West Indies news July 5, 2011

Government to intervene in Gayle-WICB standoff

ESPNcricinfo staff

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) heads of government have decided to intervene in the West Indies Players Association's dispute with the WICB over the future of former captain Chris Gayle. The move comes on the heels of Gayle's latest public and emotional statement against the board that included a request for government intervention.

CARICOM chairman Denzil Douglas said the heads of government had agreed to resurrect the prime-ministerial sub-committee on cricket to try to work out a solution. "Today we had to take certain decisions with regards to the impasse that seems to be ongoing between the regional players association and the WICB," Douglas told the CMC Sports Wire. "We believe that West Indies cricket has not been one of the vehicles of which the Caribbean man today can be proud of moving himself upwards."

CARICOM's announcement follows Guyana president Bharrat Jagdeo's scathing criticism of the board. "It comes back to who owns West Indian cricket," Jagdeo said. "The board thinks it owns West Indian cricket, my belief is that it belongs to all of us, the people of this region.

"[In] many countries, when you have failures consistently, the board goes because sometimes it is the problem. Here it does not seem as if this is going to happen.

"Gayle is being treated unfairly by the WICB. You can't not tell him anything; he needs to earn too, and then you have a tour coming and when he goes off, he gets another contract then you're concerned that he has left the region."

Jagdeo also claimed the board was following its own agenda against some of the players, and was highly critical of coach Ottis Gibson's interference with senior cricketers.

"This can't be right. Something is wrong. It is all about pettiness and the culture of going with people who are compliant and I think we need to change a lot of these people. We need to have term limits there too. We need to have serious term limits on these boards."

The Gayle-WICB standoff was sparked off when Gibson criticised the senior batsmen following the team's quarter-final exit at the World Cup. Gayle was subsequently ignored for the Pakistan series, along with fellow seniors Ramnaresh Sarwan and Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Gayle travelled to India to participate in the IPL - where he was the player of the tournament - leaving the WICB disappointed since they were under the impression he was undergoing rehabilitation.

Gayle reacted by slamming the board in a radio interview with KLAS Sports, saying he had been left with no option but to sign an IPL contract since the WICB had disrespected and mistreated him by not checking with him over his fitness before announcing the squad. He was consequently left out of the squad for the India games as well, and a heated meeting with the board - also attended by WIPA president Dinanath Ramnarine - did little to improve matters, prompting Gayle's impassioned release that stated he was going to seek options outside the West Indies to further his cricketing career.

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  • dummy4fb on July 8, 2011, 23:25 GMT

    Get rid of the WICB, all of them, get pass players 2 manage, they will do a good job instead of incompitent and beurocratic individuals, they are lots of people who can and will do a better job. Cricket is our number one game, we need it back.

  • johnbl3 on July 8, 2011, 3:31 GMT

    It about time the Government get involved in the matter we are fighting and our cricket is the only thing lossing it should be the first thing let just play the best time and try to win we have the player that are game winer let play to win let the young stars play for the A team. we the fans are fed up and we are the one who support cricket the board. cricket support the board.

  • dummy4fb on July 7, 2011, 18:44 GMT

    a couple comments earlier...a guy named Junior Honore' made the most backward and illiterate statement ever.....are you serious sir ?? how could you possibly want to compare the team's record under Gayle's dominant talent...Chris Gayle is not 11 players you idiot...making that last point you made null and void...and when did chris gayle ever fake an injury...are you listening you yourself ??? Look at the state of our cricket...Chris Gayle is the one of the most destructive batsman in world cricket today..only person probably better than chris is probably virender sehwag from india...i think ppl like yourself need to be reminded of chris gayle's talent...he has the 2nd most centuries in ODI cricket in ALL OF THE WEST INDIES BATSMEN.....IN HISTORY.......HE IS THE 4TH BATSMEN IN HISTORY TO HAVE 2 TRIPLE CENTURIES....do you knoiw how much cricketing territories would kill to have gayle in there TEAM...SIiGH...I AM GLAD THAT CARICOM HAS INTERVENED..AND I HOPE THE WICB IS REMOVED ....

  • likeintcricket on July 7, 2011, 18:15 GMT

    WI batting line up has become a piece of cake for all bowling attack. I bet Bangladesh can score 300+ score against any country but not the West Indies. Gayle is the only player who can score quick century and make WI score at least 300 to put up a fight in a Test.

