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Don't write Yuvraj off - Tendulkar

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Manjrekar: Yuvraj's phase of self-doubt

Sachin Tendulkar has come out in strong support of Yuvraj Singh, who has faced plenty of criticism after a 21-ball 11 that sucked the momentum out of India's innings in the World T20 final against Sri Lanka on Sunday.

Yuvraj, Man of the Series in the 2011 World Cup, has already lost his place in the ODI side, and his spot in the Twenty20 side is under scrutiny after a difficult World T20, but Tendulkar hoped Yuvraj would be a part of India's defence of the World Cup in 2015.

"Yuvi, one off day cannot undermine your tremendous contribution in many sweet memories over the years. You may be down today but you are far from being out," Tendulkar wrote on his Facebook page. "I want you to know that there are many like me in India and across the world, who keenly look forward to you being a part of the campaign to defend the ODI World Cup title in 2015."

There were reports that Yuvraj's house in Chandigarh was pelted with stones following the dismal performance in the World T20 final. Tendulkar urged fans to show their support for him. "Last evening, Yuvi had a tough day and he can be criticised. But he should not be crucified nor should he be written off.

"I have been an admirer of Yuvi's indomitable spirit which has overcome many challenges, both on and off the field.

"Knowing Yuvi's determination and ability to fight adversities, he will emerge stronger, proving his critics wrong, yet again."

Former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar, meanwhile, told ESPNcricinfo that he could understand what Yuvraj was facing out in the middle, and could sympathise with him having faced similar situations himself. "When you get into this sort of situation where the runs are not coming, you just don't want to throw it away and make it look like a horrible innings," Manjrekar said. "You still feel because you have done it in the past and all you need is two-three hits. It happened against Australia [in the Super 10s], James Muirhead gave him two short balls, he hit two sixes and the innings suddenly changed, so this is what goes through a batsman's mind, he thinks it can all change, so he doesn't want to throw his wicket away, he wants to make amends for what has happened before.

"The other thing that happens is you realise that you are doing a lot of damage to the team, the shots are not coming, the balls that you want are not coming... There is another thing that happens, which I have also personally experienced, which is suddenly the strength and everything just vanishes from your forearms because of the state of mind that you are in. So yes, you can feel for Yuvraj Singh for what happened to him."

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  • Johnny_129 on April 11, 2014, 14:15 GMT

    Too many fickle Indian fans on this site. Yuvraj is a match-winner who is struggling at this time. he requires our support, NOT criticism for the obvious! He is still young so I do not know why people are putting him into "yesterday's news" category.

  • ABHICA on April 11, 2014, 9:55 GMT

    we must remember the past records of player & consider it as key factor for playing XI inclusion rather than his current form/state..based on this,ODI WC 2015,will be held in AUZ-NZ,we need a good bowling all-rounder & dnt think Ind had anyone better thn Kapil Dev,based on past records,so he must be included in playing XI...!!!!

  • on April 11, 2014, 8:46 GMT

    It'd over lads. get over it. It's just a tournament alright. Losing 1 out of 3 major finals isn't that bad. There are off days. Team India gave their best on that particular day. Yuvi can't be blamed for everything that happened. He was the guy who was instrumental in winning many major tournaments.

  • Aashiyer on April 10, 2014, 22:16 GMT

    @guesswhoami even if Yuvi threw his wicket, Dhoni would have brought himself on not Raina

  • ABHICA on April 10, 2014, 20:40 GMT

    clearly the worst innings which no one has ever dreamed in worst of their dream & very sure will never will witnessed again in history of cricket,given the context of the was perfectly setup for India-conditions,opponents,performance for WC final,only some "unhoni" can defeat the Ind which unfortunately comes in form of UV.surely 1st ball duck wud hve been preferred 1000 times better by millions as compared to this the bowling was good when they cud'nt out the worst batsmen b4 21 just 21 balls,he completely thrashed both teams,both teams & millions looking shocked after the knock.. tht too comes from a player considered to be Ind's best in the format,player over 375 I'nationals over a period of 14 yrs..!!! it was more unbelievable as hitting 6 sixes in 6 balls..preferring individual over team/country cost Ind this WC.if the past records matter that much,we shud shw videos of our gr8 performncs 2 opponents based on toss,no need to play at all..!!!!

  • Johnny_129 on April 10, 2014, 15:28 GMT

    Yuvraj needs our support at this time - He is at an age where batsmen peak and he will win India matches in the future. At this time, I would also add the SL had played a great game and SL would have won on the night even if India had another batsman instead of Yuvraj. India came very close to holding all limited overs trophies - An unprecedented feat. But congrats to SL.

  • Johnny_129 on April 10, 2014, 15:27 GMT

    Tendulkar is absolutely right - Yuvraj is not finished and he needs our support. We all knew that Yuvraj was in bad form, leading into the T20 WC but Dhoni and the selection committee took a gamble to select him. I am not passing the blame onto Dhoni and the selection committee - They took a calculated gamble because if Yuvraj came good during the tournament then India would have won the cup! After all, Yuvraj has not only been a key member but he has, in fact, been Player of the Tournament in nearly all significant Indian wins (eg. ODI WC, T20 WC, Champions Trophy, U19 WC, U15 WC - All Yuvraj won). Here the selection gamble did not pay off as Yuvraj returning from cancer (on the back of winning India the ODI WC) did not find consistency and found himself mentally lost in the final.

  • GuessWhoAmI on April 10, 2014, 8:46 GMT

    Yuvi should have purposely thrown his wicket with a stumping or hit wicket to allow Raina to come in and score faster

  • Khurpeto on April 9, 2014, 21:14 GMT

    On final day, rest of the Indian Team made 119 runs out of 99 balls - just a poor performance. We have to agree that there was absolutely no hand of Yuvraj Singh on last invaluable 11 balls, where only 9 runs were made. It was not only Yuvraj who was off on that day. Learn to digest my Indian Fans.

  • jimmyvida on April 9, 2014, 20:57 GMT

    Love to see Sehwag, Yuvi, Pathan and Zaheer in world cup 2015. Hello! Forget about the youngsters who are trying to get their feet in the door. We owe these guys. Don't just carry them play them. Pls do not complain about them, just remember their past laurels, and give them another chance. We might start with the tour of England. As I say, do not worry about their constant failure, remember what they did in the past. That is all we ask.

  • Johnny_129 on April 11, 2014, 14:15 GMT

    Too many fickle Indian fans on this site. Yuvraj is a match-winner who is struggling at this time. he requires our support, NOT criticism for the obvious! He is still young so I do not know why people are putting him into "yesterday's news" category.

  • ABHICA on April 11, 2014, 9:55 GMT

    we must remember the past records of player & consider it as key factor for playing XI inclusion rather than his current form/state..based on this,ODI WC 2015,will be held in AUZ-NZ,we need a good bowling all-rounder & dnt think Ind had anyone better thn Kapil Dev,based on past records,so he must be included in playing XI...!!!!

  • on April 11, 2014, 8:46 GMT

    It'd over lads. get over it. It's just a tournament alright. Losing 1 out of 3 major finals isn't that bad. There are off days. Team India gave their best on that particular day. Yuvi can't be blamed for everything that happened. He was the guy who was instrumental in winning many major tournaments.

  • Aashiyer on April 10, 2014, 22:16 GMT

    @guesswhoami even if Yuvi threw his wicket, Dhoni would have brought himself on not Raina

  • ABHICA on April 10, 2014, 20:40 GMT

    clearly the worst innings which no one has ever dreamed in worst of their dream & very sure will never will witnessed again in history of cricket,given the context of the was perfectly setup for India-conditions,opponents,performance for WC final,only some "unhoni" can defeat the Ind which unfortunately comes in form of UV.surely 1st ball duck wud hve been preferred 1000 times better by millions as compared to this the bowling was good when they cud'nt out the worst batsmen b4 21 just 21 balls,he completely thrashed both teams,both teams & millions looking shocked after the knock.. tht too comes from a player considered to be Ind's best in the format,player over 375 I'nationals over a period of 14 yrs..!!! it was more unbelievable as hitting 6 sixes in 6 balls..preferring individual over team/country cost Ind this WC.if the past records matter that much,we shud shw videos of our gr8 performncs 2 opponents based on toss,no need to play at all..!!!!

  • Johnny_129 on April 10, 2014, 15:28 GMT

    Yuvraj needs our support at this time - He is at an age where batsmen peak and he will win India matches in the future. At this time, I would also add the SL had played a great game and SL would have won on the night even if India had another batsman instead of Yuvraj. India came very close to holding all limited overs trophies - An unprecedented feat. But congrats to SL.

  • Johnny_129 on April 10, 2014, 15:27 GMT

    Tendulkar is absolutely right - Yuvraj is not finished and he needs our support. We all knew that Yuvraj was in bad form, leading into the T20 WC but Dhoni and the selection committee took a gamble to select him. I am not passing the blame onto Dhoni and the selection committee - They took a calculated gamble because if Yuvraj came good during the tournament then India would have won the cup! After all, Yuvraj has not only been a key member but he has, in fact, been Player of the Tournament in nearly all significant Indian wins (eg. ODI WC, T20 WC, Champions Trophy, U19 WC, U15 WC - All Yuvraj won). Here the selection gamble did not pay off as Yuvraj returning from cancer (on the back of winning India the ODI WC) did not find consistency and found himself mentally lost in the final.

  • GuessWhoAmI on April 10, 2014, 8:46 GMT

    Yuvi should have purposely thrown his wicket with a stumping or hit wicket to allow Raina to come in and score faster

  • Khurpeto on April 9, 2014, 21:14 GMT

    On final day, rest of the Indian Team made 119 runs out of 99 balls - just a poor performance. We have to agree that there was absolutely no hand of Yuvraj Singh on last invaluable 11 balls, where only 9 runs were made. It was not only Yuvraj who was off on that day. Learn to digest my Indian Fans.

  • jimmyvida on April 9, 2014, 20:57 GMT

    Love to see Sehwag, Yuvi, Pathan and Zaheer in world cup 2015. Hello! Forget about the youngsters who are trying to get their feet in the door. We owe these guys. Don't just carry them play them. Pls do not complain about them, just remember their past laurels, and give them another chance. We might start with the tour of England. As I say, do not worry about their constant failure, remember what they did in the past. That is all we ask.

  • on April 9, 2014, 20:11 GMT

    YUVI HAS NEVER MASTERED BATTING CONDITIONS ABROAD. Yuvi can't play against quality spin, or low full tosses, or the short ball, or the moving ball. Give him easy stuff (Muirhead from Oz) and he hit 2 big sixes. MSD made a BUHE blunder by even selecting him in the XI, let alone sending him at 4. Yusuf Pathan should take his place.

  • BARFI on April 9, 2014, 15:28 GMT

    Bashing Yuvraj is not right. INDIA simply could not perform. Look at SL. Lots of star players without the stardom. Look at INDIA..lots of star player over burden with stardom = snobbish attitude. How long Kohli be in form. Few more years then should everyone bash him then? Just Admit SL is much better team in the world who are in the Final almost always.

  • on April 9, 2014, 14:07 GMT

    With all due respects, Dhoni made a blunder by sending Yuvraj up in the order. Raina can hit much better. There are several other players who could have done much better than Yuvraj. For great Indian pace bowlers, learn from the last 3 overs of SL bowling. Our pace never gets tired bowling on the leg, short pitch feeders. Grow up. Select players based on the need of the hour. Yuvraj was a wrong section. I respect Yuvraj a lot and he has been one of the most aggressive batsmen India ever produced. But he wasn't fit for this occasion.

  • shrastogi on April 9, 2014, 13:15 GMT

    Tendulkar's empathy with Yuvraj is understandable afterall both of them havent scored runs in world cup finals after doing very well in the run up to final. Yuvraj has largely struggled against Lanka leave aside a few exceptions. Imagine what could have happened if Dhoni has sent him in the WC final at Mumbai - at least he was in great nick then. I wouldnt blame Yuvraj alone for the mess in finals. I think both Dhoni & Raina should have batted ahead. May be both would have failed also but finals needs a different strategy and India needed at least 150 on board. Yes too early to write off Yuvraj, he can "perform" and enjoy his 14 cr. He has played the best innings by an Indian in t20i. The 70 agianst aussies at Durban in SF was best considering match situation, reputation of team and occassion but sadly he is at 32 a pale shadow of himself even making fielding lapses.

  • on April 9, 2014, 10:21 GMT

    Same problem SL had with Chandimal but recovered that very amicably without tarnishing anyone's image. It was reveled that Indians have underestimated SL bowlers at greater deal. It was very bad see the way Indians were criticizing Youvi for bad form because all others also out of form being having slow run rate in initial overs. why only criticize Youvi? what about Rohith and Rahane? Cricket is a gentleman's game and there should be winner and there should be a looser so why Indians cannot understand that?

  • Coolcapricorn on April 9, 2014, 10:14 GMT

    Although I too like many others have been a little critical about UV's performance in the final, some fans as usual are going totally overboard in these criticisms! Please have a little respect for the man & for what he has done for India in winning us two World Cups. Please respect the fact too that he has fought cancer too - which surely must have taken an amazing toll on his body. However being determined to once again play for India, this itself would have required a steely determination & putting his body through more punishment by way of a harsh fitness regime. God only knows how much all this must have taken out of him - so atleast genuine Indian fans, please show a little support & respect for the guy! His comeback after all this may not have ended in glory but kudos to the man for trying! Sport is also not about winning ALL the time but when you lose, even if occasionally, it is also about showing grace, humility & respect to your winning opponents!

  • on April 9, 2014, 9:48 GMT

    If Yuvraj continues to play then it will be unfair for Sehwag, Gambhir, Rayadu, Manoj Tiwari etc..

  • AravindVatsal82 on April 9, 2014, 9:40 GMT

    RECORDS are past History,Dhoni gambeled uvi,doing more harm than good for his cricketing career which is at stake already.

  • AravindVatsal82 on April 9, 2014, 9:32 GMT

    All Due respect to God,I still feel one need to asses from cricketing sense,confidence is key & no player should be taken granted,it makes no sense to keep melking on the record books,only inform team can win big matches,take a leaf out SRL when captain himself dropped from the side & what malinga as a captain did to the team & country.

  • safa on April 9, 2014, 9:16 GMT

    Yuvi , MS is history mate i cant see them playing 2016 WT20 in india.

  • itsthewayuplay on April 9, 2014, 8:11 GMT

    Yuvraj has played some wonderful and entertaining knocks mostly in ODIs and in form is a joy to watch. But what this T20 WC has shown is that he is not yet ready for internationals following his comeback to cricket. Yuvraj needs to rediscover his form and consistency away from the spotlight and the best place for that is at domestic level. Dhoni has to accept responsibility for Yuvraj when there are other players who deserve an opportunity. There's no more Tendulkar so let's not create a new generation of undroppable players.

  • on April 9, 2014, 7:41 GMT

    Srilankan bowlers played well. Excellent spell by Malinga with his deadly yorkers.

