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Bangalore bites

The best places to eat in the city, whatever your budget or choice of cuisine is

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Bangalore in pictures: get familiar with the city through our gallery

Drive around in Bangalore
Whenever I have to make any important decision, I go for a drive in the city. At nights. Around Ring Road, the Mysore highway, on that beautiful stretch on Cubbon Road or the new airport road. Bangalore is beautiful at nights and driving helps me clears my mind and think. ... More
Relax at Cafe Mocha on Lavelle Road
It's an ideal place to lounge around with your friends. It has a relaxing vibe about it. You'd enjoy just sitting there and talking about this and that. More
Watch a play at the Rangashankara theatre
Bangalore was known for plays but over the years it died down. Rangashankara still hosts great plays and I enjoy going out and watching these live shows. It has a different buzz about it. They run it professionally and make the whole process very enjoyable for you. More
Eat Corner House ice-creams
The hot-chocolate fudge there is to die for. It's a popular ice-cream haunt for locals in Bangalore. More
Order dessert at Cafe Fresco's
I have been visiting Fresco's at Cunningham Road for the last five or six years. It's a fantastic open-air restaurant. The food is good but the dessert is just brilliant! You get a 24-layer cake and all that jazz. I go have a Caesar's salad or something and then scream ... More