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July 7, 2014

Should India retain Stuart Binny in their side for the Lord's Test?


He showed he can bat under pressure, and his bowling will get more incisive in bowler-friendly conditions.


His selection affects the team balance. Rohit Sharma or R Ashwin would be better choices.


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July 14, 2014, 23:13 GMT


Considering the current weather in London, which is sunny but with intermittent cloud cover and occasional rain, might be prudent to retain the additional seamer. Lord's has not been a ground conducive for spinners anyway (i.e. spinners other than one SK Warne). Besides, Binny has really impressed with his temperament, and at test level, temperament should be rated higher than 'talent', if you know what I mean. Ashwin has not been very effective outside India, and Jadeja has already proved himself during the last Champions' Trophy. I hope they retain the same team for Lord's, at least, perhaps also for Southampton. Ashwin can come in for Binny for the final two tests at Old Trafford & The Oval, which have traditionally been spin-friendly pitches.

July 14, 2014, 10:11 GMT


If the 5-bowler strategy was devised to help pick up 20 wickets, and Binny has been picked in the squad precisely to execute that strategy, then I don't understand why the strategy should change after just one test - especially when Binny has made a match saving contribution! Also, when you consider that Jadeja also struggled to pick wickets on a wicket which was presumably more suited to him than Binny, it is hard to understand why should Binny be made the scapegoat for the next test. I'd give this bold 5-bowler strategy with Binny a shelf life of another 2 tests and then take a call if it really does not work at all. India haven't won any abroad tests for 3 years now, and they can't do any worse with a bolder strategy. I'd definitely give a longer rope to Binny in the series, especially if the wickets are more seamer-friendly. I'd simply bring in Ashwin for Jadeja, since Ashwin is a better spinner and a more competent wicket-taker.

July 20, 2014, 9:31 GMT


Binny should be included- he is a more than competent bowler and a very handy batsman. His IPL experience means he can bat for runs or bat for time, meaning India's batting lineup goes very deep. On the other hand, Ashwin is more of a slow batsman. He doesn't possess the power to hit quick runs, which Binny has in abundance. And conditions here in England are perfect for him- he is more than just an extra bowler. His not-too-quick pace creates chances and he makes the ball move too. He is also an athletic fielder in comparison with Ashwin. Rohit Sharma is also another alternative, however does not provide skills with the ball. Binny is only under scrutiny since he is the newest addition to the team- other players have failed- and he shouldn't be the one who is constantly criticised. A Jadeja or a Dhawan are not talked about half as much- they are the ones who have not contributed as much. Binny has saved his side already- he should not be in the limelight so much.

July 17, 2014, 8:56 GMT

Anil Kumar

Binny played excellently under pressure. It is the time to give him a chance. It can be looked into as a chance, considering the fact that the pitches are a bit lifeless, but if the pitch is good enough, it will give MSD one more bowler and one more batsman. Even if he is replaced with R. Ashwin, there will be no teeth to the batting end. Bowling is also not promised. Jaddu is doing good as well. With the other batsman performing good as batsmen as well, not messing with the Bowlers will be a good idea

July 17, 2014, 5:32 GMT


no question of sacking of Binny in 2nd test Dhoni must have faith in players he is not leading any csk or any other north Indian team ,he has given only 10 overs he must have given long spells to him to prove his bowling ability.For Sir Jadeja given more chances he didn't prove as a handy bowler or batsman so replace Ashwin in place of Jadeja who is for better than him and replace Pankaj singh in place of Ishant sharma it will be India's best XI.........

July 16, 2014, 18:24 GMT


Lets weigh the options here. Stuart Binny, if we assume is replacing R.Ashwin as the fifth bowling option then I think he will play a much important role than him in the coming matches. The conditions at Lord's will be much similar to the ones we saw at Trent Bridge, very much like the "subcontinent" as is being said. but in the other venues, Binny can be much more handy than Ashwin. He bowls with a decent pace and has a good seam position, although he does not hit the deck hard. In a result oriented pitch, which England will eventually produce (i presume it to be Old Trafford), the bowlers have to do the talking. So i think his medium pace with accuracy will come in handy. We all saw how he did bowl against Bangladesh in the subcontinent. I agree the playing conditions are not similar but shouldn't we back him up a bit more by showing faith in him. Jadeja can be rested and Rohit can come in his place.

July 16, 2014, 18:18 GMT


According to trent bridge pitch ..it was a dull pitch and suits for test cricket....but in lords the pitch is set for a battle so there are more cricket to come .he experienced the weather in england so he can bat for a long time in lords also ...........

July 26, 2014, 2:11 GMT


I think Rohit Sharma is good batsman and due to Virat Kohli"s bad forum . The Stuart Binny should drop because his not effecting on england"s pitch. Stuart Binny Bowling Performance in recent 2 test = : match-2 :overs-20 : runs-82 : wicket- 0 : econ.-4.10 .

July 24, 2014, 10:12 GMT


well he is jst 2 test old hence deserved a chance bt his casualness make me drop him since he is not determined to stay on crease for team first he should get in 30-40 runs atleast before playing such a rash shot in such important time in 2nd innings,so nt fr now mr binny and ashwin is a automatic choice since england have 6 openers and i m amazed to see indians didnt try him in first 2 of tests,nw we are 1-0 ,shld try to make 2-0 nw and play more attacking cricket,nw we have bhuvneshwar swung,mohammad shami has both swingsin army,ishant sharma bouncers,ravindra jadeja economic and tight left arm orthodox spin to bind up and after ravichandran ashwin a strong and reliable off spinners to add up to pressure,would hv been better if umesh yadav too inclueded in test squad as might be required in 4 th or 5 th test match to compete .

July 24, 2014, 9:39 GMT


His 80 odd in the first Test may have saved India that game and that is the quandary since India dont bat deep and Dhoni is not a reliable No 6 Test batsman. India cant afford to replace Binny with say, Pankaj Singh or Aaron. However, Dropping Binny makes sense only if they go with Ashwin or Rohit/Gautam- OR if Dhoni steps up as a batsman.