  • Manowara on April 9, 2014, 7:39 GMT

    We SL fans disagree with Indian fans sending Yuveraj to rock bottom. Hes a very exiting player under going a bad form at the moment. Its totally the fault of the captain and the selectors to play him in the most important final. For example see what SL did when Dinesh Chndimal had to go out due to technical reason in his captaincy. Sl did not bring him back immediately after that punishment game. You would have seen him carrying water during the West Indies game and in the well important final. India should have brought Rina or MSD before him in batting if the captain and selectors are so keen in playing him in the final. With the type of bowling SL displayed at that time nothing would happen to change the result, bcs Koli was also struggling at that time. It would have been a respectable loss in the final over or could have gone either way. In the post match intervieves Doni had nothing but defending the dessition of playing Youveraj.

  • on April 9, 2014, 7:32 GMT

    how long you want to live in past, and waste the present and future sir.

  • on April 9, 2014, 7:15 GMT

    yuvraj is an all rounder excelling in fielding ,bowling & batting.he has never failed in bowling & fielding,taking wickets at crucial junctures in matches against all countries.he has also taken spectacular catches at short fine leg. if he has failed in one department he has done well in the other this tournament inexplicably he was fielded in the deep & he was not allowed to bowl .this must have dented his confidence considerably while watching every tom,dick & harry bowling & and leaking runs but not taking wickets.he surely deserved better handling. i am sure he will bounce with a vengeance.

  • Ind_Cricket_fan on April 9, 2014, 6:53 GMT

    I have one question to the experts here.Why didn't Kohli suggest any ideas to Yuvi in between the overs.We saw that he showed faces.Why didn't the coach or captain send any instruction between overs?. looked like Yuvraj was totally shell shocked and was not thinking clearly. yes as a cricket fan following Indian cricket for long understand and respect his contribution to Indian cricket . Even Sanjay Manjrekar had mentioned in match point that he was not in form and struggling and many fans here had also commented about it even in the league matches.Not sure why management didn't realize it.this format is harsh and can't afford to select out of form players and allow them few knocks in a World Cup.So the management,selectors,captain,coach and Yuvi are equally responsible for this embarrassment .

  • Riyankishor on April 9, 2014, 6:23 GMT

    Guys, Everybody is talking on Yuvi's past records and worldcup 2007/2011, as a international player and one of the best player of yuvi's caliber. This should not be an excuse for his world cup final performance. No matter entire world can support Yuvi, We also love him, but how can he messed up world cup final, even a bad day, he should have got OUT and allow Raina, Dhooni, Jadeja to play the remaining balls. It was selfish cricket played by him. Again Past records can not be justified for his failure. He has to face criticism. When he won us matches, we praised him, now he failed, so people has right to react. Come on guys, keep your so called love a side. Fact is we were that close to victory and lost becoz of selfish cricket.

  • on April 9, 2014, 5:49 GMT

    thanks to god of cricket(sachin) to support yuvi.....yuvi is still match winner ly..his cricket life is not ended...confident tat we r going to celebrate 2015 world cup bocz of legendary man yuvraj singh.....v luv yuvi.....YOUWECAN

  • anver777 on April 9, 2014, 4:53 GMT

    It was not only Yuvi's, it was not even India's night in the final.... feel sorry for this talented hitter of the cricket ball, may he comeback strongly for Ind !!!!

  • shankarapandi on April 9, 2014, 4:07 GMT

    No blaming yuvi is not acceptable.. Even dhoni didn't bat well.. The fact is they bowled really well.. So they deserved the winn..

    but wat India cud have done is, our coaching and support team shud have sent a guy with the drinks and asked our batsmen to upset their rhythm by standing some 2 yards outside the crease or taking the off stump guard..

    so i wud say India didn't have PLAN B.. I think dhoni always does it with instincts.. Neither he or fletcher with their high profile support staffs don't pre plan anything..

    someone like kristen wud have done it better..

  • sachin_equal_to_bradman on April 9, 2014, 2:02 GMT

    I am also a fan of yuvi but when it comes to countr then its india....Look we are not criticising yuvi just based on the failure in finals..He has been struggling even to touch the ball right from Warm-ups till finals (Except AUs match since aus were terrible out of touch). Not only his batting, Mentally yuvi is really really down and it reflects in hos body language...Look at his fielding!!! A out of form guy should always be given immediate break so that he never completely looses his confidence by allowing him to play more matches even after out of form since the chances of failure is huge!!! thats wat happened to yv...Ok lost is lost but all the best yv to come back

  • sachin_equal_to_bradman on April 9, 2014, 1:57 GMT

    Why are the fans who are crictisising yuvi here are being told that we are harsh on UV by "Yuvi Supporters"!!! I feel really stunned by the amount of sympathy yuvi is getting!!! Let me make it clear.... UV was terribly out of form since atleast fro 2011 WC.....He never even striked a clean shot right from the warm up matches and clearly he was very very very out of form.(Don't count aussie match..It was terrible bowling attack and they were terribly out of sorts)... Din't you guys see how he struggled to touch the ball against WI?? Imagine had it been 3 ball 1 run situation against samuels, we would have surely went to super over (Yuvi wasted 3 balls..Thanks to raina for winning it). While batting against SA, He infact stretched the match till 19 th over where yuvi scored 18 ball 19 or so...(Thanks to koli, else we would have lost !!!)Then in finals...Do i need to tell anything here? He was even not touching the ball which ultimately sucked the momentum and made even MSD and VIRAT cool

  • on April 9, 2014, 1:53 GMT

    WI Fan One down day should not destroy Yuvi. We all played cricket and know that some moments u lost form and cant hit the ball relax people India did well

  • Al_Bundy1 on April 9, 2014, 1:37 GMT

    Don't write Yuvraj off - One loser supporting another!!!!!!!

  • on April 9, 2014, 1:34 GMT

    I feel that the behavior of Indian fans is very disgusting. Cricket is a sport where winning and loosing is part of the game. You cannot expect things to go your way all the time. Treating a player of the Yuvi's caliber, i.e. pelting his house with stones does not promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship. I am sure all the player who participate in national teams love to win the cups or medals for their respective country. I am sure Yovi must have done his best, but things just did fall in place for him on that day. I like many others wish that he comes back stronger and is able to redeem himself and does well for India.

  • crkfan on April 9, 2014, 0:01 GMT

    @siddhartha87 Yuvraj was never out of form in T20's even after the 2011 world cup, he has almost won the match on his comeback against nz, where dhoni's bad inning spoilt it. Won man of the match against Pakistan in India-Pak series where he hit Saeed ajmal for 3 consecutive sixes. Conquered australia's score of 200 in home series recently. Here are the stats after world cup 2011 and he is only second to Kohli with highest strike rate among all Indian batsmen.;spanmin1=01+Apr+2011;spanval1=span;team=6;template=results;type=batting

  • Nutcutlet on April 8, 2014, 23:43 GMT

    Posted by f on (April 8, 2014, 13:52 GMT): I couldn't have asked for better illustration of my point! A champion chess player is heroic in his way, but he is in no real sense engaged in a sport. Chess is the ultimate intellectual pursuit. And badminton & squash hardly qualify as high prominence world sports. They simply don't have the audience or TV coverage. I have feeling that you'd concede these points. Wrestling too is a minority interest. Boxing certainly gets more coverage, but there is no record of any Indian boxers of any note. India has, since the inception of the modern Olympic Games achieved 9 gold medals (8 in Hockey; one in shooting). No, I'm certainly not stereotyping Indian sport, but - let's face it - the Indian record hardly stacks up against that of a very small nation, like New Zealand (42 gold medal winners across eleven sports). It's an unanswerable case that, inter alia, shows how overwhemingly important it is for India to look to cricket for singular champions.

  • gvarun1975 on April 8, 2014, 22:53 GMT

    Even the Legendary batsman like Sachin,Ponting and Lara ha dbad phases in their carrier but they they came back well and ended their game in high.Now the same is happening with the players like Yuvi,Bhajji and Sehwag.But I am sure that they will come back and prove what they are and how Important they are to the team.All the best for those three.

  • nick_29 on April 8, 2014, 21:58 GMT

    We Indians have a tendency to keep a cricketer in sky when he is full form of his life and 1 match he fails to deliver or team loses a match because of that 1 player then we put him down with all possible abuses or telling that he should be kept aside from the team, we need a better player. We need to give Yuvi some time to prove himself. Yuvi will be back...

  • Khurpeto on April 8, 2014, 21:28 GMT

    I have never ever seen such a cruel fans from any parts of the world. I hate the kind of so selfishness nature of Indian Fans. Indian fans lost their grounds.

  • mmshahpe on April 8, 2014, 21:23 GMT

    The person to blame isreally Dhoni for two reasons:

    1. For selecting Yuvraj for this match.It was clear to every one, for example Manjrekar, that Yuvraj is not playing well. Even his 60 against Australia was lack lustre. He got some six full tosses in the last two overs and could not hit even one of them for four or six. A couple of years back he would have hit all of them for six. He almost lost the match against West Indies.

    2. Not sending him the message to Yuvi by the 14th over to hit out or get out.

    Yuvi simply did not understand the situation. He should not be crucified but should not be selected again until he receives psychiatric help.

  • on April 8, 2014, 19:55 GMT

    Tendulkar was just a g8 batsman............never a gd captain or a gd decision maker & a very nervous performer

  • Temuzin on April 8, 2014, 19:10 GMT

    Indian fans want to win everything. They cant think that opposition played well and won the match. No ifs and buts will do. Hind sight is 20/20. Send raina before Yuvi and if raina fails fans will ask question why raina? why not MSD or Yuvi. So let us accept the fact that no body wants to play bad and every player wants to lift that trophy. They played to their best of the knowledge and ability but that was not enough this time. Lanka played better game and won. So congratulations to Lanka and best of luck next time to team India.

  • on April 8, 2014, 19:09 GMT

    Just because you had won matches in the past doesnt give a free ride for a few years. It happens only in India. Even Tendulkar himself was a party to it. His performance was really bad in the last two years. Still India carried him. However, the worst came in his 100th 100 which lost India the match and that series. Just like as Yuvi did last day. So it is natural to see Sachin defending Yuvi.

    Having said the above, I respect both Yuvi and Sachin for their contributions to the game and matches. But once you're due date you should step aside. This is actually were Indian players fail except a few.

  • gurusInd on April 8, 2014, 18:12 GMT

    Dhoni sent Yuvi to bat then he went himself both the gamble did not worked who knows if he sent Raina instead of him could have changed the match. Its cricket but you cannot put Yuvi as big curtain to hide our bowlers. 130 is not a poor total to defend there are few examples in this tournament but we don't have malinga or steyn.

  • Imad_K on April 8, 2014, 18:08 GMT

    Completely agree with BigIndFan - you could see even in the NZ game and other games how badly Yuvraj was struggling - you can't just taken one game which a lot of supporters do and think that's it he is the best player we have (Aus game). I'm sure in the sub-continent the Indian team have most likely got loads of talented batsmen to choose from - so I can't help but think there must be some politics in Yuvraj's inclusion. India would have easily made 160/170 absolute minimum which I'm sure would have been enough to win the game. They had so much batting it would have been all guns blazing had Yuvraj not been sent to the crease and only a total and utter collapse may have seen them reduced to that total. To be honest SL should have even kept Yuvraj in by dropping his catch - but with so few balls left and with the players having no choice but to hit sixes against the SL bowling made life even more difficult for MSD and Kholi.

  • on April 8, 2014, 17:48 GMT

    To all Sri Lankan fans who are " honestly " supporting yuvraj performance, we can understand why you are doing that as he is one of the main reasons why a score of 160 was not achieved and why you've won the finals. So please let us discuss our cricket issues and sort out. We will let you enjoy your rare feats.

  • on April 8, 2014, 17:32 GMT

    Yuvraj was a match winner.. He is not playing the way he used to be.. MSD should have realized that early. he missed the golden opportunity to lift T20 cup again

  • BigINDFan on April 8, 2014, 17:08 GMT

    I blame MSD for this debacle. Yuvi is past his prime and we all knew it in the Super 10s. One easy game against Aus who were mentally out at that time cannot be the excuse to say hey we got Yuvi back. Tendulkar is right in telling the fans to chill it but he is being unfair to those youngsters who are in much better form and deserve to displace Yuvi in the team. Pujara is warming the benches when Yuvi keeps scrapping the ground instead of hitting the ball.

    Yes it is one match but it was the final - remember Zaheer getting so much flak after the horrible bowling in the WC final against Ponting?

    Kohli was in striking form and Yuvi handed the match to SL. I am sure SL team was chuckling at half time saying we have won it thanks Yuvi. What did MSD do - send his worst batsman at No. 4. MSD should have promoted himself or sent Raina ahead of Yuvi and Ind would have easily scored 150-160 and those 20-30 runs would have made the difference.

    No more Yuvi unless he improves his form

  • on April 8, 2014, 16:59 GMT

    its really sad to see such behavior from indians against a player who won a wc for them after 28 years when he fails once we sri lankans lost 4 wc finals in 7 years bt we welcomed them equally as we welcomed them after 2014 wc shame on indians who treated yuvi in this manner 1 of the modern cricket kegends

  • Navish_Panday on April 8, 2014, 16:36 GMT

    Sport is fickle. A true sportsman will understand that a player of the outstanding allround quality of Yuvi should never be cast aside based on his performance in one game. It is those that are hurt the most by his failings that will usually look for his head. Its displaced anger that makes you think that a star player of Yuvi's magnitude should be forgotten. It is the nature of the game that some days you go out there and it just doesn't feel right. Timing is off, struggling for form, can't get the ball out the circle easily. T20 makes that problem worse considering the amount of time you have to get going and the added pressure. Surely a man who has won you a World Cup (2011) and awarded player of the tournament should never have his ability questioned. These things are quickly forgotten. In fact all it takes is a poor 20 ball innings for the world to turn on you. Great to see Tendulkar publicly showing his support for Yuvi. He needes people who understand at this point in time

  • on April 8, 2014, 15:39 GMT

    I really admire all my Pakistani and srilankan Brothers who are supportng yuvi.. I myself also didnt like his gme inthe final , but hey for one mistake dont crucify him. Pelting Stones at his home ? are those fans are insane ? he has won so many matches for us , countless. please remember those matches india won cos of him . I am sure he himself must be Feeling way too bad than us .. He is a great Champion and will come back strong for sure..

  • siddhartha87 on April 8, 2014, 15:36 GMT

    it's been 3 years since 2011 wc. 3 years of complete failure. Every says he will perform "soon" .Really? How soon this" soon" is going to happen. True he won India 2 wc for India.So what? Kapil Dev did that too. Does that mean we should include Kapil Dev as well?

  • on April 8, 2014, 15:34 GMT

    Yuvi is no longer the player he was in the past. After this disastrous performance in this T20 campaign and also in the ODI against Australia, he should not be selected again. He should retire on his own. Since the next world cup is in Australia & New zealand, Yuvaraj will not contribute in those conditions.

  • on April 8, 2014, 15:09 GMT

    Cricket is a mental game. Yuvraj's problem is he lost his confidence. After the injury he lost his smile, enthusiasm and lots more. He struggling all over. His fielding was so bad. He is looking mentally week at this time, that's why he not perform well. I think he is still fear about his disease. After the injury he played some good innings, but his playing style was bad.

