world respect their team came back in 1992 had done nothing special chokers and passing some silly comment don't get over exicted you are winning matches because of your bowlers not batsman... look at kalis strike rate 43 at that rate you lose matches rather than winning it ....... kalis is a truly a

  • shri619 on December 22, 2010, 13:43 GMT

    an innings defeat or 10 wicket loss dosen't matter ind had loss the match on 1st day not on 5th day why you people are not thinking..? and so called sa captain don't get over excited passing such a silly comment. and all the peoples in this blog if styen and morkel had not taken those 20 wickets there were no result possible and kalis 200had gone wasted. so stop saying sachin is not match winning player our ind's bowling is mediacore nothing in that bowling line up hope zak's return will make some diffrence......!

  • The_Saaj on December 23, 2010, 21:32 GMT

    I can't stop laughing at the comments posted against best batsman ever. Looks like they are over-excited and has no clue what is real cricket, many Indians do not. This is not a tennis or any other single handed game. All 11 has to play as a team. Forget about discussion of how gr8 the Master Blaster is because nobody amongst knowing good cricket has any doubt on this and he is incomparable. The fact is, this man is the top scorer of both innings and still getting abused??? What a shame! Come on, make up your mind, idiots!

    Don't post your foolish comments just you got account in Cricinfo and know the language. Go learn Cricket before making statements!

  • on December 23, 2010, 16:43 GMT

    Well, All the talkers of Attitude and pride, hold your horses. Guys, everyone knew immediately after Herbhajan's wicket that this is the end. It was never about losing by this much margin or something else. Maybe there will be other strategies in Dhoni and co.'s mind. Thats why Sachin exposed the tailendars. You cant tell everything by just sitting in front of television. And sorry to say, cause simth has let me to say this but, the above comment has come from member of one of the all time CHOKERs team, who has given up most of the time when it was too easy for them or when it mattered. Does smith has any excuses for that? OR Does anyone questioned their ability on that? Its high time that let the other team define their strategies and ways. About Sachin's attitude, everyone nowadays is searching chances to blame him. Dont know why? Even I was surprised by Sachin's move. But we have the whole two tests to see how Sachin and Co. justify their decisions. Any takers?

  • Anil_vsk on December 23, 2010, 8:38 GMT

    That was definitely team strategy or influence of laxman. On hindsight we can always say that some other strategy might have worked.

    I think Gary/Dhoni/Sachin/Laxman were thinking like this: "If at all Sachin can try and shield Sree & co it would be only for some part of the day not all. Let Sree & co get to play some deliveries before the new ball is taken. An that is our "best" way to draw the match. All the other approaches are second best"

    I would generally like the top order batsman to shield the lower order (10 & 11) batsman though and take most of the strike especially in SA conditions.

  • sonjjay on December 23, 2010, 6:49 GMT

    @oman20101982 Thanks for being so concerned about your Indian "brothers".Its only some of them that call sachin as god.Trust me if u ever come to India there are lot of people who dislike sachin.Sadly anyone who says something in favour of sachin on here is slotted as a worshipper,cant we simply be fans ??This goes for you too NISH67. Its been 670 comments since and defending tail enders for 98 overs still remains impossible regardless of what one says.I doubt it would have snow balled into a issue if there was any other player instead of Sachin.

  • divya.smiles on December 23, 2010, 3:17 GMT

    I will tell all Indians smthng..remember this ..n dont forget... In 1999 ,wen Lara made the famous so called mtch winning knock of 153 against Aussies at Barbados, U guys hv any idea about how many singles did Lara take even in that crunch situation and give the strike to 9 th and 10 th batsman to face Mc Grath and Gillespie? West Indies needed 3 runs to win and Lara was on the striking end and Walsh on the other end n WI were already 9 wickets down..n wen Mc Grath bolwed to Lara ,lara took a single ..n made Walsh(last wicket ) to face Glen Mc Grath..who?? listen again Glen Mc Grath...thnk god Walsh faced Glen Mc Grath for the rest of the over...n wen Lara took the strike in the next over...then he hit the winning shot... .. the moral of the story is ..IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY BATSMAN ON THIS PLANET TO TAKE A SINLGE AT THE END OF EVERY OVER AND RETAIN STRIKE FOR THE NEXT ONE/TO PLAY ALL THE BALLS WITHOUT GIVING STRIKE TO THE TAIL ENDERS...THSE THINGS HAPPEN..

  • Meety on December 22, 2010, 23:44 GMT

    @ sachinlegend - nobody rates Lara's 400 as his best innings, it's very rarely talked about, his double hundreds are much more worthy of discussion. Dissappointing that if someone says something less than praisworthy of SRT - they are then labelled a "Sachin Hater".

  • divya.smiles on December 22, 2010, 23:25 GMT

    stop blaming tendulkar..always u ppl try to find faults in this gr8 man..he did a lot to India..n btw wht did laxman n dravid contribute wen India really needed them? No one has guts to answer ….take it easy guys..after all he is Sachin Ramesh tnedulkar..the name itself speaks volumes.. lara got lucky and tendulkar didnt... n smith was just tryin to say sachin made a mistake thereby attacking his self confidence for the next is a tactic...hope Indians think with brain ..

  • anfour on December 22, 2010, 19:14 GMT

    I agree with wat a reader said.Why did people not criticise VVS Laxman wen he exposed Ishant Sharma to the Australian bowlers?Bcos v won de match.Oderwise the story wud hav been different.I dont hold any grudge against Laxman but I can't help but ask:'Where was India's so calld 2nd innings saviour in this match when we needed him?'India wud have lost by,say,an innings and 200 odd runs had it not been for SRT and Dhoni innings.So I find it more graceful to lose by an innings and 25 runs.While most of u were thinking about making SA bat again I think Sachin was thinking of saving the match along with the tailenders which is why he exposed them.In the long run it wud help them to gain confidence by facing Steyn and Morkel.

  • shri619 on December 22, 2010, 13:58 GMT

    the whole world knows south africa's history no one in the world respect their team came back in 1992 had done nothing special chokers and passing some silly comment don't get over exicted you are winning matches because of your bowlers not batsman... look at kalis strike rate 43 at that rate you lose matches rather than winning it ....... kalis is a truly a

  • shri619 on December 22, 2010, 13:43 GMT

    an innings defeat or 10 wicket loss dosen't matter ind had loss the match on 1st day not on 5th day why you people are not thinking..? and so called sa captain don't get over excited passing such a silly comment. and all the peoples in this blog if styen and morkel had not taken those 20 wickets there were no result possible and kalis 200had gone wasted. so stop saying sachin is not match winning player our ind's bowling is mediacore nothing in that bowling line up hope zak's return will make some diffrence......!

  • sachinlegend on December 22, 2010, 13:25 GMT

    all comments of people and gramme smith are laughable..firstly Ever rememeber the innings of Sachin at cape town of 169 Runs in 1997? he saved the follow on with the talenders after azhar was out..he was out at 169 last wicket..Gramme Smith should be asked about this performance in bars (read gibbs book) before the World cup semi finals and letting their country down against australia in 2007... @ ALL SACHIN HATERS I WOULD LIKE YOU ASK..WHY DID BRIAN LARA NOT DECLARE WHEN HE WAS 300 ? WHY DID HE WAIT UNTILL 400 NOT OUT AGAINST ENGLAND..THAT ALLOWED ENGLAND TO DRAW THE MATCH...SO IS IT NOT SELFISH? I THINK ITS NOT BECAUSE LARA KNEW HE DIDNT HAD THE ATTACK TO WIN THE MATCH..PEOPLE NEVER QUESTIONED AND SAID LARA PLAYED FOR THE RECORD Seems those guys who have never lifed any bat in their hand are questioning the god..infact sachin was right in exposing talenders as their was not chance of saving the test as their was not a cloud in a sky..and when will talenders learn to score..

  • amin.bintory on December 22, 2010, 13:09 GMT

    It's ironic how the good work of an entire match was wiped out in just 6 overs when it came to Sachin Tendulkar and his approach. It was highly upsetting. The best we could had done was erased the deficit or at least tried to. Smith is right to question Sachin. I can never imagine teams like Australia or South Africa doing the same. If we have to stay at number 1 the attitude should change. Australiaism was the reason why Steve Waugh and his men dominated test cricket. it's time India incorporates the same approach..

  • oman20101982 on December 22, 2010, 13:08 GMT

    In Cricket you cant say Sachin as the best in every aspect of the game , But In terms of What he has and what he did on long term basis , he is clearly and rightly Best Batsman Overall . Although if you take out the records then their are many other batsmen who are equally or much better in terms of playing different types of bowling but Tendulkar Has done scoring consistently for which he is rightly Number one although it doesnt means he is best in all espects of batting .

  • oman20101982 on December 22, 2010, 13:02 GMT

    Right , Thats The Problem with our indian brothers , Whoever is Very Very Good Human being Or Great Personality or Extraordinary Brilliant Person , they They start to say " He is God " . this is normal for them , we see it everyday in thier movies and cinema / Media etc. If a person does somehting very Humane or Good , they say , YOU are lie God to me . It is Clearly seen in thier religion Also , Their religion , clearly says To Believe in ONE God but they have made several gods , 1. "Ekam evadvitiyam" "He is One only without a second." [Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1]1 its clearly writen several times in thier Holy books but they dont follow their holy books rather follow their desires of making anything beneficial as god . I just pray for Our Indian brothers to get back to Right ways .

  • jameswayne on December 22, 2010, 12:15 GMT

    Nitesh_87 I don't need any help from your (God) which is Sachin Tendulkar. Here in England we treat people as fools and idiots who treat a human as God.Well, as I have already said that if Sachin is 'God' then there are a lot of Gods today playing in world cricket.In all the other countries in the world except India the respective Boards do not allow any player to exceed their career more than 15 to 16 years because they think that there are always young players coming up every year and they also deserve a place in the national team.Unlike Sachin who is a as selfish a player there ever was, who does not care for the young generation and has stuck to his place like super glue because of his self obsessed attitude and worried only about his place (of course for the money and contracts). One thing goes without doubt that Tendulkar is the best only for Indians as countries like S.Africa, Australia, England, Srilanka etc. have their own best players who have got averages on par with Sachin

  • Amol_Gh on December 22, 2010, 6:00 GMT

    People who haven't ever held a bat in their own hands EASILY blame Tendulkar for not being a 'match-winner' (whatever that term means) based on stats but forget two major facts: 1. Cricket is a team game and the result for a particular team is doomed from the Day-1 if it's opener goes out for a duck without facing many balls. 2. It's only after around 2000-2001 when John Wright became the coach that Team India started to gather really good players and played like a real team and the results were there for everyone to see. But since 1989 till 2000 then, the only guy for whom people used to watch a cricket match involving IND was for Sachin Tendulkar. As soon as he used to get out after scoring a century, people here in IND used to switch off their TVs because they knew there was no other guy worth watching and who could win games for IND except Tendulkar. Back then IND was a one-man team comprising: Sachin Tendulkar. And so he can't be blamed for all the losses during those times.

  • on December 22, 2010, 5:48 GMT

    I thought somehow sachin will form strike and let the South African's bat again. But I was extremely disappointed with the approach. Atleast we could have avoided the innings defeat.

  • on December 22, 2010, 5:14 GMT

    Let's face it, Sachin wanted to remain not out. He can't be blamed for the defeat but common sense dictated that some effort should have been made to farm the bowling on the 5th day. At the end of the day, the Indian batsmen were woeful in their technique, not just in the first innings when, admittedly, the weather played a part in juicing up the pitch but even on the 4th and 5th days. Dhoni, Laxman,Raina all got out to lifting deliveries while Dravid and Gambhir were beaten for pace. However, the most pathetic display was by Raina and he should be dropped immediately from all forms of the game.

  • hatrick26 on December 21, 2010, 22:56 GMT

    People bringing Hussey's or Razzaq eg. have no real clue what is going on. In both cases, they had a chance of winning/drawing the match with good probablity. In this case, this is just a lost cause. Sure he could have belted a few boundaries to remove the deficit but to what efforts? SA would just get the runs without losing any. If there was a threat of rain or overcast , may be he could have done something. I personally think the team mgt decided not to ask Sachin to farm the strike and perhaps actually ask them to face the fast bowling to see what its like and it is not Sreesanth/Unakdat are some capable batsmen like Sharma/Kumble/Bajji.

  • Legionnaire on December 21, 2010, 22:31 GMT

    There is no point blaming Sachin for not shielding the tailenders as the moment Sehwag got out, all the hopes of erasing the deficit were dashed. The remaining match was only a statistical meaning for Sachin Tendulkar.

  • on December 21, 2010, 15:36 GMT

    Imran Khan said that Sachin Tendulkar is the best of this era... he also gave the reason for India not winning matches.. .that is because we do not have bowlers who can take wickets regularly... Sachin takes on his shoulders to do the rescue act...

  • on December 21, 2010, 13:50 GMT

    I think the intent is not to malign Sachin (as I see it from most of the emails) although some do have an axe to grind. Most of them are anguished about the lack of intent to fight. Look at Mike Hussey. The man was considered down and out and he has brought Australia back (with tailenders to support him). It is not about the inevitability of Sreesanth and Unadkat getting out eventually. Heck Sachin could have been out early as well. The point is, there was no fight from India on day 5. If Rahul Dravid had been there and done the same thing, there would have been similar (and possibly more vehement) comments as well.

  • thecheechman on December 21, 2010, 13:04 GMT

    As a South African, I could not understand why Tendulkar did not keep the strike? India could have put up more of a fight on the last day? Maybe even make SA bat again. Also the way Dhoni played was brilliant but it was not for Test cricket, he should knuckled down and made sure he was there for the fifth day. If took that mentality with him deep into the fifth day, India might have drawn this test. Although the Proteas did deserve to win this game.

  • on December 21, 2010, 12:18 GMT

    smith is sick,he is feeling for the fact that the two major world record's of sachin (200* in one day nd this one) come's against his team and he was unable to do anything to stop sachin........

  • abcdj1212 on December 21, 2010, 12:12 GMT

    sachin has always been a bit over him to kallis, dravid , lara ponting they are all in the same league. but yes sachin exposed tail enders shows he played for himself not for the team.very unlike him. i dont even remember people talking about dravid getting 12000 runs and 200+ catches.......sachin has all those records just because he played so many matches and bowling standards have gone people say he is better than don bradman....shocking

  • arvindnandan on December 21, 2010, 11:59 GMT

    There is some truth, and a lot of mystery in this. Indeed, it is expected that a top-order batsman would shield the Nos.10 & 11, in an attempt to prolong the innings as much as possible. We have seen how Laxman (and even Dhoni) bat with lower order in recent times. Just letting them face the most deadly bowlers was nothing but a statement of surrender: An act of giving in to a hopeless situation, as if saying, 'Why prolong the inevitable, we cannot save this test!' So much for all the great fighting abilities that we associate with Sachin. I must say that it was disheartening not because the test was being lost, but because the seniormost player in the world was not even trying to avoid innings defeat. His 50th test century is, of course, a monumental pride for us, but this lack of fight is not befitting of such a great man.

  • Amol_Gh on December 21, 2010, 11:20 GMT

    It's hilarious that Sachin-abusers still think that the match could still have been won or saved with Sachin continuously farming the strike on Day-5. Especially after his huge energy-sapping efforts on the 4th day, he was still expected to face all the balls from ALL THREE sessions on Day-5 with no-show from other IND batsmen except Dhoni. LOL.

  • Saadi69 on December 21, 2010, 11:05 GMT

    For all of those who think it was a lost cause, shame on you, shame on Sachin. Why did he even bother to turn up if it was a lost cause. People were watching and had paid to do so, they deserve better. This was no less a crime than match fixing. Innings that come to mind in similar or even worse situations are Bothams 149. Eng lost the 7th wkt at 135 still 97 behind ended up getting 356 and winning. Laxmans 284, Lara's 153 For goodness sakes even Pakistans Azhar Mehmood got 2 hundreds with the tail in SA against SA, one which saved a match and the other won them a match. Not too long ago Mendis and Silva tried to resist Ind. They lost the match but atleast showed fight. Even after being a big Sachin fan I was praying Sachin gets out. For all those who think it was a lost cause why did he not just entertain the crowd, because he was trying to save his wicket not the match not the tail. shame on you Sachin shame on you. You deserve all the criticism coming your way

  • on December 21, 2010, 10:38 GMT

    What Smit felt is right!! Sachin should keep the strike. The worst thing is, he is not even tried to avoid follow-on. Sachin should learn something form Laxman on this.

  • SHAMEEM.MK on December 21, 2010, 10:29 GMT

    Smith is absolutly right in his opinion abt sachin's batting on the last day. He shouldn't have exposed both the Sreesant & the new player to their fast bowlers. He should have tried his level best to save the game even if the chances are very less. Atleast we had the satisfaction of havding tried our best. This is India and Sachin is no different..................

  • rayaprolu on December 21, 2010, 10:25 GMT

    It is really sad the way the last two tail enders were exposed to SA pace men in the last test match. Everybody was surprised the way Sachin played on the last day of the match.I got a feeling , team India gave up the match on the 4th day itself once Sachin's century was finished.That is difference between top teams like Australia,S.A and asian teams like India. We play for records only.It was proved again and again.India can't boast itself as No1 team the way they played in the first test and our bowling is below par.Now the writing is on the wall about the outcome of the series.Sachin may score another century, who cares.The real joy is when India beat S.A in South Africa which is very unlikely to happen.Best of luck team India

  • on December 21, 2010, 10:19 GMT

    @Naren - very true. India were never going to win or save the match once Dhoni was dismissed. The primary mission should of been to make SA bat again. Maybe if SRT was 70no out at the start of the day he would of shown some urgency to get another 30 runs! Either way this was a spanking by the Saffas. The entire top order looks very shaky - particularly if Durban produces a seaming pitch. Dhoni is going to have to call the toss right for the next 2 Tests.

  • on December 21, 2010, 10:09 GMT

    Highest scorer for his team in the both the innings... and he is still getting abused! Brilliant!

  • on December 21, 2010, 10:01 GMT

    Its not Sachin's fault that Indian Bowlers could not bat... If you look at Ishant and harbhajan, these guys can bat at least for some time. Other bowlers should also learn this. How many times you are going to hide them from opposition. It was necessary to give them confidence by exposing them to SA bowlers for some time. If they can survive 4-5 balls that will automatically increase there confidence level. There will be a situation quite a few times where they should at least show moderate batting level skills. Its totally stupid comment to blame sachin. Also, SA skipper is not happy with sachin's century because he couldn't stop him from this landmark, aAs he was going to make sure that SACHIN should not complete his achievement in this tournament. SO the frustration speaks...

  • Amol_Gh on December 21, 2010, 9:28 GMT

    Sreesanth and Unadkat deserved what they got on the fifth day for their pathetic bowling performances on such a beautiful bowler friendly pitch. Well done by Tendulkar. Why should he always carry the baggage of scoring most runs in the innings? He already did enough by top-scoring in both the innings. And that was a hugh task considering how our IND bowlers bowled. Why should he be blamed for failure of bowlers and OTHER batsmen? Why not blame Dravid, Laxman and Sehwag?

  • heat-seeker on December 21, 2010, 9:26 GMT

    1) No reporter, even the supposedly better ones from SA, asked Dhoni to clarify on his or Tendulkar's gameplan for Day 5. 2) MoM should have gone to Morkel who led the destruction on Day 1, and was the actual matchwinner (along with Styen) 3) Kallis was content playing for his own landmark on Day 3...and then to remain Not out...instead of attacking like AB. Funny how this act has not been talked about! But then Aussie cricketers have pointed this out in the past. 4) Selfishness on Day 5 or not, the best batsmanship in this Test was easily from the guy with a belligerent 36 on Day 1 and then 111 in the 3rd innings...against quality bowlers under pressure. 2nd best were AB and Amla, and thereafter Kallis. 5) No matter what the rankings...this SA team are favourites vs any other team when in SA. Just as India are favourites vs any other team in Asian conditions. The key is to show character and fight even if you lose...which India largely did in their 2nd innings.

  • on December 21, 2010, 9:25 GMT

    well..i cant feel nothing but the sheer amusement!!! its so easy for the people to criticize anybody oops sorry to criticize sachin whenever they get the slightest of the opportunity... one can obviously blame him for rotating strike and exposing the bowlers to bat.. My point is may be he would've thought "if there is any chance to survive this test its better to make other batsman to set his eyes..when laxman did the same for ishant and harbhajan (mind you harbhajan was in no better form before that series) nobody even bothered to raise any eyebrows ..why? coz we won thats why.. may be sachin thought to play it like a true sportsman and showed us what exactly they mean by gentleman's game..i would not have done the same if i were him & hell yeah nobody of you would've done the same...but may be thats why we are not sachin tendulkar...after 21 years have you heard or seen anything from him on or off the field which you can categorize as indecent ..well he is like this.HE JUST CANT!!

  • Quazar on December 21, 2010, 9:11 GMT

    Reading Manjrekar's article (the fact that Tendulkar doesn't like to get out, even in the nets) confirms my theory (to me at least) of why Tendulkar allowed the tail to take strike...he wants to keep the psychological edge on the SA bowlers: "you could not get me out." Which is good for him in this series, as also for India. (Remember that when the game was alive on Day 1, he was aggressively counterattacking SA...trying to seize the initiative back for India, and sending a message to the SA bowlers: "we are not afraid to take you on, even in damp conditions.")

  • on December 21, 2010, 9:07 GMT

    Sick comments from Smith!!! He doesn't have enough under his cap to comment about Sachin even

  • Quazar on December 21, 2010, 9:06 GMT

    Hilarious read!!!: "My 12 year old daughter asked me, "Why is it only Sachin Tendulkar is scoring 50 and 100 and 200 and 14000 and all those numbers ? What are the 'Other' Indians doing there?"

  • a.vinilkumar on December 21, 2010, 9:06 GMT

    If u people dint notice what was happened on the 4th day evening when sachin was playing with sreesant...I got something for u...Towards the end of the day when sachin playing with the sreesant he dint take a single of the third ball of the steyn's over to keep the strike...but the same was not happened on the 5th morning...may be it is the decision of the management that stopped sachin from taking more strike...if u people feel that sachin done it to stay not out, he would have done the same on the 4th day dont blame sachin without knowing the actual reason.

  • girikula on December 21, 2010, 9:03 GMT

    Totally agree with : NAREN (Posted by Naren on (December 21 2010, 08:11 AM GMT) ) and many similar views.

  • girikula on December 21, 2010, 9:01 GMT

    * You need 30 odd runs to avoid innings defeat. ** You have already reached your personal milestone so no need to worry about being not out or scoring runs. *** But you expose your tail partner for half of the over and he gets out. **** Next over, you expose your no.11 and he eventually gets out facing 10 balls. ***** Do you call yourself a team man? ****** If you were one, you would have shown guts to hit out those 25 runs and avoid innings defeat! ******* Alas record maker! *********** How many times have you counted in when we wanted to win or save a match?

  • on December 21, 2010, 8:59 GMT

    Is this the so called mind-games continuation after domination of the first test? then Mr Smith i think you will get your questions cleared in the upcoming series, watch out for the Indian Juggernauts... :-)

  • on December 21, 2010, 8:59 GMT

    @Ananda Perumal: Spot on... Ppl cry alot that Sachin plays for records and that... But once he has retired , then they all wil know what they actually missed.. Jus lik Aussies cry for Warne these days.. It will happen for sure.. Ppl never recognize things until they lose.. Sachin has won more matches than anyone else in the Indian team.. C'mon guys be sensible in your argument.. Why dont you give credit to him when we win matches.. ? Is Sachin the only reason for India's loss.. ? Why dont you speak anythin about raina or Indian bowlers.. If Sachin is not a team player, then i dont know whom can be called.. Jus compare how many matches VVS won by himself apart from Eden and Adelaide... In all those matches Sachin has made a substantial contribution.. ? Even against Aussies, Sachin scored 98 in 1st and 38 in 2nd innings.. Dont speak with out any stats... Half knowledge is very dangerous... Jus because your country men could not achieve what he has done, dont speak something rubbish....

  • TRUE_INDIAN_101 on December 21, 2010, 8:51 GMT

    Lucean, we are not questioning SRT's calibre but his SELFISH ATTITUDE which does nothing for lifting the TEAM SPIRIT.

  • on December 21, 2010, 8:37 GMT

    Smith is absolutely spot on.. I m Glad dat Sa captain brought dis issue in front of da whole world. Sachin was clearly trying 2 boost his avg by staying not out n there by exposing da tailenders to face da entire overs of steyn n morkel. This is da reason why MS Dhoni is da best Indian cricketer and Smith praised Dhoni more than Sachin saying dat it was bcoz of Dhoni sachin could score his 100.. I really admire Graeme smith a lot now bcoz he has huge amount of respect to da indian captain.. n MSD is India's gr8test cricketer.

  • randikaayya on December 21, 2010, 8:35 GMT

    Overrated Indian players who enjoy 'cult deity' status like tendulkar, etc will always put self before team. Happens mostly in India only due to the fanaticism of fans. However if UDRS was allowed in the match the fiftieth century would have been further delayed. This Sachin century is a feather in BCCI cap cos they continue to deny UDRS so that SRT will continue to enjoy 'benefit of the doubt'

  • on December 21, 2010, 8:29 GMT

    This is totally unfair blaming Sachin. India lost the test match because of so called indian bowling attack & some needless shots played by Indian batsmen. People are easily criticizing sachin(he is playing for records). But anyone of you think, record is a easy job. After Sachin's retirement I hope people will realize what we had & what we dont have now.

  • on December 21, 2010, 8:29 GMT

    Think the Indian team needs to plan its next outing versus SA well. Sachin does need to start winning matches for India more like VVS does. His 50 centuries are awesome .. but India will do better to have a team made of blokes who have 5 centuries each .. and those centuries made with grit towards ensuring a team win. Tendulkar should have farmed strike. No doubt about that. He should have gone down fighting .. instead he finished the game disinterested in making the opposition bat again and even exposed the weaker batsmen who are our bowlers to a pace battery .. is that what a leader is expected to do? I guess not. But that said .. I hope he finds satisfaction in his 50th ton .. he has labored hard to be where he is now in the echelons of the cricket greats.

  • nithesh_87 on December 21, 2010, 8:28 GMT

    Just for information of all people yelling that Sachin wanted to improve his average by remaining not out... After being not out his average is 56.91.If he had got out, it would have been 56.69.The difference, a mere 0.22. Now, Sachin is not that foolish to think that he has to save 0.22 of his average. Please guys grow up and be sensible before you comment.

  • fadms on December 21, 2010, 8:28 GMT

    Tendulkar wanted to remain not out to boost his test average (very selfish) that is why he exposed the poor tailenders to the onslaught of Steyn and Morkel. Says a lot about what type of a player he glad India lost handsomely

  • nithesh_87 on December 21, 2010, 8:18 GMT

    @jameswayne Sachin brings smile to the hearts of a billion people..A billion people expect Sachin to hit a century every match..A billion people want to see Sachin open the innings and play on and on and also fininsh the innings in every match he plays...and Sachin has almost been able to live upto the expectations..None other can even dream of being close to Sachin.. Indians are proud that Sachin is from India, and will continue being so.. As you said 'Satistics never ever lie' and you can have a look for yourself..Sachin has done what no one else could do, for Indian cricket and world cricket... If you think about yourself, can you think of 1 instance you have done for the world?can you think of 1 person(other than your family), who prays for you..who expects from you..sitting back and criticizing is easy.. Sachin has been performing for 21 years..You cannot understand just because you are not grown up enough to understand...!God help you!!

  • shovwar on December 21, 2010, 8:15 GMT

    SA are the best Test side at the moment but they are improving in a faster rate...By the end of this India series they would be even more dominant.....They are still learning...I believe they are ahead of the other Test nations n in very soon they would dominate this decade....My perfect SA team that should dominate the world should be....1) Smith 2) Peterson 3) Amla 4) Kallis 5) De Villiers 6) Duminy 7) Boucher 8) Parnell 9) Steyn 10) Morkel 11) Tahir.......Prince, Tsotsobe and Harris should be the extras. @ Navuduri Nageswara Rao ..Please no ifs and buts as u sed ....India lost bad ..dont blame it on the toss only...Once again no ifs and

  • tsudh on December 21, 2010, 8:15 GMT

    Sachin is GOD to indian fans. So, neither the board nor the team management would dare asking Tendulkar why he did not even try. My memory is not that great, but if I am right, BCCI took action against Kiran More and Manoj Prabhakar in the past for not trying. As long as Indian fans are blindsided by personal achievements in a team sport, no questions will be asked.

    For all the fans who say it is OK not to try as the defeat is inevitable, my question is why even get out to bat on fifth day? Waste of time. Sachin already scored his century. What else do you want?

    If somebody wants to save the match by trying the impossible of surviving a full day with two tail-enders, who else is best suited for the task other than the GREATEST cricketer who scored 50 test centuries?

    I am having trouble to understand why some people think what he did is OK.

  • Naren on December 21, 2010, 8:11 GMT

    Thank God.. the 50th Century did not come on Indian soil. Not sure what kind of media attention that would have created. He might be a great batsman, but he always puts his interest ahead of the team. Chasing records... Remember the 4 sixes Kapil hit to avoid Follow on against England... those kind of performances lift the team. Sachin is not a match winner. Farming the strike is a skill which Sachin lacks. You don't let a tail ender play a whole over against hostile fast bowling. Also taking a single of the first ball.. terrible to watch. If you want your tail to stand up, you give them enough chances to gain confidence. But not expose them to a whole over. He is definitely overrated. And as one reader mentioned... he never gave credit to opponents when due.

  • SyedJawad on December 21, 2010, 8:11 GMT

    Hey guys hold on! one must be honest before questioning on caliber of players like sachin, whenever he plays and takes india to victory some peoples will keep him on top and suddenly in any match if india dont get victory despite of his ton they will make him zero...why??? certainly he is all time great batsman but its fact he plays for his own records... u can't blame him for team's defeat right guys.

  • Waterboy_sixs on December 21, 2010, 8:10 GMT

    common guys, 98 overs to cover for tail enders, who will be able to do that, Smith commented some foolishness people like lankan_neutral just repeated to show the narrow mindedness of him.

  • eliteu on December 21, 2010, 8:10 GMT

    If sachin was on 98 will he take the single off the first ball of the over and give strike to the debutant? sachin's fans and even sachin know the answer!

  • VineetKochar on December 21, 2010, 8:10 GMT

    Smith said earlier....... He wish to see sachin scores his 50th but not in this series. He was proved wrong by the master.

    Suggestion to SA and smith " Please do not provoke" It was just your luck that you won the toss. I am not taking away the cedit from steyn and morkel but conditions favoured ya.

    Durban test starts from 26th. I am sure by the end of it series will be leveled @ 1-1 and Smiths big mouth would be looking for a zipper.

  • TRUE_INDIAN_101 on December 21, 2010, 7:56 GMT


  • anver777 on December 21, 2010, 7:50 GMT

    At least Sachin would have tried to avoid the innings defeat with tailenders on the fifth that Indian team can go in to the 2nd test with some confidence. Any way a handsome win for SA !!!!!! well played!!!!

  • on December 21, 2010, 7:48 GMT

    Smith is playing mind games here.Trying to get rid of biggest resistance.Anyways Sachin always comes back stronger.Hence it is going to be tough for him from now on.

  • on December 21, 2010, 7:47 GMT

    may be he think that ,if the tail enders get more balls the can stand.. but they fails.its cricket no one can predict we will seen in next match................

  • Engineer-Khan on December 21, 2010, 7:46 GMT

    Now every one come to Know that India is not NO1. They play against weak side like bangladesh, new zealand in their own ground. First test they play out side and they lost.I am the big fan of cricket and love to see it.India batting line up is strong on paper but mentally they are not tough enough.Sehwag, Gambir, Dhoni are the players who has no difference in batting style playing test or ODI.Specially batting of Sehwag has no value for India, bcz he get 50 Plus in first 15-20 overs and then rest of india batting collapse within 50overs giving enough time to oponents to bat. In last test we see that the pitch get dry after 40 Odd overs but that time India first innings come to an end. Give South Africa good chance to take lead. So if Sehwag and Gambir play like test match they can score more then the score even in Second innings

  • Jkgsrt on December 21, 2010, 7:37 GMT

    this is not new with sachin. sachin makes people fool some time. you would not expect certain things from him and another day he made that thing possible. sachin can made300 easily but if he made it today you would expect a 400 from him. so wait sometime 300 is coming very early. some people say he is he is .... he does not miss many triangular series ie...... asia cup, ind new sri series, zim series, bang series etc.... easy runs can be come with asian pitches.............. i guess 100 century would be the century in world cup final in mumbai against pakistan. and will lose the world cup final. and then people say sachin 100 is in losing cause again. if sachin dont made 100 then they say in important matches he did not made run. if india lost semi then it is imp. match similarly india lost bang. in wc 2007 then it is an imp. match otherwise not good. to do criticise is easy.....sachin made 4 century out of 9 in sa by indian batsman but it is not good.

  • cyniket on December 21, 2010, 7:29 GMT

    It's amazing how tendulkar inspires such extremes of emotion. a balanced look at his career shows him to be a very fine player. He is not the greatest player of all, nor is he terrible or selfish. He tried to do the same as steve waugh always did and put faith in his partner. there is no evidence of great psychological failings. smith is playing mind games, there's nothing wrong with that either, sometimes they work. In a way it's a complement to india that he has done- if he didn't rate them highly, he wouldn't have bothered.

  • PradeepR on December 21, 2010, 7:26 GMT

    I wish someone from the Indian team management came forward and made a statement about the plan behind Sachin not farming the strike and shielding the tailenders and not trying to avoid the follow-on at least or maybe they just wanted to lose early so they could have more rest for the next test since this test is lost anyways? He could have at least had some batting practice or was the plan to give the tailenders some batting practice?

  • Vipul14987 on December 21, 2010, 7:22 GMT

    Seriously... Even i can't understand why all our senior player approach like school team player. Whether it is Tendulkar or dravid and laxman. They just don't seem to playing with tale ender. Even if this is a common sense to not too expose a tale ender too the bowlers like Steyn, morkel, Vettori, Jhonson etc.

    And i would not be surprised too see this more and more often from Indian batsman. I would say they should get into the past when Steve Wough had played with Glispee and made the Indians run for almost the 2 session. Mind it... Glispee was night watchman in that match. But it was Steve wough who took him so long too the hundred.

    God bless Indian senior batsman's approach who only wants to be not out.

  • naturerules on December 21, 2010, 7:16 GMT

    Thinking about sachin in this fashion is just duly because of the expectation we have on him.There's nothing to question about why he didnt rotate strike or try to prolong.The reason behind is that in common when you play the game,to save/win a match its always a contribution from the team.We even though appreciated lax for his innings against kiwis, it was ishant who played the major role to stay there. but nothing is happening when the little master essays his innings. BCCI is making youngsters like unadkat to play even before that boy has played a good amount of indian cricket. Instead they could have tried a guy like ojha or ashwin who can also stand there more time compared to the youngster. Imagine you have unadkat against kiwis during that long fought innings of lax... the same question would have got in minds against lax too.Smith can speak, because he/kallis wanted to outplay the master atleast through talks as they cannot think of playing such an innings in/against india.

  • on December 21, 2010, 7:03 GMT

    To all those people who don't have any problem with Indian tailender batsman facing SA front line bowlers, please ask Dhoni to reverse the batting order and let Tendulkar bat at 11. Is it really a good approach to expose no 10 and 11 to get match practice in a "real" test match... i mean are you kidding?

  • vishwa_a on December 21, 2010, 7:00 GMT

    It is almost impossible to retain strikes in Test matches. Smith was probably thinking about ODIs when he made the comment. South African bowlers managed to bowl even wides in the Test match. Many of their non-wide deliveries were too high or too outside the stumps. In such a case, how effective it would have been to try to retain the strikes! The tail-enders needed to play some of those at least. But, they got out! When VVS Laxman and Ishant made 81 runs for the ninth wicket partnership against Australia at Mohali this year, it was also due to Ishant's determination, and not because Laxman protected him.

  • moazamabidi on December 21, 2010, 6:57 GMT

    No doubt 50 Nos of Century is big achievement but it is fact Sachin is not Match winning player and mostly he plays for himself. I have no doubt about his class and Technique but behaviour is not for team. How we can bring back Ganguly, Javed Miandad, Waugh, Inzamam who played only for side. But the milestones achieved by Tendulkar is unbreakable.

  • venbas on December 21, 2010, 6:56 GMT

    Before bad mouthing Sachin, let us remember that he was never a brilliant or even good captain. India fared miserably under Sachin at 2 different times before he was releived of captaincy. The GOD, for whom batting perfection is the sole goal, run making was never difficult and it is difficult to expect him to shield the tailender, farm the strike and graft. Like Nirmal Shekhar would have said, you cannot expect Mozart to control his tempo or a Picasso to vary his strokes just because he has to shield a lesser mortal.

  • DT_Edwin on December 21, 2010, 6:55 GMT

    Mr.Smith need not be surprised, we all know he wants to take a dig, those two (10 & 11) cannot be protected for an entire day, what difference does it make if India lose by an inngs and 30 or by an inngs and 20 or by 10 wickets, India still would have lost the match for you had the entire 5th day. Atleast now those two have got some first hand knowledge of facing fast bowling. No net practice would be equivalent to that outing. Sachin and Co never protected Harbajan and Ishant sharma when they were tail enders. check India's tour of Australian 08-09. Now because of such exposures Ishant sharma could score 23 and survive for more than an hour and the world knows how frequently Harbajan contributes with the bat.

    So Mr.Smith and all those who cannot stomach sachin's success need not pretend to worry about India's failure, for this is not the first time the team has lost. India is ranked No.1 not because of 11 players but excellent bench strength, It came by giving them exposure.

  • on December 21, 2010, 6:52 GMT

    Wonder what Sachin's approach would've been if he had resumed the day's play with 90no against his name& not a century-it's extremely likely that he would've tried to keep strike in order to get his hundred

  • on December 21, 2010, 6:49 GMT

    guys i dont understand y is evry1 blaming SRT...i mean der was hardly anythng dat cud have saved india....and newaz d tailenders wudnt have last too was like he cud c d end nearing at a pace dat even his likes cudnt have resist !! wat india needs to do is develop a pool of gud fast bowlers who can bowl consistntly over 140k...somethn dat has been a long lost dream !! plz dont blame d great man....he defines d game CRICKET !!

  • Pablo123 on December 21, 2010, 6:45 GMT

    Well how I see it:

    Sachin has been around the block, he knew the test was headed for a loss. Why not give the new boys some time in the middle to face that bowling - it can only make them stronger in the long run.

    Also, I'm pretty sure when you have batted for as long as he has and knowing in the back of your mind 'the test is lost' - you would want to get it over with and go do something else with your day. I say no harm done by Sachin.

  • ranma4u11 on December 21, 2010, 6:45 GMT

    Smith makes a nice try at psychological warfare by trying to turn attention from the Indian fightback on day 4. With 90 plus overs in a day, Sachin could not possibly shield both the tailenders from dawn till dusk. He had to trust them to stand their ground and he did. And while sometimes these things work out, this time it did not. Second guessing by armchair selectors isn't going to help anyone at all especially when they forget that without the fourth day fightback by Sachin and Dhoni, we'd have been much worse off.

