Champions League Twenty20 2010: Memorable moments September 28, 2010

Klinger makes hay, Hayden clings on


Innings of the tournament
For a large part of the tournament, he was the man leading the golden bat race. Michael Klinger scored three half centuries for South Australia, two of them while chasing. His best effort was the 78 off 48 balls he smashed against the Lions in Centurion. Klinger had not scored a half-century in 20-over cricket before that day and a combination of excellent exploitation of the short ball, perfect placement and crafty footwork saw him sail over the 50 mark. He shared in two century opening partnerships in the competition, so his sidekick, Daniel Harris gets an honorary mention.

Spell of the tournament
Albie Morkel produced two gorgeous, bouncy overs for the Chennai Super Kings against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the semi-final. He had the ball swinging like the 60s and Manish Pandey didn't quite know what to do with the away movement. At one point, there were three slips in position. Morkel picked up the wicket of Robin Uthappa with the final ball of the second over to finish the spell with figures of 1 for 13.

Catch of the tournament
Plenty of great plucking in this tournament made this one a difficult pick. Jean Symes and Johan Botha get special mention but the clutch that cut it was Matthew Hayden's spectacular steal against Central Districts in Port Elizabeth. Mathew Sinclair's reverse sweep off Muttiah Muralitharan required an acrobatic leap to the right from Haydos at first slip which he pulled off in fine style. He had a lean run with the bat and is fast approaching 40, but Hayden's powers of anticipation have not dimmed.

Surprise package of the tournament
The Warriors had laid claim to their first two pieces of silverware since the franchise system began on their way to qualifying for the Champions League. They fancied themselves for a final four spot but to advance to the decider in such emphatic fashion was surely unexpected. Davy Jacobs became everybody's favourite player with his no-fear brand of batting and easy-going leadership style. The home boys won the hearts of many and even though they lost in the final, they provided more than enough evidence that something very special is stirring in the Eastern Cape.

Thanks-for-coming of the tournament
Guyana, Central Districts and Wayamba provided a trio of whipping boys for the other teams. Between them, they posted the five lowest totals in the competition and conceded the two highest scores. Most of the time their hearts didn't seem in it, although they told us they were, so even when the Sri Lankans thrashed the New Zealanders by 74 runs, no-one cared.

Heartwarmer of the tournament
The unfancied Highveld Lions upset the Mumbai Indians in the tournament opener, to leave audiences aghast. When Robbie Frylinck bowled the last ball, to hand the Lions victory by nine runs, the team stormed the pitch to the sound of K'Naan's Wavin' Flag. The union that has been so troubled by internal strife and so plagued by failure were united for those few minutes by victory.

Best atmosphere of the tournament
The Centurion crowd at the semi-final between Warriors and the South Australia Redbacks. A hen party was clucking away in the grandstand complete with pink mining helmets for the girls and a colourful, fake, Mohican for the bride-to-be. That bunch was not even nearly as raucous as Redbacks' WAGS in the president's suite, cheering on their men, even when it was obvious that they were going home. By that point, the rest of the crowd threw their weight behind the South African side and started a chant, "Bye, Bye Redbacks." The Eastern Cape found a home in Centurion.

Song of the tournament
Enrique belted out I Like It at the opening ceremony but that song in its cheesy entirety was not heard again. There was a masala mix version of it, muddled with Taio Cruz's Dynamite. Catchy, but not quite the best beat of the event. For a tune that screams "bring out your pom-poms," a lesson in spelling and a healthy blend with something that sounds like Bhangra, the Chennai Super Kings theme song is the one that rocked.

Advice of the tournament
Someone needs to tell Ravi Shastri that when he is holding a microphone, he doesn't have to shout.

Quotes of the tournament
"This is a massive achievement for the Eastern Cape. The last 18 months have been unbeliev…., unbeliev… ongelooflik. I don't even know what the question was."
Davy Jacobs' turns to his mother tongue Afrikaans when his English fails him, and then forgets what he was asked in the first place

"I'll just go make a cup of coffee."
Jehan Mubarak, captain of Wayamba, at his press conference after his side lost to the Victoria Bushrangers. The media had no questions for the losing skipper

Firdose Moonda is a freelance writer based in Johannesburg

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  • khalith on September 29, 2010, 11:59 GMT

    mr.jnanesh: u said RCB was unlucky to b defeated by CSK in CLT20 semi if they r unlucky in dis match den wat d bloody hell RCB did in al 3 IPL series last in group in 1st IPL, runner up in 2nd den loser in semi in 3rd wil u say RCB had been & have been unlucky in all d series ha ha ha i wont wonder if u say RCB wil have been unlucky coz they wil never win if they depend on 1 or 2 plrs like u said (unfortunately they lost both the superstars Deril Steyn & Jack Kallis) luk @steyn rcrd in dis CLT20 0/31 against lions,0/38 agnst red backs,3/26 agnst MI&1/23 agnst weak guyana luk @ CSK rcrd in CLT20 gldn bt VIJAY, gldn bl Ashwin & man of d series again Ashwin dats y CSK won man & 1 more thing CSk won bcoz of their captain who s cool & friendly to plrs but Kumble he s not desrved to b captain 4 any team he is shouting n showing irritated face to plrs pandey made brilliant effort on rainas shot unfortunately he couldn't get it but save d six even though anil lukd unsatisfied dats y u lost..