  • vihnga_De_cptan on April 8, 2014, 14:51 GMT

    Come on Indian fan...Take it cool.Yuvi is a world greatest cricketer.Dont forget he was the man of the series in world cup 2011.He made magnificent job at that time.As SL we were so sad at that time.we could understand how you feel.Because our team lost 4 finals.Bup finaly the get one.however we wish you NICE FUTURE...

  • Coolcapricorn on April 8, 2014, 14:10 GMT

    Even though SL's death bowling was exceptional, you still need batsmen at both ends to be attacking the bowling - particularly if they are frontline batsmen - otherwise the bowler doesn't get put under any pressure & it is instead put on the other batsmen who has to attack more to compensate. This was why there was no batting momentum in India's innings at the end - so it is ridiculous to criticize MSD or VK's strike at the end but sadly the fault lies with UV who seem to show no urgency whatsoever for whatever reason. VK obviously wouldn't have said anything in venting his frustrations to a more senior player like UV during their partnership in the middle but you just had to look at the faces in India's team dugout as they were just as bemused as us fans as to what was UV up to playing all these dot balls! Really sad to be critical of a heroic player like him who has won us two World Cups but probably his battle recovering from his cancer has just been one battle two many for him!

  • batnpad on April 8, 2014, 14:08 GMT

    @Manjrekar: You don't hope to find form in a world cup tournament, esp. in the finals. There are a lot of talented youngsters waiting to perform. Perform or perish. @Others who refer to V.Kohli's dearth of big hits at end: Cricket is a game of momentum, esp T20 and certainly a WC finals. Once Yuvraj made sure he handed it over to the opponents, it was hard for anybody with such good death bowling. Do you think a quick 30 or 35 scored in over 12 to 16 would have not altered the scoring rate at the end?

  • on April 8, 2014, 13:52 GMT

    @nutcutlet - while you are free to have your opinion on India; please don't demean other Indian sportspersons by saying cricket is all we've got. We have Vishy Anand the guy is a 5 times world champion. we have players in top 10 in badminton n squash. we have an Olympic gold medalist in abhinav bindra n double Olympic medalist in wrestling. we've given multiple champions in billiards n snooker. So please don't stereotype us.

  • on April 8, 2014, 13:47 GMT

    Yuvi' is done. His cricket career epitaph has been written, his eulogy in progress.

    Gifted ODI player who was clueless in Test cricket. Watching him hop in foreign conditions against quality pace attack even amused the kangaroos. Rabbits would call him, 'bunny ', imagine what the bowlers thought. !!!

    Given, the class of the magnificent 4 ( SRT, Dravid, VVS, Saurav etc ) , he was not to complete the 'famous five' hurrah.

    WC win, Majestic arc + swing & "broad"ly speaking the 6 6's ...thanks for the short memories ....Hope he's honest & makes way for a hungrier brigade...

  • KarachiKid on April 8, 2014, 13:45 GMT

    @imran1970: thats useful bit of stats. Thanks for sharing numbers.

  • JohnSnider on April 8, 2014, 13:19 GMT

    To me I am from Pakistan , Yuvraj looks perfect in shape and that's all you need as he is one of the highest level cricketer to start with. Problem with him that I used to have that I would be so much nervous not to make mistake and let down my team that almost got paralyzed. Yuvraj is nervous for the team or country and afraid to lose his position and good name. It is all in his mind and has to be purged out. In my opinion he is better than Afridi and if Yuvrj is sent at #8 or anytime 16th /40th over where he has to play aggressive and worry free,will send many balls out of the stadium and I pray for him and 100% sure he would be the most successful at that spot plus I would say he should somewhat copy Saeed Ajmal confusing bowling style for doosra, teesra and then invent Chotha thus he is one of the best allrounder of my land of Punjab. Yuvraj must eat food for super sharp brain like an inventor or like college student would need it plus yoga breathing and relaxing techniques.

  • bhushanB on April 8, 2014, 13:15 GMT


    Totally agree with you.. .It is the Lankan bownling than Yuvi's failure.. Even Kohli in his prime form couldnot hit big shots in the death overs.. and our best finisher dhoni had the same strike rate as Yuvi.... Stop criticizing.. and appreciate the Lankan bowling and effort...

    Yuvi - 11 (21 balls) Dhoni - 4 (7 balls) If he faced 21 balls - 12 runs approx. (4/7 x 21 = 12) Kohli - last five overs got single, double runs. Not big shots. Only one reason. Sri Lankan bowler brilliant & awesome. THAT IS THE TRUTH!

  • bhushanB on April 8, 2014, 13:13 GMT

    I have not seen the match...but looking at the strike rates... what has DHONI done better than YUVI in the match.. they both has identical strike rates...

    Yes, Yuvi is struggling, yes sending Raina would have been a much better option.. but once out in the center.. he managed the same as the BEST FINISHER in the FORMAT...

    Give respect where it is due... I think it is the Lankan BOWLING that needs to be appreciated here....

  • rgom on April 8, 2014, 12:16 GMT

    For all those saying that you can't be too harsh on Yuvaraj as this is just a game: Yuvaraj should have gotten out trying to hit much earlier if he had thought this was just a game.

  • on April 8, 2014, 12:01 GMT

    He was out of form since IPL-5 when playing for PWI...finals was not a time to get back in form and gain confidence.......

  • on April 8, 2014, 11:58 GMT

    What's that quote from Dark Knight - " You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain".

  • on April 8, 2014, 11:52 GMT

    I'd rather blame the captaincy. It was captain's call knowing fully well that Yuvi takes a slow start and is out of form to send him at 2 down in the 11th over when the score was 64. It was simply too late for Yuvi to contribute. There were better players available for the situation in Raina, Dhoni and Jadeja. There were 8 wickets on hand and half the overs gone. This was the time to switch gears and attack rather than settle down and wait for the bad deliveries. We all know the teams keep their best bowlers for the last 4 overs. Yet the Indians waited till the last 4 overs to attack. The overall strategy was wrong.

  • KarachiKid on April 8, 2014, 11:47 GMT

    Yuvi is the one of the greatest Indian limited over batsmen - being a Pakistani I have little doubt that both Virat and Yuvi are the pillars Indian batting will rest in coming limited overs assignments. All the best to Yuvi.

  • imran1970 on April 8, 2014, 11:17 GMT

    Here is a simple stat, in last 4 overs Kohli played 8 balls and scored 6 runs, Dhoni played 7 balls and scored 4 runs, Yuvi played 8 balles and scored 6 runs ! And do you still feel like blaming a single player for opponent's great bowling ?

  • mzm149 on April 8, 2014, 11:11 GMT

    Yuvraj Singh or no Yuvraj Singh, it was impossible for India to beat Sri Lanka. India's weak bowling was supported by toss and pitches throughout. It was bound to expose. The thing is Sri Lanka bowled exceptionally well in death overs. Even Kohli couldn't hit a single boundary in those 8 balls he faced in death overs. Dhoni was clueless on every single ball he faced. Had Kohli not been given two chances, it was quite possible for India to crumble under 100 runs.

  • Wetne on April 8, 2014, 11:11 GMT

    Yuvi - 11 (21 balls) Dhoni - 4 (7 balls) If he faced 21 balls - 12 runs approx. (4/7 x 21 = 12) Kohli - last five overs got single, double runs. Not big shots.

    Only one reason. Sri Lankan bowler brilliant & awesome. THAT IS THE TRUTH!

  • raja4321 on April 8, 2014, 11:01 GMT

    see people should look at the current form rather than past laurels. in Australia even if ricky ponting is not performing he will drop himself and make way for a youngster look at dinesh chandimal he is sri Lanka cricket captain and he drops from the final in india only this seniors are in evitable only god can throw them out

  • am1978 on April 8, 2014, 11:01 GMT

    I don't care if Yuvraj's career is over or not for the simple reason that every cricketer has to face that. The simplest thing is - there were batsmen in form waiting after him. In most deliveries he faced towards the end, at he had the chance to swing at the ball (which was not the case with the yorkers Dhoni faced towards the end from Malinga). That he played those defensive shots meant that he was not in the right frame of mind. He wanted to be there till the end to matter. Well, he did matter alright. Its not about blaming. Its about doing the right thing. He didn't. He might have and the team could have lost still. Point is, he took away that chance.

  • abbassobri on April 8, 2014, 10:49 GMT

    One day, when Kohli or Raina become like youvraj, nobody will remember what they did for the country before.

  • AbhiArch on April 8, 2014, 10:48 GMT

    Thanks Sachin fr Extending your support to Yuvraj.He was the won who made Ini proud in 2007 and 2011.He has the calibe rand it just a matter of time tc his comeback.Form may be temporary but class is permant.India needs him in middle overs as he has the capability of clearing any ground in orld and any attack in world.Every1 should appreciate that the way he came back to the team afte hs illness. Fans of India be patient this is not the end.He is far better than Rohith Sharma who is getting chance after chance spite of his poor performance.

  • AMEERCI on April 8, 2014, 10:40 GMT

    I agree.. yuvraj can still play a lot better ...But when it was required ..he failed ... This will remain a bad taste for indian cricket lovers..

  • seemandhra on April 8, 2014, 10:38 GMT

    time to get a good practice session yuvraj

  • srinideva on April 8, 2014, 10:33 GMT

    I don`t think he will support the same with other players for example Raina. Yuvraj and Sachin are close friends in life as we all know. this is getting ridiculous. Dhoni paid the price for choosing the wrong person and batting order. Raina, by far the best T20 batsman in the team is not even played a ball in the 20 overs is ridiculous.

  • shaykumar on April 8, 2014, 10:25 GMT

    I was astonished to hear stones were thrown at yuvis house! God have some mercy! YUVI you will always remain one of my favs of all time. I am still proud that you bashed an english bowler for six consecutive sixes in an over and letting them know we are there to win! I will never forget what an innings you played in the semis against ausis in 2007 in t20. Then the quarters against ausies in 2011 wc. The 136 against england. Genius!!! No matter who you are, critics will be there! time to prove them wrong again!!!

  • tristen_kul on April 8, 2014, 10:21 GMT

    Sachin, you're right my boy. Great work for supporting Yuvi. Stoning people's houses is wrong and just pure democracy it should not be allowed in the modern era. I think the Indian government should respond to this. It's disrespectful to someone who's battled cancer half his life.

  • Arslan_Javed on April 8, 2014, 10:21 GMT

    it was his bad bad day. anything would be in his favour 1) Raina/dhoni have come out in his place 2)He would have got out first bowl 3) He should have rotate the strike to let Kohli play.

    but the way Srilankans were bowling in death overs even dhoni struggled to rotate the strike. Personally i feel Yuvi was not fit. His face was reflecting his health condition / fitness and his eyes were not glowing as Yuvi trademark.

  • Mathuranhan on April 8, 2014, 10:20 GMT

    Yuvi is India's best performer. He was the best player in 2007 & 2011 when India won the world cups.He got the man of the series on 2011 & India's best player in 2007. How well he played against England (57 0f 16) and Australia in semis (70 of 30). Now you blame him for his bad performance. Cricket is a team game. All 11 players are responsible for their loss and win. Please don't criticize such a wonderful player & don't make him even worse. All the best for his future.

  • ChikaCasey on April 8, 2014, 9:40 GMT

    Ind lost mainly bcoz their strategy ws wrong. Should've taken chances in the powerplay, forcing Malinga to bowl early ... Kohli/Sharma were slow, took time to get set. Putting a lot of pressure on Yuvraj/Dhoni who had to contend with Malinga in the death without getting their eye in.

  • Unbiased-views on April 8, 2014, 9:35 GMT

    Nobody is thinking from Virat's perspective which is really astonishing!!! Here was a guy who was trying to win WT20 on his own(just like Sachin did during WC-03), but didn't get the support he was looking fo.... Let me ask all of you one question...Had yuvraj not given enough strike during his amazing knock of 70 from 30 balls in semi-final v/s AUS in WT20-07, what would've happened ? Had yuvraj not given enough strike during his 12 ball 50, he wouldn't have created record of scoring fastest 50 & also probably wouldn't have hit 6 6's in an over!!! Yuvraj alone didn't win the WC in 07 & 11, it was the total team effort!! In fact Yuvraj scored only 14 of "19" balls in the final against Pak in WT20 in 07 & scored golden duck "0" against Pak in Semi-final in WC-11!!! If Yuvi wants to play for India again, he has to score few 100's in IPL & bucketful of runs in ranji matches post IPL!!!

  • on April 8, 2014, 9:33 GMT

    We shouldnt crticise Yuvi, as he is one of important player and great role in our Indian Cricket.

  • on April 8, 2014, 9:27 GMT

    Yuvi is far better hitter than any others like Gayle, Maxwell, Shahid Afridi, Samuels, Parera e.t.c. ... I can't believe one off day can create such a mess ... No problem Yuvi ... you are the best hitter India has ever seen and one of my favorites as well ... Love the way you build your innings ... From a Pakistani Fan.

  • on April 8, 2014, 9:26 GMT

    thank you sachin sir for supporting...we love yuvi and we love you and support you in all your bad and good times...may be that day was not yours...or i can say thay really bowled well...all i can say we cannt decide and question on the capability of yuvraj singh by seeing this one innings...i want to question what dhoni did with those 10 balls he played..if he couldnt hit a biggie then why to question yuvi...thats not what iam questioning dhonis capability..just a example...yuvi u always rocksss and all india loves u...

  • Avi56 on April 8, 2014, 9:26 GMT

    Even if Raina or Dhoni came ahead of Yuvi i bet the score would be no more than 140 or 145. And with Sril Lanka scoring 130 in 17.5 overs i dont think they would have a problem in scoring a mere 10 - 15 runs in 2 overs. ..Did you see the way the Sri lankans bowled it was amazing yorker length balls..Kulasekara gave one bad over and he came back with such amazing over...Why cant we just admit that Sril Lankans were better off that day in all departments...Imagine Sanga who was not in that great form just took the match away.. that mean even our bowling was not at Par with SL... If we were good i think we should have taken to the last ball.. Kohli also had a slow start and he too was not able to get his timing early on in the innings same as yuvi.. Just we indian fans should feel proud that we made it till the Final and hope that we make another final next year at the world cup

  • on April 8, 2014, 9:25 GMT

    it was a horrible time of cricket,when yuvi was batted.! It was more tensed time.! But it is only one game! He is a REAL one can replace him..!! The truth is india didnt get world cup, becouse yuvraj was out of form..! if india need to get another world 2015..!! He has to come into form and consistance..!! apart from Kholi [ one man army] rohit can win world cups...!! its again proved here too..!! Sri lanka bowled one should forget that! Now yuvraj is accepting others words in his cricketing nature.!! he is forgetting about his natural way of attacking all balls! He need to think standalone and if he is playing with free mind..he will show it to rest of the world.!! PLZ DONT BLAME HIM..Sachin knows very well..about yuvi's distructive cricket!!!

  • on April 8, 2014, 9:18 GMT

    Dhoni should have sent Raina instead of himself.. Reason being, Kohli was already at the crease and a left-right combination would have made some difference.