  • on December 21, 2010, 6:43 GMT

    Even Sachin fan's were upset yester..But he mit have believed tail enders alot which he usually does..but saying that he plays for record is bull-shit.. Money and records doesnt matter to him.. Not many of you know that he has denied a offer of 20 million per annum from a liquor company to be its brand ambassador jus because of the promise he made with his father.. He wouldn't have scored a century next day of his father's death, if he doesn't luv India.. He wouldn't have played with sever back pain, if he wants a century to his name.. He wouldn't have taken India single handedly to World Cup finals , if he wants records.. He wouldn't have painted tri-color emblem above BCCI logo in his helmet, had he not respect the country... Not long ago he scored 214 against aussies when India was 31/2... At 37, he's given so much to the nation.. If Indians cant respect it, thats really hurting.. I never mind people from other nations blamin him.. If you love cricket, you ve to love Sachin

  • Elkapitano on December 21, 2010, 6:41 GMT

    with all due respect to SRT, he is a great player no doubt. I dont think we're talking about the ability of the batsmen here, but the effort made to salvage some pride in the end. All batsmen think differently but how many innings can you remember when SRT batted with tailenders (taking the pressure) and pulling india out of a crisis OR making an outstanding effort doing so ?

  • Nerk on December 21, 2010, 6:40 GMT

    If Sachin pulled it off, and the two tailenders stuck around for another thirty runs or even a hundred, everyone would be praising his bravery and tactical nous. Steve Waugh did this many times with his tailenders, and more often than not it worked, and he was praised for his unselfish play.

  • on December 21, 2010, 6:38 GMT

    Its a hard question but I think Sachin needs to answer it...why was the No 11 exposed repeatedly for a major part of the over to Steyn & Co? Why didnt he take a aggressive approach once Sreesanth was out?.I thought it would be pretty obvious that once the 9th wicket was down, Sachin needed to bat aggressively to wipe out the deficit. Thats what Kapil did so famously against England to avoid the follow-on (hitting 4 sixes)..It was an important psychological statement that needed to be made and India should have made SA bat again, even if it was for 5 runs.....

  • on December 21, 2010, 6:37 GMT

    One reason why Sachin should be criticized for not farming the strike is the South African bowlers. It doesn't take much to send them back into first gear. No one can deny that Pakistan's batting is the worst nowadays but even they could easily send South Africa on the backseat if they wanted to. Even now, I would be the least surprised if South Africa lost 2-1. All too often Ive seen them trying their best to let the opposition win. They are the best team with that negative an attitude. Its quite creditable in fact.

  • OOZZ on December 21, 2010, 6:32 GMT

    Just look at this match.;page=2;view=commentary. Australia about 60 runs ahead. Start of 4th day. Fast bowlers bowling. Hussey continuously takes single of the 4th ball of the over. Gives Siddle time to settle in. And see the end result of the match. People talk about Australia's victory not about Hussey's century. Alas, we are stuck with this century fixation. Staying not-out is very important for our man. He could have at least gone for his shots. One is also reminded of the 4 sixes by Kapil against Hemmings to avoid the follow-on.

  • Ravi_Shankar_Bonu on December 21, 2010, 6:32 GMT

    Do anyone of you play cricket. Play the game. Know the game properly and then comment. try to score at least a hundred in your lifetime ever and comment.Who are you guys to decide who is what? People will be ready to spit on someone and when only one person spits on you just fell it once. Don't ever try to comment bad regarding Sachin.

  • on December 21, 2010, 6:31 GMT

    @ kirtpal he failed to win a world cup because of fisrt Azaruddin (match fixer) secondly in 2003 he didn't play only in final against Asustralia. no batsman can play whole day with tail enders like shreesanth and new debut. see for team victory there should be a contribuition from every player then only team can win...not only from Sachin.

  • moinilyasneral on December 21, 2010, 6:30 GMT

    I am a huge Pakistani admirer of Sachin..I am sure most of the Sachin bashers who commented on giving the strike to tail enders have in all probability never held a cricket bat in their lives !! He is over 37 years old, and had been thru a gruelling several hours of play on Sunday, while making his 50th century. He was certainly in some pain during the close of play on Sunday, and to be fair to him, made it thru to his 100. He knew he was playing in a lost cause result wise, and for anyone to feel he was less than committed, is very unfair. I wonder if the oft broken finger Graeme will last even half or more time that Sachin has played..very easy to comment when one wins a match, but if in the next test India wins, and they can surely, what will Graeme say? As far as Kallis is concerned, he felt that his 200 was overshadowed by Sachin's 50th, so being the great "sportsman" he is, never applauded!

  • on December 21, 2010, 6:26 GMT

    Typical Indian fans wanted to score every ball a six, evey match a Century ( That to Match Winning Century)! Even if oppenent scores 150, Tendulkar has to score 100+*! Under this kind of expections, this bloke has done decently enough. On the 5th day we hardly played for 3-4 overs, NOT SURE whats Tendulkar's strategy, That was too early to decide what Tendulkar was thiking all the way! I've noticed N.of times even Laxman exposes Tail enders to bat! Even Tendulkar did in the past with Harbajn and Zaheer! But whatever think practically definately we could have lost the game! Infact it happend after we lost the toss! Be sportive man, Don't Cry for Tendulkar. Be confident INDIA will end up the series atleast with 1-1.

  • Shaitaan on December 21, 2010, 6:18 GMT

    I find this very amusing indeed. Tendulkar has scored a century in each of his last three Tests v South Africa. In Nagpur, where everyone else around him crumbled. In Kolkata, in support of an Indian victory. And here in Centurion. Of course the opposing captain will try to unsettle him!

    Instead of beating down the one player who has the capacity to score runs consistently for his team in ALL conditions, point a finger at those top order batsmen who capitulated before the little pace and bounce there was in the 2nd innings here -- those who got out after scoring 40s, 50s, 60s, 80s. You'll find India wins a lot more if some others work around that one man's solidity. No? It's still the fault of the one man who is scoring runs? Okay then, Flame On... and let's burn his effigy. Hurrah!

  • Mannix16 on December 21, 2010, 6:14 GMT

    tendulkar played 174 games, 50 test 100s is nothing special for someone who played that long... what he should be praised for is how long he has been able to play well. He is king of ODI cricket, but in Test cricket there are many who equal him and do better than him. The fact that he is selfish for his records and was named on the cricinfo all time 11 disgusts me when there are other players who are better. Just cause somebody is a miracle in the ODI circuit does not mean they are a miracle in the Test version of the game and because of his heroics in ODI, he is overrated in Test Cricket

  • muski on December 21, 2010, 6:13 GMT

    Spot on Smith- For all the adulations the little man got for his 50th century, he should have had the sense to protect Sreesanth and Unadkat from the seamers. His first target should have been to make SA bat again. God knows what was going on in his head at that time

  • Samar_Singh on December 21, 2010, 6:12 GMT

    No doubt Sachin is a good player but only after the Great Don Bradman. I used to be a big fan of Sachin for about a decade but over exaggeration from Indian media make me think otherwise...

    Playing for the stats, is what Sachin has always been doing (though he never admits like all others)... He is never a match winner nor a saver... Sehwag and Laxman are better match winner than other Indians where as Dravid is a Match saver in test cricket... In his 175 test how many times it has been a match winning knock...only one third of his total runs has been in winning matches(that too due to present team wining more matches) and remaining 2/3 in other cause...

    Untill the game of cricket is made world wide game it would be too early to say many thing.. Mind you cricket is played only in like a dozen country , and the remaining 200 countries don't. Only around 1-2 thousand players have played test cricket and it is not worth evaluating from this small bunch...

  • ShezadK on December 21, 2010, 6:08 GMT

    Sachin inning was not good in terms of saving the indian team from defeat, atleast he should hang their to save inning defeat.

  • Jaggadaaku on December 21, 2010, 6:06 GMT

    India, especially, SRT showed how selfish and gutless he is. Sachin shouldd have been done like Harbhajan had done twice against New Zealand when he made 2 centuries in two tests. Once again, Sachin has come out pure selfish bastard. He could have played the whole over and make a single run at 5th or 6th ball, and try to get more strikes in every over. If Harbhajan, the bowler could do it, twice, I am pretty sure Sachin would have done it. 50 centuries is kind of achievement, and congratulation for that, but if he has rescued the India playing like Harbhajan did against NZ, this century would be memorable forever and all cricket fans in the world would consider this century one of the best innings by world's best batsman. But, the bottom line-Sachin is very ordinary as a batsman, and very good as a businessman. He stayed notout at last, so his average of the runs gone a bit high. Whole India's eyes were on the Sachin, but Sachin already decide to give up.

  • RShekdar on December 21, 2010, 6:04 GMT

    This has always been the greatest problem with Sachin, he has never been able to shield the tail enders to win or save a match. Last time he played with the tail was when he played with Ishant in Aussie land to win a match( if my memory serves me right). He always expects the tail to do its bit to help him(which is also not all wrong). But i would really like to see him do a bit more to work with the tail to save or win matches. Ofcourse its not that there will be many more chances for him to do it. This might be his last tour of SA or maybe last year in international cricket.

  • PallathZ on December 21, 2010, 5:59 GMT

    Sachin ones again proved that he is like any other by being selfish.No words can justify why he left Sree & Jaidev to face Steyn & Morkel on the morning sessions without farming the strike or even an intent.Would he have done the same in India? No...There in flat & docile pitches the runs would be easier & he was sure that he would remain not out in those conditions..All said & done its not about scoring centuries.Its about winning.Its great tragedy & irony that when the No.1 Team loses by an innings ,the Nation rejoices on individual achievements which dont count for anything.The media was going ga ga over the feet of 50 centuries & comapring Bradman...Forget about the legend he doesnt even compare to Ricky Ponting & co let alon the Don.He is nowhere near Sir Viv Richards..Anyway everything in the media nowadays is planned & fabricated .I would dearly wish to see a Tendulkar who Wins for the country .

  • Sach_is_Life on December 21, 2010, 5:51 GMT

    India won by innings and 57 runs in kolkatta against SA in 4 days with only 3 bowlers ..Enough said ...!! And abt SRT not farming strike ..its been a while since an Indian splist batsmen actually shields the tail ..SRT used to do that in 90s ..but not anymore.if u dont wtch enough Test matches ..then plz dont comment ..he did the same against Bangladesh when he got his 100 with the help of tailenders n saved India's face! For those of u who r saying that SRT plays for himself ..dudes....just get a lyf..!! If u think he cares abt his avg .. U really dont know anything abt SRT...Eve from his childhood ..its really hard to get him out even in the practise. He luvs batting n if he really dont care abt his team ..he would've had Bradmanisque avg! Anyway,I can understand ur frustration ..u guys thought SRT is finished in 2006..but unfortunately..thats not the case n i know, u guys 've been waiting for a chance like this for a long time hav fun ..i know he z gonna shut ur mouths again

  • zxaar on December 21, 2010, 5:48 GMT

    WOW sachin has so many haters. If Smith has cricketing acumen as Tendulkar has he would not be zaheer's bunny. Smith should worry about zaheer because next match zaheer would be playing. And all these sachin haters keep shouting nothing changes in because of your rants. Who gives a damn of wh

  • crazysloggers on December 21, 2010, 5:46 GMT

    all these years i was a fan of sachin, even when i disliked ganguly, ajay jadeja, dravid and azharudhin for shorter periods, sachin never was in my hate list. but rewinding those moments azhar, jadeja, robin singh and ganguly did for india, forget sledging, forget match fixing.. we have lot to rememeber about these guys..but sachin...not a single innings where he had fighted it out to keep the team out of trouble..from this day im taking sachin off my list and write in some other guy who would play to win not for records..

  • on December 21, 2010, 5:43 GMT

    I am a great Sachin fan but still I don't understand the sachin's motto in giving tailenders more strike. But I believe he thinks more wisely than what we think since he had hundreds of matches experience. I guess its better to ask sachin to answer this question

  • on December 21, 2010, 5:36 GMT

    I don't know wht a few Smith and Co and a few ppl aboe think whn they question Sachin's Commitment.......No 1 can plan to play 90 overs by himself and expect to save a test match without cooperation of the lower-order, but unfortunately our tailenders r just to add numbers nd provide no real support......If we recollect Steve Waugh's approach of batting with the tail was giving them oppurtunity and the strike as it comes, thus imparting confidence in them. However, he ahd gritty characters like Gillespie and Co to help him out and prove his method rite..We have these guys.....So sachin is always held at fault nd whn sum1 else in Oz or whrever does the same things it is considered the move of a Genious !!

  • on December 21, 2010, 5:35 GMT

    Bhajji is not showing any exceptional skill to make him our no1 bowler sorry I love the guy because he is a genuine fighter but at present he is mentally down and I think Ojha should be given the bowl before him and let Bhajji get some form back for WC. coming back to the seamer if this is what eric simmon teaches them then I am afraid somebody is getting paid for doing a whole lot of nothing. As for Kallis not applauding, why r we that bothered does that make Sachin any less great or his 50th ton any less important? Secondly this gives Kallis and SA a bad name automatically so why r we that bothered 1 billion + applauds should be enough. Thirdly come on show the SA captain some leniency his side just completed a fantastic win over no 1 side in the world , he has some right to be caustic. Next time SA comes visiting we can schedule the first match at Kanpur and then Dhoni can be sarcastic. Lastly man to man except Sachin,Dravid,Dhoni we were beaten fare and square

  • the1x1factor on December 21, 2010, 5:29 GMT

    How the world changes... he scores a century under pressure, ensured he played his part and unfortunately because of lack of contribution from other batsmen ended up on the losing side.

    Now he is blamed for not farming 2 tail enders, playing for records and not being a match winner. I really pity his situation if gets out you blame him, if he scores you blame him saying match not won.

    Steve Waugh guys, if you remember always exposed his tail enders whenever he batted whatever the situation was. He expected them to play their part. He did it throught his career without exception. I didn't see anyone complaining it then even when it resulted in aussies losing matches.

    Even if you don't praise the effort, don't insult a players effort like this.

  • tylerhans on December 21, 2010, 5:26 GMT

    Last ten years when sachin played and India won (ave 74),,,,,;result=1;spanmax2=21+Dec+2010;spanmin2=21+Dec+2000;spanval2=span;template=results;type=batting;view=innings

    Last ten years when Sachin played and India lost (ave 34) .....;result=2;spanmax1=21+Dec+2010;spanmin1=21+Dec+2000;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting;view=innings

    Yes one man show and yes .... Not a match winner??? u could see all the other tests he has been the highest scorer for atleast 70% of them matches

  • on December 21, 2010, 5:25 GMT

    Okay first and foremost I am a die-hard Indian, I am not from SA or australia or england. Now that out of the way, lets give the devil his due, Morkel and Steyn were atleast 15 to 20 kph quicker than our bowler. Both moved the ball. (If you dont believe me watch Dravids dismissal in the 2nd inning). Both had much more energy. And yes tsobe tsobe is a pedestrian bowler who should be dropped as soon as possible. Now coming to my favourites even I cannot defend Ishant,Shree,bhajji and Dhoni.....Did I say dhoni? Yes who on earth picks a 19 year kid with the pace of Kumble or Afridi and with no swing,seam or bounce for a test match in SA? Poor kid has played 9 domestic matches, it is quite evident he has no skills to talk about still u pick him why? Half the time Ishant and Shree looked as if they wanted to be somewhere else rather than bowl. Bhajji looked constipated as if Batsmen should gift his wicket to him.

  • on December 21, 2010, 5:22 GMT

    can you fend off a whole day by playing 5 balls and taking a single...can u Mr Smith...? best thing was to trust the guys and tats what he did... and if it had paid off people would have hailed him like they did for laxman a month ago who trusted in Ishant... stop your nonsense...The Coin won the game for U else at best it would have been a draw....

  • CustomKid on December 21, 2010, 5:21 GMT

    Maybe he's just trying to boost his overall average against SA to over 40??

    No big deal either way as the game was lost with no rain around the place. It was just a matter of time before the tail gave way and I don't have an issue with him not trying. I think it's a smart play by Smith to question the tactics employed. Kick them while they are down - Smith is a hard man and a great leader, he knows what buttons to push and if he can create a little mental doubt in the opposition he'll do it. Strauss did it after Adelaide, Ponting did it after Perth. Smith knows how good SRT is so if he can put some doubt there and get him off his game even by 1% it's worth a try. On the flip side he might stride out and smack 200+ and then it's a fail but at the end of the day it was another hundred that counted for nothing other than being his 50th which over half of his test tons are. 40% of his 100's are in Wins - 22% in losses 38% in draws. 60% = losses or draws. Make your own mind up I guess.

  • on December 21, 2010, 5:09 GMT

    Hats off to Sachin. However, what the hell was he doing on Day 5 ? To say he was resigned to defeat is a lot of bull. Tell that to Michael Hussey !Common sense tells you to farm the strike. Sachin was in a tearing hurry to get out of the way ! Unless there is a reason that the general public does not know, there was no fight in him. As a Sachin fan, I always dream of him waging a war with tail enders against hostile bowling. Not this meekness.

  • JoeAbrahamm on December 21, 2010, 5:05 GMT

    Some one top scores in both the innings and India lose by an innings. And people can't see how badly others have performed and let the team down. And they go after the only performor of the match from India's side. Of all, on a team decision that just didn't work out. HYPOCRISY. To say the least. Can only pity them!

  • toughthinktank on December 21, 2010, 5:04 GMT

    @AusiDesi & Anand: cudn't agree more than u.. sitting here on cricinfo, how can others question the thoughts of a person carrying 2 decades of more cricketing experience than them??its crazy to not call him a match winner & if u r counting things like Chenna Test 99.. Bloemfontein Test 2001, Hyderabad ODI 2009, then plz recount as one man cudn't have done anything more for a team which cudn't score 20 runs or so without him. remember Hyderabad ODI..instead of going for his possible double century..he gave opportunities to Jadeja to score runs & it worked, but India cudn't manage 19 runs after his wicket..what do u expect from him? has he ever cared getting out in 90s (7 times a yr) with india going on to win those matches??

  • on December 21, 2010, 5:04 GMT

    Well id always be proud of records, like Yousuf breaking that of Viv Richards by scoring 1788 in a calendar year, but Yousuf is not my favourite player because he broke that record. He is my favourite because he has fought for Pakistan for years and years. That is why I admired Dravid most amongst the Indian batsmen for the way he doggedly stuck himself to the crease... As for now, Id rather have our too-lazy-to-try-for-records Inzy. He would get the tailender runout trying to take the strike from him, but he would never let the tailender face the music as long as he survived. The lazy giant won our hearts by his many down-the-batting-order fights for survival. Its painful when a legend gives up without a fight.

  • on December 21, 2010, 5:01 GMT

    @Prasad38 If Sachin is a GOD then, well he should win a lot more games for INDIA. It's a shame such a great Batting line-up and yet last time India won the World Cup was in 1989.

  • on December 21, 2010, 5:00 GMT

    @Prasad38 If Sachin is a GOD then, well he should win a lot more games for INDIA. It's a shame such a great Batting line-up and yet last time India won the World Cup was in 1989.

  • rachits on December 21, 2010, 5:00 GMT we go again...its smith playing smart n also playing his mind games....n we indians fall for it like clockwork...never fails...the tailenders lasted a total of 15 balls...r the one eyed sachin haters so smoked up that they were asking tendulkar to protect the tail from facing 15 balls in an entire day? how utterly ridiculous guys...get a brain...! also, its about luck more than anything...wen laxman did the same with ishant, in fact giving ishant more strike than even he got, and yet we won, everyone was hailing him as a genius...even now ppl like sspai r saying vvs is the best...well, my frend, had ishant got one of those steyn's snorters, where wud laxman's genius be then, eh? the guy scores a century wen everyone else is falling...he top scores in BOTH innings n yet we come out with knives...sheesh...simply disgusting!

  • on December 21, 2010, 4:54 GMT

    It is good for Indian team that opponent team being sarcasm with Sachin, We all know how he react to it in the field ...Simply BEWARE South Africa .. Sachin will reply to you in following test matches..... Thanks Smith and Kallis.....

  • tylerhans on December 21, 2010, 4:52 GMT

    Sigh... reading this I feel sometimes.. Sachin should've chosen tennis or some individual sport... he would have been spared the gullible comments... there is no way to save the test match... the best was to avoid any injuries and further fatigue.. could see how bad he was cramping up the previous afternoon.. about the performance being one of the top scorer in both innings doesnt count I suppose... Anyone for Dravid, Raina or scintillating sehwag and gambhir... or even the best test player laxman.. geez... Fight? Spirit? geez... I am sad for u Sachin...

  • chin-music on December 21, 2010, 4:49 GMT

    As an Indian, its quite embarassing to see Indian media & fan comments focus on the "positive" of Sachin personal milestones - & gloss over the fact that basically so-called #1 ide got whacked out of shape. And, what's more - the "God" was sufficiently happy with realising his personal milestones yesterday to not even bother to guts it out & make an honurable attempt to go down figting. Cant imagine Aus or SA ever going down meekly like that ! Maybe thats what a real world #1 side or a real champion batsman is about - a little more than some ICC maths calculation about points or number of hundreds scored etc.

  • vedichitesh on December 21, 2010, 4:48 GMT

    For me Sachin is God of cricket and people against him my mortal enemies..... BUT i am not blind therefore i too am wondering WHY he did not take the strike and made it easy for SA to win so easily. Innings defeat is more shameful than defeat..... God must be crazy..... ;-)

  • vijayakumar_s on December 21, 2010, 4:46 GMT

    So much of crows crying here against a legend. Sachin played his usual game as always. No matter what the situation is, players like to play their usual game, which we all admit in case of Sehwag and the like. Sreesanth did manage to retain his wicket for a while in few matches. Let the tail-enders get expose to such situations and it will come handy when it needs the most. This game was all over when MS was out. Its worth to ask questions against VVS and Raina who failed to get into double digits in both the innings in such a good batting track. Opportunity to play is given equally to all, its up to the players to capitalize on it.

  • anandskt on December 21, 2010, 4:39 GMT

    Sachine should try to make at least 30 Runs. I don't know what going on his mind or what was the reason behind all this. Anyways he is holding the unbeaten records

  • baskar_guha on December 21, 2010, 4:33 GMT

    Kallis non-applause: You cant control what your opposition does and doesnt do. Who knows what the relationship is between the two and who knows what kind of guy Kallis is.

    Sachin strategy on day 5: Whether it is Sachin's decision or a team decision, I think avoiding innings defeat is always a moral victory for the team that is losing. Sachin/India lost an opportunity in my view and deserve the criticism they are getting.

  • mysay on December 21, 2010, 4:25 GMT

    Losing a match regardless of being the No.1 team or not is understandable. However losing when your the No. 1 test team, by innings when a batsmen of Tendulkar's caliber is at the crease is inexcusable. Can anyone argue that avoiding the innings deficit should be the primary target? What was Tendulkar thinking? As a result the loss humiliated the No.1 test team, thus 50th test century does not count for peanuts, as it showed poor judgment and simply selfish play, for the wanting to end up as "not out". For what reason, only he will know. Tendulkar without a doubt you are a great batsmen, but likewise shame on you, as your mentality gave India a humiliating defeat..

  • knowledge_eater on December 21, 2010, 4:25 GMT

    I was also surprised by Smith's approach of declaring SA's inning after Kallis got his first ever 200 as well, because what if it would have rained for one or half day, which was very likely. SA might have chance to win. But, yeah may be he is right Sachin could have shielded tail-ender for 90 overs, which was more likely. Right!

  • venkat_thimmappa on December 21, 2010, 4:24 GMT

    Why are my comments not getting displayed? are there any rules on how to post a comment? on what basis the filtration of the comments posted are done?

  • Farce-Follower on December 21, 2010, 4:23 GMT

    Mr. Smith : This is India. Not a newspaper fretted about India's humiliating loss. Each and every one was gloating about SRT's century. India does not deserve to be in the top 5. RD, Viru and VVS are true MVPs in India.

  • aslampgd on December 21, 2010, 4:20 GMT

    Indinans are lions in their dens and Sachin has no concern with India defeat he has got his 50 test century well done little master

  • Hamid1 on December 21, 2010, 4:10 GMT

    Guys i am an Indian fan and from India, but i have a few points to make. First of all, when you are interviewing a captain who has just won by an innings over the number one side, why do you harp on Tendulkar's 50 centuries? I am sure he has more interesting things to talk about.

    Secondly, apart from Indian fans, i don't think the rest of the world considers Tendulkar God. And that is because so many cricketers of the past and even current have the same or better average than him. Bradman's was 99. Of course nobody has got 50 centuries but then again Sachin has been around for a long time and to accumulate that many is a great achievement but is not an overwhelming one. Maybe the longevity is a greater record.

    As far as being Selfish, i think all the runs SRT has scored has counted toward India's totals so it has helped them one way or the other. Maybe too many victories didn't come off those, but how can SRT help that. He did it for himself and the team in my opinion.

  • Apoorv10 on December 21, 2010, 4:07 GMT

    How unsportsman like of kallis not to applaud tendulkar. he should learn to respect people who have achieved greater than him in life. 2nd test - payback time. India better win!

  • Quazar on December 21, 2010, 4:04 GMT

    The psychology aspect is simple -- Tendulkar wants to keep the edge against the SA bowlers..."you could not get me out." That is good for him in this series as also for India.

  • IndranilChoudhury on December 21, 2010, 4:04 GMT

    Imagine the 4x100 meters relay in the Olympics. Imagine Usain Bolt running his leg in the fastest time ever set by any man. Imagine Jamaica still losing the gold to the US by a long margin. Now Imagine the Jamaican media cheering Bolt's achievement and converting their loss to a mere footnote. That's precisely what we did. Deified a brilliant sportsperson at the cost of subverting the sport he plays. As far as his tactics on the fifth day is concerned, I was as stumped as everyone else. What was heartening to know though was that he was back in the ground an hour later to work with the bowlers.

  • on December 21, 2010, 4:02 GMT

    What do you mean Mr. Smith? Is Mr. Dhoni a tailender. He is topranked batsman. If someone like Harbhajan or Srisanth gives support then his comments are understandable. What is he expecting, India to bundle out like it did in first innings. But for the failures of Laxman and Raina, India would have done still better. Nothing wrong in loosing a Test match. Hope we will do better. Please remember that India is straightaway playing Test Match in new conditions without practice matches and out best bowler is injured.

  • vardarajan101 on December 21, 2010, 3:48 GMT


    don't accuse because you hate sachin

    sachin did it in sydney 2008 and was 154 not out ,but he also took india from 370 for 7 to 510 .sachin was 69 when 7th wicket fell .but that day harbhajan could stay with him as did ishant who back then was not known for his batting .india lost the sydney match because of poor umpiring which led symonds (was out atleast 3 times before 100) and hussey (was out 2 times before 100) to score 100's in 1st and 2nd innings respectively ,or else australia would have lost the match as they were 130+ for 6 down and still got to 450+ courtesy symonds 130+ score

    when you call lara's 153 as match winning ,remember curtly ambrose and courtney walsh supported lara for 20 odd overs as windies required 311 to win and had slumped to 238 for 8 against an even better attack and still won .in ambrose lara partnership lara scored more but ambrose faced almost equal no of balls or perhaps more

  • jadhavkedars on December 21, 2010, 3:43 GMT

    What a selfish palyer Tendulkar is ... He just scores highest scores in both innings and let India lose the match ... Look at great Ponting he scored brave 12 and 1 to win Aus a match .. this is a true match winner :)

  • jadhavkedars on December 21, 2010, 3:42 GMT

    What a selfish palyer Tendulkar is ... He just scores highest scores in both innings and let India lose the match ... Look at great Ponting he scored brave 12 and 1 to win Aus a match .. this is a true match winner :)

  • venkat_thimmappa on December 21, 2010, 3:32 GMT

    I am an hard core sachin fan and really hate when someone comments on his attitude, as most of the times they were not true... but this time I think what Smith asked is a valid point... If sachins attitude is not what smith told, he has to come out and say why he batted like that.... If that was a teams decision then we have to fine the entire team.... They are there to fight... fight till the end... not to give up at any stage.... WHATSOEVER ....

  • landl47 on December 21, 2010, 3:31 GMT

    Smith could hardly have been milder in his remarks "A bit surprised" is scarcely a scathing criticism. In the position Tendulkar found himself there were three ways he could have approached it. 1. Try to shield the tailenders from the bowling. With 98 overs to go, that was not really an option. 2. Hit out and try to score as many runs as possible before the tailenders got out. That meant taking risks himself, but if he'd happened to come off (Nathan Astle scored 222 against England by throwing his bat at everything a few years back) he might have got enough to set SA some sort of target. 3. Take an early single every over and wait for the tailenders to be knocked over. It probably wouldn't have made any difference no matter what he'd done, but option #3 couldn't possibly benefit the team, only Tendulkar himself by giving him a not out. Playing for yourself instead of the team isn't what cricket is about. That was why Smith was surprised and rightly so.

  • on December 21, 2010, 3:30 GMT

    It is easy to target Sachin. But lets face it, It was the start of the day. We all know batting calibre of Sreesanth and Unadkat. Sun was shing bright, no sings of rain in the air. There was no way India could have saved the test. Those who blame Sachin for playing for the records, only wanted a statistically better defeat for India. At what cost? Getting Sachin out, would have been a big moral victory for SA, just about a perfect game. So he was right in protecting his wicket. Unadkat did not do anything worthwihile with the ball and desrved to face real quality bowling himself to realize how far behind he is. Such a player should not be in the squad at all, let alone in the playing 11. I do admire Sachin, but at this moment I am more disgusted with Unadkat and our bowlers. Dhoni is damn right, thay have played on flater tracks, there is just no excuse for not taking wickets or even containing the batsmen.

  • sedT on December 21, 2010, 3:29 GMT

    Champion teams don't need batsmen to farm strike ... VVS didn't farm the strike with Ishant recently ... by giving strike to the tail-enders, they will see the need to learn to bat .... Tendulkar is being a teacher over here .... stop being arm-chair critic without knowing what were the motives behind Tendulkar's decision to turn the strike over. Typically Indian reaction towards Tendulkar ... why don't you ask the question to Sehwag and others who know only one way to bat (rather than bat sensibly when required). I think Indian cricket fans need to be more knowledgeable then rant against Sachin.

  • on December 21, 2010, 3:18 GMT

    smith who???????????????????????

  • BowlingForever on December 21, 2010, 3:16 GMT

    India were beaten comprehensivly. No test team should be bowled out in 38 overs in a test match an its a hilarious joke to say the number 1 test team is india. Soon SA will become number 1 if this batting line up continues. So much hype around such a dull series. SA will show how timid the indian batting line up is. I wonder if india can pose a challange to bangladesh in south african pithces. Its asl a shame to see tendulkar exposing the tail enders rather than reducing the innings defeat. shows the tru colors of the man.

  • A.Afker on December 21, 2010, 3:15 GMT

    @ Gujaratan. As per u, if MSD win the toss with Zaheer then IND could have win this match isn't it. If so why IND lost in Ahmadabad, Nagpur, Bangalore, etc by an Innings (that too in IND). Those times not only Zaheer u'r Jumbo (Kumbe) also played. But what was the results then?...Further SA managed to draw the last two series they played in IND. Whereas IND never in SA. Even PAK once managed. Some of the IND fans says they bowled them out SA for 84 runs in SA. True but the same match SA too bowled you (IND) out twice and lost by 170 odd runs.But not by an innings. That is the differant between SA and IND. This is typical mind set of Indians. They never appreciate/praise others win and simply give excuses. Try to learn how to give credit when it is due.

  • birkat on December 21, 2010, 3:13 GMT

    We all know that Tendulkar would have only farmed the strike if this was an ODI and the overs were running out before he makes his century!!! If he is truly a cricketing god then he should have at least tried to save the follow on and give SA a good run!

  • spyblogger on December 21, 2010, 3:09 GMT

    funny how people jump up n down to grab some light when their mundane personal joys are put up for public viewing.....!dude!!get a life!!u won the match enjoy...there are 2 imp matches left thats when u get ur much imp querries regardin farmin of strikes n d importance of kallis etc answered by a wonderful team enjoyin d sevices of a grat great man of extraordinary ability!

  • on December 21, 2010, 3:08 GMT

    I was expecting someone to comment on Tendulkar's selfishness ... I was constantly wondering what the hell tendulkar was doing rotating the strike with the last two batsmen with him. Having grown up watching Inzimam mother tailenders like a hen, leading Pakistan to at least 5 miraculous test wins and as many draws, Tendulkar could have at least tried to bat out a session. Farming 30 overs is very demoralizing for opponents having seen Inzi do the same all his career. Never once have I seen or heard of Tendulkar leading the way in a saved test match or a miraculous Indian turn around.

  • RJHB on December 21, 2010, 2:57 GMT

    You lost India, badly, cop it on the chin! Smith can be as dismissive as he likes, winners are grinners and you know what losers can do!! And Rushikey, if you didn't expect that sort of comment from Smith, you have no idea what he's like. And the Ponting reference is exactly what to expect from poor losers such as yourself!!

  • on December 21, 2010, 2:50 GMT

    Seeking a quick end to the match, Smith gave the new ball to Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel, urging them to take the wicket that would expose India's tail. It did not happen. Tendulkar's was calmness and good judgment personified. Paul Harris got the odd ball to jump, turn and trouble Tendulkar, but he was largely ineffective, considering he was operating on a fourth-day surface. Mokel, who tormented India with pace and bounce on the opening day, leaked 13 in his second over with the new ball. Tendulkar cut him fiercely. Soutn African Captain is a sore winner as all the focus was on Sachin Tendulkar's 50th Hundred. Cmon Grame Smith, be a sport. For all those who criticize Sachin Tendulkar, he has been in International Cricket for 21 years, that is International Cricket, not any club cricket.

  • EasterncafeXI on December 21, 2010, 2:46 GMT

    Smith is absolutely correct in indirectly blaming Sachin for the fifth day fiasco. But it wouldn't be the 50th century for SRT if SA have some the like of Imran Tahir. SA need to bring Imran Tahir in to the team if the want to win the series with out any other century against them.

  • pappu_saala on December 21, 2010, 2:36 GMT

    Me too big Sachin fan, but cannot understand why scoring 30 runs and forcing SA bat again wasn't even the intent! If the team decides to give in, I expected Sachin to stand up and take charge, being the player he is. By whatever means get the 30 runs before 2 tail-enders lose their timber. Looks like Sachin wanted to stay not out, for reasons beyond a lot of us.

  • Teamspirit_ind on December 21, 2010, 2:32 GMT

    Im a great fan of Sachin too like many others here, Im really upset the way he took single for the first ball. If he tried until the 4th ball atleast or else tried and could not get single in the last three balls understandable. When i see relief for his hundred I should admit that he played for record not for country.

    One good thing out here is even though Sachin plays for records, he atleast scores some runs, big runs and at this age he is scoring runs. But our so called young guns never could able to deliver. Raina should be kicked out of the team in SA. He is okay in sub-continent and he is definitely very good oneday player. I strongly believe Pujara should be given a chance. he is scoring tons of runs in the domestic.Our bowlers are never consistant except Zaheer and the pitch is not that scary as our indian batsman showed in the first innings too. SA is having good opening bowlers but they are serious lacking quality 3-4 bowlers,we shd have used that opprnity.Gd luck next mat

  • sspai on December 21, 2010, 2:27 GMT

    Recordwise, batting style wise, u can tell sachin is the greatest of all time batsman in technique. When converting the records to victory he is not the greatest. I thnk VVS is greatest test player in this era from India. Moreover regarding ranking India is not at all the deserved No1 team. Fortune favours the best!!!!

  • Sanoop_r on December 21, 2010, 2:18 GMT

    Hows this for a tactic? When Sachin comes in to bat, He should farm the strike straightaway !!! 'Cos when u compare Him to all the other batsman, they are all tailenders, correct??? and we would never lose !!! Sheeshhh... why do you people fall for that loser Smith's comments? Can't you see what he is trying to do? He wants to create that uncertainty and put the blame for the loss on Sachin... And he says, "MS probably needs some credit for that also because if he didn't hang around, Sachin probably wouldn't have got his 50th." If he puts it that way, please let me know how many centuries did Smith score without a non-striker !!!! I sure hope that Smith reads these comments and hope all of u realise that there were 10 other players who played along with Sachin in the test match...

  • YoBro on December 21, 2010, 2:15 GMT

    This debate is really silly. Smith should be content with the victory and celebrating the moment, instead of whining about the great Tend'kar. As someone rightly pointed out, Steve Waugh's tactic of exposing the tail is an equally viable strategy, because if you don't do it in a losing cause in an actual Test (and c'mon, let's not kid anyone, whether he farmed the strike or not, the game would have been over in a few minutes; there was no need to save the team from the symbolic ignominy of an innings defeat), then the bowlers and the tail would never get a real-world Test experience of batting to save the game, which is very valuable experience. So as always, it was a masterclass by SRT to be enjoyed by one and all. No need to read so much into it. If I were Smith, I'd be more concerned about facing up to Zak in the next game.

  • vklagoo on December 21, 2010, 2:14 GMT

    I agree completely with Smith, that Team India's behaviour -especially that of Sachin- was something to snigger at. I thought India would try atmost to AVOID inning's defeat, by farming the strike -if necessary. But it seemed as if Sachin wanted to stay not-out so that his average would go up. He had got his Hundread anyway. I think most people have realized that Sachin is more interested in his own statistics than team's fortunes. Sehwag, VVS or Dhoni most probably would not have played like this.

  • on December 21, 2010, 2:14 GMT

    Smith should understad that there are no ifs and buts about tendulkar's century. whether with Dhoni's support or without it he finished his century. Had india won the toss result might be a different one.

  • OutCast on December 21, 2010, 2:05 GMT

    Sachin is there for his numbers- just like Brett Favre of NFL... both go out there to fill buckets of fame, records & money at the expense of their team.... Srikkanth is a guy every Indian cricketer should look up to... man, Azhar was another one that's why this team never won anything with them... BTW, did Ganguly make himself available for selection??

  • on December 21, 2010, 2:04 GMT

    @smith bashers : smith Is not being arrogant at all... He is just replying back to harbhajans comments about " we will show what batting actually means"... It was harbhajan who started this arrogance.... Also a great reply back to the arrogance of bcci who wouldn't employ UDRS just so that India can get a helluva lot of decisions in their favour.... If udrs was used sachim would have been out for 50 odd in second innings ... Plumb lbw to Harris and gambhir would have been out muh earlier in 1st innings... as it happened it didn't cost sa much and rightly so bcos they played better cricket throughout the test..Looking forward to build up of the second test:)

  • tvradke on December 21, 2010, 1:54 GMT

    I am 100% certain that if the weather was overcast and it looked like raining, Sachin would have tried all he could to shield the tailenders. There was no hope of rain and playing out two sessions with two no-hopers was basically impossible. For those of you trying to suggest that Laxman does this better, Ishant faced way more deliveries than Laxman in their partnership at Mohali. And 4th day evening when there was propect of rain, Sachin definitely shielded Sreesanth even taking on shots that he never did earlier in the innings to try and farm strike. The best rearguards are achieved by players who show faith. Check back at what Steve Waugh did with the Aussie tailenders and everyone called him the best at that aspect. I can expect these sort of digs from Smith but from the Indian fans, this is plain stupid.

  • Prasad38 on December 21, 2010, 1:53 GMT

    What the hell was wrong with World. for ex: If a building collapses why every one comments about the strongest pillar. One Pillar cant hold the building . . . . . just like that Only Sachin cant make team India win every time. . . . SACHIN IS GOD

  • killbillgbu on December 21, 2010, 1:52 GMT

    This is not the first time that we've seen this from Sachin. We've seen this in Australia a couple of yrs ago. Although you know there is no way to save the match, would you not want to show some fight? In terms of doing any harm, the biggest harm is to himself. If he kept more of the strike, he could have scored even more runs. I firmly believe that it is more of a dejection and a feeling of being let down by the team that makes the great man do this.