  • dummy4fb on July 7, 2011, 16:51 GMT

    caricom had the rite to step in the matter. look every body in the the caribbean sits back an enjoy gayle batting performance an no way he should be left out of no cricket game he is talanted in his game so WICB take a big step an select him in the WI squad. BIG UP CHRIS HENRY GAYLE HOPE WE CAN C U SOON///

  • dummy4fb on July 7, 2011, 14:10 GMT

    I am fully in support of Chris Gayle in this issue and as a board member of a profitable organisation, I think some board members can infact be heavy handed and view themslves as demi-gods. What needs to happen in this mess is for an independent mediator/adjudicator to step in and review this stalemate and provide a solution. As a resposible board the WICB should have nipped this in the bud, fined individuals who in their view acted incorrectly. Then this would not have affected the team,especially not allowing players who are eligible to represent their team languishing on the sidelines. It seems from where I am sitting that the intention of the board is to teach Gayle a lesson and no matter what it takes even to the detriment of the team, they (WICB) are adamant that this is the way forward. I am sorry this is unacceptable and this makes West Indies cricket the laughing stock of cricketing nations. The board needs to rethink this through & sort out this mess.

  • dummy4fb on July 7, 2011, 6:28 GMT

    One problem that the WICB and the WI heirarchy have is that the EXPECT TOO MUCH TOO FAST. It is understandable that after our team dominated the sport for so long, that we expect to be about to replicate that feat with minimal effort, but it is unrealistic for the following reasons: 1. During the dominant years of the West Indies, international cricket was structured very differently. English County Cricket was the breeding ground of players, and WI players used that venue. 2. The sub continent was not the financial powerhouse it is today. How can a region with a population of maybe 6 million compete with a nation like India, with a billion and a half people? Can Bermuda or the Cayman Islands expect to seriously compete with big and well funded countries like India, England and Australia? 3. Cricket doesn't have the same special place in West Indian countries that it used to have. Basketball and soccer have come to compete.

    Let's set our sights on realistic goals: to win a few!

  • Ubeecool on July 7, 2011, 6:25 GMT

    Great Presidents make difficult decisions. President Jagdeo you ought to be commended for putting your feet down on this menace called WICB. Its time that WICB be disbanded and be replaced by a group of great cricketers like Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Viv Richards, Michael Holding, Ian Bishop, Greenidge, Walsh, Croft, Lloyd, Lara, Kanhai etc to run West Indian Cricket. Players look up to these individuals and not to incompitent and beurocratic individuals with no cricketing experience leading WICB. The coach is even more pathetic. How can Senior Players be role models when the carpet is being pulled from under their feet.

  • dummy4fb on July 7, 2011, 6:09 GMT

    Can anyone give me a logical reason why the West Indies selectors continue to shuffle in a bunch of newbies as opening batsmen, then get upset when poor old Chanderpaul or Sarwan have to try and rescue the team from a bad situation by playing super cautiously to protect their wickets? Why not move these seasoned veterans into opening batsmen positions and then stick the newbies in the middle order and put the pressure on them? It seems like the WI bowlers are doing a good job lately - Bishoo and Rampaul are world class, so Coach Gibson (who was England's bowling coach) seems to have done a good job in that area. However, he seems to have COMPLETELY neglected WesT Indies batting! In fact, he seems to not like batsmen at all. I notice that Gayle, Chanderpaul, Sarwan and Nash (all senior batsmen with impressive past batting records) have been dropped under Gibson. WHY CAN'T WE JUST HAVE THE BEST ELEVEN PLAYERS play our internationals.

  • dummy4fb on July 7, 2011, 5:54 GMT

    The problem can be solved fairly easily: 1. THE WICB, the players and the coach need to leave their EGOS out of their actions and decisions. 2. The BEST players need to be selected for ALL international matches, whether tests or limited overs. 3. Players should not be dropped after one of two back performances. Coaches should work on their failings and help them to develop and improve. 4. A CORE group of senior players should be playing EVERY match, and the WICB need to commit to that group, thereby creating a TEAM with some comradery and team spirit. It should not be just about a captain.

    When we, as fans, watch the events surrounding the Windies, we get the feeling that there is an ever changing mindset. It is as if the powers that be react negatively to every small failure by changing players. Winning teams in any sport do not change their players because they lose a game. They need consistent playing time, and they need to play more games together as a team.

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