  • on April 8, 2014, 9:11 GMT

    Sachin is the true cricketer and kind human being.! thatz why we loves you so much..!! Yuvraj is a real champion..IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANY CRICKETER...Even if he failed to score some odd runs from 21 balls.we wont hate him.

    IF you analyze the match completly..Starting point itself all people are struggling to get runs.! Rohit,Rahane,even kholi too..Kholi made it as tricky runs grabed from a brilliant opposition.! even in depth overs, he also struggled.! its not yuvraj..its the balance gone from the team completly after losing the toss..! they were very much planned for chasing a total.!

    Even in out of form,Yuvi tried his best...he made some shots ,but quite unfortunate or no luck didnt reach boundaries..!!

    The luck and prayers are more for sri lankan they came in finals 3 times..never won.!! They played well..let them take it!~ Our boys played well in..whole tournement ! But i had small concern on the team selection from Dhoni - he should have taken Varun Aron / Shammi.

  • MRSAHU540 on April 8, 2014, 9:10 GMT

    The whole blame goes to selection of the team and some part of dhoni also. i think why mohit sharma choose better than shami and when you know raina is better than yuvi then why u experiment in final game .about rahne, why that fellow did in that 2 games all know and better to take gauti instead of rahne and dhawan.why india not to more focus on bowler to choose the best .....

    Finally take a look up these comments what comment posted by viewers... its our request.............

  • ThirteenthMan on April 8, 2014, 9:03 GMT

    " sucked the momentum out of India's innings"

    That is just a very silly thing to say. It may have cost them runs, relative to what was expected, but the other batsmen cannot blame him for their own strike rates.

  • on April 8, 2014, 9:00 GMT

    Get some normality around this matter. Yuvraj was one of eleven players. Are you going to be silly and pelt stones at all the others too?. How about your bowlers who gave Sri Lanka all the opportunities to score. How about all the other batsman including Dohni who did not score except Koolie who managed to score as always.

    This can only happen in India. When SL team were runners up and there about save times over the past 13 years they got a warm welcome when they returned home. How wrong can those who are creating problems be. Shame on those culprits.

  • on April 8, 2014, 9:00 GMT

    Most of the sri lankans too love this guy. Its a shame how simply Dhoni passes the buck on yuvraj. Nobody got going even after he gets out. Not even the so called big hitter kohli....

  • Alakatt on April 8, 2014, 8:49 GMT

    I am sure Yuvi, sure you will bounce back with flying colours. The same situation was raised for sachin also. That time Kapiil dev requested media not to write off sachin master, instead he advised support them to prove the best. World accepted and sachin turned world renowened Master blaster. The same will happen for yuvi also.

  • imtiazjaleel on April 8, 2014, 8:48 GMT

    I believe Dhoni is more responsible than Yuvi for this loss. He should have send Raina in place of Yuvi because Raina is playing at number 3 in all his IPL matches and also his form was good. Dhoni is very selfish when it comes to batting, if you remember the world cup 2011, he promoted himself before Yuvi when he was in great form, he knew that if he clicks he will become the hero and he fails also there is Yuvi who can get them over the line. All the hard work which Yuvi did before the final went in vain, becoz people only remembers the knock of Dhoni in the final.

  • Nutcutlet on April 8, 2014, 8:45 GMT

    To an outsider, it seems to me that Indian cricket is a little soft-focus when it comes to understanding when a player's career has gone into irreversible decline - as indeed every cricketer's career must. The example of this, par excellence, is that of SRT himself. In any other Test setup he would have gone much, much earlier than he did. I ask myself why this should be - and the best answer I can come up with is the need for individual sporting heroes. In a country that has but a single sport with which to strut the world stage, cricket must provide for India individual champions besides (or as much as) a winning team. There is no other sport in India that has been able to provide Olympic gold medal winners in major sports, or open champions in golf or tennis, for example. Cricket must do it all. So, to Yuvraj. He is the stuff of legend having conquered cancer & been a great short-format cricketer. He must become the soft-focus champion, singular symbol of greatness... Must he?

  • on April 8, 2014, 8:40 GMT

    @Lakshmi Kanth , it doesnt mean if boy failed in monthly test and his whole life career is over, someone will motivate him and will encourage him.By 20 20 matches you are deciding the fate of a player, where we are? loving 20 20 is like a base with no support

  • on April 8, 2014, 8:36 GMT

    I totally agree with Tendulkar. Yuvi should not be written off, he has given some loving moments to cricket fans all over the world, players do have their bad patches and he is going through that one right now, he needs support to fight back. Just one bad performance should not ruin such a fantastic player. So stand up Yuvi and give your fans back the marvellous moments you are known for.

  • on April 8, 2014, 8:25 GMT

    I am a Srilankan big fan of Yuvraj from the day he won the under 19 Word Cup against Srilanka. He is talented and he has proved many times. Not every day is Sunday. It was a world Cup Final - Two best team were fighting. There is no room to blame Yuvraj. It is team's decision to send him at that point. unfortunately Yuvraj did not get any loose balls. Just see Dhoni's figures who came after. There is no point to blame anyone. It is game of Cricket. I am totally againts blaming Yuvraj.

  • on April 8, 2014, 8:14 GMT

    in future nobody will give respect to cricket players. one thing yuraj is not in form why they r selecting, so many young players are their & if players can't play means they should retire then he is not playing intentionally. ( even so many wickets r their he is not lifting bat)

  • on April 8, 2014, 8:13 GMT

    Yuvraj got out @ 119 runs 18.1 overs......after that just scored 11 runs from 11 balls out of that 4 extras.........(dhoni scored 4(7balls) and kohli scored 3(4 balls)... even a big hitting..dhoni and settled batsman kohli cant even score a run a ball.......

  • appoooz on April 8, 2014, 8:06 GMT

    Those who pelted stones on Yuvi are not true fans of cricket. Please go and analyze the match once again. Was Yuvi the only culprit? Lankans successfully chased the target in the 17th over. So Indian bowlers also failed to pitch in right areas. Cornering a player is not good for the spirit of gentleman's game, when you play as a team.

  • arup_g on April 8, 2014, 8:06 GMT

    It's fantastic that the great man himself is supporting Yuvraj, and of course we should not forget his heroics of the past, but it does not mean we should continue playing him just because of his past! If we were to do that, then it would be unfair on the likes of Sehwag and Gambhir who both have great pasts, but on current form would not even get into the Indian B team!

    Yes Yuvi came back from a huge illness and seriously well done for that, but this International cricket and we can't carry someone in the team who is out of form. The way he batted, he looked edgy, nervous and over cautious - all on sub contitent conditions which are where he has scored tons of runs before. Also a massive problem is his fielding. He dropped 2 easy catches and generally looked disinterested.

    As much we love him, and will always remember him, I don't think he has a role in the team anymore.

  • on April 8, 2014, 8:03 GMT

    why only yuvi is responsible for loss?

  • Cricketsasportnotproduct on April 8, 2014, 7:54 GMT

    Thowing stones at Yuvi's house is wrong and a crime.

    Dhoni should also take the blame for Yuvi's performance. Yuvi have really in this T20 WC. Dhoni knew all along that Yuvi is short of confidence, not middling the ball, struggling to rotate the strike. Dhoni could have dropped Yuvi for Dhawan and saved him a lot of grief.

  • ahsan1271 on April 8, 2014, 7:53 GMT

    even Kholi had difficulties in the beginning to adjust only 11 on 19 b plus a drop catch and same happen to Yovi and Dhoni....they simply don't have enough time to adjust.

  • Mehulsoni on April 8, 2014, 7:49 GMT

    Learn 2 accept defeats which can help u improve ur game...blaming other is easy but remembering one's own mistake??? It can happen 2 any individual in world cricketing nation, give him sum time 2 get back on track but some people aren't allowing him 2 do so...Other teams who are playing cricket have also come to win not 2 get defeats from India only... Njoy d Game dats CRICKET !!! On that day Sri Lanka played better cricket than us (India) n resulted in their favour dats how d games goes on n on....!!! Never mind losing becoz its not d end...!!!

  • on April 8, 2014, 7:45 GMT

    "There were reports that Yuvraj's house in Chandigarh was pelted with stones..." For goodness sake guys, get some perspective ! There are more important things in life than a cricket match !

  • on April 8, 2014, 7:43 GMT

    During the last 4 overs (ovs. 16 - 20) this is how the 3 Indian batsmen scored runs. Kohli: 8 balls- 7 runs; Yuvi: 8 balls- 4 runs; Dhoni: 7 balls- 4 runs. Now you can see whether it is just to criticize a single player.

  • TheOnlyEmperor on April 8, 2014, 7:43 GMT

    My mother is nearing 80. She's been following cricket for decades and was horrified when Yuvraj was sent ahead of Raina, given his form. The damage was done even before Yuvraj came to the crease when India scored only 50 off the first 9 overs. Scoring another 100 in the next 11 would have still taken them to 150 - a below par score for the Finals! I miss Sehwag at the top of the order. He can set the pace of the innings as nobody can. Scoring 5 out of the first 2 overs of the match itself is a disaster in a T20 match! Of course, I blame Yuvraj too! He was supposed to hit out and get out, what with 3 more hitters to come! Why was he grafting singles when Kohli was taking all the risks? If India had to score 150, the required run rate was 10 an how could singles and dot balls help the cause?

  • puneeth33 on April 8, 2014, 7:42 GMT

    sachin sir you cant stick to past and say that he is good player...we need good performance in present not in past..this is what difference between austrilan team and indian team...any one who performs good they must play in team...not the past.

  • Thyagu5432 on April 8, 2014, 7:38 GMT

    Past glories make good stories for your kids and grand kids. It doesn't serve any purpose for what you should be doing today. Sachin had extraneous reasons why he survived several years on just past glories. Yuvi has no such reasons. Perform or perish. If you do neither, the team perishes. Ample proof was the WT20 finals. India played with 10 players and SL with 12 players.

  • on April 8, 2014, 7:31 GMT

    yuvraj is finished

  • Karthik_Jay_Cricket on April 8, 2014, 7:25 GMT

    In cricket past don't count. It is about present and tomorrow. We all as a fan say good luck for Yuvi on different job and personnel carrier, world cup is not the training groud to get practice. India is with 1B people. This is not your personnel , it is the country and the fans. Without this you are all nothing. This goes to Cricketers and also the politics . Unfortunately every one jumps on "JUST cricket" like their life is gone. But forget about the nation and politics which we lost hope for the future and out children.

  • on April 8, 2014, 7:24 GMT

    There were many odds against india starting with the loss of toss in a match delayed due to rain, bad start, loss of early wicket etc.. in spite of all of these, India was 111 for 3 in 15 overs thanks to spirited performance by kohli. In comes yuvraj and he stopped everything. U can see the reaction from kohli in the middle, rohit shaking head, dhoni getting restless and raina shocked. U can't say dhoni that yuvi was atleast trying when he can't even touch the ball. Frankly yuvraj sucked the life out of indias innings on that night. He is no way near trying to come to form. As an ardent indian fan ( I am not talking about the result) , innings like yuvraj should be penalised atleast to keep the spirit of other performing players alive and if not, it will set a bad precedent to non performers.

  • subcontinent-expert on April 8, 2014, 7:20 GMT

    Well it was evident from the expression of YUVI that he was aware of what he did to the momentum, even the dugout people's face said it all about the emotion at that time... But Yuvi was most disappointed than any body there... At the presentation when he came to Kohli it seemed as if he was controlling his tears... Remember had he been Kohli he would have wept at that time(at ground)... But he is stronger than most people.... I think we went too far this time as far as criticizing is concerned...

    We people never take defeat sportingly... C'mon guys you cannot loose without commiting mistakes.. You error some where in a match and you loose as simple as that...

    And we call ourselves die hart Indian fans...Shame on us....

  • on April 8, 2014, 7:14 GMT

    People abusing Yuvraj Singh : *Don't forget, he was the man due to whom India won the World Cup. *He was the one of the person who fulfilled Sachin's 22 years old dream. *He was the one who gave us glorious Six 6's moment *He is the one who has given lot and lot of other victories. Its cricket, Its game. Some day you score, some day you floor!!

  • SL_Fan_1985 on April 8, 2014, 7:08 GMT

    I'm SL fan...Whole Sri lanka is set to welcome our WT20 champion team today... But...i'm truly feel anxiety about some some Indian fans and Indian comments at Cricinfo regarding Youraj singh... Please understand he is Legend...Did India loose Final bcoz Yourraj ? Not at all... Even Dhoni, Kohli struggled against wide youkers and super death bowling...That's the truth.Please don't do these things for the sake of Gentlemen's game...It's bad practice of SOME OF INDIAN FANS....(Majority are great...!) SL will people welcome our Team even if they become runners up...we don't through stones at players house...That is insane...Please be happy... IND won 2007, 2011, champion trophy, now runner up....isn't great..? This is not the end of all..Cricket moves on as life goes on....we shall enjoy it, sad bcoz it...but that never ends....understand the simple truth.....Well done IND and SL...! Cheers.......cheers...!

  • SAURAVJAIN on April 8, 2014, 7:08 GMT

    When he knows that he is not in form,he is dropping catches,lost rhythem with ball then such big paper names should call retirement/elimination from wc squad by themselves only. Dont see the past..There are so many good batsman after him like raina, dhoni and hard hitter jadeja,then why did yuvi perished the entire game.He should have thrown his bat to stumps as Raina and Jadeja would have reached India to 160-170 easily.But due to such big paper names unfortunately players like Pujara do not get chances in ODIs and capable batsman like Jadeja dont get chance to play up the order at no 4 or 5 unlike other all rounders like Angelo Mathews,Dwane bravo,etc.

  • priceless1 on April 8, 2014, 7:06 GMT

    Kholi manged to get only 7 runs from the last 8 balls he faced , Dhoni could score only 3 runs of 7 balls he faced , dont you think these guys deserve some bashing as well? that's 2.3 overs those two have wasted at the end

  • on April 8, 2014, 6:51 GMT

    Before we condemn Yuvi we must also compare the strike rates of Dhoni and Kholi which ere well below their capabilities.

  • Naresh28 on April 8, 2014, 6:44 GMT

    SIMPLE - in T20 have all your big hitters ahead of the slow players. Dhawan should played this last match as an opener. Rahane and Rohit should go down the order. Shami is a better wicket taker than MOHIT. OFFSIDE stance should have been adopted the Indian batters since SL were bowling wide of offstump.

  • on April 8, 2014, 6:36 GMT

    Come on folks, credit where credit is due please, to the Lions!! Yuvraj faced only 21 balls of the 180 legitimate deliveries, why didn't the rest of the team score more off their 159 balls? Why didn't the Indian bowlers do as well as their opponents? Sri Lanka won because they were the best TEAM on the night, not because Yuvral had a human moment when everyone was wishing for one of his heroic innings. The Indian team, captain and public should not be using this champion as a scapegoat for being the second best team on the night.