  • BHUTORIA on December 21, 2010, 1:48 GMT

    For God's sake be a little sensible. How much affect will it make by being not out in a career spanning 175matches. These comments will always hurt a true cricket fan. You have one full day to play with 2 tailenders and you demand that Sachin should farm strike all day. People are saying as if that the runs Sachin scores are just for himself and are not added in Team Totals. He scored over 32000 runs in International cricket yet He plays for himself. Don't diminish a man who has achieved so much. People are asking why he didn't shield tailenders, they should rather question why the fast bowlers or Raina didn't perform. Leave Sachin & Dravid alone and question the non performers. BE GENUINE & CEASE THIS TOPIC FOR CRICKET's SAKE.

  • cricsavvy on December 21, 2010, 1:47 GMT

    Me and even my 13 year old son who plays cricket were shocked to see Sachin not rotating the strike as expected of a great player. it was a big let down and make me think that he did this only for boosting his average. I can recollect the innings Allan border played in the 1986 series against India (I think in Melbourne). He had the 11 batsman Dave Gilbert on the other end and he ensured that Australia drew the test with impending rain forecast. That is the hallmark of a "never say die" cricketer. But unfortunately Sachin was not one yesterday. So disappointing that it took shine off his 50th century for sure.

  • kirtpal on December 21, 2010, 1:45 GMT

    Sachin always plays for his own achievements .In his long career he fails to win a world cup to India. he do noting to shield the tailenders in last match. He need to play five balls then take single to get strike in next over.Anyway HE IS NOT A MATCH WINNER PLAYER.EVERYONE LIKE HIM BUT I DO NOT...

  • vishpal on December 21, 2010, 1:39 GMT

    india played at the most trying conditions without proper preparation against probably the current top fast bowlers. SA played against an attack which was without its main bowler on a much suitable surface. its like SA without dale steyn. I'm sure they also would have come croppers if that was the case. India played again on 4th and 5th day pitch, of course they could have still managed a draw but sadly laxman didn't perform for once. these things happen. sachin is definitely bad in covering tail enders, its a known thing. but in this case, protecting sreesanth and new comer for few hours is next to impossible. it was better choice to let them play and see if they could have managed, even if it was done inadvertently by sachin. stop this crap of India being good at home only. so be it, every team has the home advantage. if SA was so good, why couldn't they beat an AUS team at home after beating them away? let zaheer be back, then we talk. this test everything fell in place for SA.

  • jeeva_ on December 21, 2010, 1:18 GMT

    Its a real shame on Sachin to do this!!! Just to increase HIS second inninings average???.

    Shame on you Sachin(even though Iam a great fan of Sachin) this is not acceptable.

    Smith is absolutely correct in criticising Sachin....

    I remember in the early days of Sachin on a friendly match with pakistan in Chennai, when Srikanth could not score of Abdul Qadir, Sachin Scored 4 sixer's, Where is that Sachin.?

    Was it only to show for selectors those days/....

    Next time Sachin should go with tail enders as opening batsmen...

  • sijusamuel on December 21, 2010, 1:17 GMT

    Before reading article, just by seeing the score... i felt the same. I think, it needs to be questioned why he did not rotate strike...!!! Lack of sportsman ever great he is..!!

  • Ian_SA on December 21, 2010, 1:16 GMT

    After having just completed a big win over India, Smith was asked mostly about Sachin Tendulkar - so perhaps he was slightly peeved and let his feelings show. Don't get me wrong, I think Sachin's feat of 50 test hundreds is amazing and needs to be duly acknowledged by all in the game. He has been a sublime player and, most importantly, a gentleman - certainly one to respect and admire. A pity then that India's overall acheivements have been unimpresssive during his career. They have reached number one, but are more impressed by the number and by admiring the records than they are interested in meeting the challenges and doing the hard stuff. Know this well, India. You were thrashed at Centurion. Does that register? You lost 20 wickets for less runs than the other team lost 4. Your interest and intent will need to change otherwise the no 1 rank will soon be gone and forgotten.

  • jargan83 on December 21, 2010, 1:14 GMT

    As good as Tendulkar is he will always be second to the great Sir Donald Bradman

  • Tamilpower on December 21, 2010, 1:04 GMT

    As good and great as he is Sachin Tendulkar is not a match winner! How ironic that in getting to his 50th Hundred a landmark achievement that may never be attained again India got trashed! It summed up his career! O yes he has scored a million International runs, broken and eaten records, scored against every team everywhere! He is a great player! But he is not a winner! Now tell me all you Indian fans: would you rather have India win or Tendulkar to keep scoring and India loosing? There is a saying in Hindi 'mious'. The word is untranslatable into a single English phrase as it implies a personality who has a negative effect on everything around him. Despite his/her personal brilliance their sheer presence is 'BAD LUCK'. Sachin is that man and the Indian media and Bollywood have created a god out of him and the Indians must begin to accept this point! Just look at the way he batted on the 5th day! That innings has summed him up! Its a sad fact but its true! A great batter nevertheless!

  • Tamilpower on December 21, 2010, 0:57 GMT

    As good and great as he is Sachin Tendulkar is not a match winner! How ironic that in getting to his 50th Hundred a landmark achievement that may never be attained again India got trashed! It summed up his career! O yes he has scored a million International runs, broken and eaten records, scored against every team everywhere! He is a great player! But he is not a winner! Now tell me all you Indian fans: would you rather have India win or Tendulkar to keep scoring and India loosing? There is a saying in Hindi 'mious'. The word is untranslatable into a single English phrase as it implies a personality who has a negative effect on everything around him. Despite his/her personal brilliance their sheer presence is 'BAD LUCK'. Sachin is that man and the Indian media and Bollywood have created a god out of him and the Indians must begin to accept this point! Just look at the way he batted on the 5th day! That innings has summed him up! Its a sad fact but its true! A great batter nevertheless!

  • Nadeem1976 on December 21, 2010, 0:55 GMT

    Hello its called experience. 175 matches experience that its worthless to try and save the match with two tailenders against good fast bowlers in SA wickets. It was impossible.

    Why would sachin put that much effort at the age of 36. What happened to Raina, he is young , he did not even bat in this match. Why would sachin put effort any more. There is no need to prove to any body.

    Sachin did well, its better to just give away and plan for next match instead of keep on facing fast bowlers without any cause on fifth day and get injured by any chance.

    I would go with Sachin on that it was worth less to stay there. Just accept the defeat and prepare for next one. Life goes on and this series defeat will not put india to #2 spot, so its not that important to win every match.

  • Mitcher on December 21, 2010, 0:55 GMT

    Wonderful performance from the South Africans. Anyone boo hooing about the toss/rain needs to suck it up. That's Test cricket. The so-called number one team surrendered meekly regardless of any excuses people will throw out there. Now please South Africa, do the rest of the cricketing world a favour and send these home-track bullies back to their beloved subcontinent with their tails between their legs.

  • mahjut on December 21, 2010, 0:49 GMT

    Here's a few for Kallis that I can locate easily cos I remember them: a draw but a loss without Kallis, and in SL where they're not great and of course he bowls I'm sure I could find more if i spent sometime going through his profile (I may even if i get no good prezzies for xmas and i come here to sulk).Now i've started - this boy is amazing :) ... just before i go I checked his stats for when he's batting in the 3rd or 4th innings in games where SA WIN - guess who both him and Sachin have awful stats versus in this filter? - BD!! Anyway, Kallis' average for this filter is 62.8 so he must be contributing to wins somewhere...

  • Senan on December 21, 2010, 0:46 GMT

    Thank you Smith for your comments...... Just want to remind you what a big mistake you just committed.... just read what Brett Lee once told about Tendulkar and Lara..

    Australian pacer Brett Lee feels Indian batting icon Sachin Tendulkar, West Indian Brian Lara and England's Kevin Pietersen are part of a select band of international batsmen who should never be sledged as the strategy generally backfires.

    "Sachin Tendulkar is a guy you don't want to chat to period. because he will knuckle down, same as Brian Lara".

    Moderator please post this comment,,,, the Southafricans can prove me wrong after the series...

  • cricket_for_all on December 21, 2010, 0:44 GMT

    As a long time fan of Shachin I am disappointed the way he handled the tail enders (I also totally agree with Smith). But Smith is arrogant all of a sudden he started to talk like superman (I am sure He can't last even 10 overs when Zahir bowls). SA is good team but their caption should shut his mouth. You can't make statement at opponent player like this and that is not your business. We fans there to discuss this matter. SA was not able to win PAK in UAE (It doesn't matter flat track or not. You didn't win a weakest Pakistan team). What about ODI; SA somehow escaped from losing the series (3-2) with weakest PAK team (Don't blame flat track for ODI as well). India should select good bowlers. It is very pathetic to watch school boy bowlers.

  • La_Bangla on December 21, 2010, 0:41 GMT

    @Paul Dawson.. I entirely agree with you sir!!!..... The South Africans seem to be turning into the new Australians. When a man does something truly special, as Tendulkar did, then it deserves applause from everybody, but particularly from the South African closest to the achievement. Criticising the losers' tactics is unseemly bragging and - let's use that cliche - just not cricket.

  • AsherCA on December 21, 2010, 0:29 GMT

    It is easy for someone who has got an unfair advantage through a toss victory under such blatantly biased conditions to pass the kind of comments Smith is passing. I just hope there is another seaming green-top in this India Vs SA series somewhere & Smith who loses the toss. Then we shall see what kind of fight the great SA puts up, when his allegedly great batsmen are in to bat in "home" conditions against India's weak link, the bowlers.

  • on December 21, 2010, 0:20 GMT

    Folks - Even with my skeptic's hat on, I struggle to find any malice in Tendulkar's approach. It is fair to blame him for not delivering the "spectacular" but accusations of selfishness, chasing records only find roots in extreme prejudice. The intelligensia looking to crucify Sachin have pointed out Hussey's recent miracle in Sydney without even bothering to check the scoreboard: Siddle scored 38 runs and faced 117 balls (close to 20 overs) in a partnership that lasted 44 overs. Reads much like a Sehwag-Gambhir or Sehwag-Dravid partnership - isn't it? Mental disintegration as employed here by Smith is nothing new - SA of today is much like Australia when they were at top - outstanding players but not necessarily outstanding characters.

  • mahjut on December 21, 2010, 0:14 GMT

    Funnily enough I don't think SA are Tigers at home. They beat Oz at away and then lost at home. They beat England away then drew at home. They drew with Ind away and at home (???) X factor means nothing. KP has an x factor but he's not a match-winner. There is truth in Kallis not having had that role but hat's just it he was picked to add backbone to the batting. now that it has that he can score more quickly and can turn himself into a useful T20 player. unfortunately he's probably only got a year or two left and is unlikely to be remembered for winning games. I will remember him in the way someone else put it. If I were to pick a world test team from players playing today he would be first on the team-sheet ... every time!! But then, Chanders would be second so what do I know :)

  • on December 21, 2010, 0:10 GMT

    Tailenders should do their long Sachin can shield them.. comon guys when Sachin is there, he is expected to do his job ...that is to shield tailender as long as he can...tailenders can hang in..... cant expect our tailenders to suddenly bat like any other best tailenders...20 odd years, guys you all should have known by this time...that bloke no matter what he says..he always looked at his numbers... ahead of team..he just wanted to remain not boost his average in SA...I am not surprised.....

  • sosbo on December 21, 2010, 0:08 GMT

    This tour presents India with a wonderful opportunity to finally convince the cricketing world that it is number one. Apart from Indian fans few really believe India are the best. I believe India can still win but it needs the great Sachin to bat for the team and not for statistics as he is done for the second half of his career. He must score runs when winning is possible and not when the deck has flattened out and the game is over. If Sachin can bat India to an away series win against strong opposition then that will be a great achievement.

  • on December 21, 2010, 0:06 GMT

    This is cheap tactics by the SA captain. Sachin's greatness, teamwork, humility & character are unquestionable. Sachin does what is best for the team. Smith is trying to create a controversy within the Indian team - this is as dirty as what Ricky Ponting does. I dont think SA need to stoop down to that level. They have a good team and performed very well in all departments. They should stick to that formula.

  • mrdmanohar on December 21, 2010, 0:01 GMT

    I am a fan of sachin tooo...but..this is not the first time sachin is doing this..he did th same in Australia to make his average best in one of the cricket grounds...but this is rediculus...he is one of the greatest and experienced players ..also he is capable to shield the tailenders..atleast he could hav shielded until the innings score passed...sachin you have be honest and improved..sorry for commenting though hurted millions of your fans, and people

  • CustomKid on December 20, 2010, 23:57 GMT

    Good to see the Indian supporters again getting all offended over comments made by the opposing captain. Now all of a sudden he's arrogant, smug, and starting to behave like Ponting.

    I love Smith - he leads by example, he fights hard, sometimes dirty and is very much like Ponting and that is coming from an Aussie.

    All these comments remind of an Ian Chappell comment. If the Aussies lose a game the supporter goes home and kicks his dog. If the Indians lose a game yet SRT makes a hundred they as happy if not happier than the team winning.

    I'm guessing depsite losing the game your still over the moon with SRT scoring another hundred in another losing situation? And god forbid if someone made a negative comment about SRT.

  • on December 20, 2010, 23:56 GMT

    i'm ashamed tht sachin played the way he played on the last day... Irrespective of whichever way you want to slice and dice...tht's a fact...

  • on December 20, 2010, 23:55 GMT

    i'm ashamed tht sachin played the way he played on the last day... Irrespective of whichever way you want to slice and dice...tht's a fact...

  • on December 20, 2010, 23:37 GMT

    Tendulkar waved the white flag and batted for imself as he always does....India bets team in the world lol please they are not even the in the top 3, no bowlers no threat no good

  • honey12raj on December 20, 2010, 23:34 GMT

    I dont think smith who commented about sachin would have played that well in that position. How long does he wants sachin to sheild the tail enders what will happen if he shields them till tea and if they get out and still India will loose. So Mr Smith should shut his mouth and applaud the century which the little master made and about Kallis not applauding the master's century shows great sportsmanship (sarcastic). No one will like Kallis if he shows this kind of sportsmanship. I sincerely request the BCCI to prepare pitches like that we had in Kanpur when SA visit India next time because why should we prepare pitches which give advatage to visiting teams when they prepare bouncy fast tracks when we go there....Please open ur eyes the officials in BCCI.....

  • toto99 on December 20, 2010, 23:34 GMT

    surely, every1 knows that anything can happen in a game of cricket; there have been too many turnarounds; who's to say what would have happened if tendulkar kept most of the strike and protected the fast bowlers until they grew more confidence; maybe tendular would have scored a double ton while the last two batsmen may have scored 30 runs between them; this would have taken maybe 45 overs out of the game, leaving sa about 100+ runs to chase; plus run was predicted; and who knows, maybe have sa 20/4... aus did it so many times; SA also did it so many times, like duminy and steyn.

  • Meety on December 20, 2010, 23:32 GMT

    On the subject of Smith's comments, he always speaks his mind. Sometimes with disastrous effect, other times with good foresight. Who cares if he is indulging in a bit of "gamesmanship" & is trying to destabilize Team India, good on him if he succeeds. If he succeeds - India were never mentally prepared for this series in the first place!!!! I think India can take some pride in their 2nd innings, but the Saffas got 4/600! I am not sure that Zaheer will make that much difference. I was dissappointed that Sharma didn't do better.

  • Bytheway on December 20, 2010, 23:30 GMT

    Smith is a very ordinary person and a very average cricketer. His opinion of Tendulkar is as relevant as his views on the theory of relativity. In the pecking order of the opening batsmen playing in the Ashes and in S Africa I rate him the least competent -- below Sehwag, Watson, Strauss, Cook, Ghambir, Katich. He should toughen up and not break his fingers every time the ball brushes his gloves. When he started his career he had a pretty big mouth, but he learnt his lesson in Australia and shut up for a few years. The mouth is now taking over again.

  • wildcat1313 on December 20, 2010, 23:30 GMT

    I'm not sure what Sachin was thinking. But at age 37 after a days play its pretty hard for the body to support the mind. No matter what, India would have lost the test. But Jacques Kallis not applauding Sachin's effort and Smith openly questioning Sachin commitment doesn't meet the eye.Be prepared for a backlash from the IPL teams. Rememeber what happened to Ricky Pointing. He was litterally begging to be included in the IPL team. I would love to see the 2 shown the door during IPL auctions.

  • Meety on December 20, 2010, 23:28 GMT

    SRT is a great batsmen, (greatest in my time of watching cricket), - but the 5th day can be regarded as selfish. India were never going to save the Test, but they could of forced Sth Africa to bat again. The mental gains that would of created in itself were big - the potential for the pace bowlers to nip out 1 or 2 cheap 2nd wickets could of built some encouragement for Boxing Day. Instead India have been hammerred by an innings defeat, they could take some encouragement from Oz coming back from an Innings defeat & winning at the WACA. Before this series I thought that India were going to cop a hiding, their 2nd innings suggest they may be able to save a test with good batting, but I cannot see a win. Series will be either 2 or 3 nil to the Saffas. I think the only way India can win is to win the toss & bat 2nd in the remaining 2 Tests. Otherwise, batting first - the entire batting line up is vulnerable to more collapses.

  • srisri on December 20, 2010, 23:21 GMT

    People keep on complain that India scores on flat pitches. Why don't they complain that Indian batsmen always have to score against McGraths, Steyns, Morkels, Warns, Malingas, Akthars and Muralis not against Unadkats, Agarkars, Srisanths?

  • snarfmade100 on December 20, 2010, 23:17 GMT

    well tendulkar was playing for him self. he did not shield the tail. the tail cannot score centuries here like they did on flat pitches in india. harbajan singh for example.

  • srisri on December 20, 2010, 23:14 GMT

    ok smith.. lets talk after you collect pair of Golden ducks against Zaheer.

  • msagar on December 20, 2010, 23:06 GMT

    When Steve Waugh a few years ago did the same thing he was applauded. That is, he let the tailenders face the bowling instead of 'farming' the strike. The tailenders hung around long enough for Steve to make an impact. It is no fault of Tendulkar that the 2 tailenders were not even able to last a few overs. On the other hand if he they had lasted a few overs and Sachin had scored a few more runs and made a fist of it then his critics would have found something else to crib about. Get over it fellows. Sachin is the greatest batsman the world has seen and ofcourse, some of his lesser rivals will not like it very much - Kallis, Ponting etc. Deal with it!

  • on December 20, 2010, 23:06 GMT

    There was a time when I thought all the anti India and Sachin comments on Cricinfo were because people were jealous of India's rise. But now I see why. If the tables were turned and if Smith had exposed the tailenders and sachin commented that he didnt agree, all the Sachin fans would argue the exact opposite. It isnt even about objectivity any more. It's about you're either a Sachin fan or an infidel. On the other side, the haters always criticize him. Oh well, its good entertainment so please carry on ppl :)

  • cric4world on December 20, 2010, 23:04 GMT

    very unlikely that u survive all day with a tail ender at the other end but it doesnt mean u give up. one basic ingredient of being a sportsman is that u never give up even when defeat is certain. as a player if u can convert an innings defeat into a 10 wicket defeat or a 10 wicket defeat into a 9 wicket defeat , thats a victory in itself and it dents the confidence of opposition to atleast some level.and lets say the same situation arises again where india needs 100 odd runs to win with sachin at one end and tail enders at other, which side will b more confident? i guess SA becoz they didnt let the india tail to wag and survive for even a short while...even if u cant save a match from this situation u still hang in there and let ur tail enders watch u play and learn something for the sake of future matches....

  • on December 20, 2010, 23:03 GMT you really think,you can put sachin(only one who truly resisted in both innings) under pressure by these tactics.You will get your reply soon.AS far as exposing tailenders are concerned that is the way it can happen in test.It is not one dayers where you have few overs or you are not chasing a target in test cricket.When one needs to play long then partner at other end sould also grow in faith.That is what sachin tried to do.This is now fault of Sresanth and jaidev that they didn't stand upto te task.

  • on December 20, 2010, 22:58 GMT

    c'mon ppl.. why is every one so desperate to crticize Sachin at the first opportunity they get? PROTECTING TEST AVG?? 110 already added, now 13000+ runs / 300 odd times or 301 odd times... you think Sachin would think about that .05-ish difference in his test Avg?? Does any one even remember those last two digits in his test avg?

    We have seen that him showing confidence on tailenders has helped India in the past (harbhajan in Sydney 2008... and also Ishant recently.. both of whom infact have over time grown abit as tail-ending contributors with the bat). His attempt backfired today.. he was at fault okay.. but does that make him selfish??

    20 years.. the man has been fighting ... and for almost 10 years he did it alone... because he is "selfish" ?? he has been doing his work the best he can.. let us do do our work... and not bad mouth someone who we are not even in a position to pass a judgment at...

  • on December 20, 2010, 22:57 GMT

    Lol. Guys, Sachin plays for records? Ok lets see. Why on earth would a guy who knows he is simply building on an already unbreakable list of world records, choose to miss out the easier ODI series? He could very well have amassed runs, giving room for no such criticism. And what is the honor in defeat? I honestly do not think a num-1 team thinks of honor. Winning shud be the goal not a honorable game. Oh, btw...Sachin has batter longer than any human I know of and you think he is afraid of getting out to bowlers he had just scored his...what? Oh yeah..50th century against?? SA bowled brilliantly on a track that aided them. They won the game there. End of tale. Whatever batting followed was just an attempt to finish the formalities. Disputed No-1? Next thing, we ll start criticizing ICC for letting India reach the top.

  • Legionnaire on December 20, 2010, 22:41 GMT

    There is no doubt Sachin had resigned to fate of looming defeat and did not make any attempt to shield the tailenders. Sachin Tendulkar is a complex character, while there is no doubt that he is an all time agreat but the approach he took on the fifth day gives an impression he was only playing for himself, thats part of his complex personality.

  • on December 20, 2010, 22:32 GMT

    reply to Thilu Ranaweera -- Hi mate, don't know what u r talking about India performing only in their home ground. Last time I checked I have seen teams like Sri Lanka performing only in their home ground as well and still they are ahead of Australia in test ranking... The fact is that everyone is better at their home ground and as far as India is concerned I am sure they will do better in the next matches. It is easy to criticize but I can't recall one player in cricket history who has reached levels similar to Sachin. He could have taken strike but what godd would that be as I think so called Indian fast bowlers should also learn to bat and this was a good opportunity for them but as always they failed to put on a fight.

  • CricketFanOfIndia on December 20, 2010, 22:28 GMT

    I was so disappointed with Sachins approach on the final day. I thought he would have shielded the lower order bats man and tried to get the deficit down. Taking a single in the first ball of the over and exposing poor tailenders to world class fast bowlers when u trying to at least salvage some pride and avoid and innings defeat. I am a big Sachin fan but having seen him do this a few times is just not acceptable. He did that in Sydney 2008 in the first inning and he was 154 N.O and India lost in the final overs of that match. Come on guys. I dont think India is the Worlds No 1 side.

  • Rushikey on December 20, 2010, 22:24 GMT

    Are you sure Smith was brutally honest or dishonest.. Every captain knows giving strike to tailender is a teams decision, it was successful in the past (Did you forget Zaheer's century and Ishants knock). It is impossible to keep tailenders away from the strike for a whole day. Smiths comment smell like a dirty tactics to discourage opponents, I didn't expected this from Smith. Stop behaving like a Ponting SA won the test because of there brillient performance, Don't become arrogant

  • on December 20, 2010, 22:23 GMT

    It's funny how people start criticizing Sachin for not being the match winner. He probably didn't farm the strike because he had faith in Sreesanth and Unadkat? When they failed, Sachin gets the blame. Back in India, VVS Laxman showed the same faith in Ishant and other tail enders and they were able to save a test match, TOGETHER! To have faith in your bowlers in new conditions with batting says more about Sachin's belief in the team and is a great quality to have for someone like Sachin's caliber. India can easily bounce back in the series!

  • Arun14 on December 20, 2010, 22:21 GMT

    Graeme Smith is trying to create a controversy where none should exist. Now that India is down why not indulge in a bit of gamesmanship?? It's a given that to be a highly successful batsman you need to exhibit some selfishness - make easy runs off Bangladesh, WI, Zimbabwe (Kallis), have a lot of not outs (Hussey), run parters (Boycott). So what's wrong if SRT wanted to remain n.o and that too not too subtly?

    Farming the strike with the tail for company is one of those things that makes you look very good if you pull off and invites criticism when you don't. Laxman has made a name for himself shepherding the tail well. Tendulkar, for all his prowess has yet to learn this particular trick. Maybe he should have shielded Sreesanth and Unadkat for a few more over and slowly started to expose them. And maybe this is what the likes of Laxman or Hussey do very well.

  • on December 20, 2010, 22:11 GMT

    Only @Sarfin made the right comment out of all these good for nothing comments.

    "To delay the defeat, tailenders had to play their part. How much Tendulkar could guard them? two or three overs. then what? I think Sachin kept faith on them and thus to boost them. which didn't work. it's simple. nothing to do with selfishness"

    All you short memoried so called cricket knowabouts, farming only works when the tailenders show that their good for it. If you look at any rearguard efforts in the past, take the Laxman/Ishant effort in recent Indvs.Aus test, Laxman gave a lot of stirke to Ishant in the beginning to see if its even worth it. Once you start getting somewhere then the better batsmen shud try to farm them. If Ishant would have got out in the 2nd over in that match, you guys wud have said Laxman only plays for his own good. I can never understand you hypocritic minds with a hidden agendas. If u really know the game, thats how it works.

  • AussiDesi on December 20, 2010, 22:02 GMT

    I think one of the main reasons India is no. 1 and has done well in the last few years against quality teams is because the team has learned to strategize and outthink opposition by NOT doing the expected. This is not what captains like Smith, and Ponting have traditionally expected from Indian teams so no wonder they get surprised these days. It may very well be Indian team's thinking that in an situation where winning is improbable, having Sachin not out would give him and the team a psychological advantage. It is true Hussey and Laxman have sheppard the tail in many situations but I cannot remember any matchs where they did that when they were faced with 90 overs left in the day.

  • OzHarris on December 20, 2010, 21:55 GMT

    Can we bowl ? we 've got low quality bowlers(pace) apart from Zaheer. we need more alrounders like flintoff, Kallis and watson.. Selectors plz wake up...Y cant we get a decent bowler? we need quick bowlers, to win WC. iam surprised to see the bowling performances with WC just round the corner...

  • saikapian84 on December 20, 2010, 21:48 GMT

    I have never doubted Sachin's greatness but I must admit that Smith is absolutely correct in indirectly blaming Sachin for the fifth day fiasco. Sachin "betrayed" his greatness by not farming the stirke and exposing tailenders to the quickies. Has Sachin not read stories about 'remarkable fightbacks" in 20 years of his cricketing life? Hussey strangualting Pak with tailenders, Kapil avoiding follow on list is long. That it didnt bother Sachin to avoid the ignominy of INNINGS defeat baffles every cricket lover and for sure even his die hard cricket fans cannot ignore this fact. I stayed awake till 12.30am (Vancouver time) to watch at least a resemblence of a fight back from Sachin with tailenders. Alas, it was an open eye dream! I would say this time Sachin batted for a record and NOT for his team.

  • Blackcaps-Supporter on December 20, 2010, 21:44 GMT

    I have to agree with Breal. I really don't see Tendulkar as a match winner. Can anyone name some test matches where he has been the standout man in getting India to victory? He doesn't bring the same x-factor a ponting, sehwag or smith bring. I would have to say the same about Kallis.

  • on December 20, 2010, 21:30 GMT

    good to see Sachin retire now, forget about Bharat Ratna. Proved very selfish for his record more than his country.he should be pulled up and owe an explanation why he did not avoid innings defeat

    There are some other points too, Yuvraj is far better than Raina in test though he may not be Dhoni's friend like Raina,he should have been played. Zahir khan should not have been taken for the tour Dhoni should give bowling to bowler like Sewag when batsmen are not getting out .He gave bowling to Sachin after 4to 5 tests. Agood batsman cannot be out in a normal straight forward way now a days. It requires very aggressive captainship and strategy particular to the specific batsman like Amla to get him out. For second test I suggest following changes to be made

    Dhoni should sit out Saha should keeo wicket Sachin should be punished and made to sit down in favor of Pujara.zahir should not play the match instead Yadav should be played in place of unadkat.Yuvraj to be called back

  • SanjivAwesome on December 20, 2010, 21:20 GMT

    Congratulations SA. India cricketers lost this game fair and square. We should just leave Sachin alone and not question the credentials of his wonderful achievements. Just like India are lions on their own conditions, SA are tigers at home. My forecast is that SA will win this series because of home advantage. Sorry guys, but that is just the way life is. Every team must, and correctly so, exploit its own home ground advantage. The idea of a Number 1 team in the modern cricket world is flawed thinking. As an Indian supporter, I want to see how the team performs in the alien conditions and hostile media psychology of SA. I am really enjoying watching this series. Go Team India. Jai Hind.

  • on December 20, 2010, 21:08 GMT

    Its very very easy to comment on sachin about this innings..I feel its not his mistake at all to loose this test match.Noone has given good support to him except dhoni and why did u people not commenting on raina who is not at all scoring in test cricket and few others and worst bowling too??????????? Its very difficult to manage test match with single hand n noone did that till now..few people managed to draw test match but with support only..what happend to test match happend in chennai against pakistan in 1998 when sachin got out jus before 15 runs to win..india lost 5wickets easily after that..There was no support when sachin batted so well in india one day matches or test cricket matches.. cricket is 11 members contribution sport n we can not ask one person to make it win..what I observed is india is loosing first test match when ever they go abroad..Am not supporting sachin but telling about facts..

  • RaviReddy on December 20, 2010, 20:58 GMT

    I live in the US. First thing I did this morning is to check hoping for news that Sachin is fighting hard to save the test for India. Very disappointed that Sachin did not try.

  • on December 20, 2010, 20:48 GMT

    India played their best possible cricket so did south africa .. and u have seen da result ..

  • Mannix16 on December 20, 2010, 20:36 GMT

    Huge disappointment... Tendulkar, the man who was picked for the cricinfo 11 could not even ATTEMPT to save the match? Obviously he was playing for averages as he averages lowest in South Africa (before tour was somewhere near 38). Very pathetic indeed.. In fact, I was rooting for South Africa and I saw the weather did not look very good and it might have rained. I know that he is not a superhero to win the match, but I would have liked to see him try. When Australia reduced India to 124/8 when they were chasing 216 in October, did Laxman give up and say "Oh well I might as well end up not out". The intent shown from Tendulkar was very disappointing

  • karanroxx on December 20, 2010, 20:35 GMT

    well,every one must know that indians deserves that place....nd sachin!! no words for him. his action speaks more than his words.....look at his records man!!! no one can reach there by just playing for his records....he plays for the team nd that is why he is undisputed!!! "there is just one sachin"...INDIA is undisputedly no.1....look at the record's!! since Dhoni is captain....india has played 9 test series nd out of which the have lost none!! so to every critic....i want to say...please brush up ur stats first nd then criticize.....!! INDIAN CRICKET TEAM IS NO.1 SO IS SACHIN. THE BEST BATSMAN IN THE WORLD. also smith need to be as great as sachin first to comment on him......!! He is nothing at the moment to say anything...!!

  • on December 20, 2010, 20:25 GMT

    Guys...let's be fair and respect the game. Winning or losing one game means nothing, and more importantly SA played a wonderful first innings with both bat and ball. Applause for that. Indian bowling attack was hopeless, and no doubt SA scored so much on a lively pitch. Where does Sachin's batting for records or for himself come here? Comments are easy to make, however fair comments are more valuable. Kallis's double ton was awesome, can we say that he was allowed to score because it was against a weak bowling attack? No way! He is a quality cricketer and he scores...same case with Sachin...he is a great player (the whole world knows it) and let's respect his achievement whole heartedly. Coming to the average, for a guy who has played so many matches, one "not out" hardly affects his your math!

  • Robdahl on December 20, 2010, 20:23 GMT

    sorry u guys, its a guy ( sachin) who has never celebrated for his own personal records they just come on their way while sachin is playing fo india. And let u know ......u were the same guys 10 yrs ago who thought india lost the match when sachin got out, he single handedly won the match, and now with more match winners in india you say that now he plays for records. shame on u guys. i can understand ur passion fo cricket. but being double - mouthed is a shame. or, do you remember Sachin's theory of chasing 360 against Australia in the finals in 2003 WC. did u see the beauty in the theory of chasing runs and how sachin engineered that theory. we ordinary people can never understand what's on genius' (sachin) mind. but what eva it is, for the good of indian cricket and not for personal number. even sachin dont count his number's its his brother Ajit who counts all the numbers for him. Truely Genius whom i salute.

  • on December 20, 2010, 20:21 GMT

    MR.SMITH also get ready to get surprised by india's performance in the next two test's and may be that is the reason that you have started to play mind games

  • on December 20, 2010, 20:11 GMT

    All you critics of sachin and sri lankans and south africans plz hear or read my one line comment on all this absolutely useless stuff and it is "PLZ LET THE SERIES GET COMPLETED AND START SAYING WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY AFTER THAT". I hope that gives you the idea what i want to say........................cheers

  • HanifShah on December 20, 2010, 20:11 GMT

    Sachin may well be a very good batsmen, he has never been a match winner, Dravid and Laxman are the people Sachin should learn something from when it comes to winning matches or saving them for India's sake. So called best batsmen not shielding his tail enders and exposing them to likes for Steyn and Morkel does not give positive signals to team.

  • hulk777 on December 20, 2010, 20:11 GMT

    Sachin seems to prefer remaining Not out than get out trying to avoid Innings defeat. End of the day whatever he does, his low average against SA is the one that is talked about. Like in one article few days back. Doesnt matter how many runs he scored, how many centuries he scored people will only find fault in him. Even if India wins the next worldcup, they will say, Its a team effort not because of sachin. Even if Sachin scores century in Final, they will say, Sub continent wicket, Sachin should have done it in 2003 SA. So why does he have to care!!!

  • AussieOzieoioi on December 20, 2010, 20:09 GMT

    If it was a hopeless cause then why he didn't launch a fierce counter attack and tried to smack everything out of the park,yes you got that right ,if he did that he would have been risking his wicket and wouldn't have stayed not out.he wanted to boost his mediocre average in south Africa.Sachin you only reinforced the opinion of millions of true cricket lovers that you are selfish as George bush ,only deluded effigy burning blind sucophantic followers of sachin are defending him when its blatantly obvious that he is selfish man who plays for personal milestones.

  • david77 on December 20, 2010, 20:06 GMT

    If you take a look at Indian Cricket, the current team is doing extremely well. Before Sachin, it was very difficult for India to beat the other teams. forget about a overseas series victory. They are doing well as a team now, winning matches in India and overseas.

    As regards Sachin, he has been overburdened by his team members. it is very easy to count, the no of innings,where he would come to bat , even in the second over of the match. It was very rare, where he did bat and there was no pressure.

    SA is a great team but they play as a team. Smith needs to think about what would happen after Kallis and Boucher are gone. I wonder, how many time has he been burdened with pressure like the one Sachin did face, most often. He is chirping.

    The Cricket world cup in SA - India was there till the finals, purely cos of Sachin. He ensured that India went to the finals. Looks at the no of runs he has scored.

    Dont be the dogs that bark and realise, he was the consistent scorer in both inngs.

  • bharath74 on December 20, 2010, 19:46 GMT

    Horrible batting by Mr. Cricket, i felt he was trying to increase his average. He could have given some fight, instead of giving the strike to Unadakat and Sreesanth to face the bouncers of Steyn and Morkel, Imagine if they got injured I guess Unadakat might never get a chance in his life to play for India again, eg Manoj Tiwary who got injured while on Eng tour never got another opportunity again. Defeat is better than innings defeat psychologically. Tendulkar disappointed India and his fans, it reminded me of Mongia and Prabhakar saga who were waiting for a instruction rather than playing for win. Absolutely Disappointed errrrrr

  • tsing2 on December 20, 2010, 19:46 GMT

    So if you look at the session on Day - 21 balls bowled before Sreesanth got out. Only 2 singles played. What are these people thinking when commenting Sachin to be a coward ? Please tell me how are the wise here are suggesting he should have started scoring ? Just keep on padding the ball untill..... untill he can put one away to the boundary ? There will still be strike rotating at the other end of the over... and it was only a matter of few more overs that One of SA's bowler would have taken Sreesanth down anyways. I see nothing wrong with his approach here or India's as there just weren't any options.

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:45 GMT

    Wonder what Sachin's tactics or strategy would've been if he was 90 no overnight-it is extremely doubtful that he would've still let Sreesanth&Unadkat face the SA fast bowlers.Even if Sachin was mentally&physically fatigued and not up to the task of waging a long rear-guard action with tail enders,he certainly should've farmed the strike and then use the long handle i.e. blast out in T 20 fashion so as to erase rthe deficit of the remaining 25 runs&make South Africa bat again.Saving the ignominy of an innings defeat would be a psychological boost for India .That would also make some sense and I am absolutely sure if Sachin had got out trying to hit out and look for some quick runs (since it was a hopeless cause anyway),very few would be complaining. Graeme Smith is absolutely right not on both counts-there being no effort in keeping our tailenders from the firing line defies logic &Paul Harris is certainly underrated by their own media

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:40 GMT

    If we rewind a bit to the series against the aussies there was this fabuolous match winning partnership bw Laxman nd Ishant. One gr8 thing abt this partnership was that Laxman was never afraid to give the strike to Ishant. I'd say that this 'trust' basically won us the match. I'm sure no one wud have blamed laxman, had Ishant fell cheaply. I see this as a similar sitn and I'm sure the motive was same....sometimes it works nd sometimes it doesn...when it wrks its 'history in the making' and if doesn then its just the ordinary...there is no point discussing...!!

  • dhurandhar007 on December 20, 2010, 19:37 GMT

    First of all, India played poorly and the match result is a fair reflection of the performances. Well Played SA!! Congratulations! Also, for Graeme Smith and for all those who think the toss and the first day pitch made no difference - why did GS not choose to bat first after winning the toss? Is that not what all good batting sides do on good wickets. Or was GS too scared to expose his great batting side to a very mediocre Indian attack on a first day seaming/bouncing pitch in his own back yard?

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:37 GMT


    Appreciate your concerns that India did not give you fight back on 5th day and particaular your comment on Sachin is baseless and stupid. Sachin is a pure professional, he gives his 100% on the field. He expects the same from other players too. IF he gave 3 deliveries for Sreesant to face and one full over for Jaidev to face he might have NOT done purposefully. Smith is just trying to build a rift and create issues in the Indian dressing room by making such comments. India / Sachin should not be feel bad about Smith's comments. Just ignore him, and concentrate on rest of the series and JUST GIVE your best. SA's will try to sledge or make such inappropriate comments to unsettle INDIA and its players. Just ignore them and fight harder. Sachin congrats on your 50th Test Ton. Finally All the best INDIA.

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:35 GMT

    If we rewind a bit to the series against the aussies there was this fabuolous match winning partnership bw Laxman nd Ishant. One gr8 thing abt this partnership was that Laxman was never afraid to give the strike to Ishant. I'd say that this 'trust' basically won us the match. I'm sure no one wud have blamed laxman, had Ishant fell cheaply. I see this as a similar sitn and I'm sure the motive was same....sometimes it works nd sometimes it doesn...when it wrks its 'history in the making' and if doesn then its just the ordinary...there is no point discussing...!!