  • Dummy4 on September 29, 2010, 7:25 GMT

    Actually RCB was low and outcast ed team in first IPL. In second IPL they were lucky enough to see CSK beating Punjab in last league match to pave the way for outcast ed RCB in to semifinal..and they were lucky enough to win against chennai in semifinal due to Dhoni slow scoring rate after fall of hyden. In this semifinal too, manish pandey scored more than what kallis could have scored.. Chennai never ended in IPL finishing ugly, stinky 7 position..LOL..

  • kumar on September 29, 2010, 6:59 GMT

    @jnanesh, i think that so many comments are enough to justifythat you have a totally wrong mentality when it comes to supporting yr home team. India first then your home team. but appeciate good performance first, be it invidual from any state or any good team performance. people like you are a disgrace when it comes to team selection where you critisize the selectors for favouring a particular state. think before you write, mr shameful jnanesh!

  • Ramesh on September 29, 2010, 5:36 GMT

    Mr.jnanesh reacted more emotionally! I'm a CSK fan, if CSK had lost 2 RCB in semi's I would hav cheered for RCB and support them if they play in final, bcos RCB is my country's team. Why he says tat his team dependent only on Steyn and kallis, so he does not believe in Ross taylor, White, Dravid, Kohli,Pandey, Uthappa who r gud hitters of ball. The way he commented is like he itself had insulted his team players. 1st u hav belief in your team and then u comment others team! CSK had triumph because all the players have contributed equally to their team. Mr.jnanesh u go and look in the STATS of CLT20, Where in all departments in top 3 there will be CSK players. Tats y they have won! They didnt won by luck, its a team-effort. 1st be an INDIAN and then be loyal to ur home team. The way he commented is like tat his team is dependent only on luck and not on performance. As a CSK fan , I believe in RCB that they r an gud IPL team, but poor jnanesh dont hav belief and criticised his team!

  • DINESH on September 29, 2010, 5:24 GMT

    Jnanesh: With your comments you underestimated your RCB team. Without Kallis and Steyn they cannot win a match? Are you kidding? In the CLT20 Vinay Kumar and Praveen Kumar bowled well than Steyn and taken wickets too. It is not because of the bad luck they lost. Because of the fielding lapses they lost the match to Mumbai and Chennai. Pollard is the superstar of MI team. Against RCB he scored 0. Whether Mumbai lost that match? It is not RCB, every team is not depending upon one player or two? Secondly whether "A" group is weakest teams. Then how Warriars defeated comfortably South Australia team who was undefeated in the CLT20 till semi final. Please do not underestimate your team. RCB has Pandey, Dravid, Uthappa, Kohli, Taylor, White, Kumble and all are class players

  • Dummy4 on September 29, 2010, 4:11 GMT

    Goodluck Dhoni 4d aussie series!!!

  • Dummy4 on September 28, 2010, 21:31 GMT

    @jnanesh stop like these comments...! You Insult The Players of RCB . Do You Know What Is Meant By Luck? In CSK All Players Are Contributed So They Win, Of Course, RCB Has Missed Their 2 Key Players, What About The Others? What The Other Players Do In The Semis..? In My Opinion RCB Has Better Luck Than CSK Because CSK Need 3 Wins To Qualify For The Semis. However RCB Qualified For Semis With 2 Wins...!CSK Also Misses Key Player Albe Morkel In 2 Matches Are They Losed? In CSK All Bowlers Bowled Well...!The MI & RCB Also Has Same Kind Of Bowling Line-Up, Are The All Bowlers In MI & RCB Has Bowled Well..?People Should Understand Onething That Winning Is Not Depend Upon The Individuals , It Is Depend Upon The Team Performance...!

  • Vidhu Shekhar on September 28, 2010, 19:38 GMT

    @jnanesh... chill buddy! Its an Indian team that won... celebrate that! No doubt it was RCB's bad luck... but I personally think CSK were the favorites anyways. Also, Group A was the tougher of the two as it had all the respective leagues' champions, whereas grp B had all the runner ups.

  • Vidhu Shekhar on September 28, 2010, 19:37 GMT

    @jnanesh... chill buddy! Its an Indian team that won... celebrate that! No doubt it was RCB's bad luck... but I personally think CSK were the favorites anyways. Also, Group A was the tougher of the two as it had all the respective leagues' champions, whereas grp B had all the runner ups.

  • Dummy4 on September 28, 2010, 18:33 GMT

    Mr. Jnanesh, its not Bad be in Group A u should be the champion of their respective domestic leagues......they r not even runners-up in domestic competetion :D.... so dont talk abt the RCB..... they were searching for Ball in the whole game.....when raina was smacking as well as Albie was bowling poor RCB hahahahaha...... CSK IPL as Well as CLt20 champions :) ...... @ the end of day winning matters not the way :)...... in fact CSK is the only team which hasn't lost a game in the competition in real time :) they bowled out all the sides they played against......what else u want to be a Champion side :) the Chennai Super Kings theme song is the one that rocked the CLT20.... nothing more to prove :) Ithu Chennai Chennai Super Kings Enga yellow fellow endrum wins.... hear the song it will tell u abt us :)

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