  • rajuramki on April 8, 2014, 6:28 GMT

    Like any common man , Tendulkar is also entitled to his opinion . However, the fact remains that Yuvaraj is well past his prime and is no longer fit for international cricket . What is good for the goose should be good for the gander too . Going by this logic, when Sehwag and Gambhir can be sidelined for lack of performance ,there is no reason for continuing with Yuvaraj , despite his lack of performance . What is needed is consistent performance and not sporadic flashes of brilliance . India have enough players to replace Yuvaraj , which should be done without a second thought .I cannnot imagine Yuvaraj being a part of 2015 world cup ..

  • on April 8, 2014, 6:18 GMT

    1. Dhoni could have gone batting in place Yuvraj (Especially 20 overs depending upon the overs left captain has to take smart decision) 2. Currently the fast bowling is not much appreciable like previous bowlers spinning ok. 3. last but not least " not to scare for out in just 20 overs in such a way smart batting is the need of the minutes but not hours right"

  • Prabs_M on April 8, 2014, 6:17 GMT

    Adulation and criticism come form the same place, fans immense passion and obsession for the game. You cannot have one without the other. Its them who made sports star rich beyond their worth. While some fans might have gone bit over-board, you cannot under estimate their disappointment. If you cannot handle their expectation, its time you tried some other profession.

  • ShanNachimuthu on April 8, 2014, 6:11 GMT

    Yuvi, you made me to realize my childhood dream of witnessing a batsman hitting six sixes in an over. Also you are instrumental to make the billion Indians to watch India lifting two world cups. I know you are the most who got hurted because of that bad effort during that night. As a true fan of Indian cricket I support for your come back and my prayer will always be there for you to be part of the WC team. God bless you.

  • DanishNaseer on April 8, 2014, 6:10 GMT

    Come on guys !

    Yuvi is a superstar, He has done outstandingly well for India... Respect him.

    Danish Naseer Pakistan

  • on April 8, 2014, 6:09 GMT

    Mr. Tendulkar, You and Yuvraj not playing FREE... You are almost get huge amount of rupees for playing good cricket. If doesn't deliver good game or not scored runs so you must be axe from national side. I saw that you always support R.Sharma and other flop player like Yuvraj, Harbhajan and many.. So, i just ask you why not support Sehwag and Gambhir?

  • truth_bearer on April 8, 2014, 6:09 GMT

    Dunno if anyone else has already said this, but I think 130 for 4 is a ridiculous score in T20. Mind you it's not the 130, it's the "for 4" that's highly questionable. If you can't throw your bat at everything that moves in the last over or two you're not playing T20. And if you did you almost surely score a few more runs and just as surely lose a lot more wickets.

    Also people saying Kohli didn't score more than 7 in the last over and neither did Dhoni, so they're equally to blame as Yuvraj. I don't think it works that way. The guy who is set has to anchor the innings because he has a chance to score big and everyone else around him has to do whatever is expedient. And in the last two overs expediency means keep swinging, when you have six wickets in hand.

  • on April 8, 2014, 6:01 GMT

    This is from ICC (From Gallery of flops in this tournament):

    Yuvaraj Singh:

    "There were dropped catches, struggles with the bat in the league phase, but the torturous, momentum-draining 11-ball 21 in the final is the innings fans will remember. Is this the end of his India career? ©ICC

    Let him play domestic tournament. Regain fitness and form. Get back the old josh in batting, agility in fielding, and sureness in catching. Yes; then it MAY not be the end of his career. But, using important internationals (ICC or otherwise) to help him regain any of those qualities he possessed earlier is simply not acceptable.

    An individual is NOT more important than the national team; however great he had been in the past; however superb his contributions in two earlier World Cup triumphs. We are not living in the past. We have to look forward.

    However, I wish him all the success in IPL. For his sake. For the cash strapped owner's sake. And, for Kohli's sake, who pushed his case in the auctions.

  • Ind_Cricket_fan on April 8, 2014, 5:53 GMT

    Respects to yuvi for all his contributions to Indian cricket.As a Indian fan who has been following Indian cricket for a long time here are my two cents on this .Agreed that criticism is fine but not anything beyond that ( pelting of stones is a barbaric act).yuvi had shown signs of struggle in the earlier matches itself barring Australia match.He struggled to finish off the match even against West Indies.I also felt that without Raina's short cameo against SA in the semifinal the match would have gone either way.If the team management,coach ,captain or selectors had picked Yuvi's lack of mental strength in West Indies game, lack of form in the previous matches and his body language this embarrassment could have been avoided on a big stage.As a fan I am shocked that he didn't get out when he tried for few balls and failed.Agreed with Sanjay Manjrekar ,this is a lesson learnt for the team management and BCCI.please don't select players based on past laurels.

  • on April 8, 2014, 5:50 GMT

    hey indians, Im from SL. we lost four world cup. but we never blame our players. other teams win due to their tallent. UV is the game changing man in last WC. he took 4 wicket, thats a reason why the lost WC 2011. same as 2009 t 20 final UV scored superb inning , thats a reason why lost 2009 T20WC. it is their talent, we never blame our players. theire talent so that they contunuously played WC finals. indians also talent. so that u face finals.

  • on April 8, 2014, 5:40 GMT

    It is not a question of writing off a player. The golden rule in limited over Cricket is that you do not waste balls with wickets in hand. The moment Yuvraj realized his inadequacy, he should have got out so that Suresh Raina can come in.

  • on April 8, 2014, 5:36 GMT

    i dont know how he is the expensive player of IPL his career is over

  • PadMarley on April 8, 2014, 5:34 GMT

    I find this Yuvaj centered dicussions really irritating!! India seems to be failing to admit that they got cought in Sri Lanka's masterminded plan and immaculate execution. Well, it was not that immaculate, cos they dropped Kholi when he was around 11 I think, and that made their victory journey more difficult than what it really was. And some people keep on blaming Yuvi. Learn from your neighbours! When Malinga got hit all over the park in 2012 finals by Samuels, and they lost it becuase of that, not a single Sri Lankan expert/fan blamed him for that!! So Malinga came back strongly, returned Samuels a lesson at BBL and kept on giving more and more victories for SL.

  • ShivCraicket on April 8, 2014, 5:33 GMT

    Guys you are talking about the next world cup and the presence of Yuvraj singh.. Why we should forget and forgive what happened in the yesterday.. not everyday it will be your day.. Particularly india west indies lost the match due to wasting deliveries by players like Samuels.. India should expected that their bowling will be stronger than ever since its a final. I always players like Raina who is un selfish who will not take time to get into actions. I seen many times pieterson, samuels and yuvraj singh thinks they will do something spl but disappoints after wasting the time and bringing the pressure themselves. Semifinal match too Raina played a Gem innings that you shouldn't forget after playing the first as a dot one. which made clearly india is through to final. Risk is always needed in Twenty 20. Everyone knows that Sri lanka is not pressure to chase 130 in 120 balls even last player could have won if they need 3 runs in 4 balls. Mohit sharma on finals after all playing just 3??

  • on April 8, 2014, 5:30 GMT

    You can not written off such a talented person based on one incident , my opinion pitch was totally changed and even MS could not convert those available balls in to max. runs .That day was not with Team India it was very unfortunate for Yuvi. Before he had such a situation that time there were Great Suchin, Dravid as a mentor for him .I hope Yuvi will come back strongly, I am sure .Best of Luck YUVI take this as a challenge like you fought against your illness .

  • on April 8, 2014, 5:29 GMT

    It is not just against SL. He was struggling against WI as well. The only face-saving knock against Australia. He should be not rushed into a major tournament. At least he should have slogged earlier and got himself out when he was even struggling to rotate strike.

  • on April 8, 2014, 5:27 GMT

    It should be an honour to be a part of last match of Sanga & Mahela. India had done well beyond anyone's expectation. At the start of Wt20 no one expect india to go to final. The Indian's played only 1 t20I last year. there were some mistake in final, we should not neglect those.. 1. sending yuvraj ahead of Raina.. 2. many of u wont be agree on this but i prefer raina at no. 3 if India is batting first. 3. Rohit sharma is suitable for middle overs. hes done well at top order too but with added pressure he did nt give his best. 4. I would have asked Jadeja to open the inning while he is not getting any chance to bat thereby adding an extra bowler in shami or binny. overall i m happy with India's performance..Kudos to sri lankan team to india at bay..

  • on April 8, 2014, 5:27 GMT

    Here comes another one, who himself is a great example. Only in India we see players play, when they are out of form, in key position in important matches at the merit of their past success & accolades that they have obtained where they were in peak form. Why can't they temporarily volunteer to step aside out of these important games & play domestic cricket to find out what they lost. Why do they intend to gamble to find their form at the expense of the important match when the rest of the team is at its high?

  • MIrfansid on April 8, 2014, 5:25 GMT

    I an very glad to see the succhin tendulkar's statement that supporting a player of era Yuvraj singh , i am Pakistani but i am the big fan of Cricket and Big Fan of Sacchin and Yuvraj singh too , he played a brilliant cricket for his country , but its very sad that when few of the people do this type of disgraceness to the HERO , all shoud support him not only in good time but also in the time when a HERO like YUVRAJ facing troubles , we will hope that HE WILL BE GRT GUN in WC 2015 and a good cricket would be played by him , so many wishes for YUVRAJ ,

  • soumyas on April 8, 2014, 5:21 GMT

    51 of 21 balls was expected from Yuvraj at the moment...but he scored 40 less.

  • sanathputha on April 8, 2014, 5:20 GMT

    Why concentrate only on him? How about in-form Kohli and master finisher Dhoni also were unable to hit the ball properly during those last four hours? This is clearly an exceptional death bowling and NOT some incompetency in batting.

  • on April 8, 2014, 5:17 GMT

    After final of t20 it's time to say bye to 3 legends sanga, jaywardane &yuvi

  • m_ilind on April 8, 2014, 5:12 GMT

    Yuvi's selection itself was not based on current form, but past reputation. The team management needs to take the blame for this. Dhoni's decision to send Yuvaraj ahead of other stroke making batsmen backfired on him. It's MS and not Yuvaraj who needs to take the blame. Well played SL though!

  • Samar_Singh on April 8, 2014, 5:04 GMT

    It was just the fantastic death bowling by SL that won them the trophy. India always looks good on paper but the reality is SL played better cricket that day. Respect the winner than slapping UV. Dhoni also made 7 balls 4 runs and was not even able to get ball on bat. Thats cricket.

  • on April 8, 2014, 5:02 GMT

    A player like Yuvraj is precious not only to Indian cricket team but also to whole Cricket world. It will be a big loss for India if he is not given a chance for world cup 2015, he is just opposite to what he did on the final game against Sri-Lanka. The pitch got slow due to the rain and it affected India right from the start even the inform players like Rohit and Kohli find it difficult to score runs. Kohli particularly gave his wicket to Lasith Malinga slippery hands but when you are riding high everything seems to be in your favour. He though played his shot not getting effected by the drop catch and slow wicket and scored like a champion. Yuvraj is what Virat is doing now a days for India. Yuvraj has been the power punch performer in T20 World Cup 2007 & ODI World Cup 2011, lately though struggling due to 2 years of struggle with cancer in and off the field.

  • Giant-Guru on April 8, 2014, 5:00 GMT

    Yuvraj Singh was a match winner but not any more, the post illness Yuvi is not the same, he was favorite player too and I still like him. But when it comes to playing for the country and winning games, I think YUVI shouldn't be part of the team anymore in future, unless he dramatically improves his hand-eye-body coordination. This vital factor seems to be lacking in him now, and without getting emotional, and in the presence of the un-tested talent we have, its better to say goodbye to Yuvraj. Its good for him, the Indian team and its fans.

  • sportofpain on April 8, 2014, 4:51 GMT

    This happens - SL were brilliant - they just didn't give Yuvi any room. For that matter even Dhoni struggled. So let's appreciate some rare fantastic bowling. Yuvi happened to be the unfortunate batsman at that time. He tried - what else can one say. Always keep in context the great SMG who scored 36 not out in 60 overs in the first world cup in 1975.

    Congrats SL - well played India.

  • fayyaz03 on April 8, 2014, 4:45 GMT

    Dear Sanjay! it was not yuvraj who was trying to be in the middle. It was Srilanka who kept him in the middle. Bowling wide outside offstump to Dhoni and Kohli was understood because they could smash the yorker on the middlestump out of the park by clearing their front leg. Yuvraj is not that much effective (see his dismissal by bilawal bhatti this tournament) but Srilanka never bowled him the same and even after his dismissal, india could not add anything. So instead of criticizing yuvraj, kindly praise the classic and best ever death bowling by Srilanka in a t20 match. This just reminded me of Umer Gul's performance against S.A in 2009WC Semifinal

  • on April 8, 2014, 4:44 GMT

    Yuvraj is going through a difficult phase in his cricketing career. It is unfortunate that he has to face the music when he let down his team and the mates. When these things do happen in the game. one loses confidence in self. This does not mean his house should face the blunt of the crowd ire. Yuvraj should now concentrate on the domestic games and should avoid any further representation for sometime to come. He needs to gather as much confidence as possible. A good cricketer not performing well does not mean he is finished. He has to get back to his hand-eye co-ordination to do well. Even Sachin has gone through this phase. That does not mean the selectors would have sacked Sachin for good. It all depends on the individual player who has to work hard to gain the selectors confidence for future selection. Only a cricketer can understand the plight of such situations that come with the game. Have faith, believe on your focus and tide will turn. Good luck to Yuvraj.

  • on April 8, 2014, 4:37 GMT

    shame on you some of you indian fan wht thay say abt #yuvi

    here's Yuvraj Singh contribution for indian team last few year's

    U-15 world cup 1996 champions- INDIA( Man of the Series -Yuvraj Singh) U-19 world cup 2000 champions- INDIA (Man of the Series - Yuvraj Singh) T20 world cup 2007 champions- INDIA (Best player - Yuvraj Singh) ICC world cup 2011 champions- INDIA (Manof the Series- Yuvraj Singh) BUT; T20 World Cup 2014 Runner-up -INDIA (Worst contribution as a batsman 11 (21) "It is the unpredictable nature of the game that makes cricket such an exciting sport. As cricketers, we always enjoy the applause when we succeed but it is the support and encouragement from fans during tough times that we appreciate the most," ¬Sachin Tendulkar

    fail on the one match but sri lankan are turly respect of you indian player's ......

    Yuvaraj singh he will come strong......again....

  • sarangsrk on April 8, 2014, 4:32 GMT

    @ sandy_30 and other SL fans.. I don't mean any disrespect to SL team by calling them not superior team. The fact is that India were overwhelming favourites on form and paper and they lost because of tactical blunders. India has lost to a better SL team in past (like WC 96, WC 2007, Asia cup 2010) and I had no issues with that because SL was a better team. In this final, had Dhoni made all right and logical choices like sending Raina and himself ahead of Yuvi and then, still India could not have scored 150, I would have accepted that Ind lost to a much better team tonight. No doubt, SL bowled fantastically for all 20 overs and not just death but this is also true that Ind didn't put enough pressure on them right from the start. Indian fans are criticising Yuvraj because he didn't even look like trying to hit, he just plodded. Criticising Dhoni because everyone could see Yuvraj was failing and he still persisted with Yuvi, in the end leading to a disaster. We Indians know how to support

  • on April 8, 2014, 4:30 GMT

    True Indians fans would not mind this loss in a final. SL played that match well. But we should not be talking bout just one match or one player. If people can go back to Nov-Jan and see India's performances in SA, NZ, and Asia cup, they will know that India is simply not the India that was between 2001 and 2011.