  • AussieOzieoioi on December 20, 2010, 19:33 GMT


  • KricketWicket on December 20, 2010, 19:30 GMT

    To all my fellow Indian supporters, I say, lets be brutally honest here, what is wrong with what Smith has said? I watched the match yesterday and honestly, it was evident to me that the SA players were more concerned with MS than with Sachin. It was clear what MS was playing for, he wanted to save the game, and it was evident what Sachin was playing for. All great teams have shown fight. They are great teams because they don't lie down to be rolled over and individuals in that team play for the country and pride. Even a lead of 40 would have sent a great signal and would have allowed our bowlers to show some aggression before the next game. But as far as Sachin was concerned, the game was over for him once he had his 50th. Shame on our country that we celebrate even when our team has been thumped so royally and the SA players have clearly questioned our no.1 ranking. Lets face it, on the evidence of this game, we are no where near no.1 in the world.

  • AussieOzieoioi on December 20, 2010, 19:28 GMT

    Sachin has always been a selfish cricketer.i knew before the MATCH STARTED ON 5TH DAY THAT HE WILL NOT FARM THE STRIKE ,because he has achieved his personal MILESTONE.HE WAS FARMs THE STRIKE WHEN HE is IN NINETIES.ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME HE IS DOING THAT,HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN SELFISH LIKE THAT.HE DID THE SAME AGAINST us Aussies IN THAT NOTORIOUS SYDNEY TEST.he did the same against Bangladesh earlier this year.even Hussey is better in guiding the tail ,like he did against Pakistan in Sydney to help Aussies achieve an impossible win.Well ,why go even outside of your team,remember how Harby farmed the strike against kiwis to score a magnificent hundred and a match saving innings.remember the way Virender Shewag was farming the strike when he was on 199 against Lankan.Sachin is not a team man,he never was, that's why he has never been a part of a significant team victory in an important tournament.SACHIN IS SELFISH LITTLE MAN.PERIOD

  • MasterClass on December 20, 2010, 19:27 GMT

    Of course Smith was irritated when he's asked to rate Sachin's 50th test ton by stupid Indian reporters (I'm sure SA reporters were not dwelling on this) after his team had completed a comprehensive win against the #1 team. Wouldn't you? However in our disgust let us not disrespect the most precious gift for us Indian: SRT. His muted celebration after this tremendous achievement clearly shows he had the right perspective. Frankly I often feel Indians do not deserve this gem of person. And as far as faming the strike, didn't a certain VVS recently do the same with spectacular results? If you treat adults like babies when will they grow up? Would anyone of us appreciate such treatment at our work? So why apply a different standard? Grow up (to my fellow Indians)! a better team it is very likely he may have scored a lot lot more thru out his I'll

  • kitten on December 20, 2010, 19:26 GMT

    I agree with a lot of the reader's comment regarding Sachin. He should have farmed the strike and made sure SA batted again. It is one thing to get beaten by ten wickets and another to get beaten by an innings! Shameful. But sometimes, people being human, and Sachin is also human, they do think of themselves rather than the team, so let us not be too harsh on him. Seeing that he is in such prime form, hopefully, he might perform well and turn the tables in the next test? And also, let us hope for a change of luck for the toss from Dhoni. Maybe Gambhir should go for the toss, remember his luck with the Kiwis?

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:24 GMT

    I am a big fan of sachin and was really thrilled about the 50th yesterday but i think this time the criticism is quite fair. No one expected him to shield the defenders for 80 overs and draw the match. Just clear the 34 in quick time and then let the tailenders (learn/fend for themselves/be punished) whatever. Very sad and disappointing.

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:23 GMT

    come on guys if the first day pitch is the only thing that made you lost think about this in the latter part of the match india took only 4 wickets while SA took 10 this shows that SA is definitely a better team than india

  • akerusin on December 20, 2010, 19:15 GMT

    I agree with Ramesh that SRT plays for his records too, he is a Statistics oriented player and today he could hav taken bulk of the over as if he is taking some net practice butu he was waiting at the other end to go back to pavillion

  • ATrueLegend on December 20, 2010, 19:15 GMT

    This is so much annoying. People just want to critisize Sachin. I remember when India saved match against , I think Sri Lanka and Ishant was hanging out with VVS. VVS gave strike to Ishant all the time and It's been praised later on that this induced confidence in Ishant and that's why he could play. I remember this writer critisizing Sachin in same article, saying he does not let his partner (tailender) play and they get out bcoz of lack of confidence. Now, he did opposite and still being critisized. Why is there so much double standard against Sachin. He can't just satisfy detractor. Can he?

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:13 GMT

    I can't help but laugh at people's fickle mindedness. It's always great to pass judgement when things are over. I'm pretty sure that the same people would have criticised Sachin had he farmed the strike and had he just kept blocking deliveries. He would have been called "strike-monger", someone who can't score quickly (ppl wouldn't realize that opposition would have all their men at the ropes giving away singles). This is just not about Sachin, it applies to all batsman who are stuck with the tail. Oh, it's so easy to pass judgements in the hindsight ain't it?

  • srisri on December 20, 2010, 19:11 GMT

    Smith can have another press conference after collecting a pair of Golden ducks against Zaheer.

  • dhurandhar007 on December 20, 2010, 19:11 GMT

    Sachin, CONGRATULATIONS on another USELESS century!!! But I would have preferred you making only 15 MATCH WINNING centuries instead of 50 USELESS ones, and you putting your team and country ahead of yourself.

  • Quazar on December 20, 2010, 19:10 GMT

    @Breal...Kallis is a great cricketer, but if you're going to talk loosely about other batsmen "padding" stats...expect to be returned the favour... isn't JK the guy who in a WC game vs Oz cantered along to 48 at a SR of just 75 when his team were chasing over 370?? And has an ODI SR of under 80, which has helped to keep his average over 40?? Contrast that to Tendulkar taking on McGrath from ball 1 while chasing 360 at the risk of a cheap dismissal in a WC final, or even AB attacking Oz in that chase of 370.

  • anil.yadala on December 20, 2010, 19:10 GMT

    I think Smith was right and i was surprised by the way Sachin was not protecting his tail enders. Agree he has tons of records under his belt but will thing is how are we going to remember him. The man with most number of centuries and records or the man who can really win games for India. Take a example of Bhajji when he scored debut century...he not only protect Sreesanth but he saved the game for India as well. I think its high time Sachin Retire on high note with many records and all that jazz and be remembered as great cricketer. Sachin Please Retire and Save your face....We got lot of youngster on Bench who are hungry to perform and save India in dire situations....

  • ashup on December 20, 2010, 19:07 GMT

    I am a big fan of SRT ..and the morning's approach did suprise me .....However cant think about any good reason why Kallis did not congratulate SRT ..Dont forget the Aussie downfall started from the sydney test where they were criticised for not playing in the spirit of the game and that was the trigger point for their downfall....a similar situation awaits if SA follow the same approach ...Mr Kallis its unsporting to not congratulate a fellow cricketer if the person has achieved a personal milestone ..and Mr Smith as a Captain its your responsibility to inculcate a sporting spirit rather then defending a negative action ..remember this is the trigger point for downfall !!!

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:05 GMT

    Well said Smith! Kallis cool! Do not stress yourself that might cause your game. You are an excellent all rounder the world produced. SAs know much better than anybody as they are well known chokers earlier on pressure time. If you look at Sachin always the expectation is high as the pressure climbs on his head still he plays well (many times) for his team (few times).

    Sachin please play as a team and say proudly about your records. You shown your skills by century on 4th day but spoiled everything on Day 5. Simply?

    See My comments on

    Sory folks...

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:04 GMT

    I couldn't believe Sachin's decision to allow Sreesanth or Unadkat to face the strike. Especially on the latter's debut ... wtf was he thinking? At any rate, time for Raina to GTFO the team and let Pujara in. Else, we are going to need to farm the strike even with Raina who needs to play a domestic season in England or RSA.

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:01 GMT

    Smith strategically targetting Sachin...preparation started for 2nd test even from Centurion. Only Indian truely praise Sachin. After reading some of the comments, I observed that other nationals especially pakistanis, Srilankan, Australian, SAs etc. are very much proactive in criticising Sachin. India will reply to you all so you will be forced to bite your words like happened earlier also. Wait and watch...

  • on December 20, 2010, 19:00 GMT

    I might be a die hard fan of Sachin and India. But what he displayed in the 5th day was no less being a Coward. I mean everyone knew India is going to loose this Match. It was a question of how much we fight and frustrate SA. When you enter the last day with 2 wickets in hand and when you have already given up, Please fans: " India does not deserve to be No.1 team".They can Just BEAT ANY TEAM IN THE WORLD. If it was Australia with Steve Waugh or Ponting, they would have been the batsman who would have attempted to take charge and got out. Really dissapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sudersansridharan on December 20, 2010, 18:56 GMT

    First of all i would like to congratulate SA pacers for their excellent match winning performance .. I hope Indian pacers do learn to bowl according to the SA pitch conditions n also generate pace of atleast around 140 or 145 in the coming matches.and you cant blame sachin alone for the innings loss because our middle order batsmans Raina Lakshman failed to proove their talent eventhough lakshman is having an excellent avg in the 2nd inn he did not bat wel in this match...and also don forget that still there are 2 more matches to go in the series and V Indians are a very good come back side...we are capable of bouncing back anytime and show India can also excell in foringn guys watch out for the remaining 2 games and lets hope for the best...JAI HIND!!!!

  • hatrick26 on December 20, 2010, 18:53 GMT

    Well, I think the team mgt probably talked it over overnight that is no use farming the strike to delay the inevitable when he takes single off 1st ball. Lot of posters have no idea how these decisions are made and blabber on & on about SRT decision. Sure they could have tried to score about 30-40 runs by SRT hogging the strike but why risk effort and another injury to the quicks as the SA bowlers were peppering them with short stuff. As Ravi Shastri pointed out, the sun was shining brightly, it was not overcast or imminent threat of rain, so why waste energy. I am more mad about stupid BCCI going ahead with hardly any match practice. SL played so many practice ODIs just for their 3 ODI against Oz.

  • Alexk400 on December 20, 2010, 18:52 GMT

    Every time i write about sachin , this website do not post my comment. They go hung ho on sachin's meaningless worthless century stat. This guy pathetically exposed sreesanth unadkat so that he can be NOT OUT. He did this before few times. Horrible. With all the talent he has , he never showed he is a team man. that is why no one following him. There is a reason people like sehwag and bhajji praise this anti team man because indians always worship useless records. In western world winning is only thing. In india winning and losing are part of life , so rather lose and enjoy losing.

  • AMBH on December 20, 2010, 18:50 GMT

    First,ppl commented About d Batting Genius are not fit to so.. he s a player who unites d team right frm his debut,and y still indians are depending on him s the answer to everyone for there question(it started 20 yrs ago..)still he s on the talk s ony due to his team passion and hunger for runs n win.. he gave strike to bowlers ly to show team india that am here for support and who s ready to support me.. he s not god to do magic(he s Cricketing God) n d way dhoni batted s really A Captains One N Courageous knock.. but y ppl dont see how raina got out(ly one who gave his wicket for granted) for his part could have scored atleast 20 runs ll be enough... but tested the skills of SA bowlers by giving a easy catch to slip fielders... when d nation needed him d most... don ever speak about Sachin... u cant see such a Skilled player n a talented and passioned cricketer in even 10 generations or more.. he s d ONE n First Player in Indian team to be proud of INDIAN in all thrg his Career..

  • DNT-DON on December 20, 2010, 18:50 GMT

    It is not at all Sachin's fault that India lost....what else can the poor guy do when he ran out of partners....the so called other batsman didn't really make much contribution and thats the main reason....whereas sachin was the top scorer in both the first and second innings....its india's fault that they don't train their tailenders to bat .... cuz in south africa even players like steyn and harris can hang around....and the bowlers were also a reason for the defeat....

  • on December 20, 2010, 18:49 GMT

    C'mon ....... cut sachin some slack... what did u expect him to do...?? make all the runs by himself... and then also.. magically not let those runs show up in his records..?? And just because all 6 south african batsmen to take the crease played very well... it doesnt mean their innings were matchwinning and sachin lost the match for india... Quite the contrary.. he was the only one who didnt give up... despite his age.. the hopeless situation and the minimal support from anyone else.. besides MSD

  • on December 20, 2010, 18:47 GMT

    Its actually amazing how insecure people tend to be.. Knowing there are people out there who have outshown them and are so far ahead of them, must really hurt inside. So Sachin Tendulkar makes another 100, and there you must sit down and try and find another reason to say why he doesnt deserve to be respected. I ask you What have you done recently??.. Please tell me...

    More importantly, if you have watched cricket, you should realise backing your partner has many a times resultedin 10th and 11th wicket partnerships that have saved matches.. Sachin decided he will back his partners and it didnt work out.. Well it was worth a try... What other choice did he have.. Play a WHOLE day trying to hog the strike, it wouldn't have worked.. He did what was right, and you still think he was being selfish... He has made 100 centuries, is regarded the best cricketer by most other cricketers.. He does not show off, doesn't try and flaunt his riches..., and you still think he is Selfish..

    Its Sad

  • Hariafromhyd on December 20, 2010, 18:42 GMT

    Sachin is greater than the Don. Period

  • sunnymachoo on December 20, 2010, 18:40 GMT

    has ICC announced any changes in test ranking rules yet? =D

  • ADU09 on December 20, 2010, 18:39 GMT

    This is the best Indian Team.We lost the match because we lost an important toss and second we were not having our best fast bowler(Smith's biggest nightmare)..ya sure talk about devillers's century ,he came in a very tough situation 3-396 and slammed world calss bowlers like raina..and got the most wonderful century..and on the other hand sachin batting in a very easy situation on a 4th day track and against steyn and morkel and got the century...and ppl saying indian team cant play on fast bowling track that's true but same can be said for SA..forget wht happened in Kanpur earlier this year..Indian team will bounce back in Durban

  • on December 20, 2010, 18:35 GMT

    Sachin fighting spirit was today 00.00. He appeared weaker player than unadkat..his 50th century will be forgotten least he'd have tried enough to make smith padded up and guarding even for two run only. This one inning will haunt him for life time. it is said in cricket "game is not over unless last wicket fall" but i can certainly tell that it was over today with the fall of eighth wicket.. It seems will not enjoy sachin batting in next game...

  • CurryNCricket on December 20, 2010, 18:35 GMT

    I am from Ahmedabad, India living in USA, and Cricket fanatic individual. I remember the second test played in Ahmedabad, India in 2007-2008 series. It was exactly the similar fashion India lost the test. On the first day Ahmedabad pitch helped fast bowlers and rest of the days the pitch was flat. The Ahmedabad pitch was batting heaven after the first day and ironically Kallis and De Villers both made centauries in 2007-2008. The only difference was De Villers made double in Ahmedabad and this time was Kallis's turn. The only difference was that time India won the toss and selected to bat first and this time India lost the toss :-(. Sehwag made triple century on the following test. I can't wait to see Sehwag's explosive innings and crush Steyn and Morkel's fast bowling. Zaheer, Get well soon. Go India throw punches on the fast bowling and reply Smith's arrogance.

  • heat-seeker on December 20, 2010, 18:34 GMT

    1) No reporter, even the supposedly better ones from SA, asked Dhoni to clarify on his or Tendulkar's gameplan for Day 5. 2) MoM should have gone to Morkel who led the destruction on Day 1, and was the actual matchwinner (along with Styen) 3) Kallis was content playing for his own landmark on Day 3...and then to remain Not out...instead of attacking like AB. Funny how this act has not been talked about! But then Aussie cricketers have pointed this out in the past. 4) Selfishness on Day 5 or not, the best batsmanship in this Test was easily from the guy with a belligerent 36 on Day 1 and then 111 in the 3rd innings...against quality bowlers under pressure. 2nd best were AB and Amla, and thereafter Kallis. 5) No matter what the rankings...this SA team are favourites vs any other team when in SA. Just as India are favourites vs any other team in Asian conditions. The key is to show character and fight even if you lose...which India largely did in their 2nd innings.

  • Jahanpanah.alamgir on December 20, 2010, 18:33 GMT

    India have been consistenet cricket fr quite some time now, both home and away, and those who feel that India is no #1 just because they play on Indian flat pitches only, they must realize the fact that India have performed better in the last decade or so first under Saurav Ganguly's captaincy who instilled a lot of self beilief in them , and then under Anil Kumble and now Mahenddra SIngh Dhoni. The Indian team is known for ist bartting than bowling as the batsmen in question have performed in every country they played, otherwise they would not be having such records as they have. Records are created automatically if you play well concistently. As far as bowling is concerned India alsways missed quality fast bolwers abroad. It is is fact the combination of Srinath/Prasad and later on Srinath and Zaheer which made life difficult for batsmen in seamer friendly conditions but the absence of third seamer meant the opposition could get away.

  • on December 20, 2010, 18:33 GMT

    sachin could have avoid " innings" defeat .

  • Abhimanyu on December 20, 2010, 18:33 GMT

    I was also surprised!! to see Sachin taking singles on the first ball of the overs and hence helping South Africa to wrap-up the game so easily.... what was he thinking?? Why in the world you would want to be beaten by and innings defeat when all you had to do was score another 30 runs?? When you have worked so hard to get to the #1 spot in the ICC rankings, why will you want to let South Africa who are the #2 side in the ICC rankings get those extra points by beating your side by an innings defeat, why, why and why.....???

  • on December 20, 2010, 18:25 GMT

    I also was astonished by Tendulkar's approach on the 5th day. Surely there was something to be gained by avoiding an innings defeat, which was only 27 runs away? He should have protected the tail from the fast bowling fire of the South africans..... and perhaps looked to add at least 50 runs for them to chase...

    What was he thinking? Laxman did give strike in matches against the Aussies in India to Ishant in a different situation....... but after Sreesanth got out early, Sachin should definitely have protected the young debutant Inakat......

  • amitus84 on December 20, 2010, 18:24 GMT

    First of all those people who say that Sachin exposed the tail cause he wanted to remain not out... Grow up!!! Remember Laxman's and Ishant's match winning fourth innings partnership against Australia? Laxman was also giving lot of strike to Ishant... But Ishant stood up and played, and we all praised Laxman's decision... Had Sreesanth and Unadkat also played then everybody would be going gaga over the Little Master's masterful decision... However it turned out to be the other way and now everybody is questioning the man's intention who has served not just Indian cricket but all cricket lovers throughout the world with his batting talent. Players like Dravid, Laxman, Sachin they are a few players of the bygone era for whom playing for the country is the biggest thing and they always try their best to win matches. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don't. Like we all do at our work... To err is to human...

  • DevilsCricket on December 20, 2010, 18:15 GMT

    Smith is looking stupid in making comments as this. 30 runs behind and 2 tailenders and a full day ahead, how long can you shield them with 3 high quality bowlers going for your head. Even if they erased that deficit and gotten ahead by 50 runs, what's the point

  • JackJak on December 20, 2010, 18:11 GMT

    Its time that the veterans retired...getting tiring to see them forever..Get fresh blood in...anyway they have to even if its a year later why not now..

    My future test team would be : 1)Virender Sehwag(should be made to bowl), 2)Shikar Dhawan, 3)Pujara, 4)Murali Vijay, 5)Virat Kohli, 6)(a)Robin Uthappa(only if he becomes a keeper) (or) (b)Dhoni, 7)(a)Allrounders-Abhishek Nayyar,(or) (b)Irfan Pathan(only if he is bowling well otherwise no) 8)Pradeep Sangwan 9)Deepak Chahar(medium pace bowler) 10) Ashwin 11)Abhinav Mukund 12th Man Munaf patel or ishanth sharma

  • on December 20, 2010, 18:10 GMT

    i m big fan of sachin..........but then also i do belive tht he plays for records.........else.....he must not expose srisanth and jaydev to steyn n morkel so easily.........come on sachin.........dont b so selfish...........u shd give lil fight atleast........

  • on December 20, 2010, 18:08 GMT

    It is a team game. By not defending the weaker batsmen, Tendulkar forgot that today. I was an unabashed Tendulkar Fanboy till today. But he has fallen in my esteem today, for whatever it is worth. An innings defeat may still not have been avoided. But at least, an attempt might have been made to delay the inevitable had Sachin decided to face four or five deliveries an over. Shameful, Mr Tendulkar!

  • arvindthiru on December 20, 2010, 18:06 GMT

    Even Laxman didn't let Ishant take so much strike during the famous win against the Aussies recently. He gave Ishant one ball per over or may be two, initially. That was a flat wicket, lil movement, and a flat asussie attack. Still he waited Ishant to face 20 -30 deliveries before let him take strike to an entire over. India finally won that game. Sachin really made it very easy for SA, that too it was less capabale Sree and Undakat with a good bouncy track..against the lethal bowlers Steyn and Morkel..I love to see sachin bat..but when he does things like these, I can't understand the logic behind it. India could have made SA bat again..that would have been a great moral victory, if India had scored 500. Sadly, sachin let his fans down

  • cram2jam on December 20, 2010, 18:06 GMT

    It is funny that people jump into conclusions based on just one match. I know South Africa got a taste of what India can do with the Tendulkar-Dhoni stand. People who are critisizing Tendulkar must have forgotten, how he carried the Indian side on his shoulders for so long and recently been one of the main reasons behind the wins against Australia. I would say HATS OFF to the little genius and best batsman of all time. I also find it amusing when Harris is rated better than Harbhajan, after just 1 match. We all know what Harbhajan is capable of. The indian bowling is definitely subpar. They definitely miss their spearhead Zaheer khan. The only change I would make is replace Raina with Pujara, who is overdue for a place in the side. I even think that Dravid should announce his retirement and give opportunity to youngsters. I am really looking forward to the next test. Dhoni's dragons are now wounded tigers. They will definitely bounce back with full vengence, like they did for past year

  • East_West on December 20, 2010, 18:03 GMT

    CANNUCK: Wow! Kudos to your analysis! What if Sachin needed few more runs to make it 50th century and the tail was there! He would have surely taken the strike repeatedly!! It's a pity that such a great player let others expose!! As a #1 in Tests, Indian never showed that they are #1 while playing against SA.TWO complete days were left to play a decent innings, but India never could accept the challenge..and look how Bhajji, Gambhir and Dravid talked before the second innings BUT never delivered!! and now the captain MS with such a great mind set, delivers the following statement "....The deficit was too much to handle, and South Africa got too many runs...", Hey! You are #1 and you surrender meekely!! wow! what does it tell you about #1.....Here I was crying out loud to my non-Indian friends that Sachin can prolong the inevitable by taking strike and avoid INNINGS defeat...but oh! well!! At least he got his 50th century and that too NOT OUT !YEAH...Hope SID publishes my comments!

  • on December 20, 2010, 18:01 GMT

    to all those who have taken a dig at sachin: just remember that india couldnt have even come close to overcome the mammoth lead had it not been for the 400 odd minutes that sachin spent at the crease and d runs he scored along with dhonis contribution.... had dhoni stayed a session longer we could have somewhat saved the match..... its sad that v have one of d wrst pace attack..

  • SachBro on December 20, 2010, 17:58 GMT

    Sachin did not farm strike, well; Greame Smith should thank his stars that Zaheer did not play this game. If I recall correctly, he had one hell of ride last time India were here. I mean, the man could not bat for his life against a new ball swinging Zaheer, the situation got so pathetic, he was literally protected by his fellow opener in that game where he intentionally did not turn the strike over so he could not face Zaheer. That was by far the most cowardly act I have seen by this so called tiger in his own den. Hell, he's got a big mouth, I just hope he gets a mouthful come next game.

  • Chestnutgrey on December 20, 2010, 17:52 GMT

    Grow up, kids. Grow up, Smithie boy. Tendulkar has won more matches against Australia than any of the South Africans. SA did not win that series against Pak, playing away. So, how come they are suddenly better?

  • Jelanichem on December 20, 2010, 17:50 GMT

    That is really disgusting if he did that. I only read that he was not out, but never knew that he simply exposed the tail, so he could remain not out. Yes it was inevitable that South Africa would win, but at least try and let them bat again. Keep the inevitable away as long as possible and not just play for average. I am a great fan of Sanchin Tendulkar. Still believe that he and Brian Lara are the only batsmen who played after 2000 whose name are worthy of been counted among the all time greats. So I am really very disappointed that he would resort to such pettiness in the twilight of his career. Regardless of what his average is when he finishes, he will always be remembered as one of the greatest bastman who graced the cricket field. So there is really no need for that type of game from him.

  • Maria219 on December 20, 2010, 17:49 GMT

    Here is a fun fact for my indian friends (it took me an hour to come up with these stats after consulting record books)...... Out of tendulkar's 50 hundreds only 18 are the ones in which India won the match....... Rest of them are either draws or heavy defeats....... Out of those 18 so called match winning hundreds 15 came in subcontinent (5 against Bangladesh and ZImbabwe in India). Only 2 against Pakistan who had good bowling attack in 90s (one in India in 1999 and the other at multan)..... Only 3 of those matching winning hundreds came outside subcontinent 1. AGainst England (when they have the worst bowling attack in their history in late 90s), 2. Against Newzealand (well no comments NZ attack never been the world beater) 3. Against Westindies in port of spain in 2000s (well westindies attack we all know how is it 2000 onwards)..... So my dear Indian friends its not me its His STATS...... so please we know he is a GREAT GREAT player but not a match winner.

  • mils2211 on December 20, 2010, 17:49 GMT

    Sometime or later the tailenders had to face Steyn and Morkel. So Sachin was looking to let them play Steyn and get used to the conditions.

    Laxman too did the same and India eventually won that test match recently against Australia whcih seemed impossible.

    Gary Kirsten has made tailenders work hard on their batting as well so u see Ishant, Harbhajan and Ojha survive too long for a tailender.

    Sachin is not supposed to be game winner, his job is to give the best possible start and he is the best in the business. Winning matches from where Tendulkar left is the business of Dhoni or Laxman.

    Like Ponting, Lara are not a match winner, Bevan/ Hussey, Pollard are.

  • on December 20, 2010, 17:45 GMT

    i really dont understand still ppl hav doudts on sachin after finishing 21 years he is still leading in every format ipl one days and tests ...... and in 2days match it wont be possible to avoid innings defeat if tailenders wont give support and the south africans they were equally bowling good to sachin and sreesanth having 14avg sachin had belief in him but he was not up to it if we luk at ishant he played almost 100 balls in dat win against australia more den laxman and after ishant getting out laxman showed faith on ohja and dey supported well so dnt critize sachin bcoz of him we atleast made a fight some times its important for tailenders 2 stay and fight jus dnt singlr out one person after giving lot of entertainment for 21 years it is the passion which making sachin still to lead in every format dats it guys and smith is playing mind games as they could not get sachin out...

  • on December 20, 2010, 17:44 GMT

    sachin is not guilty in 2ND ings he done his job.he ever not play for record smith should look on his own record.sachin will give ans of his comment on 2nd test guaranteed

  • JackJak on December 20, 2010, 17:42 GMT

    India's No.1 Rating is just a creation of the media, corporates, the ICC which is basically the BCCI. They call teams to India so that Indian batsmen can score 600 runs and accumulate more and more records and when did we actually go abroad i dont even remember..when we finally did go..the reality surfaced 136 all out. None of these overrated cricketers are good enough on a juicy wicket. Also cant understand why Dale Steyn didnt bowl at his furious best when Tendulkar was aiming for his selfish 50th century...He should have been bowling at 150 those well directed bouncers at him..instead they were bowling wides and innocuous deliveries at that time almost like the South Africans were helping him reach his 50th century.

  • _NEUTRAL_Fan_ on December 20, 2010, 17:40 GMT

    @Breal. I agree with you. The reporters seemed to be pushing an issue. His team just won a match and the reporter is asking him why Kallis didn't applaud him or something? Why didn't they ask Kallis directly?

  • Vineethkn on December 20, 2010, 17:38 GMT

    I don't understand why people are complaining about Sachin not "farming the strike". You cannot play out 90 overs by simply farming the strike. The only possible way to do that is to trust the batsman at the other end and show that you trust him by giving him the strike. That is what Laxman did against Australia in Mohali Test, when he gave Ishant strike (92 out of 130 balls that they batted together). This was praised by the media. The same strategy, when it fails, is criticized severely. We need to be balanced while we analyse a match. A strategy that was match winning in a particular situation on a particular day, might result in the match being lost in the same situation on another day. It is a part and parcel of the game and also life, and is called " randomness" or "luck".

  • Shaps on December 20, 2010, 17:38 GMT

    Amaze guyz.. how many of u think , that our bowler can survive 90 Overs ?

    A defeat is always a defeat be it by one inningor by one run , People here are criticizing Sachin but they Forgot that He only scored Century , & its not Bowlers Job to Play 90 Overs what your Core Batsman were Doing ?

  • Cricket_4_Blood on December 20, 2010, 17:35 GMT

    Not only Sachin but all the Indian players are so selfish that they never play for the country but for individual performance just to earn money & sadly their fans are fooled by the players. Lets hope these fans will grow up soon & realise their faults of supporting India. Cheers!

  • on December 20, 2010, 17:33 GMT

    @Thilu.. i found your comment the most stupid among the others.. 1st try to win a test match in our land and then u can try commenting about us.. and ppl questioning our number 1 status.. the series is not yet over.. so wait and watch..

  • on December 20, 2010, 17:29 GMT

    I'm not a fan of the approach but it has been done before successfully by Laxman and Steve Waugh. However some common sense should have been applied. Farming the strike against Morkel and Steyn and then rotating it against the other bowlers would have made sense. I do think Sachin plays for stats at times but dont think this was the case here. This was more about just not having the right strategy.Oh well, Sachin is human and can make mistakes too. I am pretty sure he doesnt react as badly to criticism as all of his fans do

  • kriskini on December 20, 2010, 17:27 GMT

    India created a big hole on the first day after loosing the toss. The hole was soo big which can cost them the series. But how many times India has a poor overseas start? Winning the next 2 tests may not be possible but a series draw is still within there capabilities.

  • toughthinktank on December 20, 2010, 17:24 GMT

    @all who r commenting on cowardly act...what do u expect..SA doesn't make things such a piece of cake that wud allow Sachin to take a single on last ball of every over..They r not was inevitable, he had take a single whenever possible to avoid others getting to play full over & what diff wud it was not hussey-siddle scenario..they cudn't have done anything with whole day left, no sign of rain & less than mediocre batsmen on one end..u atleast need a batsman like Ishant Sharma for miracles...and what abt dravid with ishant yesterday who jst cudn't manage who was restrained from SA taking singles at the right time, on day 3 jst b4 stumps and took it when it was available..sachin's innings was brilliant under the after his 100 the other end fell like a pack of cards....& it wud the most stupid thing to burn effigies and ppl like Azhar shud not incept such stupid ideas and Breal, if u can still say this after this year..than even GOD can't help u

  • vardarajan101 on December 20, 2010, 17:23 GMT

    the great graeme smith , this match as anyways lost ,what about your great deeds to get lance klusener out of sa team ?

    a player who got SA to WC1999 finals almost singlehandedly and just for ur personal dislike u got him out of the team . what the hell did SA do in next 2 WC?

    in 2003 WC , 1st round exit in home country in 2007 , failed to qualify for semis

    firstly clarify your actions mr smith and then question others

  • Jimch on December 20, 2010, 17:22 GMT

    Congratulations to Sachin for achieving his 50th Century. While I admire him for all of his records, I still think he always plays for his records and statasttics. Surely we would have seen different approach from Steve Waugh, Mike Hussy or Brain Lara (not to mention Inzy) while batting with tail-enders. He should have saved the tail-enders and tried to avoid the innings defeat. I always thought, Sachin is a great cricketer but lacks great fighting ability to save a match or win a match from the jaws of defeat and once again he has proved me right .

  • analyseabhishek on December 20, 2010, 17:20 GMT

    People are missing the point. Sachin's strategy of not rotating the strike with tailenders has worked in the past. Someone mentioned him exposing Ishant Sharma against Australia. Well if they don't remember that Ishant had managed to make 23 runs as a no 11 in that test- his highest first class score! However, this strategy works with tiring bowlers. On a new day, perhaps the Indian team had decided it was not going to be useful exposing their best batsman to a short pitch barrage- which wouldn't guarantee avoiding innings defeat as well.

  • on December 20, 2010, 17:18 GMT

    SA played well, but they cannot take all credits as really toss was important on the day. better concentrate on next two games that will decide what really India is in test cricket.....

  • vardarajan101 on December 20, 2010, 17:18 GMT

    shame people !!! shame on you

    ask the stupid bowlers why can't they play for sometime when sachin is batting. same bowlers scored 80+ v/s aus in mohali on last day ... only difference was vvs was on other end - ask the bowlers did they forget to bat because it was sachin and not vvs at other end - perhaps ishant shielded vvs that day by taking most deliveries himself -

    bhajji scored 2 100's -one match saving v/s nz ,but here threw it away .

    regarding calling sachin as selfish - well its not new , just barking by dogs

    Also regarding 200 v/s sa , sachin was on 199 from 46th over to 49th over as he did not face a single delivery in those 3 overs ,and only bowl he faced in last 4 overs ,he got a single - don't show as if he took all the strike then ,infact its the reverse of what you are trying to show

    regarding 241 at sydney,india batted for 2 days and not 3 as you say, sachin scored at 55 SR ,> than his career SR

  • on December 20, 2010, 17:16 GMT

    Com'on guys... its time to watch him & treasure them in chest to beat (, we've been there, Seen them live) it for longtime after he hangs up his boots. Let him do whatever he wants.

    When we can't let him do it for us...

    One test loss is not end of the world, He is our national treasure.

  • on December 20, 2010, 17:11 GMT

    sachin was asked by some bookmakers last night to do all what he did! simple

  • cricPassion2009 on December 20, 2010, 17:09 GMT

    Most critics have gone bonkers. Team India scored a paltry 136 all out in first innings. Now, in second innings, some folks stood their ground and scored. Gambhir, Sehwag, Dhoni, Sachin. If critics claim that these guys scored 'totally meaningless runs' then they are exposing themselves, and in particular when they Sachin's ton ( just 20 odd runs more than Dhoni's 'useless' runs ), then they are completely insane. Do you guys want the losing team to go 136 all out again ? The runs were made in lost cause in terms of outcome, but their making is good. Team's top batsmen needed a few successful batting sessions. On farming strike or slogging further to allow SA team to bat again - come riding on white horse and bang a few Sixes and such stories , it is insane. Congratulations Sachin for 50th century. Also, very well played Dhoni, Gambhir, Sehwag, Dravid. Finally, absolutely fantastic innings from de Villiers, Kallis, and Kallis's first double ton was doubly fantastic. Kudos SA.

  • known_stranger on December 20, 2010, 17:09 GMT

    Smith is very right here, i have never seen sachin taking responsibility of winning games, a batsman of such caliber should have to go further to his personal performance. this is one of the reason he was not able to perform as a good captain. there is a big difference between a good player and a captain(who takes responsibility of carrying the team) till the end. If he had experience of so much cricket behind, he should had to face the bowling this morning as much as he can, trying to rescue india out of this situation.

  • on December 20, 2010, 17:07 GMT

    smith is an idiot to not take mclaren. indians r very good against spinners. the soinner is of no use. so, all the burden has come on styen n less dangerous morkel. i'm sure that they cant make 3-0. i think its some politics(smiths don game) as some ex-SA'n players said.

  • on December 20, 2010, 17:06 GMT

    we all know how good south africa are in their home conditions..............but there was some advantage for them to win the toss and fielding first in a damp pich in the first day........when they won the toss the job half done for them.....i m sure thad india would done the same if they won the toss......but india showed a much better performence in the second innings and that proves why they are the no 1 team in the world....ans nobody could match up with sachin performence not jack kallis neither de villiers....i m sure that india will come back in the second test in durban and level the series....guranttie that they will..... sachin is the best... go ahead india... chak de...

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:59 GMT

    I think it was team management decision to expose these guys against a quality bowling .. Certainly they need some confidence to bat in difficult situations .. We were never in the situation to save the match with these two batters :-)

  • akelumw on December 20, 2010, 16:58 GMT

    @arunNY, Wat u said "even Australia in its prime days could not beat India in India". Are u out of mind my friend? Don't you remember 2004 (October & November). When Australia has beaten India in India 2-1 which was then termed as "conquering the final frontier". addition to that they beat India in all the ODI series (by lateral or multinational) held in India including the Champions trophy in 2006. And that's why they were considered as the best team by the time. in fact they beat every team in their own backyard (including all 04 teams in the sub continent) It's not just statistical no"1 they were, but the true dominant force in world cricket. And they were not just home bullies who held many test series at home in sake of keeping the no:1 spot.

  • mrgupta on December 20, 2010, 16:58 GMT

    One Interesting stat: In the Matches won Away, leaving BD and Zim, Bradman has scored 6 centuries at avg 226, Kallis has 4 with avg 186, Viv Richards has 6 with avg 247, Dravid has 3 at avg 217, Somehow Lara has 2 at avg 139 and surprise surprise Sachin has 5 at avg 256. I know Ponting has more but the Aussies used to win so frequently. In all away matches leaving out BD and Zim, Ponting has 17 centuries, Kallis, Lara, Steve Waugh all 16, and Dravid 13... Sachin... 23. Somebody playing for records, "Flat Track Bully" for India has more Centuries in Away than anyone else (Barring against BD and Zim) and in the matches Won Away has scored very close to what all the greats have done in Past and considering India never used to Win away while Sachin was young. You guys still say he plays for records!! Then i will say that we are so lucky to have someone playing for records whose 100s can win these many matches for us. More than anyone in our history.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:58 GMT

    @Smasher79 You are right that one should never give up and am pretty damn sure that Sachin did not give up as well. A player of his calibre and class wouldnt do that. I think we can atleast safely say that. My problem here is that from the comments it seems that the (dishonorable) defeat of India is only due to Sachin. Comeon man, lets not criticize him for a such a thing which has no right or wrong answer. We all agree India was going to lose anyways. So lets concentrate/criticize on other very obvious problems in the team. It wasnt a negative attitude. What might seem negative to others might actually be a very thought out approach by Sachin and the team. Oh and btw the Razzaq innings was on a benign Dubai pitch with no Steyn.

  • ankitraj on December 20, 2010, 16:57 GMT

    there we go with the sachin tendulkar bashing all over again....the guy played out of his skin to make the defeat a little less humiliating..and what he gets instead of a pat on the back, 'padding up his records'..

  • hashabjp on December 20, 2010, 16:52 GMT

    @ Kallis haters. Well i was also critical of king Kallis in the past but he has transformed his game dramatically. His strike rate has gone up in every aspect of the game. His bowling is better than any Indian bowler. He has shown aggression when the bowling team were on top of SA batting unit. He is quite humble guy. A true legend. well next test. graeme smith, alviro peterson, hashim "the sage" amla, jacques " the king" kallis, absolutely belligerent devilliers, jean paul duminy, mark boucher, ryan mclaren, wayne parnell, morne morkel, dale steyn. Sorry Harry you might wanna sit outside coz let the pace machine bounce out the indians. J P as the sole spinner.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:49 GMT

    u know that Laxman did the same thing vs aus a couple of tests back by trusting the tailenders like ishant, and it worked out and everyone praised him, and now everyone is after sachin's lifel. Get a grip people Greame Smith just wants to sledge sachin, and the fact that he can never get anywhere close to Sachin and just feels like sledging him.

    Also, I agree our bowling was hogwash but harbhajan did take a wicket of both openers, which the fast bowlers shuld have done who are horrible, honestly I dont know why we had to pick a debutante for an SA trip, but anywys how could he control when he had to attack and try and take wickets.

    Also, its sad that they have an excuse on not congratulating anyone on their century and excusing him with saying the guy has gotten so many centuries, its the spirit of the game that you do this.

  • Vilander on December 20, 2010, 16:48 GMT

    A most tame and pathetic 50th century, it was glorious resistance till yesterday standing alone making a great 50th tone, but today in the morning a tame submission. We all get the fact that SA are better than India in cricket, but you have to put a fight atleast, this is pathetic. Sachins higher average in SA or in fourth innings means nothing.