    This is what we should be concerned about. 2011 India wins WC and gary kirsten moves on. Then the failures start. Senior are blamed and all retire: sachin, dravid, VVS. Then Shewag and Gamhir are dropped. As is harbajan.

    The youngsters do okay. But it is the manner n which the team plays - the same strategy - that is frustrating. That is what Gavaskar was talking about: why is the Indian think tank persisting with the same players in Tests, ODis, and T20? Also why is the strategy and tactics the same?

    There are many other players. Why not give them a chance in dead rubbers at least? If they say that India don't have the right players then why not groom them?

  • rajkirp on April 8, 2014, 4:28 GMT

    2014 T 20 was a good outing for India. We should be proud of the overall performance. At the same time we should know where the glitches lie.

    A few correction mechanisms to be put in place before the selection of 2015 team

    1. Selection of an out of form player is a mistake. Yuvraj's form was not tested before selection. Hence, it was a mistake to begin with. The selectors were able to keep Sehwag and Gambhir out but not Yuvraj (maybe they were swayed by what Yuvraj fetched in IPL auction).

    2. On-off Players: The selectors should also be wary of players like Rahane, Dhawan and Rohit Sharma. They are on - off players, not consistent.

    3. 2015 world cup selection should be based on a tight selection process that should begin from now. No player should be an automatic choice (including Virat Kohli). All potential players should be given ample opportunity in this one year to make a case for their selection. This was not done even when the inconsequential match in Asia Cup.

  • Khurpeto on April 8, 2014, 4:13 GMT

    Just look at the last 25 balls played by Indian Team, Kohli, Yuvraj, and Dhoni who shares the ball almost equally and scored runs equally. There was no vast difference among them, everyone falters. The meaning of last 25 balls is equivalent to 70-80 runs in 20-20 cricket, which did not came from the combination of Kohli, Dhoni, and Yuvi. Thats it...When Yuvraj was out there were still 11 balls left. They could have hit and made 30 more runs by Kohli and Dhoni. But, they could not. It was great bowling from Sri Lanka. Period.

  • sachin_equal_to_bradman on April 8, 2014, 4:05 GMT

    Guys out here. Be logical here...Team is above sentiments!!! We guys should not do the same mistake that we did for sachin even after we realised that he is far far far gone past his Use Date.... What yuvi was not a normal bilateral series match!!! Its a WORLD CUP FINALS!!! Imagine had MSD (He was also out of form) done the same in WC 2011 would you guys be as easy going as for uvi??? This is a world stage. Winning or loosing is not an issue but putting such BAD display that too not even able to touch a ball is such horrible.This is not test match/Odi where you can spend time to get over tough period. Yuvi should have realised withinn 5-6 balls that he is not in a zone and hence he should have tried to get out by slogging!!! Why on earth did he hang around??? Is this not selfishness to core??? Did he not play for his place or reputation??? Can anyone justify it to me?

  • on April 8, 2014, 4:00 GMT

    Its T20 world cup , not a child's play or friendly match , if he was unable to play and couldn't get his timings right he should have got out by himself , wasting balls and pressurizing his own team is no excuse in this format , whereas Virat on the other end was also loosing his patience and focus by watching Yuvi's abysmal game play.

  • sandy_30 on April 8, 2014, 3:56 GMT

    @sarangsrk : can you pls elaborate your definition of 'superior team'? SL has been the top ranked team in T20 for since 2012. they won the Asia cup a month ago as well beating India and Pakistan. So they've been in top form since the beginning of this year n had been more consistent than most of other sides in this tournament. So i guess you consider the SL as a minnow (non-superior) comparing the size of the country with that of India. Btw its us as Sri Lankans know the exact pain of loosing a final after coming so close. but we were always behind our team and appreciated their effort in all situations rather than placing criticism on one or two individuals. India played excellent cricket throughout the tournament but SL surpassed India with better strategy and skill in the final. So with all due respect its a well-deserved victory but not a gifted win.

  • shoaib.rasheed on April 8, 2014, 3:50 GMT

    as a neutral fan, I think its wrong to put all blame on yuvi only, although he was never in good shape in whole tournament, in the Last 4 overs Sri Lanka bowled very well and the stats of all batsman show it, In Last 4 Overs Kohli played 8 balls and scored 7 runs, Dhoni Played 7 balls and scored 4 runs. His strike rate remains close to dhoni in the match.

  • on April 8, 2014, 3:50 GMT

    Common guys this is the Shortest possible version of cricket the pendulum can swing either ways in a jiffy its rude to write Yuvi off for one off (half??) day.He won us a world cup almost single handedly panting with Cancer

  • buddhikapm on April 8, 2014, 3:36 GMT

    Yuwaraj is a great cricketer and he will definitely come back strongly. Guys... the matter we shd concentrate is not the failure of yuwi..its the greatest performance of SL was a well planed well analyzed, strategically operated bowling attach. just replay the last five overs how nicely SL has analyzed each Indian batsman's weakness...just appreciate wht they have done..don't worry about looses within the loosing side...

  • TRAM on April 8, 2014, 3:35 GMT

    Many people are saying it was just one failure! Sorry guys. It is the opposite! It was just one success. He failed in all chances except in one against Aus. There too he too many overs to get his eye in. Dont forget the Aus spinner gave worst bad balls. He did not hit the short balls convincingly at all. He was late to react. As others mentioned, his reflexes have come down in fielding too and it looks pathetic. Sorry. Like every other player let him go back to first class, score in MANY innings and come back, not just scoring one innings every 6 innings.

  • on April 8, 2014, 3:30 GMT

    First and foremost SL bowling was really good. They put a thoroughly professional performance. Coming to Yuvraj, he has served his time. No hard feelings but he doesn't have to be picked up again. At 36, it is clearly time to go not to take anything away from his past laurels.

  • TRAM on April 8, 2014, 3:28 GMT

    Should India include an out of form player in "India matches" at the expense of losing the match just to bring back the player's form?? Sorry, this is not professionalism. There are 100s of deserving youngsters waiting unjustifiably for a long time. How about SRT showing empathy for those 100s? A man out of form must be out. More importantly can SRT ask Yuvraj why he did not even "try" big shots?

  • on April 8, 2014, 3:17 GMT

    I saw him playing under 19 world cup for the first time. he was part of the teams won WC. 1..under 19 WC 2. T20 WC held in SA 3. WC 2011 YUVI had done a lot for team..,same happened to malinga in T20 WC final in 2012..,but talant is permenant.., we all asians should be together..,at least WCs are rotating amoung us..,

  • abbassobri on April 8, 2014, 2:51 GMT

    Yuvi was used to be a great player once. Who did ever thought he would be criticised and insulted as this one day?? And who knows one day this won't happen to kohli as well????

  • on April 8, 2014, 2:51 GMT

    Cricket, you can not predict always. Dhoni, Koli, Yuvi done everything they can. That's the nature of CRICKET. And all Indian fans need to understand that they have to accept their looses. If Yuvi is wrong, then Dhoni & Koli are also wrong, who scored below 20 runs on last 24 balls. Well played Sri Lanka & India. But this time, it was Sri Lanka.

  • Unbiased-views on April 8, 2014, 2:49 GMT

    @myStraightTalk Mahela won't be dropped from ODI's in spite of his pathetic average of 33 after playing whopping 400 games as SL doesn't have any talented batsman knocking on the door!!!! AFAIK, Sanga was never a great player in T20!!! So, lack of resources has allowed to stay mahela & sanga in the team!!

  • Saibaba9999 on April 8, 2014, 2:23 GMT

    Yuvaraj gave his best when India was in crisis with his batting, bowling and fielding. This particular game should not be judged. He tried his best and the disappointment could be seen in his eyes. Yuvi, all the best to you and I am sure that you will come back with more power that is inherent in you!!! If India has to win next One day World Cup, we need him without any doubt. Let us all support this wonderful plyaer.

  • Kangroos.Proteas.Monkeys.Lions on April 8, 2014, 2:16 GMT

    Well said little master. Only you know how to prolong career to any lengths when even the fans are fed up of you. I am sure UV has played his last game in indian colors. SL were the far better team in this tournament and faced dew in all the league games. They were the asian champions while india were too dependent on kohli +spinners + india death bowling remained pathetic. Also, india landed in BD on the back of horror run in NZ and SA. So, SL truly deserved to win this title.

  • on April 8, 2014, 2:13 GMT

    Cricket is not individuals game .. One man can't be responsible for any team's defeat .. All in all India Due for one bad game Unfortunately it was In the Final.

  • SL_roar on April 8, 2014, 2:13 GMT

    @sarangsrk: you are right, the indian fans don't need to learn from SL fans because India never learns. Yuvi had ONE off day and he is crucified by the Indian Fans. True, the SL team didn't win many ICC finals and on may occasions one or two players did let us down which could have turned the game in SL favor but hey did you see us lashing out on them?? Keep the Faith. Its a game of cricket!! Learn to give credit to teams that play better cricket. No fan likes to hear their team degraded or best wishes with the word "gifted win" attached to it. And don't forget the Sri Lankans dominated Indian cricket few years back so maybe its WE who think the Indian Team is mediocre (which we don't) SL fans don't go calling others Mediocre. . !!!! PS: Read the comments by Sri lankan fans who wished the Indian team for the finals and others who came out in defense of Yuvi . He just had a bad day!

  • AnilSahai on April 8, 2014, 2:07 GMT

    Yuvraj, you WERE a superstar and I admire you for what you have done for India in the past, but how did you NOT put India before yourself while sleeping thru 7 critical overs. There were so many batsmen waiting to come after you. How many overs do you need to know that even today you were out of form. Why did you not play the stroke that you got out on in over 14 or 15? It is primarily due to Dhoni's mistake in having you in the team for the final, AND your own inept batting display that India lost. Why the silence? Being a Bangalore fan, living in Bangalore and watching all RCB games live, I hope for your own sake, that you will perform well. Be 100% sure that Virat, your friend, will not be as forgiving and shell shocked as Dhoni was, sitting on the bench hoping for a miracle. Good luck, friend!

  • on April 8, 2014, 1:31 GMT

    no fight back,go back to domestic cricket,change around come strong for the 201 5world cup

  • rohanblue on April 8, 2014, 0:50 GMT

    yuvi plz have a clear mind and get your confidence back, u r still a hero, we love u yuvi, dhoni and our team india........

  • on April 8, 2014, 0:35 GMT

    scoring heavily in the IPL soon to follow would make matters WORSE for yuvi. Fans would go on to classify him as an IPL-only specialist much like Dinesh Kartik!

  • Ms.Cricket on April 8, 2014, 0:09 GMT

    What about Rahane - 3 runs off 8 balls in the Powerplay in the beginning set the tone for the slow pace. And Rohit did not convert 1s to 2s and easy 2s to 3s through some lazy running.

  • vinoth51 on April 8, 2014, 0:07 GMT

    Yuvi is one of the Best Cricketers of our time. We cannot simply blame Yuvi for our WC defeat. There are lot of other things which went unnoticed. It was a bad day. That is it. The opposition used our misfortune. !!! Keep on walking with your head held high...

  • Siva_Bala75 on April 8, 2014, 0:01 GMT

    My view is Yuvraj is more suitable for the 50 over games than T20. Dhoni is to be partly blamed as there was this 'IPL experience- learning'. In the last 6 seasons of IPL, Yuvraj didn't do anything great. Raina was the best followed by the likes of Dhoni, Kohli, Rahane, Dhawan and Rohit.

  • Ajisob on April 7, 2014, 23:02 GMT

    Every Indian player in the ground was abusing Yuvi after losing the game to SriLanka. Yes It was a blunder from Yuvi! Till 12th over the run rate was less than 6 before Yuvi into the crease… after that Kohli produced some shorts to score 70+ and with a chance! A man in poor form failed to perform the game that is 21 balls he wasted out of 120 balls. Then what about the strike rate of another 99 balls. Who ate those 99 balls? The worst attitude of human being was shown by the Indian players and Fans yesterday against Yuvi!! 9 teams lost the Worldcup 2014 and in that India is one of the team. Good Luck next time.. YUVI - whoever critics you we fans of you love you and your match winning performance!! If the 70+ scored by Kohli was scored by Yuvi means we would had won the cup that's the difference between Yuvi and other players.. He is always a Individual match winner!! Good LUCK YUvi! We support and still confident on you that you will come back!!! You are the real champian (2007 &11)

  • Reggaecricket on April 7, 2014, 22:52 GMT

    I think it is unfair to criticize Yuvraj. Dhoni came in, albeit late, but couldn't pick the ball like he always does. Yuvraj was under pressure and he met with some incredible bowling. Why crucify a man who has brought much glory to his country in the past? Look at Samuels, 2012'sherofor the West Indies, but was perhaps seen in the same light as Yuvi is today. As for any criticism and undignified bravado shown by my fellow Sri Lankan fans that sarangsrk speaks of - Cricket is a game and the Indian teams played it like gentlemen. Kohli was the first to shake Sanga's hand, he even gave him a hug after the game got over. Dhoni's praise of the Sri Lankan bowling came from a man who is the epitome of a gentleman. There is no grantee that any T20 team can beat another two days in a row, let's be realistic about that. Thee Cricketers are close friends with each other,our boys play in the IPL.

  • on April 7, 2014, 22:39 GMT

    respect for Yuvraj from Sri Lankan fans ... for his sportsmanship sprit through out the game! its just one game that he failed to deliver. Cheers!

  • Kays789 on April 7, 2014, 22:02 GMT

    @sarangsrk: another bitter indian 'fan' trying to come to terms with the beating they received yesterday. It wasn't just the final, SL also beat your team in the practice game last month and then in the asia cup before that. your team's a one man show and if kohli's catches were taken yesterday SL probably wouldn't have been chasing more than 100. Learn to give credit where credit is due. India was outsmarted every way possible by a better team yesterday.

  • on April 7, 2014, 21:30 GMT

    It was just good bowling from Sri Lanka. Dhoni, aka the best finisher of the game couldn't do much with the 7 balls he faced. I reckon Yuvraj will get going after IPL.

  • Khurpeto on April 7, 2014, 21:24 GMT

    Look at this Analysis to see Sri-Lanka's Best Bowling at the End: It is not only Yuvraj Singh who could not get runs.

    In last 25 Balls:

    Kohli faced 9 balls (scored 7 run): Assumption: Kohi was best set batsman among all at that time and could easily hit couple of more boundaries.

    Yuvraj faced 9 balls (scored 4 runs)


    Dhoni faced 7 balls (scored 4 runs)

    Is there any huge, huge difference among these 3 batsman at that point??

    - Nepali Cricket Analysis

  • cricket_slcsupport on April 7, 2014, 21:20 GMT

    It's not fair to blame Yuvraj, even Dhoni didn't get a chance to connect bat with ball. Malinga got hammered by Samuels during the previous t20 finals, this year he performed. I'm sure Yuvraj will come back strong, he's a champion player, he has hit six 6's in an over, overcome his sickness etc etc I wish him all the best. From a SL fan

  • on April 7, 2014, 21:08 GMT

    yuvi should get one more chance , remember he was our hero who won the world cup for us . he deserve one more chance aleast.

  • Snambidi on April 7, 2014, 21:02 GMT

    What Sachin says is right & understandable. When Yuvaraj,Sachin& Dhoni won the 2011 WC defeating the Srilankans at Wankhedes on 2nd April 2011 ,people called him Maharaj. Today people call him all sorts of names including Tortoise reminding the Hare& Toetoise story which everyone might have read in their childhood. It would appear Yuvaraj is directly responsible for the defeat at the hands of Srilankans. True to some extent. But a veteran is always a veteran. Cricket is a glorious Game of Uncertainty.there are ups& down in cricket. In fact it ois not the fault of Yuvaraj Singh alone. Sending him ahead of Raina was a mistake. Any way past is past,what has happened can not be Unhappened. Let us forget this match as a bad Dream & concentrate on the WC2015 in which Yuvaraj should also take part& compensate for the loss of this T20 World Cup. Let us pray for Yuvaraj to turn into a hero again in 2015. he is capable of doing good show to enable win Titles again. He should be pardoned now

  • on April 7, 2014, 21:02 GMT

    I don't blame Yuvi the only and only person to blame was DHONI he messsed it by sending yuvi before raina knowing yuvi will screw everything up so Dhoni should be sacked and not yuvi !!!!

  • on April 7, 2014, 20:59 GMT

    No way, yuvraj is one of the finest batsman and still has a lot to offer to world cricket. fan from Pakistan

  • on April 7, 2014, 20:49 GMT

    bad days 4 every1 ...can't 4get what u have done 4 india..

  • crimsonbull on April 7, 2014, 20:45 GMT

    Some years back, when Yuvraj hit 6 sixes and was on top of his game, he was given cash prizes here and there. He did not say "Fame is fleeting" but pocketed the money. Now his fans moan. He single- handedly lost the game for India. If he had any sense he should have realized this was not his day and stepped on his wicket. If I as Malinga I'd have told my teammates to drop Yuvraj's catches because he was winning the game for SL.

  • SanjivAwesome on April 7, 2014, 20:26 GMT

    Yuvi, thank you for your past services. You are now ageing. Please do it with the same grace with which I remember you played your cricket. Learn from the bad grace that the previous generation greats like Sehwag, Tendulkar, and Gambhir left behind by playing way past their use-by dates. Unlike them, you can retire a hero of us all.

  • truth_bearer on April 7, 2014, 20:24 GMT

    Re Manjrekar's comments that a batsman who's having a rough time sticks around because anything can happen, I think that's wishful thinking. Anyone can have an awful day. But you have to be aware that recognized batsmen who can follow you might do better, so just hit out and make way for them. The longer you stay at the crease without scoring, the more useful you are to your opponents. I'd rather be criticised for throwing my wicket away than getting in the way of the rest of the team.

  • mani_cricfan on April 7, 2014, 20:14 GMT

    i think its yuvi bad day and he will come stonger as like in 2007,2011 world cup performance...!still he have one oppertunity( IPL2014) he will improve his batting in coming ipl .KOHLI will support him in RCB team becoz both of them are good friends while on and off the field.And with that he will show his rocking hits(666666).so i requst all yuvi fans to support him to overcome all criticism..and BELIEVE his capability...

  • jb633 on April 7, 2014, 20:02 GMT

    This is the problem with all the fans of the sub continental sides. They simply have no perspective and their cricketers are either absolute God's or absolute villians. Before the final start I commented to some fans who were claiming Dhoni to be the best cricketer and captain of all time. I mean that is simply ludicrous and just because you win or lose a few games does not mean your cricketers are the best or worst around. The same fans who are slating Yuvi are probably the one's who were saying he is a hero after the Aus game. It was a poor innings, as was Sharma's over against Aus, but they are not bad people or the worst cricketers ever because of this. Indian fans need to calm down. It was a game of T2O cricket (not even a real format) and the better side won in the end.

  • on April 7, 2014, 19:58 GMT

    SRT wants Yuvi to do the same thing he did to India - played too long dragging his tail on the team. SRT played 7 years too many for India where I completely lost the things that I loved him for. Last 7 or 8 years of SRT career - aggression was gone, dominance on bowlers was completely gone and most importantly I have never seen a batsman, called great, getting bowled that many times!!

  • SharryBoomboom on April 7, 2014, 19:57 GMT

    Yuvi is no doubt one of clean hitting player in world, contributed too much knw must be back by supporters dnt forget one over can change the game 666666

  • on April 7, 2014, 19:38 GMT

    feeling pity for yuvi..wish him best luck..from pakistan

  • on April 7, 2014, 19:27 GMT

    India have effectively lost the T20 World Cup due to the continued emotionally driven selection of Yuvraj. It was so clear that he lost 'it' since his comeback. He got 2 half centuries in SIXTEEN innings in ODIs, that sends a pretty clear sign. The worse thing selectors can do is select according to name or circumstance (Yuvraj's cancer) rather than performance, and that's what they've done.

  • on April 7, 2014, 19:19 GMT

    This is selectors fault. why on the earth they selected Yuvi I will never know. let him play domestic cricket. sehwag and Gambhir are not in the team. neither is yusuf pathan. what happened to Rayadu?

  • on April 7, 2014, 19:16 GMT

    With due respect, Sachin himself is guilty of dragging his career on (2011-2013) purely based on reputation. So the fact that he suggests we continue to give chances to him based on yuvraj's past accomplishments should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  • Raj3270 on April 7, 2014, 19:12 GMT

    No Doubt yuvi is always good and takes any team away on his day.... its unfortunate it was not his day...but dhoni pls remember even shewag is also on the same calibre and capacity then why is that you are not supporting him and have been waiting for his failure or lean patch time ..wherein you are not accepting and supporting when shewag is doing similar performances (LEAN PATCHES )..this is what is politics and likings for individuals... I am a great fan fan of Yuvi too but if Yuvi deserves a place in T20 then Shewag too deserve no doubt bcoz nevertheless he will not waste balls......

  • on April 7, 2014, 19:10 GMT

    Tendulkar bhai, please think about the nation. Yuvi could have tried to hit some fours and sixes and got out that way. Dhoni was moving his whole body like a Bulgarian child with mental disability while watching Yuvi block the balls without scoring. You don't play world cup final every day. This was the best chance for Yuvi or anybody to score. why was he sent out at number 4? let him bat at number 10 in these situations. Jadeja is a better hitter than Yuvi.

  • on April 7, 2014, 19:10 GMT

    I will wait for yuvi to come back as more strong cricketer in future.

  • cricketlover80 on April 7, 2014, 19:10 GMT

    IPL is around. I'm a CSK fan but I'm gonna support RCB whenever Yuvraj comes on to bat.

  • on April 7, 2014, 19:10 GMT

    Well Sachin is only paying back all the affection he received from Yuvraj during WC2011 where he dedicated the cup to Sachin and so on. So no surprises. But yesterday's effort deserved genuine criticism - neither was Yuvraj trying to score nor turn the strike over !!! And not for the first time in this tourney mind you.

  • jayasumudu on April 7, 2014, 19:10 GMT

    Although it's none of my business...I wanted to share these emotions for the sake of humanity.... feeling glorious about our victory and cannot express it in words.. But this one is for YuVi.. Coz as I always say after being a Sri Lankan..I am a Global Cricket Fan!!!

  • REDHOTCHILI on April 7, 2014, 19:07 GMT

    Yuvaraj was instrumental in 2 WC victories of India. There is no denying it. His attitude is somewhat questionable. We saw it on TV, how he behaved on the field once he was taken off captaincy of kings punjab in ipl. What irked the most was when yuvraj scored some runs against Australia in this tournament, i guess it was sanjay manjrekar asked yuvi in postmatch tv interview that how would he feel after this knock as there was lot of talk abt his poor form, then yuvraj responded saying that he didn't know where this talk was coming from, as he got 2 mom awards in previous 4 t20s. Obviously manjrekar was refering to his overall performance (vs australia in odis) during last few months. He could have accepted that his form was not up to par n he should have just said that he was working hard to get back to his best. Instead he simply denied that with contempt. He wasn't accepting the reality and was clearly annoyed with people who questioned his form. This kind of attitude is pretty poor.

  • on April 7, 2014, 19:05 GMT

    Tendulkar bhai. you are wrong here. This is the world cup final we are talking about here. Just because of one man, we have lost the world cup. This opportunity doesn't come everyday. If Yuvraj wasn't prepared to hit the ball then he should have stayed home and watch the match on the TV. There are many Indian crickets who don't get a chance to play for India. We had 6 wickets in hand. He could have got himself out by hitting for a six. Yuvi. you need to retire man.

  • cornered_again on April 7, 2014, 19:05 GMT

    Lost of Respect for Yuvi....I feel terrible that how the Indian nation has secluded their hero and legend who won them two world cups....Although he has given my team(Pak) so much trouble over the years, I felt so bad for Yuvraj and how he was treated by not only their fans but also by Kohli... I did not like the way he spoke in th e presentation ceremony that it was annoying to stay of strike... and the way he tried his best to stay away from Yuvraj and not shake his hand.. And when Yuvraj went to shake Kohli's hand during the presentation ceremony he preferred to stay on his mobile texting whatever....Come on Guys show so respect ..Love from Lahore

  • on April 7, 2014, 18:58 GMT

    Yuvi is a champion player....He helped India win 2011 fifty overs world cup which is unforgettable...One bad day doesn't means that he has lost the touch... It happens because we all are humans....So forget yesterday's loss....We have reached finals and be proud to be Runners Up....Yuvi and Team India will bounce back.....:)

  • on April 7, 2014, 18:57 GMT

    Would Sachin say the same if Yuvraj played such a blundered innings in the 2011 World Cup Final? I am sure he would, but not with all his heart.

  • Jaykp on April 7, 2014, 18:55 GMT

    Yuvraj is great legend of cricket and now time to allow youngster to take over. lot of talent is on line and we cannot take chances. Yuvraj can show is mojo in IPL at franchise level. We have TONS of talent awaiting on bay.

  • on April 7, 2014, 18:50 GMT

    Cricket is a gentle mens game,But indian fans make very horrible.All the world titles not for india,some time happened some times it won't .We have to understood the situation.YOU WE CAN do anything.we need to encourage the player,now gauti out of squad ,I dont know what the reason behind his form.We want remember 2007 and 2013 trophies at that time ultimate magical has been happened.when he hit six 6's at that time he is good and we accepted him,now bad time we also accept this.

  • on April 7, 2014, 18:38 GMT

    if yuvraj gets another chance then sehwag and harbhajan should also get one more chance.sehwag has come back in form and harbhajan's record in limited overs is good,recently harbhajan scored 78 off 50 balls ans took wickets in vijay hazare best team for next year 50 over world cup. 1.rohit 2.sehwag 3.kohli 4.rayudu/rahane/yuvraj 5.raina 6.dhoni 7.jadeja/ashwin 8.harbhajan 9.rishi dhawan/umesh/vinay kumar 10 bhuvi 11.shami

  • on April 7, 2014, 18:36 GMT

    ppl are unnecessary poking Yuvi. You have to admit it's not india's day. Even dhoni scores 4 out of 7 ball which was rare ( i expect he would score 12-15 runs). You have forget that the kohli was dropped out in 11. If he was caught then , may be india even can't score 130. who knows? suppose, kohli played those ball that ppl saying yuvi wasted. India can highest reach to 160. Even then india may lost the match. India's bowling have no variety except ashwin and SL can play spin well. The way, SL scores without big hitting is pure class. India should admit they have lost to a better T20 team than them. ppl should not react like that they have lost to bangladesh or afganistan and to remove frustration, we have to attack Yuvi, We should not forget how malinga and Kulasekara bowl last few overs.That's an act from class players which are only seen from special occasion.

  • manojjf5 on April 7, 2014, 18:33 GMT

    That is very true.. The captain and selectors need to take the blame for losing a match that was there to be won. specially as a well experienced captain Mr. Dhoni didn't read the match situation properly. Always any team Old guns talking and showing their experience this type of mind game battles. feels Mr. Dhoni relaxed. that's why India loose the game.

  • asiacricket1234 on April 7, 2014, 18:31 GMT

    You cant write off a batsman after one bad innings. Yes it came at a crucial match but it happens sometime. he played so many great innings for India how could people forget all those? I think Indian fan is being immature here. Not like he is the only one who failed. Rahane, Dhoni couldn't fire either. So dont make Yuvi the scapegoat,

  • johnathonjosephs on April 7, 2014, 18:30 GMT

    People are making this into a bigger deal than it should have been. Yuvraj was NOT the only person to fail. The last 7 balls that Kohli faced, even he was only able to make 7 runs. Dhoni was only able to make 4 runs off his 7 balls. In short, the Sri Lankan bowling was very accurate. Malinga got most of those yorkers spot on in the last overs. The idea that Yuvraj made India lose is a naive one at best. The Sri Lankan bowlers were just too good at the death for any of the Indian batsman to hit (Kohli, Dhoni, AND Yuvraj) and that's the truth. An argument can be made that he took a lot of time to get settled in, but that aside, the last 4 overs by the Sri Lankans were almost unhittable. The better side won that day

  • on April 7, 2014, 18:30 GMT

    msd should be accountable fot . . as he or raina should have come ahead of yuvi..

  • on April 7, 2014, 18:26 GMT

    Yuvraj- please fight back !!!! come hard and prove everyone wrong once again!!! i know you can do it!!! i suggest you to play your natural attacking game for what you have been known for, YOU WE CAN ,express your self freely in the IPL for RCB.

  • sarangsrk on April 7, 2014, 18:21 GMT

    @Chamila Fernando..we don't need to learn from SL fans who are always biased and think India as rival no.1 and talk about revenge. Across all posts on cricinfo since yesterday, plz check how many Indians have congratulated which SL fans never did on Indian victory. Regarding support for our team, we wouldn't have blamed Yuvraj and Dhoni if they had lost to a much superior team. India lost to a team yesterday which played better because India let them play. Had India played little more smarter yesterday, malinga and Kula would have been under pressure in the final overs and who knows what might have happened with Dhoni and Kohli at the crease. No sane Indian fans blamed team when they lost to Aus in 2003 WC final because Aus was far more superior team and they played exceptionally well that day. SL fans could also not blame their team after all those finals defeats as you lost to better teams and there was no tactical failure like Dhoni made yes'day. So, congrats to SL for a gifted win

  • SrinadhD on April 7, 2014, 18:20 GMT

    I respect Yuvi's talent and how he has served Indian cricket and also MOS during WC-2011. I am sorry to say, but i see very prominent difference between old Yuvi Vs current. Reflexes were not so great on the field: Have seen some silly mistakes while fielding and missed couple Dropped some easy catches Most IMP: Did not see killing zeal/ attitude in his body language like before. Last but not the least: The way he got out yesterday was too bad. Forget about making runs, at least he could not convert the full-toss to a six... I am not saying drop him from the team, but please evaluate him before taking him to the main stage and giving him such a huge responsibility, at the cost of WC win... SORRY YUVI... I respect your talent and Tendulkar words here, but definitely not at the cost of WC.