    Great going SA. I hope Sachin gets that although he has nothing to prove, he does have a god given right to fight where no one else can, i am sure Dhoni has about 10% of cricketing skill that Sachin has and he makes up the rest with purpose.

    Sachin if this is a help,for this reason alone you will be counted behind Lara,Ricky and Dravid in your generation, so stop trying and play freely, as well as only you can.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:48 GMT

    Well done, Graham, I could not have said it better.

  • Avinaash on December 20, 2010, 16:48 GMT

    It was rightly pointed out by great Imran Khan. Indian bowling had always been mediocre. Had Sachin got a quailty bowling line up as Australians, South Africans, Pakistanis enjoyed, His records would have more glorious stories to tell. Cricket is a team game, one should never forget. Sachin is always singled out since he is great and he has to carry too much expectations of the people. Poor sachin. No doubt he is the greatest.

  • timelord24 on December 20, 2010, 16:44 GMT

    even i was extremely surprised to see sachin take a single and let the bowlers take the strike. even though we would have lost eventually, it would have been nice if sachin had shown some fight in reducing the 30 runs required to avoid an innings defeat. graeme smith was 100% correct in questioning sachin's methods. and the commentators like ravi shastri need to stop being biased about sreesanth. yes, he is a little expensive but he is the only genuine swing bowler in our team. even bhajji was expensive but since he picked up 2 wickets, ravi seemed to think it was ok. only if a bowler takes more than 5 wickets, can he be expensive. taking 2 wickets and being expensive is not an achievement mr, shastri. india need to take a long hard look at their bowling. while the south africans took 20 wickets we took just 4 WICKETS. if the pitch had become good for batting then how come SA took our wickets in the 2nd innings? i hope we put up a fight in the 2nd test.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:42 GMT

    bring pujara .. please drop suresh raina .. he cant play on bouncy pitches .. he is one more yovraj sigh ..

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:39 GMT

    So everyone is talking about an honorable defeat? It would have been honorable had India given SA a target for 150+. Asking Sachin to not expose the tail just so that SA would bat again, even if it meant they had to get like 20-30 runs is ridiculous. Point is we lost big and that hurts. Nobody talks about how badly we batted on day 1 but everyone has an opinion on this. What if somebody had partnered Sachin on day 1 and India made 250-280? Move on and focus on the next match. Get the bowling right, batting is going ok with a few minor adjustments needed. And seriously all the people who talk about Sachin being selfish should go for a hike.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:38 GMT

    It's a shame that Tendulkar will be known for this when it is all said and done much like Gavaskars pedestrian approach to batting in one-days when more urgency was needed. I can recall the Jan 2008 Test in Sydney where his reluctance to farm the strike in the 1st innings cost India (I remember this when it happened and re-read the commentary) as they collapsed in the 2nd as a few more runs and overs batted in the 1st could have ensured a draw. This point was lost in that test because of the Harbajan/Symonds row. I respect Smith for making these comments - too often players wait till they are all retired. His comments are bang on and Smith gave Dhoni his due. Makes me wonder why Sharma was sent out so early as well on Day 3 to be the nightwatchman with 4o mins left for play although the bad light may have involved in that decision. I also did not understand why both well set partnerships (Sehwag/Gambhir and Tendulkar/Dhoni) stopped taking the attack to the bowling...

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:37 GMT

    Sachin doesnt play for record ! lol are you kidding ? if anyone in the history plays for record it has to be Sachin. Most of the indian team plays for record barring Dravid and Viru and to some extent Laxman.

  • uday_narayanan on December 20, 2010, 16:37 GMT

    When he scores runs people say he plays for records.If he fails they say he is no good under pressure.Let me remind you.This similar approach of not farming the strike has worked wonders many times.I remember in Australia in 2008 Sachin did not farm the strike and had a huge partnership.If it was Harris bowling from one end Sachin would have taken all the strike against the faster bowler and had Sree play the spinner. Since Morkel and Steyn were bowling in tandem it was almost impossible for him to protect the tailender. If he hadn't taken the single on the 3rd ball the remaining balls would have been bouncers to keep him at that end. In that case Sree would have had to face an entire over.It just frustrates me to see Sachin being criticized for everything he does.Just enjoy his batting whilst he is still playing. I am sure if it was Laxman instead of Sachin this would not have been an issue. Instead people would have said at least he showed some fight, what did Sachin do?

  • Test_Match_Fan on December 20, 2010, 16:35 GMT

    I am an Indian fan. But I agree with Smith here. Most of Tendulkar's centuries have not mattered in Indian victories, Unlike Dravid's or VVS Laxman's! Now cricinfo stop censoring honext comments and please post this comment.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:35 GMT

    I am reminded of an extra ordinary innings by Vivian Richards in a one dayer against England back in the 80's,in which he took the team from 101/8 to 267 single handedly(Viv hit 189).Another innings that come to my mind is the one by Ian botham during the famous 1981 ashes,while following on,batting with the tail.Tendulkar may have amassed so much of records and is without doubt one of the all time greatest batsmen.But I doubt his dedication to his team and mental strength which put greats like Viv and Sobers one step ahead of him.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:34 GMT

    Once again, I don't understand the knocking of India or Sir Sachin. You should've seen the sweat on our (SA's) forehead, when MS and the master was clobbering us to all parts of the park! But when MS got out, we knew it was over. Unless it rained that is. I think that Sachin knew that too. To come out and bat man alone( ie. try to face all the balls left, instead of exposing the last 2 batsman) , while being tired from standing 2 days in the sun, is stupid. Especially if you know the inevitable is going to happen. I am very glad about the result, as I am an avid SA fan. But give credit where it's due. Sachin was magnificent. India's fight back was good. As for India being no1: Kallis remarked that he made his double century against the best team in the world. And you don't see AUS, ENG or SA ripping them off. India have to do the same as any other team to get to the top. Just my thoughts. Once again, well done SA-I love you.

  • akpy on December 20, 2010, 16:33 GMT

    nice one smith..and you know that scores of indian emotions will sting and you are also hoping some in the indian team will become upset about all this non-sense that you is as if has won a rare test which no other team has won..this is just another test match and one team had to lose - india played badly and was better - period. About sachin's approach, few have commented logically - this is how steve waugh used to play, sachin himself was successful with ishant in australia..also, against 140+kmph, was he supposed to play recklessly or rather take every available run and hope that tail, if he tried to hit one and got out, it would have been an honourable innings defeat, if there is one?? amazing crap from cricketing ignorant people here..without realising smith was probably cheesed off bcos someone (maybe an indian journalist) spoke about kallis sportsmanship...

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:33 GMT





  • mrgupta on December 20, 2010, 16:32 GMT

    @Breal: Kallis and Viliers scored centuries against depleted and probably only 5th best bowling attack on their home soil. Sachin too scored back-to-back centuries against them in India and also a double against good Aussie attack just recently which indecently Won India the match. Sachin scored a century in the Second innings of a match with his team behind by 484 runs, in an Away match against probably the best Bowling attack in the World. Can you please understand the difference or r you too naive to understand this? Kallis scored against low grade attack at home but was on the wining side so didn't play for records..... Sachin scored against top class attack in away test but was on Loosing side so "im just padding my records"..... Height of Hypocrisy!!!!! And to people who feel that he wanted to stay not Out so he let Sree and Jaidev face Steyn... For how long cud he have managed to "farm" the strike with Steyn and Morkel bowling on either side of wicket?

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:32 GMT

    Can expect smith to applaud sachin for his 50th century after today's dismal display..

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:31 GMT

    Once again, I don't understand the knocking of India or Sir Sachin. You should've seen the sweat on our (SA's) forehead, when MS and the master was clobbering us to all parts of the park! But when MS got out, we knew it was over. Unless it rained that is. I think that Sachin knew that too. To come out and bat man alone( ie. try to face all the balls left, instead of exposing the last 2 batsman) , while being tired from standing 2 days in the sun, is stupid. Especially if you know the inevitable is going to happen. I am very glad about the result, as I am an avid SA fan. But give credit where it's due. Sachin was magnificent. India's fight back was good. As for India being no1: Kallis remarked that he made his double century against the best team in the world. And you don't see AUS, ENG or SA ripping them off. India have to do the same as any other team to get to the top. Just my thoughts. Once again, well done SA-I love you.

  • ashup on December 20, 2010, 16:30 GMT

    Dont forget the Aussie downfall started from the sydney test where they were criticised for not playing in the spirit of the game ..a similar situation awaits if SA follow the same approach ...Mr Kallis its unsporting to not congratulate a fellow cricketer if the person has achieved a personal milestone ..and mr Smith ..agree the choice is entirely with teh individual but please dont go abt tom tomming about it ..remember this is the trigger point for downfall !!!

  • BravoBravo on December 20, 2010, 16:26 GMT

    MSD blaming his bowlers, how naïve he is. When the star studded team, run machines who made among themselves tens of thousands of runs and scores of CENTURIES to add to records for their own sake, scored only 136 runs in 1st inning of the match. How anyone could blame the bowlers to defend that score. Even Zaheer and bowling legend Kapil would have been helpless to pull out this team of their misery. Whenever any team scores below 200 in their first inning (recent matches in 2010 AUSvsPAK, ENGvsAUS, and of course this match), the only option left for them is defeat or help from Mother Nature (Rain) for a draw. The policy to blame bowlers is a convenient one for Team India, and that is how they maintained the lowest Win-to-loss ratio in Tests among all the major test playing teams (AUS, ENG, WI, SA, PAK, IND). I agree that SRT is not a match winner, and he should have made 31 more runs to give Team India some dignity even in a losing cause.

  • ste13 on December 20, 2010, 16:23 GMT

    India would have lost anyway. But their real problem is lack of bowling fire-power. In fact, they struggled against New Zealand a month ago, and now it is just a better opponent. hard to believe that they cannot find more quality bowlers.

  • kevivnajar on December 20, 2010, 16:23 GMT

    Sachin has all possible records under his belt, so people like him, media praises him always. When he does some stupid thing like not farming the strike today, none of the media ppl highlight it. It's a shame how ppl are biased towards sachin.


    India could have avoided the follow-on easily. Mr. Sachin, When your centuries are not helping your team, they are of no use. This was highlighted by Ganguly once , but instead people criticised ganguly for commenting that. What crazy ppl..?

    Like Azhaar said below, India is disputed No.1. With 2-3 gud batsmen 1 gud fastbowler 1 "ok-ok" spin bowler, u can't be No.1.

    When the king was out of town, you slept nicely in his cot, now the king (SA) is back. Dont make noise, silently vacate the place and go to your cow farm; or fight the king and win him..!1

  • lifestyle08 on December 20, 2010, 16:19 GMT

    smith should be thankfull to the rain gods and the absence of zaheer khan for this win india will come back strongly and all the anti sachin comments here are basically from pakis who just cant digest the fact that sachin tendulkar is the father of shoaib akhtar lol

  • abhi_cricinfo on December 20, 2010, 16:18 GMT

    Don't be angry on Sachin for losing match , IMPROVE BOWLING .Who gives you right to say that Sachin play for RECORD , any proof ? you are lucky to watch a legend , cant you just watch him and enjoy masterclass batting. and last thing , Laxman wasn't farming strike during match winning stand with Ishant.

  • Devanjn on December 20, 2010, 16:18 GMT

    To Breal, To Breal and other guys who wished Sachin was on their team...

    Sachin is not a finisher- he never has been. He's always been a setup guy. It's like a 4*100 relay- each guy is critical in setting up the finisher.

    No doubt each SA bat played very well to complie that score but think of the conditions and the bowling that they faced compared to the quality attack that Sachin and co faced. SA bowling should be credited for skittling the Indians out so cheaply in the first innings.

    I'm sure the Indians will bounce back- SA at home is surmountable. Just look at what the Aussies did a couple of years ago.

  • Rushikey on December 20, 2010, 16:18 GMT

    By looking at all the comments from Indian supportor, I will say that, Smith might get successful in his pressure tacticts.. Common guys! Do you expect Smith to praise Sachin to boost team India confidence before the start of 2nd Test.. If you listen to his comments carefully, you can observe how he demoralised Harbajan too.. He knows how important Sachin and Harbajan are for the team, He will never praise them to boost Indians, unless its a last match of the series.. So grow up and don't loose faith on Indian team.. If you see the records 459 is the highest second inning score while chasing.. Infact we should be proud of the efforts.. We lost the battle not a War

  • KarthikBalsu on December 20, 2010, 16:15 GMT

    SA played the better cricket and they deserved to win. I am amazed at the hypocrisy of some of the people who have commented. When Laxman allows the tailender to take strike we say ' look how he gives confidence to the tailender' but when Sachin does that, we ridicule him.

  • CandidIndian on December 20, 2010, 16:15 GMT

    Alright so for some people suddenly this is end of Indian cricket. I wonder any of these so called critics of India turn up and congratulate India when they win .No they dont they just come when India doesn't do well.Never mind web is the best medium to vent your anger and hatred especially against Indian team.About Smith's approach , well they have just achieved a big victory and the world is very competitive these days.So whatever he said is not surprising at all, this will just inspire India to do well in Durban .

  • arv5589 on December 20, 2010, 16:14 GMT

    sachin never play for his records .But in his entire carrier it seems like wen ever he scores a century or above runs India losses :).......This innings is spl. because its his 50th century nothing more ....... If this was is 48th or 49th then no one would hav praised goes batsmen like shewag ,gambhir ,dhoni &sachin for scoring under pressure .....This match is lost because of bowlers fault they didnt bowl upto expectations ....Anyway India ll bounce back like aussie did in ashes!!!!!!:)(hope so :))

  • kabe_ag7 on December 20, 2010, 16:13 GMT

    I request non-Indians to stop assuming that every Indian just defends Sachin no matter what. This thread alone has many examples. More Indians are surprised at his not putting up a fight than the other way round. Neither are we happy to have lost the match, just because Sachin scored a 100. But calling Sachin selfish is fanaticism of the other kind. He should have put up a fight. But labelling him selfish and saying that he always plays for records is just too far-fetched, overtly judgemental and in fact stupid. @Warren Smith - You got a few things wrong. Sachin has never refrained from praising opposition for playing well. I can say this with authority, because I look out for such things. Neither did he 'throw in the towel' by stepping down as the captain. His record was pretty abysmal as a captain and it was a near unanimous decision, later backed by public opinion. India didn't 'need him' to continue as a captain. In fact, his replacement did a terrific job.

  • asadkum on December 20, 2010, 16:12 GMT

    Mohammad Asad from USA .................................................................. First of all - comgratulation to SA for well deserved win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have outplayed IND in all department ......No doubt about it.................... Pace attack of IND (ranked #1) was really hopeless .................................... Sachin - he is a talent !!!!! no doubt about it no comment !!!!!

  • poderdubdubdub on December 20, 2010, 16:10 GMT

    It was a dominant performance by South Africa , no doubt, however one would expect them to be more magnamous. Tendulkar can not be blamed what he did in the end of the second innings, he rarely farms battings, its well known. However, this innings defeat will not help India's cause to get acceptance as the world's top team. It will strenghthen the stance of world's top teams who do not credit India as the true No1. After this defeat India will continue to be regarded as an accidental No1, who does not deserve its current ICC ranking. Therefore its crucial for India to improve its bowling. On the other hand you have to give credit to South Africa for the brilliance in all the departments, like the true No 1 team.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:10 GMT

    C'mon, according to a well-known adage, every Pakistani and Sri Lankan fan has his day. Today is the day for them to take potshots at the Indian team and Sachin Tendulkar so their can assuage their hurt egos. The records of the last twelve months speak for themselves - and it is for everyone to see where the different Test playing teams stand. It would be hard to argue that India is the best Test playing nation, but quite clearly they are up their with England, Australia and South Africa.

    In the last 12 months counting till today, India have played 13 Tests, won 7 of them, and lost and drawn 3 apiece. England have played 14, won 9, lost 3, drawn 2. Australia have played 12, won 7, lost 4 and drawn 1. South Africa have played 11, won 5, lost 2 and drawn 4.

    Now for the two biggies: Pakistan played 11, won 2, lost 7, drew 2. Their per wicket average score of 25 is the lowest among all the teams. Sri Lanka played 6, won 1, lost 1, drew 4 (attractive cricket).

  • maxymax on December 20, 2010, 16:09 GMT

    Hi all, It's a well know fact the no Indian batsmen has ever shielded tail enders. It stopped with Kapil. VVS was notorious for this until the partnership with Ishanth. As for Zaheer being fit for the next test, it's not going to make any difference. He might take a wicket early and a few tail enders. That's it. As for Kalis, he is just an immature, small brained adult.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:09 GMT

    Every cricket player including Kallis is jealous of Sachin. No wonder he did not clap. Remember Ponting? At one time he thought he could catch Sachin in test centuries. Now, Sachin is ahead by 11 centuries and counting, while Ricky makes double digit runs.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:07 GMT

    As an Indian, and an Indian supporter, to say that I was disappointed, would be an understatement. But I hope we show a bit more commitment and fight next game.

  • cricketsage on December 20, 2010, 16:07 GMT

    I think Tendulkar let down his Indian fans. Not only do they want to see him score runs but they also want to see India win or at least fight when they are up against it.

    In this case, it seems that Indian team decided to take extra time off to rest as it was a lost cause. Indian fans certainly deserve better.

  • Silloh on December 20, 2010, 16:04 GMT

    Congratulations SA. Comprehensive and solid victory and well deserved. Also to all the century makers in this test. However , I believe if Smith has a problem with India's approach on the last day, he should have asked Tendulkar directly after the game. Why speculate and jump to quiet conclusions which may or may not be right ? Unless explained, I also agree but I have seen for the West Indies team, Shiv Chanderpauls smilar approach with tailenders. On another note Kallis in my opinion is the current leading allrounder in the world and despite his approx. 38 centuries, I have never noticed as his batting at most times has been sheer boring ro watch. Is he really a team person or one for the records ?? Just a thought.

  • on December 20, 2010, 16:02 GMT

    I am a life long fan of Sachin, but I am really disappointed with his attitude today. I would have a much higher regard of him if he had got out on the first ball.

  • LAKINGSFAN on December 20, 2010, 15:59 GMT

    Smith was spot on. This is what, the ability to play great innings, separates the great cricketers like Lara,Laxman and Stephen Waugh from run accumulators like Sachin. It doesn't matter how big you lose as winning or losing is just part of the game but you need to show the intend to win. Of course, you can't expect that from Sachin as he's always interested in playing for centuries, averages, records. Sachin is a run accumulator, not a great cricketer like Lara or Waugh. Sachin can score runs in conditions where everyone can score but never in an extreme situations (like S Waugh did with Gillespie 2001 Kolkata test 1st innings and VVS did with Ishant in 2010 Mohali in India's 2nd Innings) .

  • bbumbum on December 20, 2010, 15:59 GMT

    If you had 50 test centuries, you should have balls to rotate strike and attempt to protect your tailend. Shame Sachin. Yeah India's bowling sucked (and unlucky with their toss ..blah blah), and so is their batsmen's head. IMHO, Sachin and Dravid are too old and selfish players, hogging their spots and thereby blocking some young players to step up for India. Its hard to believe they are adding value to the team, the way they are playing. Unfortunately, they cant be dropped (as the selectors neither have vision nor balls) and the whole country has wait till they choose the leave the team themselves. If not for Chappell, i am sure Mr. Ganguly would still be playing.

  • AdityaKumar88 on December 20, 2010, 15:57 GMT

    even though the master scored his 50th century, he is being criticised. All of us are thinking for the short term advantage where as tendulkar is thinkin of improving indian tailenders batting capability. there was no way tendulkar could have saved the test for india, so i dont see any harm in rotating the strike.

  • Liontamer on December 20, 2010, 15:57 GMT

    Very much agree Sachin should have farmed the strike and at least tried to avoid the innings defeat.. how ever it's not Smith's place to comment on what Sachin or Harbajan did. Who knows what the strategy behind this is.. Indian team had all night to think about what they were going to do the following morning.. May be that's the direction from Dhoni and Senior players in the team. To make the Indian team really feel the pain of an innings defeat and wake up selectors to the fact that the bowlers they picked can neither Bowl or Bat. Srishant and Jaidev are completely the wrong choice for this tour and perhaps so are Lakshman and Raina.

  • homerr on December 20, 2010, 15:54 GMT

    sachin is a selfish batter and he helped India to lose the match....

  • BigJayDub on December 20, 2010, 15:54 GMT

    To anyone who is arguing futility with respect to batting with the tail, they should recall:

  • Riz_ansari on December 20, 2010, 15:52 GMT

    Being an Indian fan i am very upset seeing how sachin played on 5th day, i was wishing sachin to get out in place of MSD. Sachin has really played against the reputation of no. 1 team in the world, he didn't tried to fight and a invite SA to bat again even for 1 run....This will also included in his record that most of the times india has to face defeat when makes century.....Best of luck for remaining games tem india...

  • Cricket_Junky on December 20, 2010, 15:49 GMT

    India is not the No 1 Test Team. They are only No 1 because they have strong hold in ICC and International Cricket. If India want to be No 1 they need to win Test Series in Australia, SouthAfrica or England.

  • sunil.guddu on December 20, 2010, 15:46 GMT

    one thing for sure.There is no dearth of fool following this great game.some people always find way to have a go at sachin though deep down they also know the fact.They are just jealous of the man and some are jealous because sachin is not playing for their team.Their comment at best should be ignored because their is no point arguing with idiots.They will drag u down to their level.

  • senthil7000 on December 20, 2010, 15:43 GMT

    Smith is the one who said that he does not mind seeing Sachin scoring 50th test 100 elsewhere; may be he couldn't digest the fact that it was scored in Centurion, that too in first Test; also it shifted media's attention from SA win to Sachin the greatest. Sometimes, captains can not take that easy.

  • saltmine on December 20, 2010, 15:39 GMT

    Firstly Smith was "asked" the question, as the article states: 2 of the 3 questions where related to Sachin... nothing about SA's comprehensive victory. I am so sorry for the Indian fanatics (note I did not say Indian Cricket lovers), but like Aus and Eng, SA are not going to 'bow' down to your demi-God just because he steps onto the field... This tour was destined for greatness (5/6/7 world-class batsmen present), instead it is going to become the 'Sachin show' - by Indian media and fanatics. I am so angry at Sachin... to resign yourself to an innings defeat!!!! Its a shame. Truly tragic. Frankly, I expected more....... heart!

  • Eradicator on December 20, 2010, 15:39 GMT

    I can see (a) some spelling challanged Sri-Lankan taking cheap shots at a team that SL team can only hope to be; (b) evergreen chokers of the world taking cheap shots at a batsman they can only hope to have. Guys... it was a test match, SAF was the better team, and they won. Don't reflect on a lifetime based on 2 innings within the boundary ropes - I am pretty sure all your favorite teams and superstars have been humiliated every once in a while. I am sure you have no issues with Murali chucking his way to glory. Donald's run out in 1999 didn't make Klusener an idiot - did it?

  • on December 20, 2010, 15:37 GMT

    One can what one likes but how on earth can we expect Sachin to hang on for a whole day with a number 10 and 11th member of the team. Ok lets agree that he palyed for the record , but without playing he couldn't have defended himself amid others falling so cheaply and scoring a not out hundred. To be honest, India had lost the game even before they started their second innings when they were skittled out for 136 and let SA score so much. The second innings was for face saving and some batting practice because however a genius a Sachin can not shoulder the responsibility which couldn't be shared by other ten , especially when the bowling failed so pathetically. No negative comments and foul-mouthing can undermine Sachin's greatness but certainly with a greater team effort and with a potent bowling pack India could definitely have done better. And this was not there. Indian bowling attack is among the weakest especially when even Zaheer is sidelined with injury.

  • Sree2007 on December 20, 2010, 15:37 GMT

    I dont know why everyone is after Sachin. Defenitely he is not the best match winner and one with a good second innings average, but he is the best complete batsman of all times.

    One should follow one's own batting style and according to the situation. He played rapidly and lose his wkt in the first innings. Hence he was more cautious in the second innings.

    But i totally agree with the view that he should not have exposed the tail enders to the quickies by taking singles of 1st or 2nd ball of the over!

  • P.James on December 20, 2010, 15:36 GMT


  • KishoreSharma on December 20, 2010, 15:32 GMT

    I am surprised that the Indian cricket board are getting away so easily. To me they are the "men of the match". Throwing the team in to play a series in South Africa without a single warm-up game was ridiculous and this has been happening regularly. And, onece agin, India's spineless players did not see it fit to remonstrate with the board and not play under the schedule that ahd been agreed (at the least, Sachin, whose place is secure, could have protested). Playing a three-test series without at least two warm up games is ludicrous. Playing it without a single warm-up game is insane.

  • Tsotsi on December 20, 2010, 15:29 GMT

    There are a lot of people here who have obviously never played competitive cricket, if you have the chance to avoid an innings defeat you take it with both hands. If it means taking one for the team so be it, it is part of the game. Losing by 10 wkts is bad but no where near as bad as an innings defeat. So please don't say that you can't see the point in Sachin protecting the tail-enders. 25 runs, he didn't have to do it for 90 overs all he had to do was shepherd them through scoring those 25 runs. Is that really to much to ask of "god".

  • MissingAmigo on December 20, 2010, 15:29 GMT

    Because the trick didn't work everybody is blaming him. I remember a couple of instances where sachin did not try to protect the tail enders and the tail-ender ended up scoring double digit runs and it was a sizeable partnership. And he was hailed for the experiment. He had played enough cricket and has tried most of the experiments everybody is talking about. How would things be different if SA had batted again? Unless india batted out atleast a session, it wouldn't have made any difference. And this was possible only if the tail-enders were given some confidence of facing the pacers. I fail to understand how can SA captain or Kallis be so jealous of this guy who single handedly took the burden of the entire team in so many occasions. How many such situations did Smith or kallis faced in their careers where the bowlers were pathetic and the batsmen failed to hang on.

  • on December 20, 2010, 15:28 GMT

    India was for a long long time no hopers in Test cricket especially abroad. Hence individual feats came to be glorified as there was nothing else to gloat over. This escapist attitude has continued even after India began to win a few key matches outside. Hence I was not aghast when the media went on a hype on a meaningless individual record - especially as it came from Sachin who is always makes good copy/soundbytes for Indian media. (Even though I too am an ardent Sachin fan, I believe the team comes first) I have come to believe that cricekt esp in the sub continent focuses too much on stats like centuries, five-fors etc. despite being a team game. Team focus is yet to become a natural thing for Indians. A little more application from all the top order batsmen (save Tendulkar who remained not out) cd hv given India an outside chance of a draw. It wd hv been a statement well made.

  • nkjakajack on December 20, 2010, 15:28 GMT

    This is an expected reaction of people who just go by the result...same ppl wud hv praised sachin's tactics if a partnership developed..they wud say sachin showed confidence in them which helped them bat better..just like it was said when laxman did not try to shield ishant sharma against australia...just bcoz that result was favorable laxman was applauded for the same tactic that sachin is being criticized for.

  • VijayHanchatey on December 20, 2010, 15:24 GMT

    Smiths reaction is obsolutely right. Just because it is Tendulkar, you dont stop inspecting and asking question. I in this world cannot understand, how can Sachin take a single of the 5th ball of the penultimate over of Indian 2nd innings. That brought Unadkat to face 1 full over from Dale Steyn. I mean what kind of thinking is that from Tendulkar. Was Sachin trying to put faith in Unadkat that he would face Steyn. Common Sachin, you were the only hope to save India from a innings defeat, and you have come up awfully short on that front. Smith is obsolutely right in his assessment. And we really need some educated reporters here asking dump questions. There were 4 hundreds in the match, you freaking dont ask about them, but you go on harping about a 50th century. I am sure even Sachin is not happy about getting this in defeat. I hope Indian team does not get over confident because of this second innings performance and with the return of Zaheer. I am sure they better than this.

  • on December 20, 2010, 15:23 GMT

    The tactics of Sachin was a bit baffling. He should have faced more deliveries and attacked the SA bowlers instead of letting the tail enders face the music. At least we should have avoided an innings defeat. It shows that Sachin is much interested in keeping his average safe rather than his sides prestige. Secondly, what Kallis did is just a cheap act. Cricketers on the cricket field at least should show some sportsman spirit. @Chamindra, Sri Lankans please, stop commenting on India's #1 ranking position. We got it with our display of better cricket as Australia did earlier. When Australia was #1 nobody has any ill feelings. All hell broke loose when India got there. So be a sport. Thanks

  • nandydesikan on December 20, 2010, 15:23 GMT

    Only one test over...Smith is surprised at the approach of India.... bloody big chokers in tense situations...lets wait...two more tests to go. Kallis, who the hell cares if he congratulates Sachin or not. After all, this is a guy who does not bother singing the SA national anthem in certain matches and has been criticized for the same. Smith is not even privy to India's approach....he is surprised a bit too early and let out words...I will be delighted if it back fires.. Beware SA....series is just 1 test old.

  • on December 20, 2010, 15:22 GMT

    Stop picking on Sachin. He did his duty and I fully respect him. If not for his 100, India would be no where near the SA total. SA is riding high on over confidence and hence making useless comments. It was a good game of cricket even though India lost.

  • MARCUS-AURELLIUS on December 20, 2010, 15:20 GMT

    A genius is seldom understood! Could it be that Tendulkar wanted to test if the tailenders can indeed handle this kind of pressure and short-pitch bowling if there was a need in the remaining two matches? Could it be that Tendulkar who was cramping up yesterday and wanted to take things slow? Could it be that he wanted to know if the tailenders can survive the first half an hour to give them the confidence necessary?

  • ushakiran on December 20, 2010, 15:18 GMT

    i have 1 Q?. who r supporting sachin. if sachin on 90+ will he protect the tailendres or not?.me also sachin fan.but not for his records.

  • sunnymachoo on December 20, 2010, 15:18 GMT

    now ICC must be very busy, changing test rankings rules...!!!! =D

  • mrcricketlover on December 20, 2010, 15:18 GMT

    what the hell, peple do you expect a person to keep strike for the whole day :) quite funny...i would have done the same.

  • Petey on December 20, 2010, 15:17 GMT

    Have you not noticed from the first day of his captaincy that Smith tries to be Australian by digging out on other team in verbal game. Give the credit to you team mate, and move on. Yes India lost this match, as they were expected from the get go. Read all the article that came out before the match, no one was really giving the chance to India on this pitch. And talk about Kallis, who has always been selfish of himself. Would it have killed him to applaud SRT for something major. So what if this record meant to his something? Just read what Kallis said of monkey off the back after his 200s. as if he didn't want that for long time.

  • Hawk3428 on December 20, 2010, 15:15 GMT

    I don't understand why is everyone criticising sachin for not shielding the tailenders.did you forget how laxman played with Ishant at the other end to win the match just a short time ago...i remember he took single of the first ball and give Ishant Sharma five balls to face a lot of times tht day..i am pretty sure it was team management's tactic as a just didn't work out the same way today

  • New_Wind on December 20, 2010, 15:15 GMT

    What did Kallis said when asked 'why he didn't applaud Sachin's century'?

  • Asadpk on December 20, 2010, 15:14 GMT

    Back in 1999 at Bangalore against Pakistan, I thought Sachin's 136 was his best innings but sadly it also epitomized his career till then. In that run chase, he didn't hung around till the end when 20 or so runs were needed to win and got out slogging to Saqlain Mushtaq. Gavaskar had remarked that one should never leave it to others to finish the job. That was Sachin's 18th hundred and only 4 had resulted in wins (and all four in either India or Sri Lanka).

    India has won many more matches since 1999 (thanks mainly to bowlers like ZAK, Bhajji, Kumble) and Sachin has contributed immensely in those wins and ultimately to India's no.1 ranking. But still there's that lingering feeling that personal glory comes first for Sachin and the team takes a back seat. No wonder he was miffed at the declaration when he was 194 not out at Multan in 2004.

  • Asadpk on December 20, 2010, 15:13 GMT

    Hardly anybody remembers a century (50th or 5th) in a losing cause. Smith was spot on when he credited Dhoni for Sachin's hundred and criticized Sachin's lack of fight on the final day after he had crossed his landmark.

    I looked up some stats which in the end did not surprise me at all. India have won 60 of Sachin's 175 Tests to date. Of his 50 centuries, 20 (40%) came in matches that India won. His average increases by 21.3% to 69 in matches that India won. Pakistan won 49 of Inzamam's 120 Tests, 17 of his 25 centuries (68%) resulted in Test wins and his average increased by a whopping 57.6% to 78.2 in those won matches. Inzamam's match-winning 92 not out when batting at no. 8 at Port Elizabeth in 2007 where he farmed the strike and scored 92 of the last 130 runs still remains one of his best innings.

  • on December 20, 2010, 15:12 GMT

    By any standards, the GOD OF CRICKET is Sachin Tendulkar, Give credit to the Man who has played not his heart out for India but his LIFE for India, an example for any cricketer and the FANS the WORLDOVER.,

    Its very easy for people sitting in front of their computers and passing weird remarks about SACHINS 50TH TEST 100, but believe me if he was playing for records, he would probably have been hitting TONS more We Love You Sachin for what you are....... you mean the WORLD TO US.

  • on December 20, 2010, 15:11 GMT

    Perhaps Sachin could have learn.... to save the match... from younus Khan.... as he did it for Pakistan against South Africa

  • darkmon.SL on December 20, 2010, 15:11 GMT

    Now Indian arm chair pundits will start hating Smith.Number 1 fans of the world I guess !

  • amit.subhash on December 20, 2010, 15:10 GMT

    Its all about getting complacent by only winning a test with the no.1 test team....Mr. Smith need to mind your language & stop talking loose to sachin....India's worries are bowling attack....such a feeble bowling made India loose this match...also Mr. Raina needed a rest & instead of him Pujara must be given a chance for second test...

  • on December 20, 2010, 15:08 GMT

    First of all there's no need to defend Sachin. He has nothing left to prove to these idiots criticizing his tactics on the final morning. He's not just another batsman in the team, he's a mentor for the rest of the team too. He HAS TO show faith in the batting abilities of these tailenders to motivate them... Look at what it did to Harbhajan's and Ishant's batting skills. Look at it from tailenders perspective ... they now know their idol has faith in their batting skills and they will work hard to improve on that.

  • Haksi on December 20, 2010, 15:07 GMT

    The criticism of Tendulkar's attitude while batting on the 5th morning is perfectly valid.There was no attempt to farm the strike, or play scoring shots. It was clear that his sole aim was to remain not out. Unfortunately he is treated so reverentially that no one will criticise him on a broader platform.

  • ProdigyA on December 20, 2010, 15:06 GMT

    As a huge fan of Indian cricket, im so much dissapointed. Not with the loss but the approach of Team India. Firstly, Bhajji - as usual crying and cribbing about loosing the toss. I think he has started to take his spot in the team for granted and also playing for the nation too, just look at this fitness. Secondly, Dhoni blaming the pitch, i watched the indian bowlers for an hour or so and could not take it after that, they were just too wayward and bolwing at speeds avging 125kmph. Its unbelievable, playing at this level, that they cant put six bowls in the same area. Third - Suresh Raina is not test match material, period. Im not saying this because he failed in this test. Finally Sachin - Although im a huge fan of the God, im sorry to say this - Sir, your approch today was utterly dissapointing. Accepting defeat without trying. Winning and loosing are part of the game, but its the approach towards the win/loss that defines your personality. Be a man and accept defeat.

  • on December 20, 2010, 15:05 GMT

    i am a v big fan of sachin n yes he is the best batsman but yes he is not the best match winner n stats always showed tht.....the way he exposed tailenders today,suprised many seeing this i jat rememberd one of inzimam innings in south africa when he was the captain in 2006 i thnk so....he wid tailenders added nearly 100 runs in which he scored 90 odd runs n faced 90% of the deiliveries.....sachin is a biggest batsman game ever prodced but not a gr8 match winner

  • TRAM on December 20, 2010, 15:05 GMT

    Oh is it, India would have anyway lost even if Sachin hadn't farmed the strike? And thats why he didn't do it?... There is something called *playing for the team / country* - which neither Gavaskar nor Tendulkar had. They played only for their personal scores. Remember Gavaskar's infamous 36 n.o in 60 overs and Tendulkar slowl game for his double century when India needed to play fast (that Dravid had to declare earlier and win the match) .. etc are just tip of the iceberg. In spite of these obvious selfish approaches, the brainless mass in India hail those stats. Look at every newspaper/TV news. Politics, finance, war, deaths, flood, etc have taken back seat and Tendulkar's 50th century comes in the 1st page. What a crap.

  • Kirstenfan on December 20, 2010, 15:03 GMT

    Cannuck - you've nailed it and are so right! These comments are so funny because they don't see the wood for the trees - sure, he made his 50th ton (after 21 years you'd hope he'd have that many :)) but his team lost by miles - whatever you say about the conditions, SA only lost 4 wickets yet scored more than India did for 20 wickets! Can't wait for the next test and better batting and bowling avrages for the SA team again!

    And Kallis is the greatest cricketer playing that test, not Tendulkar, for some reason he isn't giveen his due but he takes so many wickets and catches and all the runs, man what a player

  • uglyhunK on December 20, 2010, 15:02 GMT

    @landl47 - kidding right. Ashes is low on quality and high on hype.

  • SachinIsTheGreatest on December 20, 2010, 15:01 GMT

    Hang in there India. The abuse is expected, the needle is expected. The world is waiting for India to fail and while they might have disappointed in one test, there is no reason to expect that they cannot bounce back.

  • klobania on December 20, 2010, 14:58 GMT

    to be honest most of us agreed with smith sachin showed no resistence today. he seemed to come out as not out to better his averages like he most of the time he does during his tenure of over 20 years

  • uglyhunK on December 20, 2010, 14:58 GMT

    If India somehow managed to bat for 2 hours on the final day, same people would have praised Tendulkar for showing faith in the tailenders. So, guys please put this to rest. When Waugh and others did it was showing faith and trust now it is selfishness. Huff...

  • Kirstenfan on December 20, 2010, 14:56 GMT

    Selfish Tendulkar was playing for his average ahead of the team, disgraceful

    Surely anyone who plays test cricket for 21 years would have 50 centuries? I don't see what you're all getting so excited about, but India did lose, so I can see why you're all sulky and trying to find joy somewhere else

  • Sach_is_Life on December 20, 2010, 14:56 GMT

    Wow ...both SRT n VVS 've been doing this 4 almost 2 yrs n when VVS won a test match with Ishanth ..everybody is like ..ohohoho..VVS is very very special blah blah blah ..n again SRT did the same 2 save India's face against Bangladesh ..but still got criticized 4 not forming the strike n u guys r talking abt SRT's fans being over the ..BTW ..I have n't seen any of u congratulating him 4 scoring 50th hundred ..but u guys r ready to support Smith's comments on SRT n no comments on Kallis .. Yeah ..I know he is not Sachin and 4 all those who r questioning India's No 1 ranking ...stop whinning took morethan 30 yrs 4 aussies to win a test series in India ...SA beat India in SA n all of a sudden SA deserves No1 ohh wait a min ..I thought SA needs 2 beat India in India at least claim that they r better than India ..they cant even win a series against Eng n Aus @ home ..n they're talking abt India's No1 ranking atleast they're yet 2 lose a series @home

  • Breal on December 20, 2010, 14:53 GMT

    So all these bum reporters asking questions to Smith on rating Tendulkar's totally meaningless century , I mean c'mon every one knows he pads up his records and is not a game winner, never. Have some respect and give some praise to De'villers incredible century, or kallis double not Tendulkars "im just padding my records" century.

  • ratedstfu44 on December 20, 2010, 14:53 GMT

    Tendulker just tried to be NOT OUT so his 2nd innings avg. can go up......u know his 2nd innings avg. is very poor.........but sachin could have made SA to bat again.....and can avoid innings defeat,,,,,,,,,,,

  • i-s-r-a-r on December 20, 2010, 14:53 GMT

    Guys, no need to criticize Sachin. If any of us were in his place, we would have done the same. Lets first analyze what must have been going through Sachin's mind: "Well, we are losing this either way, and it is mainly because of our so called "FAST" bowlers. these FAST bowlers can not even bowl at 135+, so you know what, I am gonna teach them a lesson on what fast bowling is and if they get hurt or injured in the process, it just might be better for the team overall."

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:50 GMT

    I am amazed how everyone is after Harbhajan's neck after he picked couple of wickets on a green surface. Do we really understand our cricket well? - Ishant, Sreeshant and the debutant all put together picked 2 wickets amongst them while SA pacers picked 18 wickets ... concern about Harbhajan is his inability to stop the flow of runs ... but then he had to go on an attack when pacers had completed failed ... the biggest concern in SA should be that can our pacers take majority of the wickets that I dont see happening unless these guys get a crash course soon.

  • crktcrazzy on December 20, 2010, 14:50 GMT

    delay the inevitable? man nothing is inevitable now days u forget the historic whin when hussey n siddle added 150 runs ag pak they were in the similar situation. the pt is never give up.however typical sachin . who can forget sachinn dhoni taking only a single in the 50th over so that sachin can be on strike and get to 200. and that inng in aust when he scored 200 not out without playing a shot on off sides hence decreasing his strike rate(less then 50) and india took 3 days to score 700 runs n australia drew easily when ind could have won

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:49 GMT

    First of all congratulations SA!

    Second it is sad to see that Smith is again taking cheap shots at his opponents. Perhaps he was pushed to make the comments he made but these comments are not that of gracious winner.

    Number 2 beat the number 1 team in their own backyard under conditions that were heaven made for them. It happens. It was a comprehensive win but it is also heartening to see the way India played in the second inning.

    Even though India lost I still look towards the remaining two tests.

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:49 GMT

    I'm amazed to see the people here going lengths to defend Sachin's or (the team tactics). Everyone one knows that India will lose but if they had made SA bat again, may only for 10 runs or so, it would be honorable defeat as you tell your opposition that we surmount the mammoth lead and still made you bat.And with Sachin on crease I thought it's more than a possibility. But Sachin once again proved that he's ...well he's just he is. India is a disputed No.1 team and they will remain the same given they don't lose this series. And if they do lose their No.2 spot will be disputed as well. One question to Sachin's fan...what if there was another batsman instead of me his effigies would have been burning all over India for the "cowardly" act.

  • arunNY on December 20, 2010, 14:48 GMT

    All said and done, we all know that India has been comprehensively beaten by SA in first test. Not making any excuses but India was unlucky also regarding toss. Results of Test matches should not depend on toss rather on performance. In this match toss was a very crucial factor. Also stop saying that to justify being No 1 India has to beat SA in SA; even Australia in its prime days could not beat India in India and still we all agree that Australia was the No 1 team by margin. SO just focus on next test, Pujara will replace Raina and Zaheer will come back. Also the experience of good 2nd innings batting performance will help India mentally. There are still 2 tests to be played in the series. It sounds the same way that a lot of us were saying that Australia cant win anything in the current ashes series and tables were turned with just one good bowling performance by Johnson.

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:44 GMT

    Think Sachin played for his NOT OUT record. He did the same few years back against Australia. He scored a Century and exposed Ishant.

    Sachin is the greatest batsman, but he plays for his records too.

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:42 GMT

    oh....indians who talk abt sl cricketers abilities of facing to aussi pitches,,,,what happen to ur team in south called best test team ....(only in indian flat picth unfortunately)...

  • Bang_La on December 20, 2010, 14:38 GMT

    Three things are revealed here: 1. If cricket is (still) a gentleman's game then Kallis is not a gentleman, 2. Great Tendulker, as alleged by Gavaskar many moons ago, never stood up to delay the defeat. Its sad. 3. Indian batting skeleton on a flat surface works but bowling is what Shewag called "ordinary" for Bangladesh bowling. What goes up, falls down, Shewag.

  • Venkatb on December 20, 2010, 14:38 GMT

    I remember Dennis Amiss and Keith Fletcher in successive Tests against WI in 73-74 saving Tests with a phenomenal reargaurd action. Smith does have a valid point about the ease with which SRT provided SA the win. This personal milestone means nothing - give several other players the same number of Tests and they may achieve the same target and some may play for the team and achieve less - during SRT's reign, India has seen multiple humiliations. Barely 10 days ago, there was reference to India's bowling riches - reality has hit India very fast. Not only does India lack quality bowlers to take 20 wickets in a Test (4 wickets in total is the pits), India also lacks quality batsmen who can take on fast bowling. With the money the Indian public is throwing at its players (via IPL and corporate sponsors), the BCCI can strive to manipulate international schedules and home series to sustain India's ranking, reality is going to hit India soon.

  • chanil on December 20, 2010, 14:37 GMT

    there seems to be a lot of criticism by sa and people commenting. As an india fan without doubt this defeat doesn't reflect how the rest of the series will pan out. We were underprepared, and as soon as we lost the toss and put in on a wicket which had been under covers, we knew we were in trouble. However in the next test our best bowler by far is fit, sachin, sehwag, gamnhir all looked in good touch. And considering our recent records on the first test of a series overseas, i wouldnt write us off just yet.

  • Cannuck on December 20, 2010, 14:37 GMT

    Oh man, this is so funny, reading all the comments by the IND fans defending their demi god. I do respect SRT for his achievements, but let's face it he is a guy more interested in padding his stats than the team winning.. and strangely IND fans are okay with it. So much so they seem to be more thrilled about his 50 hundreds than their team, ranked #1 LOST BY INNINGS!!!! For all those defend saying how could SRT protect tail enders for 98 overs. Well, he should have at least tried in order to find out if it was possible. That's what legends, greats do... the imposible! I am sure there are players who have played with injuries, with runners in order to save the team, or at least avoid an innings defeat. That's what fighting to the end means. Here's the kicker though, do any one of you think SRT wouldn't have farmed out & protected the tail enders, if he needed 20 runs more for his century? You can bet your farm that he would have done his best to save them JUST TO MAKE HIS CENTURY!

  • sskris1 on December 20, 2010, 14:37 GMT

    Cricket is a team game and as much as it is great to see personal records, it doesn't matter at the end of the day. Win matches and not personal accolades. As an Indian I have no hesitation in saying that our team is by far the most overhyped and over rated number 1 team. How can a number 1 team not take 10 wickets let alone 20 wickets on a fast track. I don't mind losing as every team will lose one-day or the other, but it is the manner in which we lose. Show some fighting spirit for crying out loud. Sachin, no matter how great u r, u hv played 175 test matches and should have known better. As some of u r saying defeat was inevitable and SA deserved to win this right from day-1. India needs bowlers (fast and spin) and we better start grooming someone from the age of 5. Strong batting alone will not win matches. Drop Raina, which will never happens since he has Dhoni's backing. He is not fit for test matches.

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:35 GMT

    i dont see any bowler in current indian team...its just we are playing with 7 batsman n 4 extra people who cant bowl n bat either..its right time for zaheer n harbhajan to start taking wickets else SA will thrash india all the time they play..Sad day for indian cricket.

  • landl47 on December 20, 2010, 14:35 GMT

    Since the Indian fans were kind enough to suggest that England and Australia fans should watch SA/India, I would like to reciprocate by inviting all the Indian fans to look in on the Ashes and watch a competitive series.

  • cricdick on December 20, 2010, 14:32 GMT

    I think Sachin should have tried to make SA bat again. But probably, Indians decided to embrace the inevitable without much fight as it might get the bowlers hurt while batting without any chance of doing anything significant. And this Kallis did not applaud the 50th ton of Sachin needs to be disregarded as he has never been even a fair sportsman, if we see how he behaved all these years against visitors. He made a grim face and did not clap when Dravid was chosen by ICC as the cricketer of the year some time back. In fact Ntini and Amla are most sportsmanlike SA cricketers.

  • Jac71 on December 20, 2010, 14:31 GMT

    Sachin has played his part. You can't expect him to be the sole saviour of the team everytime they paly. Each and every memeber of the team has got their due share to play. Some vested Sachin critics wait for their opportunity to make comments aginst him when India loses. That's not true sportsman spirit. he is a tru e legend and he is the best. let's agree that fact. Ther's no no doubt about that. To those jealousy criticics, please watch out for more action to come from the Little Master and be prepared to see more milestones. You critics may have to wait for the rare oppotunities to throw silly comments against him.

  • mmoosa on December 20, 2010, 14:30 GMT

    @Rajesh Verma Your point about Kallis's Australian batting recored is as pointless as Tendulkars S.A record or Pontings English one-all three are all time greats of the game.The Tendulkar tactics are a storm in a teacup as is the Kallis inference-Both guys are supreme sportsmen and proven gentleman over many years.Unfortunately India look like a team in decline.Zaheer should make a difference and i hope Ashwin is not too far away from the mix.

  • SpeedCricketThrills on December 20, 2010, 14:29 GMT

    What's the big deal man in SA winning "on their bouncy wickets"? We couldn't beat them in their land and they can't beat us in our land. We are not good enough on their bouncy wickets and they aren't good enough on our flat wickets.

    **Statistically, we are #!!!**

    They should beat us in India - that's when they can claim to be the best. Till then, India rules.

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:29 GMT

    No need to question or bother about Kallis reaction or applauds.. as if he himself is very "team" player. whole world knows how selfish he is as a cricketer.. always about his own records.. look at his slow innings in recent tests or playing for his own even when team required a different game from him whether it is tests or 1-day...

  • Philip_Gnana on December 20, 2010, 14:27 GMT

    So you do not congratulate the little master's 50th century Jacques? Now that is not cricket. Graeme Smith needs to note that the century was achieved the previous day if he was trying to offer up some excuse for Kallis's arrogance and if I may say typically him.. jealousy. Well don SRT. The whole cricket world apart from a few of course congrtulate you. What a performance. Farming the strike .... come of it Graeme. Give the bloke the credit he deserves. Hope India put up a better fight. I aint an Indian supporter but, I never agreed that a the winning of the toss should dictate the result of any test match. We have seen it happening at Lords, Galle, Old Trafford and of course in the sub continent. India are No 1 due to their home record and why not? The data used to ascertain the no 1 spot has been consistent. Being a SL fan I dont have any issues with that. Well done SRT. India need to show some resistence and character that is for sure. Philip Gnana, Surrey

  • PradeepR on December 20, 2010, 14:26 GMT

    All the people who are criticizing Sachin as to why he didn't farm the strike or shield the tailenders should really ask the Indian team management why it was so. I am pretty sure this is a decision made by the team management, not Sachin.

  • sachinlegend on December 20, 2010, 14:26 GMT

    wonder what all the fuss is about? in that way i would like to ask where was gramme smith and his team the night before the world cup semifinals against australia in 2007? we expected more commited fight from South African captain in that match.

  • Quazar on December 20, 2010, 14:25 GMT

    Er...a small question... are some people forgetting Day 1?? Counterattacking against Steyn, Tsotsobe, etc. by hitting 8 boundaries and scoring 36 runs off 34 balls in a Test match...does that sound like a batsman trying to rescue his side by seizing the initiative?? Or a man who puts himself above the team?? Just can't believe the overreactions (both sides) this man generates!

  • dubai_cricfan on December 20, 2010, 14:24 GMT

    am a big fan of sachin...but this was really shocking approach from him.....he didnt play like a top batsman....just think if he was in 60s or 70s he will not rotate the strike....he will play for his century...but today he played only to be unbeaten...he should atleast play to avaoid an inings defeat.....i found some comments taht there is nothing to do with the tailenders and its not poosible to stay there....but u knw everything is possible in this world if we have dedication.and the stirker is the world best batsman.......if he played agressively for atlleasrt20 to 30 overs...we can send SA to bat for a chase of 120 to there is something to hope....but am damn sure he played only to keep his average.....this is not good point from a champion....

  • ManuSharma12 on December 20, 2010, 14:23 GMT

    @ Chamidra: India is No.1 by ICC's ranking system, based upon the team's performance over a period of certain time frame, India is not self pronounced No.1 team. and in the game of cricket any team can go down...

    @ D.H. Swapon: Is SA deserve no.1 they will win matches and will become No.1 by ranking system. But remember one thing even SA or any other team can lose match, and thr is a high chance of losing when not playing on home ground. Check the records...

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:21 GMT


  • GODsDream............WC2011 on December 20, 2010, 14:21 GMT

    This has been Best Year for SRT but still there are so many ppl critisizing him ... i dont know what ppl want from him.....may be a 1000 runs per innning :) every now and then I see ppl saying i want to see Bradman play again and now if closest thing to DON is on his Best then same ppl dont like him... STRANGE.....Hypocratic.....May be RACIST (please dont mind but sometimes it looks like this only )...But i dont understand it.......

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:19 GMT

    We saw what happened last time India visited SA and SA batted under overcast much was that? 84 allout? Dont read much into this win by SA. If at all weather and toss played a part in a test match, these two were it.

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:18 GMT

    What can Sachin do with batsmen like Sreesanth and Unadkat. I agree with Greame Smith that Dhoni has given good support for Sachin. But Dhoni got out at wrong time in my view, hell a lot of time was there and why Dhoni tried to cut a ball which was close to body, he should have played with little more patiences but after doing wicket keeping and then batting is something tough for any player. Raina in my view is not fit for Test cricket, till now he played in home series that is why scored tons and there are better players than him like Badrinath, Rohit Sharma, etc. But Dhoni is having some soft corner for Raina, I guess. Bowling is looking pathetic because South Africa has some class batsmen like Kallis, Amla, De villiers and Smith. Against such batting order Sreesanth and Ishant sharma's experience will not work. Winning team captains will not understand anything from losing team's not fighting back. Smith is talking about Sachin Character but he will also do the same wht sachin did

  • Sarfin on December 20, 2010, 14:16 GMT

    To delay the defeat, tailenders had to play their part. How much Tendulkar could guard them? two or three overs. then what? I think Sachin kept faith on them and thus to boost them. which didn't work. it's simple. nothing to do with selfishness

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:15 GMT

    1) I would like to thank Smith for making such comment .. and he will definitely get reply from Sachin's Bat in nxt 2 test !!!

    2) And ppl commenting on test rankings ... South Africa was better team in this test but result was decided @ Toss itself .... Innings defeat has nothing 2 do with rankings ... Even Aussie who were called dominant no.1 team were defeated by innings mutiple times in India (Home Advantage)

    3) It's high time for BCCI to make sure that there are minimum 1 practice match before test series atleast in England, SA & AUS ...

  • GODsDream............WC2011 on December 20, 2010, 14:15 GMT

    Comon ppl its just first test of series... we have 2 tests to go .......... even if its 1-1 then also not a bad show from INDIA......... And Honestly I must say the only option SACHIN had to let these tailenders have a feel of pitch .... if this match were a draw then one of these ppl would have scored a 50 ...... task was tall and risky ; sachin played his cards and failed so we admit it ..... mind you these pitches are fast unlike indian pitches ........ scoring a 4 is easier than a single.........All right I am done with so many lies ....... he made a wrong decision to expose tailenders and he should have been more responsible.........but 1 thing is for sure it was an impossible task after all it was not a sub continental pitch.....and Yeah It was strange behavior from JACK KALLIS .......... even if he considers himself better batsman than SRT then also there was not any harm in applauding ... Has JACK become a LADY after a Hair Job and he would be feeling so much Jelous of SRT..

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:14 GMT

    South Africa is a good team but they are not the best side in the world.They will struggle on the turning wickets of sub-continent and then cry foul.So I don't think there is much to brag out.I have seen all this talk from South Africans since the 2000s and they have been whooped by Australians all the time.Coming to this match,they got a good damp wicket to bowl first and won because of their firepower in the bowling.Moreover SA batsmen are in better form than the Indian counterparts.Lets see how they play on a seaming wicket?

  • cyberobe on December 20, 2010, 14:14 GMT

    The crowd is dwelling on secondary issue. Highlights of the game were - (1) A pitch excessively tailored for Steyn & Co in the first innings, see how many runs were scored by Indians in second when it eased out. Also remember how grass was cut and heavy roller was used to help SA batting on second day. (2) Sheer impotent and somewhat selfish (disinclination to bend the back) bowling by Indians. (3) Sehwag's reckless shot selection disregarding situation/conditions, if he stays on the crease the runs will keep flowing at hight rate.

  • Pathiyal on December 20, 2010, 14:12 GMT

    yes, smith was being honest when he said that. i also thought he would have at least gone ahead and avoided an innings defeat. what a pathetic performance by our bowlers in this test. there were times when they noticed some swing and bounce, but i felt that they didnt care enuf to exploit the situation. u dont need to be upto a dale steyn to swing the ball or bounce it. ur short pitched ones were trudging at a pace of 100 to 120 kms per hour which was more than sufficient for their batsmen to play 2 different shots of the same ball. i dont understand the point of asking kallis why he didnt appreciate, it was his personal choice whether to applaud of not. may be he was not so impressed or may be the double centurion was too tired to do so.

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:12 GMT

    Smith is just acting funny, as a gamesman ship. If Sachin reached 50 and 100, the credit goes to Smith and not Dhoni. Long before Dhoni came into bat, Sachin should have got out. Two of Sachin shots, an edge through vacant slip and a defensive jab off Harris and ball ballooning to leg slip did not find a fielder. Elementary field setting lapses, Mr Smith. A lead of 484, 4 Indian wickets down half way through the deficit and you still dont have a second slip to a pacer or leg slip to a spinner. Understood Harris is not Warne, but still you are in a position of strength and time to make your ordinary bowler like a tiger.

    Even when the Indians were getting whacked all around, the second SA wicket fell as a catch at forward short leg to Harbhajan. If India had to get defensive, they should not be placing a forward short leg, they still had one.

  • iamitkr on December 20, 2010, 14:11 GMT

    Its really a surprise... i dont know what is the difference between 111 not out or 130-140 out.. if tendulkar had taken more strikes today there is chance that India didn't lose by an inning. It is right that defeat is a defeat but mentally it is going good for india if SA comes to bat again.... well may be there is something different in Sachin Tendulkar's mind.

  • P.James on December 20, 2010, 14:10 GMT

    I think we are digressing from the issue. Agreed, Tendulkar should have shielded the tailenders. Maybe he erred. But this isn't what triggered the test loss. Match wouldn't have progressed to fifth day if not for Tendulkar and Dhoni. I think lead bowlers and other batsmen have to take the blame, and improvise. Criticising Tendulkar, just because His Highness Graeme Smith 'The greatest batsman of all time' did so, is playing into his hands (nobody criticsed Kallis when he couldn't score 5-6 runs in last over in the one-day match vs India). Our bowlers need to fire if we are to win the next test. Smith and co, the eternal 'gentlemen', will continue 'sermonising' till somebody gives it back to them (then they will choke). Our bowlers have to do that.

  • rajuramki on December 20, 2010, 14:09 GMT

    Smith was absolutely right in wondering why Tendilkar did not take most of the strike,atleast until the deficit was wiped out.For all his abilities,Tendulkar should have taken it upon himself to avoid an innings defeat rather than expecting Sreesanth or Unakdat to do the job.Honestly,I am disappointed at Tendulkar's approach instead of giving him any credit for all the runs and centuries he has scored.Who says that Tendulkar is not after records?

  • Hariafromhyd on December 20, 2010, 14:08 GMT

    Why has South Africa with all the Talent they possess never been able to win a World Cup. Mr Smith, you have to visit the Sub Continent soon and you can expect grounds like Gwalior where you got a real ' whacking' from the Master. Cheers and see you in India next Feb !!!! And yeah keep some statements for when you dont even get to the Final cause i can see you meeting Sri Lanka in Colombo in the Semi Final and you know what the result for that Match is going to be !!

  • Tiptop32 on December 20, 2010, 14:07 GMT

    Smith is spot on. This is where Sachin is good at. He protected his Test average when he could have taken some risks to avoid follow-on. He just exposed tails and remained not out in the end. This is how he played his entire career. He always plays without keeping in mind on the team needs. SELFISH PLAYER!!!!!! WHO PLAYS FOR RECORDS ONLY.

    Note: I am Indian.

  • SnowSnake on December 20, 2010, 14:06 GMT

    Smith is trying to kick India when they are down. Tendulkar was on the field for all five days. He had to play harder than any other player, and yet the outcome of the match was sealed. The best approach was to save the fight for another day. Tendulkar just did that, so I don't see any problem with what Tendulkar did. I don't see much problem with what Smith is saying either, it is a sporting strategy to demoralize Indians.

  • on December 20, 2010, 14:04 GMT

    Kallis is a great cricketer -- perhaps even the second greatest all rounder of ll time behind Sobers. As a batsman, she is up there with the Postings and Dravids. Just awesome. However, if he can't recognize the magnitude of 50 test centuries (when #2 is at 39) and not applaud it , he is not a fan of the game. So applaud Kallis' batting and bowling, and hope your kids don't get his character.

    As for Graeme, this is out of your league. You might as well criticize Cicero's oratory or Tiger's golf swing. He'd have just as much credibility doing that. Take his career to date and replicate it and he is still an entire Hansie's career short of being Tendulkar. Enjoy the victory Graeme but act like you've been there before. Show some class.

  • Sarfin on December 20, 2010, 14:03 GMT

    Oh! Who are judging Sachin!!! Who are criticizing Sachin's approach and patriotism? Man! Think twice before you comment. After 20 years you are declaring Sachin selfish? How many cricketers have shown the devotion for this game and his country? I am not an Indian. And I hate the approach of Indian fans and media. But I must say he is the best ambassador of this game. He could never shield the tailenders as they had to face at least 2 or 3 balls in every one or two overs. Smith just played a cheap mental game.

  • kabe_ag7 on December 20, 2010, 14:03 GMT

    @Tsotsi - Dude, there are no 'diversionary tactics'. You are no worse at sensationalising and generalising than the media you are talking about. You'd be stupid to assume that most of us were not disappointed with his not putting up a fight today. Stop patronising 'Indian public'.

  • intcamd on December 20, 2010, 14:00 GMT

    I saw that the PM Manmohan Singh himself sent a congratulatory note to Sachin for scoring 50 centuries.

    I could not believe it. The PM must be, presumably, very busy. He has, hopefully, a million other things to do, as in, taking care of the government and thinking of ways to improve Indians' lives. One would think he would send out congratulatory messages to sportspersons only in extraordinary times, which bring glory to India.

    His note, at this time, was sent during a test which India lost by an innings, abjectively. Did I miss something?

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:59 GMT

    what i find suprising is the fact that almost no credit is given to sa for and emphatic victory. i'm trying to undertand why the world is so loathe heap some praise on sa when we win.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:59 GMT

    indeed im surprised a bit by sachin's approach.....but after a thought ,,it seems right so...anyway india was gonna lose....but i would have been happy to see sachin attack the bowlers ...and try to clear the that the monkey is of his back...(50 th ton)...also its high time for bhajji to improve his bowling....he has to be a matchwinner.. if kallis wantedly dint applaud sachin...he must be sportive...surprised by him

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:56 GMT

    smith is a bas***d i tell u n SA are a bunch of jealos ppl who cudnt do nethn... just wait n watch hw indians spoils their shw in d comin matches...

  • multipack on December 20, 2010, 13:56 GMT

    @Chamindra, India don't call themselves the number 1 team, the ICC ranking system calls them the number 1 team. It's funny how nobody questioned the validity of the rankings system until India took the top spot. Like I said in another post, jealous much?

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:56 GMT

    Is it just me who finds it a bit strange why Kallis was given man of the match?

    The only reason South Africa won this game, and it wasn't a high scoring draw, was Morne Morkel's 5-20 on the first day.

    Kallis came in when SA already had a lead, when the pitch has really started to flatten out. If there was one performance which turned the course of the game it was Morkel's.

  • Smasher79 on December 20, 2010, 13:56 GMT

    @Anshul -- I agree to some extent that it shouldn't be a huge deal. But let me tell you something. When you are playing on such a level and you are already a legend then a negative attitude is not expected of you. His fans and every cricketing nation knows him as a fighter. This maybe the reason everyone has been showing dismay over his approach. No matter what the situation is, no matter if you know that you are going to lose by an innings or 10 wickets throwing in the towel tells a different story about someone. All i am saying is that giving up is never an option for a fighter. Razzaq won a match for Pak against the same opposition. SA were literally celebrating. Pak were 7 down and still more than 100 runs to win. Did he lose his heart. NOPE. Motto is never give up.

  • anoopshameed on December 20, 2010, 13:55 GMT

    @ ALL those who are concerned why Sachin didn't protect the tailenders and prologned the defeat, can you guess what the Indian players did after match today? Well, it seems that they started their preperation for the next match and had a good day of pratice on the pitch used for this match! Nice strategy from the Indian Team Management and it does highlight the fact that they are not in South Africa to hand out the number 1 title without a fight. And on top of that Smith's words should egg them on-how many times have we seen it, how the Indians turnup on the field when the the opposition do the talk! The latest has been Sangakkara in the Sri Lankan series and before he knew it the series was level!

  • thetruelies on December 20, 2010, 13:54 GMT

    read it... guys i thk its not the batting that let india down in ths match bt its there bowling tht makes them so ordinary in ths test. they shown there batting in second inng n i think all of u agree me on this point that its d bowler how won u d macth not d batsman particulary on d these type of condition that SA pithes have .. n i think its the indian bowling that makes them to loose in this match if they have bowled well india surely have drawn ths match after falling 136 in 1st inng. n being no 1 test team in d world they must have a world class pace attack n dis is d real problem of india as they have worst pace attack in among all test playing nations.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:53 GMT

    For me frankly speaking i think we should have gone for the result won by 10 wickets rather than losing by an innings...sachin he did well no doubts a top class batsmen too one i was ok if he rotated strikes with sreesanth but if the last batsman has come he should have known wht to do ...just go few months back to the mohali test...laxman knew how ishant plays and gave him strike with ease but when ojha came to bat he knew ojha's a bit weak against the might aussie pace attack so he rotated strike only on the 5th ball or the last...and took this case sachin could have done tht yeah we would have lost anyways but still we would have taken a lead which's always gud...anyways lots of positives in the match openers,dravid,sachin dhoni.....all looking very fluent ...laxman too ..but raina hmmmmmmm bet he'd be replaced by the next test...bowling lacks chaos anyways we can make this series all the more interesting we cann

  • Quazar on December 20, 2010, 13:52 GMT

    I guess Sachin agrees with STEVE WAUGH's approach...tailenders too have to front up to the ultimate test, and can't expect to be protected in such a situation (whole day remaining). But for sure, I was reaaalllly hoping Tendulkar would bat with No. 11 the way he did in B'desh (Jan '10), Capetown ('96) and MCG ('99)...farming the strike and helping India take the lead or avoid the follow-on. Oh well...

  • multipack on December 20, 2010, 13:52 GMT

    It's kind of sad to see the relish with which South Africans keep mentioning India's number one status. Jealous much? It's not the Indians fault that just when it looked like you were about to take the Aussie's mantle, that you lost at home to them and drew with England. Bottled it again in other words. The fact is a woefully under prepared India only lost this match because they lost the toss. Instead of gloating consider why your much hyped fast bowlers weren't actually that impressive without the helpful conditions of Day 1.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:52 GMT

    Once Again! The Ordiniary India team in TEST Cricket. It was being a one man show most of the time. Sometime VVS Laxman, sometime SR Tendulkar. And India is Lion/tiger in their own condition and became cat/rat while they are in abroad, specially outside of the subcontinent.

  • zenome on December 20, 2010, 13:50 GMT

    It was surprising indeed. India was anyway going to lose and there wasn't any pressure on Sachin to save match. He should have had made use of this opportunity and tear apart SA's bowling attack. 1) A harsh attack on SA bowlers, would had been enough to dismantle the confidence of Steyn & co before next match. 2) This might have also boosted morale of Indian batters, guiding them the way to aggressively tackle Steyn/Morkel, by the Master himself. 3) An effort could have also avoided innings defeat. Again +ve for india's morale in next matches.

  • arjean on December 20, 2010, 13:50 GMT

    To be honest, I too was surprised by Sachin's approach to the game this morning. Though it is obvious that we are gonna lose the game, Sachin could have taken the strike and should have tried to erase the innings deficit.That would have given Sachin more credit than his 50th test century. This approach of sachin may be forgotten soon and this match will more be remembered for his 50th century, but in my mind, this will linger forever for he failed to take the initiative when he could have done so. Or May be we expect too many great things from great people!!!

  • wiseshah on December 20, 2010, 13:49 GMT

    sachin got 50 century, how many match he won for india. he is not a match winner, he simply plays for his record

  • Simha99 on December 20, 2010, 13:48 GMT

    Exposing the tailenders and hoping they score 30 odd runs everytime is simply illogical. If Sachin had farmed the strike and hit a few shots and made SA come back onto the field to bat - even if it were for just two overs, it would have sent a far stronger message. SA did not expect to bat again and it would have made they ask themselves: 'how big a score is good enough against India'. The fight is not over until the last ball and a Lara or Ponting would have at least tried to score a fast 50 with the tail. I'm a big Sachin fan, but he appeared to have been satisfied that a message was already sent on the 4th day itself. Guess what, it wasn't.

  • NKSUDHIR on December 20, 2010, 13:46 GMT

    No matter what the world says or SA says, we are the proud fans of Sachin Tendulakar and this celebration does not stop today because it was Yesterday's news. India's defeat is not Sachin's fault, all other batsmen and bowlers are responsible for the defeat. Sehwag kind of gave away his wicket. If Sehwag, VVS and Raina also contributed, it was not going to be an innings defeats. Sachin Tendulkar made a precious milestone and we have every right to talk about it. Cricket teams will win and lose games all the times, but many of us will not get a chance to see any other batsman getting 50 tons. Superb Performance, Sachin!!!

  • jayapras on December 20, 2010, 13:45 GMT

    During the days when pitches were uncovered, England and Australia have done pretty crazy "out of the box" stuff. Like sending no.10 and no.11 to open when the pitch was like at Centurion on day 1. Like declaring after 10-15 overs. If Dhoni had done the latter, his bowlers would have had 20 odd overs to attack the South African batsmen. The result of the test might have been very, very different.

    While Dhoni has turned out to be a very good captain, he needs to take along players like Sreesanth (a quixotic character), Rahul Dravid (a studious person) and Badrinath, another phlegmatic cricketer, who may all be not be his type. Remember, Badri won the first match for Chennai Super Kings in the Champions League on a fast, bouncy pitch in South Africa when Raina, Dhoni came a cropper. Imran was very different from Javed Miandad but always had the knack of getting fab performances from him. This will then make Dhoni into a great skipper.

  • poderdubdubdub on December 20, 2010, 13:44 GMT

    Well done Tendulkar, you are the real champion. However, this innings defeat will not help India's cause to get acceptance as the world top team. It will strenghthen the stance of world's top teams who do not credit India as the true No1. After this defeat India will continue to be regarded as an accidental No1, who does not deserve its current ICC ranking.

  • screamingeagle on December 20, 2010, 13:43 GMT

    Comments reserved till the series is over. The usual guys wiith the negative comments are in full usual.

    Wonder if Smith would have made all these noises if they batted first!

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:43 GMT

    Sachin play for records only.

  • bestanalyst on December 20, 2010, 13:43 GMT

    guys...when was kallis asked about y he did not clap for sachin??i wonder what his answer was..does any1 hv the link for his interview?

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:42 GMT

    I agree with Smith. Sachin should have tried to retain the strike himself and tried to wipe out the deficit. I dont think an Australian team would have done what Sachin did. What Sachin did today overshadowed his achievement yesterday

  • JustOUT on December 20, 2010, 13:42 GMT

    Spot on Biff, with due respect to Sachin,nobody can judge what was in his mind except himself. How can he expose 2 tailenders against the world best lethal pace attack early in the morning? May be he has achieved his goal. :). Well SA feed the green mamba in Durban.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:41 GMT

    Sachin has always disappointed me as a person. One of the great batsman he is but to me hes always seemed selfish and only concerned about his personal accolades. He for example - in his short stint as a captain never had it in him to say anything good about the opposition - even when prompted by commentators and in all the years since then has never offered any praise to his main rivals in Ponting and Kallis. Kallis hasnt either mind you, but at least Ponting has done so. Im not debating who is the best bat here. Im referring to his character which most Indian fans seem to feel is above question. I dont. Ponting for instance has sacrificed the last yrs of his career for the good of his team (by staying on as captain) and at the moment Sachin is streets ahead in runs and centuries. Tendulkar threw in the towel when India needed him to stay on as capt. The way he played this morning just cemented by opinion of him even more. Sachin isnt a team man. Hes a Sachin man.

  • prjnua6 on December 20, 2010, 13:40 GMT

    what sachin did today was unbelivable. Play for yr 100 yesterday and the next day oh who cares abt india, it's gonna lose anyway so let me open the tailanders for SA bowlers and make their life easy..not a good way for such an awesome batsman to put his weapon down. One more player who does this chanderpaul, he nvr gets out and then open the tailanders, staying not out and increasing his in case of chander, every match he goes through the same problems, so he muct be tired of gaurding tailanders and chander himself doesn't play fast so he can't take the team out of trouble making like triple century..he is an awesome sachin cld hv shown some an indian, i do not understand this tactics and smith is so honest that he brought up this point. As a captain, he must be surprised as well thinking sachin will guard tail bt he was amazed at what sachin did..pure selfishness..blaming suresh and laxman is of no use bc they played on their day well..

  • cricketloverinparis on December 20, 2010, 13:38 GMT

    It was indeed shocking that Sachin did not try to defend the tailenders but exposed them almost full overs to the Proteas. No doubt he scored a century and got the match into the fifth day but as an Indian fan and a Sachin admirer i was very disappointed. I wish there was more fight even though the match was lost but loosing after fighting until the end and you can still hold your head high - giving in to your destiny - thats India of the 90's and not this century.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:37 GMT

    Here again we go after the Master, yet 'again'.. for what??? He didn't shield two tailenders with almost 80 overs left in the day??? At some point of time they will get the strike during the rotation and they are bound to get out. I am sure Sahin didn't RUN them out so what is the whole point here? Instead of concentrating on this stupid unwanted issue think about how we fared badly in the first innings.. how only Sachin looked like an answer to Steyn and Morkel. Huh,.. grow up fellows!!

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:36 GMT

    Our tailenders were easily exposed to world's best fast bowlers when Sachin decided to stand on bowlers end and inflicted an innings defeat on India which Sachin could have avoided if he scores briskly by covering the tailenders. It was a cool epitome of Master Blaster's perspective about teamspirit. The media is more interested to write Sachin's personal landmarks rather than the innings defeat of World's No.1 Test Team against No.2.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:36 GMT

    I am also surprised by sachin approach but i can't understand the level of one's expectation from sachin. What more one wants from him. To do all the things all the time and still be blamed for teams debacle. How many balls more could have sachin played today after spending whole day in field yesterday. Another day with no support from other end and a 2000% surety of defeat.

  • Gujaratan on December 20, 2010, 13:36 GMT

    SA only won because of the rain and winning toss, this don't make them No.1 team or India any bad team, it was all about toss, if India have won and if we had Zaheer, we would have bundled down SA below 136, Bye the way, there are Aus and WI lowest total than 100, on their peak of cricket, so 1 match here or there, don't make india any worse. SCORING 400 Runs with more than 6 runs per over by Sehwag, Gambhir, Sachin and Dhoni, in SA condition, SAYS IT ALL ABOUT THE INDIAN BATTING, so rest of the losers should just SHUT UP, who thinks Indian batsman are no good. Zahher and the Rain and the Toss, that made SA win, NOTHING ELSE. if that was the same, If Steyn was out, and India winning the toss with Zaheer in, the result would have been different.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:35 GMT

    I get the sense that the Proteas have had enough of India being touted as the #1 team in tests and having to hear from everyone over and over and over again. If India wants to tie/win this series, they better bring their A game and for once show some balls against the short ball. Its probably the worst kept secret in the game of cricket that the Indians can't handle the short ball. Oh and a little fire in the bowling department would also go a long way. This current Indian team has more holes than swiss cheese. Astlavista!!

  • PROTEAFAN on December 20, 2010, 13:35 GMT

    I feel sorry for Tendulkar, who now has to be absolutely perfect on every occassion or is criticised. I think part of the problem is the media, who have painted him as the greatest ever, simply on the basis of sheer weight of runs scored in his career. He is indeed one of the greatest the game has seen, and was a child prodigy. But is he really the greatest? Giving him this mantle denies other great players of their rightful place in the game. How is his mountain of runs "greater" than those scored by Kallis, given the latter's amazing talents with the ball. He could be an opening bowler in many an international attack, and just scored a double hundred against the no. 1 test side in the world. How do Tendulkar's runs compare to those of Pontings, when the latter has shouldered the burden of test captaincy. Could Tendulkar entertain us as much as the great Brian Charles Lara and still maintain those averages? Tendulkar's early start means his records will be hard to beat, but god, no.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:34 GMT

    Sachin`s 50th ton lost its glaze right on the 5th day morning when he didnot attempt to avoid the innings defeat, which would have saved some grace for the losing team.Even in other sports,the margin of defeat matters.Very surprising to see Sachin doing that as plenty of his diehard fans (including myself) felt that he should have given one last best shot to avoid the innings defeat, not that it would have been entirely possible - he could have got out- that would have been a better finish to the game which was dominated by 2 (read too) fast men who showed how slow the Indian bowling was (especially without Zahir)

  • U.A.1985 on December 20, 2010, 13:34 GMT

    Guys compare Sachin's performance to that of Mike Hussey's; I truly loved that innings of Hussey there was so much intent even when he blocked the ball it seemed that the guy was looking to do something and at no point, literaly, at no point I felt that Hussey was playing to up his already high avg of 52.00. Cricinfo and all cricket experts should work on drafting a list of Sachin's centuries which had no positive consequences for the men in blue. And I am sure there will be several of them. I dont know how people can even think of comparing Sachin to greats like Viv Richards, Hutton, Hobbs, Lara, Bradman, Gavaskar & Miandad. I have now realized after a long time hat its not a batsman's avg which determines his greatness but more of his persona and way of getting runs...

  • sandunk on December 20, 2010, 13:33 GMT

    That was a bit ridiculous statement to think of Sachin shielding 2 tailenders for an entire day. Fight or no fight, the truth is they would have been exposed sooner or later. It's easy to say that in paper and interview.

  • Score200 on December 20, 2010, 13:31 GMT

    Ideally Sachin should have played 1st hour, closing deficit..then allowing tailenders to play their shots instead of playing defensively... honestly, its our bowling which nowhere near #1... you can win ODIs/T20 by scoring runs bt to win a Test Match one must get 20 opponent wickets..

  • raviscreen on December 20, 2010, 13:31 GMT

    It was quite fitting that on a day when the great man TENDULKAR scored his 50th test century, even the gods intervened in the form of rain and wind to protect him and his achievement from the ignominy of an innings defeat immediately thereafter. But, as all of us know, a defeat here was unavoidable and that is what happened today. I tend to feel that Tendulkar would have thought "enough is enough you face the tone....after all, it is you who bowled without any purpose on day 2 and day 3".

    Just a suggestion to the selectors - why don't you try Virat Kohli about whom I have read so much as a good player of bounce and swing. Why do we dump him simply as an ODI player ?

  • priyantha123 on December 20, 2010, 13:29 GMT

    This is the "beginning of the end" for India. The so called no. 1 test team can not play comfortable cricket out side India. They proved that in Sri Lanka and now in SA. Now BCCI is trying to play semi finals and above in the world cup at home venues based on their performance with their opponents about an year back. Can anybody explain how fair is it?? It's better for India to directly go to the world cup final and play against a country of their choice (ex. Netherlands) in Mohali and become no. 1 ODI team as well. Please note, at the end of the day, what matters is not the ranking or the no. of cups in the cabinet but the sportsmanship!

  • Smasher79 on December 20, 2010, 13:26 GMT

    I was a bit disappointed over smith's reaction to Sachin's century. Surely he could have been more realistic in his approach. Although for the first time in my life I have seen Sachin being a pessimist on the last day, but the guy achieved a milestone which Smith and Kallis can only dream off. Now coming to Harbhajan, just an ordinary overrated spinner. Greame swann is another one. Just want to say that bowlers will take wickets and batters will score but what makes someone nb 1 is the class they show. You can easily spot the calibre of a cricketer. Last, the indian team is not of the right calibre to be number 1. You can earn a few points on the ranking system by winning a couple of home series against good opposition but being number 1 is about dominating the world. Hope you get it and wait for the right moment to be proud of. At the moment its just nothing at all.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:26 GMT

    Sachin is a good player but he is not a great player for me, he got little ability to change cricket matches often , no guarantee that when Sachin played well then India gonna win .. not in the category of Gilly, Ricky, Viru, Sanath ...

  • mahjut on December 20, 2010, 13:24 GMT

    I disagree - i think there's a difference between not getting, in two innings, what the other team did in one and getting it, at the very least. I was truly dissappointed and i do respect Sachin a lot (how can you not - someone who's scored everywhere??)

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:21 GMT

    There is no point in shielding tail-enders. There was no threat of rain or these tail-enders are not going to bat for-ever to make life difficult for SA. Also what if one of the bowler gets injured in the process. Match was lost when the whole team did not play on the first day. There is no point in commenting on Tendulkar, when he and Dhoni were the only players along with Sehwag and Gambhir who tried something. I think they are just too pissed off that they are not #1. Talk what-ever you want. I personally do not care if Sachin scores a century, even if the team loses. Remember - its a team and atleast 80% has to contribute. If not why bother about the tactics. Let us see how Dravid/VVS/Raina play from here-on. I would have loved to see Dhoni winning the toss and Zaheer breaking both Smith and Kallis stumps. But can Dhoni win a Toss....He will never...

  • sunil_just_loves_test_cricket on December 20, 2010, 13:20 GMT

    FOR ALL WHO ARE BLAMING SACHIN PLEASE STOP DOING THAT CONGRATS SACHIN 4 UR BRILLIANT 100 IN TREMENDOUS PRESSURE.. It was due to sachin and later dhoni der was hope of saving the match but after dhoni departure everything was gone. If you have to blaim blaim only rain on first day and Dhoni poor captaincy on third day morning. None is noticing the fact that Dhoni gave the bowl to sachin and raina(7/77) in their combined 12 overs SA scored 130+ at a rate of 6+ 1st session 3rd day. Only becaz of that rate SA was able to declare so early otherwise they dont have the guts to call India bat on some 350 lead which was before this 7 overs was bowled by raina. Everyone knows and fears Sehwag SA will never put India on some 350 lead becaz they know if Sehwag blitz they have to save the match. So, if those 12 overs were not balled by these these two then SA would be able to declare only after 3rd day tea. In that case, you can simply think match would be drawn.... Lets hope 4 full 5 dy matches...

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:19 GMT

    Indian approach on the last day seems to be little unexpected to many cricket lovers. (Indian). I will request them to be with the Little master who understands Cricket like his own palm. Smith may be right from his angle of thoughts, but that should not inspire Indian supporters too much. I hope India is going to come back strongly in the next test. Watch out SA and Smith.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:17 GMT

    @Falguni: You sir(ma'am?) are a top class idiot! Played for average? Its not like he is not bound to get out in an innings. Averages will rise and fall during the course of a match but they tend to stay static within a range. A major rise and fall in average comes only after major good performances or failures. Sachin has hovered around 56-57 the whole of this year and would still have been in the high 56's if he had gotten out. I dont think Sachin thinks as much about 1/5th of an avg point as much as you do.

  • Gupta.Ankur on December 20, 2010, 13:17 GMT

    Smith's comment are in poor is highly unbecoming of a test captain and i think he must be ashamed of it...

  • mits6 on December 20, 2010, 13:16 GMT

    @ paul dawson I ,agree .its only becoz india lost people are criticing him of exposing the tail . no one criticised laxman when he exposed ishant against aussie pacers for 70 % of their partnership and india won the mohali test.

  • Jac71 on December 20, 2010, 13:14 GMT

    Mr. Gizza, Please don't trivialise the effort he has put in by playing sucha magnificent innings. you can't expect him to be the sole saviour of India everytime he plays. You bloody Sachin critics are just waiting for an opportunity to throw cheap criticism against him. your cheap comments will be far outweighed by billions of SACHIN fans all over the world, not only indians but other nationalities too. he is a true legend..and the God of cricket. you guys might get more jealous about him when he achievs more milestones in the future. Be prepare to see more out of him and you guys can wait for some rare occassions to throw silly criticism against him.. He is the most best cricketer the game has ever produced and he lives in the minds of billions around the world.

  • _NEUTRAL_Fan_ on December 20, 2010, 13:14 GMT

    @Those who are annoyed at Smith's comments (more so than Ind's poor performances), Smith had EVERY RIGHT TO QUESTION THE TACTICS. Funny things have happened in cricket, you never know what could have happened,he could have well put on another 80 or so runs with the tail if he tried, the tail would have maybe tried even harder if they knew he was looking to farm the strike. Look at what Hussey achieved vs Pak when Aus looked down for the count. SA have also been known to be a mentally weak team and so making them bowl even more on the 5th day could well have hit back some valuable psychological blows. I can't get but get the feeling that he couldn't be bothered to drag out the match. He should explain himself. He could well have wanted the tail to get some batting practice, well then, he should COME OUT AND SAY SO.

  • jiljilaba on December 20, 2010, 13:09 GMT

    The thing what Sachin did this morning was not good at all. He should have kept strike, should have scored the runs and might have avoided innings defeat. The worst part is he has not even attempted to do that which is really a sad part even though I am a great sachin fan. Think had he done like this if his score was 85 or 90?

  • sunil_just_loves_test_cricket on December 20, 2010, 13:09 GMT

    I will not say well played SA or congrats them even though I always support the team who plays better. SA bowling attack is ordinary media hyped "Fiery" steyn and morkel took 100+ overs to get Indian line up even in tremendous pressure. It was only becaz of rain that India's 1st innings ruined otherwise India's 2 innings score would be of the 1st innings then SA will be saving the match well lets c whats in the store for next 2 matches. @sonjjay ur absolutely right what people are thinking of 100 run stand between sachin and shreeshanth... Harbhajjan has to put his hand up and have to give some performance.... Raina please selectors we dont need a fielder in playing 11 we need either a bowler or batsman... SA commentators was regularly saying this is against no.1 team for everything whether its AB century or double hundred of Kallis. They want to make fun its ok time will come and numero uno will prove why they are numero uno then i love to hear No.1 team from SA commentators.

  • addiemanav on December 20, 2010, 13:08 GMT

    maybe smith wanted the last 2 wkts to bat long time and set them a target of 120 odd and hope the indian bowlers bowl them out to achieve a gr8 victory..he was actually speaking from india's point of view!! sachin,waugh and many others hav done the same thing throughout their career,they trust their partner..but yes,he cud hav done it differently!!as far as kallis goes,till last night i wanted him to be the 2nd man to reach thee 50 100s,but now with this attitude and behaviour i hav lost that wish and respect for him..

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:07 GMT

    Hope we can draw the Durban test and win in Cape town. That will serve the cocky Africans right!!

  • jupiterlaw on December 20, 2010, 13:05 GMT

    @AMAJEED you are exactly right in your interpretation of Tendulkar's mindset. He wanted to be not-out to improve his batting average at the expense of the team going down by an innings. I think that he lost more respect than he gained on this occasion. His selfeshness was abundantly transparent.

  • hashabjp on December 20, 2010, 13:03 GMT

    oh sachin what have you done. again you have showed no fight but meagre numbers.

  • keralite on December 20, 2010, 13:01 GMT

    Rt@GIzza.. many fans were already celebrating the 50th ton.. they almost forgot that India is gonna lose the match. This is a big problem with Indian fans. They are content with Individual performances.But I think India will come back strongly in the second test.

  • on December 20, 2010, 13:01 GMT

    Sachin gets a century , Indian loses match.

    rephrasing it -

    Even everyone else fails to perform, Sachin doesn't fail.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:59 GMT

    I have another justification for this. Sachin has always been a believer in the 'give strike to tail ender philosophy.' Remember the approach he used in the partnership with Zaheer khan. His policy is that the tail ender can bat well when given the confidence. He has done it well before. Just did not work this time. Some examples below. SR Tendulkar and Z Khan-133 partnership (Zaheer 75 in partnership) SR Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh 129 (Bhajji 63- he was not known then 4 batting after this he gained confidence)

    Sachin has 2 100+ partnership with 10th man and 11th man. How many does smith has.

    His strategy was to give strike and confidence to tail ender. He will gain confidence and play better that when the strike is farmmed

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:59 GMT

    Well it is hard to say what tendulkar was thinking and we would have lost it anyways but Why jacques kallis did'nt applaud for sachin is the real question if somebody like Ponting would'nt have applauded I won't be suprised But reallyl surprised by the behaviour of kallis, he get well along with indian team when he scored double hundred the whole indian team applauded...........

  • mahjut on December 20, 2010, 12:58 GMT

    @Paul Dawson - I think you need to supply a little more evidence before making such a heinous accusation ;) Kallis had just scored his first 200 (I am sorry to hear he didn't applaud - i am surprised too. what was his response to the question?), SA had won and Smith was only being questioned about Tendulkar (according to the article).

  • vijujack on December 20, 2010, 12:53 GMT

    This is probably the second time SRT has done it. As great as he is, he is selfish too in wanting to remain unbeaten. He did that in the famous Sydney test in 2008 when he chose to remain not out in the 1st innings and it was ridiculous to see him get to the other end off the first ball and leave the tail enders to face the music. And sure enough, in the second innings, off the last over Michael Clarke took 3 wickets. If SRT managed to squeeze another 30 minutes or so, we would have ended up drawing the match. Agreed that it is a matter of conjecture, but a batsman of his class and standing is expected to do what VVS does all the time. What elation i had yesterday is all gone today. The least he could have done was to make SA bat again and remove the blot in his reputation when it comes to this area of team spirit. He had the world at his feet yesterday and today he has an ardent fan questioning his commitment to teams' cause. Sad indeed...

  • UnBiased_True_Cricket_Lover on December 20, 2010, 12:53 GMT

    The way I see it is that Indians might have discussed their approach before the start of 5th day and it will be that the tail enders are going to face every SA quick with confidence and sachin will not try to form most of the strike.I remember Laxman saying in an interview that He believed that Ishant can bat and can face all Aussie bowlers and that is what has resulted in a match winning partnership against the aussies in the 1st test in recently concluded series.So it looks fair enough to me.

  • Tarzansree on December 20, 2010, 12:51 GMT

    i am a huge huge fan of SRT. But i could not understand his approach today. getting a single on the first delivery could have been avoided. i dont xpct him to be a super man and bat through 4 sessions with two tailenders. But then i dont expect him to take a single off the first delivery he face in an over. He should have waited for the last two balls to take that single. Well today approach has given Smith and co to play mind games with SRT and Team India. I still support you Sachin. I want you to come harder on RSA in next two games and show them what the word approach really means. On seemer friendly conditions india should go with an pace bolwing all rounder at no.6 or 7 in place of Raina. Apart from that my heart still cry for Irfan Pathan. Well this time he is injured (as he is not playing the ranji), but otherwise also he is being ignored. India still are yet to find an replacement for DADA forget abt hving a Kapil, Kallis, Zulu, Razzak, A Mahmood.

  • Oz_boz on December 20, 2010, 12:50 GMT

    Come on... how hard is this to understand... the match was lost on day-1, there is nothing Tendulkar could have done on 5th morning except prolonging the inevitable.. so by allowing the tail enders to face a few balls, he was making sure that they were exposed to quality bowling that could come handy in the future games (hope not) !!

    Stop analysing the farming issue rather we need to focus on Indian bowlers and their inability to take 20 wickets.. Harbhajan is toothless while the pace bowling was as threatening as my 4 year olds fast ones !!

  • SameerSharma on December 20, 2010, 12:48 GMT

    haha..its so easy to comment on anyone especially when u win. i think Mr. Smith has forgotten those humiliating defeats at the sub-continent. the result would have been just opposite if India had won the toss coz everyone is aware of that first day's condition.if the ballers of SA was so capable then they shud have denied Tendulkar his 50th 100 and Dhoni that 90. don't forget we have seen how the proteas play in other nations. Smith shud not talk about the approach that Tendulkar had, we all know how he plays and dun expect to protect ur tail-enders for the entire day. We had seen ur team's approach in the sb-continent. first try n survive 20 years in the active cricket then comment....

  • fkauser on December 20, 2010, 12:47 GMT

    Hi....I am a great fan of sachin and also india ....smith is trying to make sachin and bhajji confidence down...but i think he dont know he is talking about those two tigers who will come back very strongly and same smith will put his thum in his mouth.....Well dont south africa for ur win.......but dont become like australia not to appreciate others.......bestof luck india I am sure you will come back very strongly.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:46 GMT

    The only reason South Africa is big mouthing because they won the toss. Besides, this is psychological warfare on Simth's part. There is no reason for Tendulkar to protect the tail. Every one has to earn their spot on the team. Besides, it was a lost cause and there was no reason for anyone to waste energy or get injured.

  • AMUSMANI on December 20, 2010, 12:46 GMT

    I think Tendulkar proves today that he is not a team player. He only plays for his own record and average. I m very disappointed by his approch.He should play most of the balls, but he exposes the tail enders.

  • saltmine on December 20, 2010, 12:44 GMT

    Sachin, Sachin, Sachin... thats all that comes out of the Indian media and fanatics. What about the rest of the team?? When Dhoni was dismissed; Sachin stopped playing for the team (and started playing for himself... and his "stats"). So Sachin scores another 'hundred', well done, hats off, rah-rah, and tally-ho, but dont expect the SA team or captain to begin 'gushing' like the fanatics and Indian media - it wont happen during the series (afterwards, maybe, but not now). India, you are dividing your team by assigning Sachin "God-like-status", cant you see this?? Wait for the man to retire, then build a monument, give him his own 'postage-stamp', whatever, but be warned: A divided team in SA is a loosing team...! And SA media - quit the 'King Kallis' rubbish NOW!

  • binojpeter on December 20, 2010, 12:42 GMT

    What is the point in not exposing Sreesanth and Unadkat? Is he going to shield them for entire 90 overs today? Come on, if India had to survive this day, they should develop the ability to fend those deliveries. Also, it should also be a part of team strategy. For last many Indian innings I have seen, I have never seen the top order batsmen wilfully shielding tailender batsmen. In the match that Laxman won for us against Australia, Ishant Sharma fended equal amount of deliveries that helped Laxman achieve the target.

  • FormattedSoul on December 20, 2010, 12:42 GMT

    All Sachin supporters do u think "will he expose the tail enders to SA bowling if he was on 90s".

  • mesumon on December 20, 2010, 12:42 GMT

    I believe that India will beat SA in next match on 26th December.

  • nahan on December 20, 2010, 12:41 GMT

    Let us congratulate Sachin for another world record. Yesterday he became first player to his 50 Tons Today he became first player to hit unbeatable 50th Ton. Also S Srishant & J. Unadakt truly deserves full credit for not exposing an "INEXPERIANCED" Sachin.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:41 GMT

    i have lot of praise for Tendulkar.... but the way he went on today morning was surprising... i thought he could have got those 30 odd runs and at-least save from a innings defeat if not bat out the entire 90 odd overs.....

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:39 GMT

    Perhaps the press should have asked some appropriate questions rather than harping on the same thing over and over. In order of importance, well done SA on a good team effort, well done Sachin on a great achievemnet, well done Kallis on getting rid of the monkey and well done AB on SA's fastest test centuary.

  • ElPhenomeno on December 20, 2010, 12:37 GMT

    I am a south african and smith is only taking potshots at sachin, nothing more. For those in this thread, who say why didn't sachin protect the tail, I must say you've never played cricket at any competitive level, and most of you are armchair critics who sit on their comfy couch and suggest team selection from the comfort of their home.

    Try protecting a tail for full day. Steve Waugh regularly used to let tail play with him and he was admired for the same thing. When someone else does it, it becomes selfish. What a gyp.

  • Sabharim on December 20, 2010, 12:37 GMT

    I am from India and a Big Sachin fan. But I was astounded at the way we (he) played today. I agree completely with Gizza. We should be proud of the way we batted till yesterday evening- but where was the fight today? Our fans and media are completely losing the plot. Sad day for Indian cricket. Not because we lost- but for the way we lost today.

  • syedmkr on December 20, 2010, 12:36 GMT

    Yes, it is really big surprise the way Centurian Sachin played, most matured players like him will not expose the tail-enders if they want to save something that could salvage or reduce the losing margin... not a good sign from India's point of view; strategy should be improved.

  • Balamuarli on December 20, 2010, 12:35 GMT

    Hi all ,

    Smithi s 100% correct in saying " surprised by India's (sachin) fifth-day approach" .

    we all know we cannot save the test mactch , but might be avoided innings defect . if sachin is god of cricket , then he should have kept sreesant and Unadkat away from stirke.

    why did sachin took single in first or second ball of a over and gave stike to tail ender , will sachin do the same when he is in 90's ?????????

    no way , he will not . his job was completed yesterday scoring 50th century . he played for it and got.

    he does not care about innings defect ,he cares for his runs.


    THIS media is hailing as him ,same media failed to hail some cricketers in same team has won matchs from staring defect .

  • AvidCricFan on December 20, 2010, 12:35 GMT

    It is surprising SRT did not try to rotate strike this morning or score briskly. It is also obvious that approach may have netted 30-40 more runs but was still not enough to make SA bat again. Besides the outcome was clear when Dhoni got out. India needs to take a close look at Raina, Unadkat and Bhajji. Are they worth being in the team? In the past few years, Bhajji has not provided the performance of the lead bowler unless the conditions suit his bowling. Raina is a big suspect in tackling bouncy wickets. Unadkat is not ready for the prime time.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:35 GMT

    Dont know what's the big deal about Sachin exposing the tailenders. Point is India was going to lose anyways so him shielding did not make sense. You cant shield tailenders for an entire day! You lose by an innings or by 10 wickets, doesnt matter, you lost. India played really bad cricket on day 1 to get bowled out for 136 and then laxman/raina not performing in 2nd innings hurt more. Sachin is not selfish, the situation did not demand him to shield the tailenders. If the game was at stake then am 150% sure, Sachin would have played differently.

  • arunck30 on December 20, 2010, 12:34 GMT

    Yes, Sachin should have taken much strike and would allow indian fans to enjoy Sachin's shots. I thought Sachin would repeat the same as he has done against the South Africe some 8 years ago, where he rescued the India from Follow On and played blistering Shots and finally Adam Backer took stunning catch....

  • Percy_Fender on December 20, 2010, 12:33 GMT

    Much as I have admired Sachin Tendulkar over his entire career, I was a bit baffled by his approach this morning. To throw Sreesanth and Unadkat to the wolves would seem to suggest that he had reconciled himself to the defeat. This, coming after he suggested that the Test could still be saved makes this morning more difficult to fathom.Paul Harris has always impresed me.He was way ahead of Harbhajan in each skill that a spin bowler possesses. Harbhajan seems fit these days only for his batting in India and the end of the day chest thumping bereft of substance. I wish they bring in Ojha and Vijay in place of Harbhajan and Raina.I was always skeptical about Raina's selection for South Africa considering his so obvious susceptibility to short pitched bowling. Zaheer being fit for Durban is good news indeed. Unadkat will be very good if he gets the hang of the right length to bowl. He is very accurate and on the stumps all the time. I think he should be preferrred instead of Sreesanth.

  • Tsotsi on December 20, 2010, 12:32 GMT

    I can't agree more with Celtics24; the Indian media, and many fans, are obsessed with Tendulkar's records. There is a circus around the 50 test centuries while ignoring the elephant in the room, the no.1 team in the world was comprehensively beaten. Yes I will admit that he has achieved something very special and I doubt anyone will be able to replicate his achievements. But that was yesterdays news (literally), today India was dealt an innings defeat and this diversionary tactic may work for the Indian public but this will not work as well on rest of the world. India have some difficult questions to answer if they want to keep their credibility as no.1.

  • givemefood on December 20, 2010, 12:31 GMT

    Smithie.. we don't need you to tell us that Bhajji sucks. But who does India have to replace him? Until that new 'good spinner' shows up.. the selectors will have to put up with the ineffective bowler. While you're right about Sachin.. i'll choose to ignore your comments.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:30 GMT

    well centuries in a lost cause are'nt that important...india have not developed a fast bowling attack and they literally crumbled on a dead pitch which seemed soft...india bowled outside the off stump and the south africans made hay...zaheer can pick up a few wickets but he also seems tobe old and can hardly paly a match before getting injured...pujara might be a good option and they could try another spinner...the indian coach probably needs to sit down with the captaina nd plan his bowling attack..dhoni probably cannot control his bowlers alone...ishant should bowl a little shorter while the others can put the bowl upto the batsman...deliveries wide of teh wicket seemed tobe the south african choice for runs...obviously after getting a century tendulkar could see the writing on teh wall and did not want to defend the taienders for a few overs...The south african fielding early on in teh second innings was 'nt that good otherwise the indians would have collapsed much earlier

  • bohemianGunjan on December 20, 2010, 12:26 GMT

    What happened today with Sreesanth and Unadkat, once again brings to debate this tactic of exposing the tailenders by SRT.

    A defeat is a defeat, i agree. But if farming the strike and getting 25 more runs could have saved the ignonimity of an innings defeat for India, I think it makes immensely more sense.

    All it took this morning was 27 balls for India to lose its last 2 wickets with SRT going back not out. What use was his standing at the other end having taken singles in the 1st and 2nd balls of the last 2 overs with No.11 batsman Unadkat? It definitely took the sheen off his achieving the 50th century in the match, IMHO.

    Is this a theory SRT has consistently believed in and practiced?

  • abhijeet1in on December 20, 2010, 12:26 GMT

    Smith's was typical rant to put down the opponents and sachin. Its sad that the team winning by an innings has to turn to these sort of cheap strategies. Besides only surprise from India was the decision to let a absolutely average fast bowler debut in first test of a series that is considered to be the "final frontier".

  • vpk23 on December 20, 2010, 12:26 GMT


  • Chamindra on December 20, 2010, 12:25 GMT

    50 Centuries or Not.. India LOST !!! and by an Innings... And they Call themselves the No 1 Test Team.. LOL !!!! First Beat the Proteas and then start Talking..

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:24 GMT

    It was impossible to survive for 98 overs with talenedrs. Remember Ishant Sharma played more balls than Laxman in India against Australia in recent test series, so that was the only way here, although Sachin was too reluctant to get off strike. Zahir is fit and ready to go for the second test...get rid of raina and get Pujara in. In my opinion Virat Kohli is also not bad choice at that position, he has really shown determination. India has to win the second match

  • jameswayne on December 20, 2010, 12:23 GMT

    Indians as always don't see any wrong in what Sachin Tendulkar does. The obvious fact is that Mr. Sachin wanted to raise his average above 56 which he managed to do. He did not want to get out and get his average below 56. Real Shame. All the Indians are raving that Tendulkar is the best, the greatest and whatever. But the reality is that his average is not the best even among active batsmen in world cricket. Kallis and Sangakkara have almost the same average as Tendulkar. Kallis also bowls for his team and Sangakkara also keeps wickets for Sri Lanka. Tendulkar has the privilege of not having to perform with the ball and does not have to keep wickets either. So all this talk like Tendulkar is the greatest is all garbage as statistics never ever lie. Of course Tendulkar is a great player but then there are many great players who have same averages if not better than him.So all this rubbish talk should end as Tendulkar may be the best, but only for the Indians.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:21 GMT

    Even though I am one of the hardcore fans of Sachin, I am really disappointed the way Sachin played today. I am following him from 1987 even before he started his international career. I am really happy for him for creating the history by scoring the 50th ton yesterday. I am really disappointed with his play today. I am not sure what's his game plan today. I expected him to be lot more attacking than what we had seen from today. South Africa deserved to win but they can't claim they totally out played India. Toss played big very role in this test especially for batting in the first testing. I think South African batters also would have been folded out for 30's and 40's instead of 130's and 140's if they had batted first. I must admit I am disappointed with Laxman's batting and Raina's inclusion in this test. I can't wait to see the next text.

  • poderdubdubdub on December 20, 2010, 12:20 GMT

    Well done Tendulkar, you are the true champ. However, this innings defeat will not help India's cause to get acceptance as the world top team. It will strenghten the stance of world's top teams who do not credit India as the true No1. After this defeat India will continue to be regarded as an accidental No1, who does not deserve its current ICC ranking.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:17 GMT

    No one Expected him to save the Test. He could have just put the fight to SA by delaying the Inevitable. He should have taken lot more of the strike. I did not see any intent from him to save the tailenders from Steyn and morkel. Adding 50 runs would have been a good show! All we expected was Tendulkar to show some fight and loose.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:16 GMT

    I am disappointed that Sachin played for not out. Cricket is a game of possibilities. I agree he could n't have saved tailender for entire day but there are always chance of rain, bad weather etc etc. Its disheartening that indvidual glory is put before team need. Sachin has lost many fans today and I am one of them.

  • kabe_ag7 on December 20, 2010, 12:16 GMT

    The match result might not have changed. India could still have lost it by an innings. But surely one would have wanted to Sachin put up a fight today. It'd have mattered symbolically if nothing else. He'd conceded defeat. The champion he is, you'd have wanted him to have more belief in himself. No wonder Smith was surprised at his approach. If there was even 1% chance of rain later, Sachin should have chased it. Champions never concede defeat.

  • alune on December 20, 2010, 12:15 GMT

    Well, sachin would always deny but the facts is he always plays mainly for his records, which is why he is not a match winner for Indians. Probably this why kallis and company did not applaud him much. I am sure if VVS had got this hundred, he would have made S.A to bat again.

  • LIBRAN on December 20, 2010, 12:15 GMT

    Totally Agree with everyone here.. Cant think of a reason why tendulkar would expose 10-11 to the likes of Steyn n Morkel..Unless he was trying to make them feel wat the real test cricket is all about.. even then hmm not convinced that was the case.. dont know wat the team talk was all about before the start of play.. Unfortunately, i am inclined to believe that Tendulkar dint wana get out..which is a bit disappoitning.. Making SA bat again would have been a moral victory in itself..

    Well regarding Harris.. He bowled well only cos he had a cushion of 600 odd runs..if it was india with a lead of 600.. Bhajji would have ran thru the Prtoeas any day..

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:14 GMT

    South Africa proved that they deserve #1 position. India proved that they are very ordinary side, when they play outside of Asia.

  • shri619 on December 20, 2010, 12:13 GMT

    READ THIS COMMENT...stop criticizing batsman all the time it's the bowlers who can win the matches for you yuo score 500 or 600 the 20 wicket's of opposition you have to take . but seriously i am an indian and i am accepting our bowling is mediacore even bangladesh would have score 500 against us . it's not batting bowling is let down ind so many time fine if we got out on 136 but its the bowlers job to get opposition out nothing was remaining after that 484 it's not joke to score that amount of runs and take lead over the opp. i will give bowlers(-10 )

  • sankarkrishna on December 20, 2010, 12:13 GMT

    Sachin's century deserves credit but cricket is a team game and unless Sachin scores at the time the country needs him to do so such as in the first innings or show grit when it is required as it was on the final day, it does not reflect true greatness!!

    Sankar Krishna

  • kv_aneesh on December 20, 2010, 12:13 GMT

    PROTECTING TAIL ENDERS FOR AN ENTIRE DAY??????? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. What Sachin done was correct. Steve Wough done that before. Sachin done that with Zaheer and Bhaji. Laxman showed us that with Ishant. Anyways, Cricinfo given another chance for the Sachin haters to jump out.

  • vincing on December 20, 2010, 12:12 GMT

    Thats a good one from Smith, trying to really play down any positives Indian contingent might feel they have got and creating pressure on the best batsman in the opposition side through media.

    For people who don't remember Steve Waugh, who had highest runs in partnerships with lower order batsmen, the guru mantra was give the batsman strike and that is how he can have confidence that he can block the balls. Ishant blocked the balls from the same pace duo in fading lights and then the morning. There is no way Tendulkar could shield them. Srresanth has maintained one end for Kumble's hundred scored six off andre nel in SA, Bhajji scored two centuries and 27 valuable runs in first innings. Any one of them getting eye in and blocking for an hour like Ishant would have been good.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:10 GMT

    Smith is spot on regarding both matters................Apart from one six that Tendulkar played of HARRIS , Harris dominated Indians & kept them under check Dismissing SEHWAG was special and he deserves due credit for that coz SEHWAG acc to me is the best player of spin along with LARA..whereas Harbhjan was treated with utter disdain by Devilliers............As far as Tendulkar issue is concerned he is absolutely right too........but the real reason Tendulkar didn't attempt to take control of the situation is because it is a mind game....i.e. if u try and fail that is more demoralizing than merely not trying at all .....In the fresh morning conditions even Tendulkar himself was not at ease to begin with....One or 2 had even went past his own edge....By remaining not out he kept an Indian upper hand as Indians can think SA still couldn't dismiss one of their top 6 batsmen...

  • Denisha12 on December 20, 2010, 12:09 GMT

    I agree, Sachin could not be expected to protect them for the rest of the day, everyone must play their part, anyway, what do you expect of the tailenders, cant put pressure on them when 'real' batsman could not put up a decent score. At least Sachin put his confidence in them, that is what the more experienced guys should be doing, the game was over anyway. Raina should definitely be dropped, he had more than his fair share of opportunties but failed to capitalise on the opportunity, there are far more hungry and players waiting for their turn.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:06 GMT

    Tundulkar 50th century to loosing cause, perfectly highlight his entire career. I'm surprise to see Indian fans are so happy about Tundulkar record that they even forget about the humiliating inning defeat, shows how cricket is play in India.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:05 GMT

    Hero worshipping reaching new monumental heights where insult of an inning defeat is hidden behind a wimpish effort of a hardened well known centurion I will call him 'The Geatest,' but with a 'If!'

    More of a fight from India on the final morning was the challenge that a greatest player like Tendulkar faced today; he disappointed me today.

    It should have been all about saving India from an innings defeat not about Tendulkar glory . Smith was cruelly truthful as to why he thought that century was a vain glory; Surprisingly how easily the last two wickets came is something that India fans should help the nation as a whole search her soul, is it all about Tendulkar? or about a team?

    This was one of the rare occasions that Tendulkar led the rearguard action heroically yesterday with help of Dhoni; yet what could have been a been a truly gallant effort to send SA to bat once more ended up in Tendulkar wimpish gaze from far end.

  • jaibharath on December 20, 2010, 12:05 GMT

    well said Smith, we ashame of this. we must drag you to the field for atleast one run we didn't. Even on yesterday dhoni was smashing from one side but the other side was kept as cool as to achive the maiden century. If the the trempet blown from the both end we may well ahead of your score on yesterday itself. Its unfortunate anyway still we have two matches to show. Though we cant blame or expect one person only to take the whole responsiblity. Still we have shown some fight back. Better luck next time.

  • katwash on December 20, 2010, 12:04 GMT

    The comments by Smith were spot on, maybe Sachin was more interested in being not out, than fighting it out to the end. Well done to SA, and especially Jacques on your maiden double century.

  • talktohari2002 on December 20, 2010, 12:04 GMT

    @ sonjjay.ya its difficult to protect the tail enders for 98 overs..but atleast he could have protected them for 10 overs, score some quick runs and made them bat again..but he played to be not out at the other end and boost his career average...sachin we support you in every milestone u acheived..because we think it may help india to win matches..atleast to avoid the defeat..we cant salute your 50th ton by watching you play for ur average than for the country..sorryy..

  • Vinnie_loves_cricket on December 20, 2010, 12:03 GMT

    Smith's got to be surprised with the way things have gone, In fact no captain would cherish to the fact that any opposition player scored his 50th ton against them. It's a mental hurdle and a ego hurting kinda tool which sachin did against the Proteas in spite of being on an loosing side. Smith could have swallowed his sarcasm by not stating that brutal truth of his own as far as Sachin is concerned, its showed how weak Smith has been from his deep inside that he couldn't cherish the win against the world #1 and on the contrary he blamed Sachin for the loss. You've to appreciate the game of cricket Mr Smith, rather than pin pointing on some one's success. That's not true sportsmanship , this is called the height of sarcasm! Watch out Mr Smith - it's more to come from the men in Blue. Time will tell!

  • EverybodylovesSachin on December 20, 2010, 12:03 GMT

    Give me a break Smith...How long Sachin would have kept them away from bowling..They came to bat they should start defending themselves and build up the innings..that's how Sachin inspires people...Blame Raina and Laxman and do not forget Sehwag...they are the culprits not bating well...Kalis would have not gotten his double if Amla and De Villers got out earlier...Sachin's hundred is far better than Kalis' double in this match..under pressure and far better bowling attack

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:01 GMT

    Why do indians take every bit of constructive criticism about Sachin as an insult?

  • shri619 on December 20, 2010, 12:01 GMT

    @ Gizza stop admiring aus if that is the case why they are not removing ponting who is the main reson for aus downfall from last 2 years why he is not retiring ? basically he wants play for records want to show he is better than tendulkar.

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:01 GMT

    Sonjjay, Sangeeta and Paul - The man is an idol for anyone who follows Indian Cricket atleast as much as i do !!! Protect the tail for 98 overs ??? yes as a follower who believes he is next to god - i would have expected him to !!! Even if he had gotten out first ball of the day coming down the track and trygin to attack ..or 100 dot balls .... that would have gone down better !!! not just throwing the little guys to those speedsters and saying pick them off !!! Not any one should have done that - NEVER SACHIN !!! He neednt have made it that obvious !!! Just a small sign of fight ... thats all we needed !!!

  • on December 20, 2010, 12:00 GMT

    I agree with smith's comments. Tendulkar should have shown more resolve to avoid an innings defeat, but he did not. Tendulkar always plays for himself and India is 2nd priority for him. In the process of amassing centuries if it helps India, then he takes credit for it. Everyone knew of weakness in India's bowling without ZK, however, India batting is an abysmal failure. They should have batted this test out. Dravid, Laxman and Raina did not contribute much. Match lasted 3.5 days.

  • Morpheus273 on December 20, 2010, 12:00 GMT

    First of all a heads up for one @Gizza. My friend, there are two aspects to the games that has just finished. Yes, India's first innings collapse cost them dearly. An improved performance in the second innings could not salvage a draw. But, lets not forget that India has always been slow starters in the away series. But when they do strike form, they blow away the home side. So shutup and watch.

    Mr Smith, your creepiness is well renowned in cricketing circles around the world. It shows your disrespect to the player and to the game. Even Indian and Pakistani players congratulate each other when either side's player scores a hundred. Aussies appreciate good innings. Then who the hell are you? Only because you have won the test match you think you have the right to disrespect the opposition player. Kallis is another low lying nothing cricketer who thinks of himself as the Don. This is precisely the reason SAffers dont have cricketing world's respect.


  • StaalBurgher on December 20, 2010, 11:59 GMT

    @Paul Dawson, lol dude. You English? Always trying to make out the South Africans to be ignorant, rude savages. This is just a storm in a tea cup. I hardly think Smith's comments were meant to defame Tendulkar. I am mean whenever you lot talk about modern great batsmen Kallis is never, ever mention except in after thought. So please, spare us your self righteous displeasure at Smith's supposed "disrespect" for not kissing Tendulkar's bat adequately.

  • Point4 on December 20, 2010, 11:59 GMT

    @Gizza the Indian fans are very much disappointed that we have lost the first test by an innings.And Sachin's batting today morning was a shame and more importantly NOT TO BE EMULATED BY ASPIRING/YOUNG CRICKETERS. Million times it is said that Sachin is a role model,ambassador etc for the game of cricket.but the way he batted today morning is precisely what a specialist batsman SHOULD NOT EVER do.A few viewers have expressed their view that he was quite right and there was no way we could save the game.This is absolutely the wrong thought process.Remember the 100+ run partnership between Donald and culinan in 96 which won the match for SA.(although it wont happen against any other bowling line up other than effort is always worth applause)its not over till its over....Before Sachin ambassadors the game he needs to imbibe this and fight till the last inch.Hope his attitude has not rubbed off to the rest of the dressing room and other aspiring cricketers..its a shock!!!!

  • Renjis on December 20, 2010, 11:58 GMT

    Its a never ending debate. It has always been about Tendulkar not performing in pressure situations (not for somebody who understands cricket) and now its about him not farming the strike when sreesanth and unadkat were bating with him. People crying for that please check the quality of guys he was batting with.Sreesanth cannot help himself playing a stupid shot every other ball and unadkat will be seeing the ball flying through to the keeper so fast for the first time in his cricketing career.No matter how good you are its near to impossible task to farm the strike scontinuously against a good feilding side like SA.I am sure that Sachin's approach would have been different if Ishant or somebody who can hang around would have been with him.Come on guys!Give him a break Without his innings India would have been down and out on the fourth day tea time itself with a huge deficit. Kallis is stupid not to applaud the master as he will never get a chance to applaud anyone for scoring 50 tons

  • shri619 on December 20, 2010, 11:56 GMT

    well how many overs he would surrvive last 2 ball atleast have to face by an tailender sachin how can he will do it for 90 overs . some one said he does it for avg. then probebly he would attack from the very first ball but he was defending playing each ball on it's merit

  • _csb on December 20, 2010, 11:56 GMT

    I also think that Sachin did not make any mistake exposing the tail. Nothing he did would have made a difference. A bad loss can also act as a way for comeback in next game. And it is good that the tail enders faced Steyn and Morkel. They should learn what fast bowling means ;)

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:56 GMT

    If this was a strategy, it was poor and difficult to understand. Smith is ofcourse trying to play some psychological games but still it was a bad ploy. Atleast we could have wiped off the lead. Sachin is a legend but not sure if this was discussed before they came out ... leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    I am worried as an Indian fan about how on second day morning Ishant the fast bowling prospect was unable to get any bounce/seam from this track (talking about the first hour) and Sreesant whom I rate one of the top swing bowlers in India was unable to get any movement ... they need hard to ponder on what went wrong ... and about Raina if he plays in the next match I would say its personal preference of Dhoni rather than a right selection

  • VincentSunder on December 20, 2010, 11:55 GMT

    Chill folks, Sachin wanted to end the game soon and get some good rest today! :D

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:55 GMT

    It's not surprising to see reactions this nature b'cos the way sachin played today;

    i just try to bring in another perspective; Why not this would have been a team decision?

    Given that the match is all but lost, this was an opportunity to let the tailenders face steyn & Morkel as it may help in the next couple of test matches when situations arise. No way that sachin could have protected them all day!!

  • spinkingKK on December 20, 2010, 11:53 GMT

    Well said Smith! I am an Indian supporter. But, I admire some foreign players' honesty when they speak. Smith just can't support a great batsman just because he is one of the greats. When a mistake has been made, that should be pointed out. For those of you who thinks it was impossible to avert defeat, just remember, nothing is impossible. If it was impossible, they could have just declared overnight and conceded defeat! Poor Sreesanth and Unadkat didn't even know whether to go for slog or defend. At least if they have been asked to slog, India would have managed to avoid innings defeat. One great innings from a great player has been somewhat downgraded to an average knock. I think he was doing what Laxman was doing(and always did) when he was doing the same thing with Ishant Sharma in a partnership. Luckily for Laxman, Ishant Sharma had good defensive technique and Aussies lacked quality bowlers and everyone praised Laxman as a match winner.

  • DaredevilsUnlimited on December 20, 2010, 11:52 GMT

    Smith was spot on true sachin is great batsman of the present generation but honestly he is always chaseing records and claims of pasion for cricket, money without corresponding percentage of charity, and personal records is true reflection of the personality.. Just imagine Richards, Viswanath, Patel, Bradman were to play fully protected like a knight and to play 175 tests against ordinary fast bowleres unlike lillee,thompson.hall griffith ,imranet all.Kallis being proud man he is did the right thing .Primary reason for not farming the strike was to improve his averages and not to make SA bat again.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:52 GMT

    correct..there is nothing wrong with the approach of tendulkar...tailenders get the confidence only by the way it should long one can sheild tailenders ...if they can face this bowlers only...the chance is there even for the great tendulkar to play around them....guys..even after playing 20 yrs of cricket for team INDIA..people are still saying he is selfish...itz so sad...

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:51 GMT

    There is a big difference to being on the pitch and playing the game to observing it from the boundary edge. You are more aware of the small details and happenings that go on during the course of a game. Opponents attitudes, behaviour, ability, likes and dislikes there is an acute understanding of what drives a player, some take charge, some play within their ability and others, as I believe the case here, have the ability to dominate but take a back seat, for the players out there to express this view is not a crime, all be it that it is an Indian demi god they have expressed their view about.

  • ranpath on December 20, 2010, 11:51 GMT

    I agree with sonjjay. Yes Sachin is the greatest of modern batsmen but even he could not protect the two tailenders for 90+ overs. In any case many modern commentators stress the role of the tailender as not just psrt of the bowling attack but having the ability to at least being able to bat a bit. THUMBS down to Kallis. I always admired him as a cricketer but apparently as a gentleman he is sorely lacking. Whatever the situation a player reaching a milestone such as Sachin's is worthy of praise....or is it sour lemons in Kalis' case - knowing that he is so close to that landmark but will probably never achieve it ? That said KUDOS to the little MASTER !!!!!!

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:51 GMT

    Why should Graeme Smith have to answer questions on a second rate performance from a losing opponent. Surely he'd prefer to talk about Kailis' DOUBLE hundred than yet another Tendulker hundred. South Africa Wiped the floor with the Indians. Journalists should get smarter if they wish to avoid appearing stupid. Seriously, ask a question about something he might want to talk about, like the great performance from a team in form against the number one side in the world. Congrats SA.

  • nzcricket174 on December 20, 2010, 11:50 GMT

    I was watching the game at home and I was seriously confused by Tendulkar's approach. You would think the Indians wanted to avoid an innings defeat. Losing by 8, 9 or 10 wickets is better than losing by an innings.

  • Sarangarajan on December 20, 2010, 11:50 GMT

    It was strange to see Sachin not farming the strike knowing well that 30 odd runs were requiredn to avoid an innings defeat .He was simply leaving number 10 and 11 to take strike.It was a game of cricket test match . No other batsman would have done what Sachin has done today. No effort to go for big hits or intention to protect the 10 and 11.Very strange-may be- he wanted to remain 'not out'. Is it not a team game Sachin? The amount of elation I had yesterday has been deflated today by the spineless batting of India today.Is it not important that India atleast tried to make South Africa bat again today.Who better was equipped to do that except Sachin.Disgraceful exit today.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:48 GMT

    I dont know what all the noise is about, who didn't expect srk to do that. He usually plays for averages and come on, if he didn't he will have half his tons, like other great batsmen who were great becuase they actually made their nations win or fought till the end!

    Bhajji is another disappointment, maybe he is more of a batsman now than an effective bowler.

  • mohashin_reza on December 20, 2010, 11:48 GMT

    I was surprised to see Tendulkar's approach. He should have played to avoid the innings defeat. Great players don't play the way he did this morning.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:48 GMT

    Sachin shouldnt had exposed tailenders so early today ....He should had done once v got the lead

  • Waterboy_sixs on December 20, 2010, 11:47 GMT

    Smith exactly knew the reason behind their victory, the rain helped damp pitch, in order to hide the truth, he wanted to have word on India's approach. There is no point of covering anybody to save a test match. It is the duty of every batsman to cover the entire match and it was not done especially by Raina, it was flat track like India and and he did not do anything get some form. He should be dropped.

  • francton on December 20, 2010, 11:46 GMT

    Its high time Cricinfo and ex cricketers be brutally honest abt Sachins approach with the tail. This is not the first time he has done it. This is probably the only aspect of his game and personality that we fans dont like. Perhaps by being honest rather than sycophants, you can force a change in Sachin? Come on guys do it for Sachins sake.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:46 GMT

    @ Paul Dawson ... rightly said ... bingo!

    New Australian … but Smith tends to forget - even Australians avoided tricking this with Sachin.

    I just pray his comments do little good to the rest of the Indian cricketer and they comeback with some serious game and not talk :)

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:46 GMT

    if smith thinks that approach is going to be the same from Indians, then he might be making a mistake. dhoni is going to surprise each and every one out there with some unique strategies he has. there has been lot of talk about the pace of Indian bowlers, but with zaheer khan pace has been never a case of concern. so, the south africans get ready for some fire works in the next test. your summer might be over very soon.

  • Bravowindies on December 20, 2010, 11:46 GMT

    Mean-That's what i don't like about tendulkar. I admire his batting alot and i always like to see him performing well but one thing that has always kept me away from him is that he plays for himself. M.Yousuf, Chanderpaul are great players too but they have this passion for acheiving milestones and not focussing on teamwork or a true passion for your nation. I know every player likes to be in the headlines but for these players headlines is their only focus and sometimes they forget who they are playing for. Tendulkar played well for his hundred but exposing tailenders to one of the best bowling attacks wasn't convincing. Anyway india must focus on their mistakes they have made in order to rectify them and try to get SA under pressure earlier on in the match. Amla and kallis will keep on making hundreds and won't stop unless some moment of brilliance from indians. Gud luck for both teams.

  • cricket_for_all on December 20, 2010, 11:45 GMT

    Smith is absolutely right. Come on; Tendulkar is highest experience player in the world. He should at least remember Amla's inning in India (He gave his maximum to save the game- real fight) and He should have handled the tail enders properly. It is rubbish to tell what he can do since the loosing is obvious (You should fight until the end). I am not Indian but I am long time fan of Shachin He really disappointed me. @sonjjay what kind of fan you are? There are several occasions where tail enders made very useful contributions and save the game. Loosing a game with real fight is much much better than just giving up after his hundred. For some crazy Indian fans his attitude may be right but for his fans like me it is just surprising (I found some selfishness). What we can see from Smith is SA was expecting a real fight from Shachin but he made them so easy.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:45 GMT

    If it was a strategy .. it was a poor one. Sachin is the legend but I am surprised why he chose this approach. More disappointed at India's humilating lose. On a day two pitch our so called pace sensation Ishant was struggling for bounce and swing prodigy Sreeshant wasnt getting any movement ... thye need to learn soon ... We can still stay the No 1 but just on paper

  • Hafeez_Malik on December 20, 2010, 11:45 GMT

    Sachin Tendulkar is finest batsman we have seen ever, he is potentially a match winner but actually he is not a match winner. On most occasions he plays for himself not for the team. He didn't press for captaincy as it was a hurdle in his personal performance. In this match India easily could have avoid innings defeat if ST would compromise for his test average.

  • ahmedjawwad4u on December 20, 2010, 11:44 GMT

    Inzimamul haq once rotected mustaq ahmed for 60 odd runs to win a match from australia. But tendulkar the great only play for averages

  • DRSK on December 20, 2010, 11:44 GMT

    I just opened cricinfo to see what is the scoreline and found that we did not last long (5 overs and 5 balls).

    Even more surprising is that Sachin faced just 15 of the 35 balls bowled today! For heaven's sake Sreesanth and Unadkat were not doing nightwatchman's duty out there protecting the specialist batsmen. Contrast this with Laxman playing with the tail. Can't say anything more as it will be considered as blashphemy!

  • mathewsphy1 on December 20, 2010, 11:44 GMT

    the sincerity of south africans should be noticed. They bowled to Dravid and others in tough way. They approached sachin with slow medium pace and spin. There is a softcorner. This is also condemned because it is against the spirit of the game.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:44 GMT

    Tendulkar was looking for partnership to save match not to make some quick runs to avoid inning defeat. This must be noticied.

  • StaalBurgher on December 20, 2010, 11:44 GMT

    Storm in a tea cup already?

  • HerbertAnchovy on December 20, 2010, 11:43 GMT

    I agree with Smith. It doesn't matter if there is little realistic hope of saving the game, you don't just hand it to the opposition on a plate. Tendulkar should have made the South Africans's fight for their victory. Personal milestones are meaningless when you've just been stuffed out of sight! The Indians got what they deserved after not playing any warm up games - shows how seriously the BCCI takes this series and presumably test cricket in general.

  • Mani_Majra on December 20, 2010, 11:43 GMT

    Yes Sachin can not protect the tailenders upto 90+ overs but at least he can save india from innings defeat and made southafrica to bat again to get 30-40 will be rspectible to lose 9 wicket or 8 wicket then.But as usual Sachin tried to be remain not out

  • cric4lyf on December 20, 2010, 11:43 GMT

    this shows that Indian are lions at their home ground and sheep in foreign ground. where is their batting strengths for which they are praised for. Their so called talent.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:43 GMT

    @ Paul Dawson:

    If by great, you mean selfish than sure Sachin played a great innings

  • zephyrboss on December 20, 2010, 11:42 GMT

    I think Smith was honest about the way Sachin played in the morning...Surely it would have been Utopean to think that they could have saved the test, but then its better to go down fighting, than to give in so meekly. It will only fuel the theory that Sachin plays for the records...even if I don't subscribe to it. Its at times like this that one sees the true value and commitment of Laxman...he would have never given in so easily.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:42 GMT

    Strange thing, my comments never show up in cricinfo's blog. Am i too harsh. I will be diplomatic. What a stupendous innings by Sachin :) LOL. He might be playing at his best and there is nobody else who deserves what sachin has got till now , but plainly put yesterday was sad day for cricket when he celebrated the century the way he did. At least he could have waited for the deficit to be wiped off. Its still a innings defeat , shameful.

  • amilag on December 20, 2010, 11:41 GMT

    Sachin is playing for his records. Everybody knows that except some of blind indian fans. That is why he is not the greatest batsman of all time. Out of 50 centuries deduct the matches played in India and see how many matches have been won with his tons.......

  • TheOldBat on December 20, 2010, 11:40 GMT

    Congratulations to the entire team - SA were fabulous! I fully agree with Graeme about Paul Harris - he gets none of the plaudits and he does a fantastic job for the team. He does what the team needs him to do - again and again. When a match is running away from us he stops it dead. He also has far more "big scalps" than the media gives him credit for. I simply love the way he "irritates them out" When you have watched cricket for as long as I have you will know that you don't have to spin it square to take wickets or to be an important part of the match - especially in tests. Congratulations to Tendulkar too, but he has played for so long it had to come eventually. What the world and the media must not forget is that (despite that small clash also taking place in the southern hemisphere) this was a top of the table clash and all these records came with the world no 1 and the world no 2 playing one another - what better can you get.

  • East_West on December 20, 2010, 11:40 GMT

    "The deficit was too much to handle, and South Africa got too many runs...." hmm..this is what the captain of #1 Test nation talks........let me get it straight!!, we INDIANS don't have a fighting spirit...i thought at least we will match SA in second innings...and we lost by an innings........Sachin may have too many interviews and/or ceremonies to he has to rush for all those, so he exposes the tail and runs back to pavilion...what a disgrace!!! except Sachin, no one has GUTS to stay and fight it out...!! oh, well, congrats sachin for another USELESS hundred!!!

  • Perplexed on December 20, 2010, 11:39 GMT

    I think Tendulkar's performance this morning sums up the difference between SA and Australia versus the rest of the cricketing world. Tendulkar had already lost the game in his mind and it did not matter who had the strike, he played his normal game. If the roles were reversed and SA or Australia were in this position they would make the opponents fight for every wicket, no matter how hopeless the cause.

  • sonyraj on December 20, 2010, 11:39 GMT

    In some situations, there is only one tactic to pursue. As was the case with India on Day 5 of this test match. And the obvious tactic was to safeguard the tail from the strike force at least until the first hour and then take it from there. There was nothing to be gained by acting otherwise and so nothing wrong with Smith's surprise here. What if a storm had broken out of nowhere 2 hrs after play started. Would we forgive ourselves then? The trick is to SURVIVE for just one ball. At a time. It's the attitude towards capitulation that matters; not the act itself. Sadly, there is nothing much to be done when the script is already written in one's mind.

  • shree82 on December 20, 2010, 11:36 GMT

    Sachin's tactics were really surprising. I know batting with tailenders for 90 overs is close to impossible, be he could have atleast given it a shot instead of giving up. That's what people expect from the No.1 team. He could have atleast tried to farm most of the strike & avoid an innings defeat. I guess his job was done once he got to a century. Not too long ago, a certain Michael Hussey added 100+ runs with a number 10 to win a test match for Australia. The meek surrender after a decent fight yesterday was really disappointing. I hope they play Pujara in place of Raina in the next test.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:36 GMT

    totally agree with smith there on sachin not farming the strike.. not that it would have made a lot of difference.. but he could have delayed it a bit more which would have given a little bit of morale to the team..

  • long_handle9 on December 20, 2010, 11:34 GMT

    I should also say that Harbhajan Singh is perhaps the most arrogant one-eyed player I've seen--and that's even despite the likes of Hayden, Sreesanth, and the infamous sledgers. He NEVER gives credit, always brags about his own achievements, and makes useless statements. It's hard to see how he shares a dressing-room with gentlemen like Dhoni and Dravid. "We'll show them what batting is"--learn to bowl first mate. I hope he gets bashed like anything because he's a third-rate individual

  • LDuminda on December 20, 2010, 11:32 GMT

    Hurray!!!!! All Sri Lankan fans are celebrating india's defeat.Congratulations to S Africa , Go and thrash over hyped indian team to take 3 - 0 series win.

  • long_handle9 on December 20, 2010, 11:31 GMT

    Everybody knows the Indian-dominated media is obsessed with their own players. Tendulkar is a genius cricketer and his achievement is truly praiseworthy--but it's completely unprofessional to ask Kallis why he didn't applaud Tendulkar. For one thing all the other South Africans did, and meanwhile none of the Indians save Dravid applauded Kallis' double-ton. It happens. India should get over themselves; glad to see RSA take them a notch down

  • NISH67 on December 20, 2010, 11:30 GMT

    Siddharth Mongia ! - Don't be too surprised , Smith and Kallis are just echoing the thoughts of millions of neutrals all over the world when it comes to Tendulkar - The guy is a brilliant player no doubt but as far as sportsmanship goes , he is crass and pathetic - he never claps for anybody else's achievements and is so ego -centric that it is at times embarrassing for such a great player - to top it all , for all his grand proclamations about the team cause and all that . he is obsessed with personal records and if the team benefits through them well and good , otherwise all others and the team be damned ! Tendulkar may be a God to some dove eyed Indians and all this talk about a billion people hanging onto his performances is utter crap as 400 million of your people live below the poverty line and they don't give a tiny rats arse what tendulkar does , the bottom line is for all his achievements , the guy is but a tiny little ego -maniac - Chew on that !

  • itsindbvp on December 20, 2010, 11:29 GMT

    What a shame for a man who got his 50th hundred. For many, it may be a dream, but what really matters is whether the innings helped the team to win or to get some pride.

    It didn't do both. I saw several newspapers praising Sachin for reaching his 50th hundred, but everyone should agree that even yesterday he didn't attack or try to put the bowlers in pressure, its Dhoni relatively a less grade technician, who tried to do that.

    I read Sachin saying as it was his father's birth anniversary yesterday, he wanted to reach the 50th ton. Oh man, it's not the team's situation which inspires him. Disappointed :-(

  • sgguy on December 20, 2010, 11:29 GMT

    Harbhajan should have atleast controlled the runs if not take wickets.

  • Waseem.Bukhari on December 20, 2010, 11:29 GMT

    And yet again, Sachin's another ton goes for a losing cause. Getting 50 test hundreds is, no doubt, a huge task, but still Sachin lacks something known as "Match Winning Ability". I remember that I was watching Sachin bat against Australia at Hyderabad in 2009, along with my brother and SRT was playing with Raina and 52 runs were required from 48 balls with 6 wickets in hands. My brother said India is going to win this, but I said, if Raina will stay till end then india can win, if Raina will get out, india will lose as SRT is not a match winning. And, to my expectations, it happened the same. And today, he once again shown the same spirit by exposing indian bowlers to a good pace attack.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:23 GMT

    It was really surprising to see Tendulkar not fighting on the 5th day, even the diehard fans of Sachin would find it difficult to digest (I being one!!!) Some how the 50th ton lost its glaze on the last day of the match. Considering that Sachin was the top scorer for India in both the Innings,he should have fought it on his own atleast to avoid the innings defeat,( we cant expect him to save the match).More disppointed at his approach than the result of the match as South Africa really deserved to win the match for the efforts of 2 fast men who were too fast for us and our bowlers were too slow even for a club team (atleast in this match)

  • Beertjie on December 20, 2010, 11:23 GMT

    I'm one of those who've written Harris off, so let me grant him plaudits for fine bowling yesterday. It helps when you've got that kind of lead, but he's a lot better than I've always given him credit for!

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:23 GMT

    Suprise suprise not to see a single comment from the Indian spectators will they comment only in victories? its not surprise to others, at least they should try to avoid the innings defeat, Sachin give up after his ton ( i think its the only goal of him). don't worry we can expect similar kind of defeat again in the series.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:23 GMT

    smith needs to take some lessons in humility. Hubris is followed by Nemesis. India lost the moment they scored just 136 in the first innings. The next test may see a reversal. Cricket is a great leveller. Smith was implying that the effort put in by Tendulkar was only for his century. Bad strategy. Remember Oz in 2004 or SA in India last time. India will hit back after this performance. Let's wait and see.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:21 GMT

    Not only Smith..most of the Indians supporters would also have been surprised by the approach of Tendulkar..Atleast he could have thrown his bat around to get some runs and make SA bat again..

  • Messyinamess on December 20, 2010, 11:21 GMT

    As always India finds its way at the receiving end...Sachin seemed to be too happy for himself even at a period when India was failing. The following morning he didn't even think of saving the prolong the innings as long as possible, instead he left the tail enders at the hands of the predators. The team would change its composition for the next one, thats for sure..Zaheer has to be back! Unadkat and the other kid has to wait and watch from the benches until they come of age. Raina, I guess, has batted himself out of the team as of now. It should be the new found talent Pujara who should be the ideal replacement..what needs to be seen is how he survives the South African pitches and that's quite a challenge. With lowered expectations, India might be able to pull up their socks and show some resistance in the coming games. With a billion people behind your back it's always hard to maintain composure!!

  • Czar79 on December 20, 2010, 11:20 GMT

    It was really disappointing to see that the media (Indian media especially) chose to focus more on Sachin's 50th Test Ton rather than the result of the game which was unfortunately a loss for India! It seems we are always infected with this problem of trying to focus more on individual glory rather than see what the team ended up with! Infact, the interview from the batting maestro (Sachin) himself indicated he was not too excited about it, rather felt it just being a number.

    India is the number 1 test team in the world and the series against South Africa offers an excellent opportunity for them to emphasize this fact and reaffirm that statement. Just feel if India lose the series and head back home for the World Cup it will have a negative impact on their confidence.

    I am pretty sure that Dhoni and his mean are more focused on winning the test series and not very worried about who in the team makes how many hundreds!

  • arnavred on December 20, 2010, 11:19 GMT

    Comm'n too... Dnt b spoilsport.. U have to give the credit to the ppl who plays well..but u SA's can't do that..?? y??...

  • KarachiKid on December 20, 2010, 11:18 GMT

    No doubt Tendulkar is a phenomena, a legend who would perhaps make it into the all time world eleven, but I have a feeling Indians get too hung up on personal records/feats with less concern toward the game itself.

  • MaruthuDelft on December 20, 2010, 11:18 GMT

    As men we should fight until the very last moment. Indians and Tendulkar don't really understand it. They always look for short cuts and be smart.

  • nisal2996 on December 20, 2010, 11:18 GMT

    Well, all I can say is that well played South Africa. I thought Tendulkar's approach to make South Africa bat again or even do his best and try draw the match was strange as he was batting great, he should have tried to hog the strike as much as possible, at least for the team, because at the end of the game, cricket is a team game, not about individuals. But on Sachin Tendulkar, well done, he deserves it and hope to see more cricket like that from the little master. India have lot to think, with VVS Laxman, Suresh Rania and even Rahul Dravid not performing in Centurion and Jaidev Unadkat dissapointing. Hopefully for India that Zaheer Khan can recover from injury and help the bowling attack. For South Africa, my only doubt would be Lonwabo Tsotsobe who went at over 5 an over and got only 1 wicket. Maybe the weather on day 1 didn't help India, but overall well done to South Africa. Hope for a much better and closer contest in Durban. Good luck to both teams, more importantly to India.

  • The_Professor on December 20, 2010, 11:17 GMT

    I am a big fan for SRT (who isn't) and, like Kevin Pietersen, I think G. Smith talks a lot of rubbish. However, I do tend to agree with G. Smith in this case as you would have expected SRT to try and farm the strike. Maybe SRT put his trust in the tailenders to hold their end up or maybe he was just trying to 'settle himself back in' prior to trying to farm strike - only SRT can answer that.

  • ChuckyDoll on December 20, 2010, 11:15 GMT

    Graeme Smith baloney! His comments are meaningless blabber. India.... let's get ready for the 2nd test.

  • pirki on December 20, 2010, 11:15 GMT

    well done Dhoni helping sachin, but i would say sachin thought the two wickets will go any way why don't stay not out and improve his average because he is number guy not like laxi and viru who play for win. lets give you an example if viru had not played the aggressive knock of some 80 plus against england at home sachin's hundred would have been another one for losing cause. any body can help me by telling me how may hundreds schin made for the losing cause.

  • crazysloggers on December 20, 2010, 11:14 GMT

    very true!!tendulkar just showed why he is always called as a selfish cricketer.he remained notout and exposed the tailenders. he could have easily made those 30 runs..instead he chose to remain not out and cared abt his average. this is the difference between laxman and tendulkar.laxman in this situation would have put up a fight..well!!! god bless india and thier rankings.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:12 GMT

    The South Africans seem to be turning into the new Australians. When a man does something truly special, as Tendulkar did, then it deserves applause from everybody, but particularly from the South African closest to the achievement. Criticising the losers' tactics is unseemly bragging and - let's use that cliche - just not cricket.

  • Celtics24 on December 20, 2010, 11:11 GMT

    Graeme was probably sick to death of all the Indian media only wanting to talk about Sachin, even after they'd been completely demolished. Would be tiring. Well Played South Africa.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:10 GMT

    As I have always understood, greats stats don't make a player great.

  • TonySingarayar on December 20, 2010, 11:10 GMT

    Simply shows how selfish Tendulkar is just to get the tag "UNBEATEN"..... Also...Tail enders should also learn to defend themselves....

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:10 GMT

    Sachin scored his 50th Test hundred. However, this so called team player, has typically done what he always does, i.e exposes tailenders to main bowlers, in order to keep his wicket in tact.

    He is concerned with his average going high, and willing to do so by risking his team's fate (exposing lower order). What a champion Sachin is!!!!!!

    Cricket is played to win, or at least to save. Of course India would have lost, but at least Sachin should have tried to save the game, by taking most of the strike. Situation was difficult, but now impossible. Viv Richards, did it in the past. Laksman has done for India. I don't mind if Sachin gets out & India wins, but not the other way around. Even if you are going down, go down fighting, not by hiding. Sachin's personal glories are "Greedy compensation in a collective failure."

    True example of a team player: Rahul Dravid keeping wickets in 2003 world cup for the balance of the team. Laksman standing tall when the chips are down.

  • Viper2.0 on December 20, 2010, 11:09 GMT

    Time is running out for Harbajan and Raina.Guess Smith was spot on,Harris was way better than Harbajan in this test match!

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:08 GMT

    India has been comprehensively beaten by the Proteas.I dont think Zak will make any difference as u will soon see in the next test. We have a poor bowling attack; I dont know why Munaf & R. P. were dropped and you dont blood newcomers abroad.anyway our cupboard is bare and that doesnt speak well of a No 1 side; I appreciate Sachin's 50 hundreds, but I maintain a great batsman is made by his average.and not by the no. of runs or centuries made.

  • msrinivasan1995 on December 20, 2010, 11:08 GMT

    smith trying to sledge bhaji. not a bad plan to low his confidence. But he fill fight back in the second test.

  • Gizza on December 20, 2010, 11:05 GMT

    There's something seriously wrong with some Indian cricket fans. Many of them at the end of this Test will be feeling happy and excited because Sachin scored his 50th ton. Supporters from non-subcontinental countries if in a similar position would be feeling sad because their team lost the Test. Team performance is far more important than statistics and records, especially records like this which only show longevity.

    I hope the Indian media and fans don't get too carried away. India needs to turnaround quickly just Australia recently. Personally I would be far happier if every batsman got 70 runs so the team has a strong score as opposed to one century (which goes into the records) and the rest failing. And then there's the bowlers.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:03 GMT

    sachin played for average

  • amajeed on December 20, 2010, 11:03 GMT

    To be honest I am not much impressed by Tendulkar's approach this morning. He should have at least tried not to expose the tailenders to the front line bowlers of SA and try to keep the strike and save India from inning defeat rather than targeting to come out not-out in the end and improving his personal statistics. For sure, he cannot avert the defeat but losing by 10 wickets is better than losing by an inning.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:01 GMT

    How true, punch in the face of indian team, but yes its true. Sachin Tendulkar might keep saying that he does not care about numbers, but he does. The diplomatic answers on press is a different thing, i would bet dravid or laxman or dhoni would not have been too happy after scoring a century in losing cause. But the way sachin reacted after the century as if thats what actually matters, the test match does not. Every South african in the field could see that. Smith as a player has played heroic innings in the past for more than one occasion while saving or winning a test. HE might be the greatest batsman and humblest of players but he is definitely not a leader or inspiration to his team.

  • VincentSunder on December 20, 2010, 11:01 GMT

    Surprised to learn that Kallis didn't congratulate Tendulkar on his achievement. Maybe the man was possessed by some other thoughts!! Was nice though to see Dravid congratulate him on his double.

  • on December 20, 2010, 11:01 GMT

    Let's be Realistic here, no amount of fight would have stopped India from defeat !! A little advice Mr. Smith "Don't stir the little Master" you may be brewing a STORM in HIM.

  • sonjjay on December 20, 2010, 11:01 GMT

    I dont understand so much noise over not protecting the tail enders today.What do u expect him to do protect them for 98 overs?? It is practically impossible to do.Smith should know better or this is just a potshot one would assume.Anyways looking forward raina should be dropped and Pujara to bat at no.5 would be ideal.Ishant and Sreesanth should have learnt their lesson by now and Zaheer's comeback should chirk up the side.

  • KunzMan on December 20, 2010, 11:00 GMT

    Indeed surprising way on Sachin's part though not to farm the strike and delay the inevitable. Infact he defarmed (if there's such a word) the strike. No apparent reason for not doing so. Might have just helped India not lose by an innings. Very small thing but it matters a lot

  • Tsotsi on December 20, 2010, 10:59 GMT

    Watch out Graeme, you have questioned the infallibility of "god" and I hope you are prepared for the over reactionary, one-eyed response from the cult of Sachin! Kudos to Smith for calling Tendulkar out on this, why in the name of all that is sacred did the "little master" expose the tail-enders to the attack when they were trying to save the test? I am not 100% sure it was for selfish reasons, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ... Yes Tendulkar has an amazing record, one that will almost never be bettered but the shine becomes tarnished if he puts himself before the team.

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:58 GMT

    LOL I predict 100+ comments on this one from Sachin fanatics and haters with a gazillion stats thrown around

  • Vivek.Bhandari on December 20, 2010, 10:58 GMT

    Smith couldn't have expressed it in better words. Yes, it is SRT's 50th ton but he is, like Laxman, still unable to farm the strike when batting with the tailenders. Moreover, the biggest disappointment from the Indians was their failure to restrict the SA batters. Even if they're too toothless to pick up wickets, they could have bowled line and length stuff to choke the runs, which could have got them some wickets in the bargain, as the SA bowlers did when the Indians had a solid opening partnership…

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:58 GMT

    Smiths hit nail on the head really. Asking some one like Unadtak or Srishanth for that matter to face the music from Morkel and Steyn is a bit too much, and the god of cricket could have clearly avoided it.

    Congrats Sachin on your 50th ton!

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:57 GMT

    No doubt Kallis is very good batsman. However, I would like to ask two questions: 1. How he would have performed if he had played for India in the first inning, in place of Tendulkar? 2. How is his batting record against Aus (McGrath, Warne, Gillespie company) in Aus. Thanks.

  • KunzMan on December 20, 2010, 10:57 GMT

    Kallis played well but should have been a true sportsman to appreciate SRT's feat. He might have thought what the hell...I came one century closer to Sachin's tally of 100s and Sachin nullified it by scoring one himself.

  • Samgen on December 20, 2010, 10:57 GMT

    After that fascinating counter attack yesterday, the way Indian innings ended today was an anti climax to put it mildly. There was not even an attempt to avoid innings defeat when it was so is really puzzling. Only Sachin has all the answers.

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:57 GMT

    That's why Tendulkar is called a selfish batsman. He will always try for personal stats. He could have kept the tail-enders off the strike but never tried because he wanted to be not out at the end just to boost his average... Well well, this has been the case for the years.

  • Cricketlover645 on December 20, 2010, 10:57 GMT

    I wonder seinor player like Tendulkar didnt try to bridge the gap of follow-on when he was batting well. Worth checking how may times India won / saved a match when Sachin scored a ton, as percentage when compared to Lara or Jayasuriya in both formats , ODI & Test. Country must come 1st & then the personal record.

  • KKK_ on December 20, 2010, 10:57 GMT

    Probably smith has not played with tailenders in his career. There is no way in this world, one can shield for an entire day; an impossible escape earlier this year (laxman / Ishant) is a best example of how to play with tailenders.What Sachin did is sensible , trusting them to bat. All greats who played with tailenders often(steve waugh, laxman ...) did the same.

  • vidhatad on December 20, 2010, 10:53 GMT

    Truthfully, even I am surprised as to why Sachin did not keep the strike and make some more runs. Pretty lame on his part to give strike to Sreesanth and Unadkat and expect to keep going. Looks like the Indian's weren't even interested in giving a good fight.

  • vish57 on December 20, 2010, 10:53 GMT

    Learning for Team India; two factors caused defeat of this test; first day weather conditions as well as inept bowling by the bowlers; time the Team management to look in to the wicket taking ability of bowlers and select them in playing XI, not on their seniority or reputation; obviously next test should see resting of Raina, Sreesanth making way for Pujara/Murali Vijay and Zaheer Khan. Harbajan as a bowler is not at his best now; team can reconsider his selection; unforunately bench strength in this team is poor except for Pujara/Vijay. Selectors are not 100% fair in their selection; for example Partv Patel is very good now and deserves to be a stand in keeper not W.Saha; similarly knowing SA's weakness to right arm leg spinner we dont have Amit Mishra or Piyush Chawla; back up seamers are raw; Ashish Nehra or Munaf Patel should have been in the team. Srikanth & co are beyond answerable to common man as they are paid selectors from BCCI. They know how to please the power centre.

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:52 GMT

    So what? Jaidev and Sreesanth were no. 10 and 11 - Tendulkar farming the strike would only have been delaying the inevitable. Get real!

  • manas_ubs on December 20, 2010, 10:52 GMT

    Yes, i think today Sachin exposed the tailenders to fast bowling. He should have retain the most of the strike ......... that's unlike Sachin ...

  • East_West on December 20, 2010, 10:51 GMT

    SMITH - Kudos to point out the fact that Sachin the great DID NOT protect the last two but rather exposed Sreesanth and Undakat!! never expected from SACHIN! India is a FAKE#1 in Tests...they were spineless.....Some of these team members were there in SA to get acclimatized, and the results are obvious!! Suresh RAINA is a waste! I wish BARDI would have got a chance instead of Selectors banking on this kid! What else can we say about DRAVID and LAXMAN..they paid their dues in the last few tests NOW they are going to enjoy the free ride of not scoring runs!! What a spineless INDIAN team....we INDIANS lack accountability....and we are ELECTED AS #1, never has the drive to earn it OR keep it or STAY #1...SHAME!! and we lament that ZAK is not in this test!! ZAK is no Steyn or Morkel..and let us not blame on TOSS either!! If you are #1, it doesn't matter what the PITCH is OR who won the toss!! SA..please wipe us out and push India to #2.....we don't deserve to be #1

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:49 GMT

    what big deal.. when vvs ishant saved the test. vvs din't farm strike either. if you have to play an entire two sessions to avoid a loss. you don't farm strike do you mr smith?

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:48 GMT

    Smiths hit the nail on the head. Asking someone like Srishanth and the debutant Unadkat to face music from Steyn and Morket is a bit too much, the god of cricket could have avoided it.

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:46 GMT

    Tendulkar did the same with Ishant in sydney... He scored 23 facing brett lee and clarke... But it was really something when Sachin responded to udankat single of 4th ball of the penultimate over... No idea what he was trying to do there... Sachin could have done better atleast to drag this... Only God(Sachin) knows...

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:43 GMT

    I agree with smith on that particular point that Sachin should have gone for kill today rather than exposing the weak tail enders to fierce attack of SA quickies. Had he got some 30-40 runs quickly innings defeat could have been avoided. No offense here for tendulkar. He is still the god of cricket...

  • Vnott on December 20, 2010, 10:42 GMT

    I do wish that India put up a slightly better fight on the final day. But it is easy to say so. Expecting Sree and Jaidev to spend more than 30 min is asking too much... but we could hv tried to stave off the innings defeat.

    Also on the 50th century bit, it is a great individual achievement but in the context of the match meant nothing. The only good thing was the defiance Sehwag, Gambhir and some extent Dravid showed and the stand with Sachin and Dhoni....

    I hope Dhoni wins the toss atleast 1 of the 2 remaining tests. I hope Zaheer is fit and I pray Dhoni picks Pujara instead of Raina. Last 2 is in Dhonis hands and the first one well...we can only hope.... His luck with the toss is so bad, that i guess it has to change.

  • MAD-1 on December 20, 2010, 10:41 GMT

    Tendulkars refusal to farm the strike was disgraceful. I always thought he was one of the mosts selfish players to play the game and this proves it. He got his milestone and than decided he'd rather take the not out and go take a nap rather than fight it out. the match was a lost cause but it was his responsibility to make it hard for the South Africans. Hardly befitting of a world record holder and a member of the worlds number one team.

    It was always about milestones now wasnt it sachin? Well you're welcome to them, I'd rather take a player with heart rather than a walking ego like you.

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:37 GMT

    Tendulkar should have taken a chance, tried to score as many as possible.... there have been 130-140 run last wicket partnerships in tests, one now would have seen SA with 100 odd to get........ very very very slim chance of that happening but there was a chance. To me it looked like as soon as he saw the clear skies, Tendulkar gave up hope

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  • on December 20, 2010, 10:37 GMT

    Tendulkar should have taken a chance, tried to score as many as possible.... there have been 130-140 run last wicket partnerships in tests, one now would have seen SA with 100 odd to get........ very very very slim chance of that happening but there was a chance. To me it looked like as soon as he saw the clear skies, Tendulkar gave up hope

  • MAD-1 on December 20, 2010, 10:41 GMT

    Tendulkars refusal to farm the strike was disgraceful. I always thought he was one of the mosts selfish players to play the game and this proves it. He got his milestone and than decided he'd rather take the not out and go take a nap rather than fight it out. the match was a lost cause but it was his responsibility to make it hard for the South Africans. Hardly befitting of a world record holder and a member of the worlds number one team.

    It was always about milestones now wasnt it sachin? Well you're welcome to them, I'd rather take a player with heart rather than a walking ego like you.

  • Vnott on December 20, 2010, 10:42 GMT

    I do wish that India put up a slightly better fight on the final day. But it is easy to say so. Expecting Sree and Jaidev to spend more than 30 min is asking too much... but we could hv tried to stave off the innings defeat.

    Also on the 50th century bit, it is a great individual achievement but in the context of the match meant nothing. The only good thing was the defiance Sehwag, Gambhir and some extent Dravid showed and the stand with Sachin and Dhoni....

    I hope Dhoni wins the toss atleast 1 of the 2 remaining tests. I hope Zaheer is fit and I pray Dhoni picks Pujara instead of Raina. Last 2 is in Dhonis hands and the first one well...we can only hope.... His luck with the toss is so bad, that i guess it has to change.

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:43 GMT

    I agree with smith on that particular point that Sachin should have gone for kill today rather than exposing the weak tail enders to fierce attack of SA quickies. Had he got some 30-40 runs quickly innings defeat could have been avoided. No offense here for tendulkar. He is still the god of cricket...

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:46 GMT

    Tendulkar did the same with Ishant in sydney... He scored 23 facing brett lee and clarke... But it was really something when Sachin responded to udankat single of 4th ball of the penultimate over... No idea what he was trying to do there... Sachin could have done better atleast to drag this... Only God(Sachin) knows...

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:48 GMT

    Smiths hit the nail on the head. Asking someone like Srishanth and the debutant Unadkat to face music from Steyn and Morket is a bit too much, the god of cricket could have avoided it.

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:49 GMT

    what big deal.. when vvs ishant saved the test. vvs din't farm strike either. if you have to play an entire two sessions to avoid a loss. you don't farm strike do you mr smith?

  • East_West on December 20, 2010, 10:51 GMT

    SMITH - Kudos to point out the fact that Sachin the great DID NOT protect the last two but rather exposed Sreesanth and Undakat!! never expected from SACHIN! India is a FAKE#1 in Tests...they were spineless.....Some of these team members were there in SA to get acclimatized, and the results are obvious!! Suresh RAINA is a waste! I wish BARDI would have got a chance instead of Selectors banking on this kid! What else can we say about DRAVID and LAXMAN..they paid their dues in the last few tests NOW they are going to enjoy the free ride of not scoring runs!! What a spineless INDIAN team....we INDIANS lack accountability....and we are ELECTED AS #1, never has the drive to earn it OR keep it or STAY #1...SHAME!! and we lament that ZAK is not in this test!! ZAK is no Steyn or Morkel..and let us not blame on TOSS either!! If you are #1, it doesn't matter what the PITCH is OR who won the toss!! SA..please wipe us out and push India to #2.....we don't deserve to be #1

  • manas_ubs on December 20, 2010, 10:52 GMT

    Yes, i think today Sachin exposed the tailenders to fast bowling. He should have retain the most of the strike ......... that's unlike Sachin ...

  • on December 20, 2010, 10:52 GMT

    So what? Jaidev and Sreesanth were no. 10 and 11 - Tendulkar farming the strike would only have been delaying the inevitable. Get real!