  • on April 7, 2014, 18:19 GMT

    one bad game cant judge anyone..keep calm n enjoy the game of the hero..... but SL bowled really well in last 5..they deserved the win

  • sumit1982 on April 7, 2014, 18:14 GMT

    I think in upcoming tour of Australia and England yuvi need to get chance in ODI.

  • John_Mil on April 7, 2014, 18:12 GMT

    That was one of the Bad days for Yuvi,May be this tournament (Bad days) except the game against Aussies.I believe he might be under going some personal issues these days.Because the way he appeared in the ground in the recent days would proclaimed to any one how much he might have suffered.But Yuvi's days and his game is not over yet.He is the finest all rounder in 20/20 and limited over (One day) format.Once he is able to fix his personal issues.I'm sure he can be one of the finest player that India can ever produced.Come on Yuvi you have the talents.Get rid of your personnal issues and get hold of cricket.Kholi is in Superp form in any format.I want to see Shewag,Gambir,Irfan in Test and one days soon.we really miss shewag's entertaining and attacking batting with any opponents.As we are still couldn't get the finest opening pair after Sachin-Ganguly,Shewag-Sachin,Shewag-Gambir.I believe this is the time for Shewag-Gambir to use their chances again.

  • IAS2009 on April 7, 2014, 18:10 GMT

    Dhoni said best, no one performs poorly on purpose, batsman is gutted the most, team India had a plan, it did not work, same plan worked in all other games they won, game was lost because none of the batsmen get going as they should have, Kohli was exceptional, he could be out at 11 also, if it was not his batting late in inning score could be below hundred. WI plan worked against most team that is hitting late in innings, it backfired in semifinal though, it is part of package which comes with this sport, India is not going to win all tournament, people should be proud of team, they did well. Give credit to SL death bowling, a hard working team which were on the loosing side last 3 times.

  • Pavan_15 on April 7, 2014, 18:07 GMT

    Contd.... One more point i would like to make is that, Criticism comes out of disappointment which indeed comes out of expectations. Higher the expectations ...higher will be the disappointment when failed, as a result higher criticism. Yes, One bad match or series doesn't make him bad but it is a World ICC event!! No margin for errors which totally impacts the whole result of the match!! WE definitely want YUVI to come back to his royal classy form's like a torture to see him out of touch and low in confidence. Come on Yuvi... fight back. Fight Back harder!!!! We are all with you.

  • on April 7, 2014, 18:05 GMT

    if yuvi stays there is no reason for gambhir staying out....

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:54 GMT

    yuvi take responsiblity and retire.. u can still be a hero

  • Pavan_15 on April 7, 2014, 17:51 GMT

    Agree with the lines of sachin's that " one off day cannot undermine your tremendous contribution in many sweet memories over the years". BUT , "OFF DAY" is forgiven when Yuvi fails..which means... fails to hit the ball and gets out early ..!! What happened here was... he neither tried to hit it hard ,nor gave strike to kohli,nor even got out. Even if he got out trying to up the anti would have had some support but he just did nothing.It was like settling down in an innings where you had to play a day's game in a Day 5 test match for a draw.

    I AM A HUGE FAN OF YUVRAJ AND IT IS SO MUCH PAINFUL TO WRITE THIS . :( Don't know what was wrong there. Yes, if Sri lanka bowled well..then he should have got out!! but he didn't. It was like nothing happened. Is this the guy who smacked Broad for six 6's in an over? Is this the player who has blown away Aus with a Tsunami kind of an innings where he scored 70 off just 30 ?? MAn of tournament in 2011 WC ? Unbelievable

  • avik_straightbat on April 7, 2014, 17:51 GMT

    If players like the sharma brothers (ishant and rohit) can be given a really rope then a proven match winner like Yuvi deserves a few more chances in the limited over format.

  • Lotr3 on April 7, 2014, 17:41 GMT

    It is indeed a sign of our times. Few years back, Yuvi was the toast of the town, now you don't want to see him. Are we so caught up in immediate returns that we can't see the bigger picture? One bad game/series cannot be the benchmark we use for such remarkable cricketers. When you have someone like Sachin supporting you, you must have done something good. Best of luck Yuvi, keep at it, come back stronger.

  • BRajuBM on April 7, 2014, 17:37 GMT

    The point here is why Dhoni did not promote himself in the order just like he did in the 2011 world cup against the same opponents even knowing Yuvi is currently out of form? And worst is he even did not send a message to Yuvi at the end of 15th over. It was very clear Yuvi was struggling at already end of 14th over. As a leader of the team Dhoni should protect the team member by a perceived truth by calling him back or sending him a message that would make positive impact and it would have been saved the WT20 cup defeat. I think all the blame should go to Dhoni and his leadership failure. As little master rightly said don't write off Yuvi yet. Good leader need to make decisions or sending message in the interest of united team not scapegoat someone. I think it is very selfish of Dhoni saying we did not score run in the last 5 overs. He should have accepted morally his leadership failure and should have defended Yuvi strongly.

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:36 GMT

    Gifted the world cup to Srilanka. Basic error at such a large stage.

  • riprock on April 7, 2014, 17:35 GMT

    So the man who's given fans reasons to rejoice has messed it up. Sport like life is a game of up's and downs..nothing is permanent. Who knows, maybe Yuvi can compensate for it in the IPL with some runs and big hits and try his luck with the national team. Looking at the extreme levels of emotion and motivational talk or frustration across social media and the general vibes in this society, I'd say.. that final in Dhaka was one of cricket's vital lessons to the runner-up's and followers "Defeat can taste bitter at times but you gotta deal with it, buddy".. On a side note, a certain someone was heard saying he'd "seen it all", a day before that final.

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:27 GMT

    Anyone is ready to accept the SL bowling at the end was just too good to face ?

    Come on...

    Best team won.

  • ravikini on April 7, 2014, 17:26 GMT

    Yuvraj has brought disappointment to millions of fans. The way he thumped his fist and later carried Kohli and congratulated him after the semi final win against the SA, I though he is really fired up and would like to contribute in a big way in the final. But the way he poked at the ball as if scaring away a Rat, spoke million things about his present caliber. It was a torture to see him waste deliveries in a Final, which was so momentous that we would be holding all the shorter format ICC Trophies for the first time in Games history....Alas.... Why should he not be criticised...we praised him when he did well and that time he basked in glory and when he does a fan I have my rights to crucify him....Period.

  • Collegefastbowler on April 7, 2014, 17:25 GMT

    Finishing at 130 for 4 in a T20 makes no sense. When you have so many wickets in hand, regardless of the quality of the bowling you can take risk and score runs or get out and let the next batsman score the runs. What is the point in preserving wickets and not giving strike to the man in form Kohli? But there is no point in blaming him, the blame should go to the captain who sent him in ahead of Raina. His selection was wrong in the first place. On current form he did not deserve a place in the team. Cheteshwara Pujara would have done a better job. For some unknown reason Dhoni persists with players who are not currently in form and he banks on their past performance. Yuvi on current form is a pale shadow of the player he was and he needs to practise and get back into form before taking a place in the side. The captain and selectors need to take the blame for losing a match that was there to be won.

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:24 GMT

    we accept Sachin's words but what happened to yuvi yesterday, he should have gifted his wicket as he was unable to score runs. Though talented where it has gone, moreover he blocked the batting of Virat who is in good and awesome form. Please don't support Yuvi, as we are no ready to listen your words.

  • crickketlover on April 7, 2014, 17:23 GMT

    not surprised by Tendulkar's comments. Indian players are often allowed to rest on their past laurels. Example Tendulkar himself and now Yuvaraj.

  • street_smart on April 7, 2014, 17:22 GMT

    Like Yuvraj there are many players aross team who are out of form. Yuvraj can be blamed for his performance but MSD shoud be blamed for this loss. As a captain, to send Yuvraj & himself before Raina was the the tactial blunder. Raina was the only other batterwo was in form other tha Kohli & Rohit. MSD argued that he wanted to have rh-lh combinti which could have been achieve with Raina as well. MSD has been a gr8 captain but he made blunder a that crutial timeof the inings.

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:20 GMT

    Winning of the toss was crucial and the moment lost it, I have concluded e that India lost the chance of chasing. The pitch was wet and the boundries were dried Kohlii should have got his hundred Bad luck for Dhoni and team India. Raina should have batted before Yuvaraj. Dhonii,s wrong decision.

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:17 GMT

    Indians.. learn to respect and support your team in defeat as well as Victory.

    Learn from SL.

  • leleraja on April 7, 2014, 17:15 GMT

    Dear Sachin: Yuvi had his days & we salute him fully for all his contributions. But his days are gone- he is now sluggish on the field & his reflexes are bad. Please let him give way to other youngsters to play in the next year's world cup. He cannot live on his past glory.

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:12 GMT

    Rohit sharma without any performance has stayed in the team for 7 years. YUVRAJ HAS HAD BAD SERIES. WHY SO BIG DEAL.

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:11 GMT

    Yuvraj Singh's creditibility was not questioned yesterday and he can or will bounce back in future tournaments if he get picked again and I hope that he will be given a chance to prove keeping in mind that how destructive he was in the past before with his bat & useful contributions with his bowling as well...but the real question is that was he proved enough in the domestic circuit prior to this tournament to get picked and I don't think so and may be he should have weighed his current form and made available to selectors which would have helped him much keeping in mind of 2015 world cup and interim tournaments coming just in time...I'm sure that Yuvi will comeback in style...

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:07 GMT

    Yuvraj has lost his mental strength and courage. He is not the same as he used to be. Fear and nervousness was visible on his face, while batting.

  • criccritic1 on April 7, 2014, 17:04 GMT

    I'd expect Sachin to talk about how and what indian cricket team need to do so team members can start scoring quickly like other countries does vs trying to use stupid strategy of Dhoni & teaching to the team to take 15-20 balls first and then do something and fail while rest of the team is watching from the dugout.

    Sachin talk something like this to change beep Dhoni and his teaching to the team

  • on April 7, 2014, 17:01 GMT

    well said sachin, yuvraj is a match winner and it was a bad day for him and he is a fighter who has fought with death with such courage and enthusiasm and he will surely fight with bad form. i still love you yuvi and myr support is with you the best way to shut their mouth is by your performance. let ur bat do the talking yuvi, all d best my best wishes are with you.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:59 GMT

    @Vignash : All respect to Yuvi... But no respect to his game when he is in out of form. What is the use if he rocks in IPL if he does not carry the form to international stage again. Lost is lost (T20 WC) but all are happy if can gain form and able to get back 80% of Yuvi. It seems unlikely because he appears to have some serious issues in his thought process. No player will play like he did through out this tournament except sangagara (exclude final). If he would have thought of Team and out of touch mean everyone should know what to do. He is not a kid as he was a proved champ.

  • deepraj1981 on April 7, 2014, 16:51 GMT

    no doubt about Yuvraj's credentials, but I was really surprised by his tactics from 15th Over. He was trying to take a single and give strike to Kohli, but I felt with Raina, Dhoni to come he should have cut loose from there itself, even if he would have got out in that process, it wouldn't have harm that much.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:50 GMT

    I understand that Yuvi was possibly lacking a bit of touch but I think its important to realize that the SL bowlers were bowling really well at him and you can't take the onus away from them by putting India's loss on him. What ppl are failing to realize was that it was one of the best death bowling t20 cricket has seen.

    And as for realizing the match condition - i guess he needed to go for it.

  • FighterKallis on April 7, 2014, 16:48 GMT

    Remember last T20 where shane watson has 4 consecutive Moms with 19 fours and 15 sixes . This T20 he hit a single 4 of total 7 runs . This can happen to any player. No one has pelted stones on watsons house.They only encourage constructive criticism.But in India people are uneducated hooligans they behave like this . well nice to see sachin backing yuvraj. he really is a gentleman. now dhoni is the one who should be criticised he is known as the best finisher and too against mallinga he has got more runs he should have batted after Rohit. nowadays he is not interested in batting and likes to shade under the victory of other players . this attitude has cost india the match and cup. india will not win the world cup.this is sure

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:48 GMT

    Dear Sachin, your words have more value. So please do not use when things done and dusted like yuvi played in dead rubber. If you believe in Yuvi ability as we do then ok. But you cannot support him for the glory. We are happy or Yuvi could be more happy to hear from you through media to get the confidence or advice from you before finals. Yuvi has huge talent and skill but he does not have the attitude or self belief at this point of time. The world is changed and the game is changed. It is no more as you played especially T20. When you played we cherished you as hero as always you are the king in the ring. But now believes in each others success. So when someone does not believe himself, the it hurts total teams morale and peace and attitude. Finally you are sachin which means God to many. Hope and pray your greatness will remain even off the field. Miss you Sachin in on field.

  • naveedriaz69 on April 7, 2014, 16:43 GMT

    If the selection committees go by the fans' opinion, v ll have different teams for each match especially in India and Pakistan. The expectation is to win every match and NEVER fail. UV deserves more chances. T20, in my opinion is not a true measure of a player's potential. Good luck UV.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:43 GMT

    yuvraj always best some time it happens in the life he won 2 wc for India how we can forget those wins Yuvraj, Man of the Series in the 2011 World Cup,

    if he was not doing well throughout why dhoni sent yuvraj when he know that raina is in good form. Indian people need to understand who is wrong we all of Indians see you in wc 2015 in Australia

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:41 GMT

    Yuvi can come back stronger as he did in the past he is the one who have more comeback as DADA did V are with u so that Yuvi can this is time for showing his mental strength against some odd people still we love to see you in Indian Blue jersey Take your time we will be waiting for the Glorious strokes from your blade

  • arvindy on April 7, 2014, 16:38 GMT

    I am a Yuvi Fan. But not a blind fan. Finishing 130 for 4 in T20 finals, with Raina, Jadega in the dugout is simply not excuseable. Anybody can have an off day with the bat or ball. But it is inexcuseable to totally misread the situation. He should have tried to accelerate from the word go. The worst that could have happened was he would have gotten out early. Part of the blame has to go to the skipper as well. Yuvi had struggled against the slow bowlers in all the matches. It was really pain to see him bat against the West Indies. Australia was an exception, not sure how many balls he faced from the spinners in that match. On current form, he didn't deserve place in the team. The indian fans were robbed of a well fought competitive finals.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:35 GMT

    Sachin himself retired too late. He should not be the one advising on when to drop someone. I strongly believe India would have won if Stuart Binny or anyone else had played instead of Yuvraj He was a great player but he is not in form and needs to be dropped. Dhoni made a mistake sending Yuvraj ahead of Raina....

  • ProdigyA on April 7, 2014, 16:35 GMT

    More than anybody its the selection commitee and Dhoni with his usual "keep the bosses and seniors happy to keep your job" approach to his selection of final XI, that need to be crusified and critisized. Yuvi should never have been on this tour and moreso not in the final XI.

    Yuvu was a legendary players but he is not the same now. Time to accept reality and select players based on merit instead of past glory.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:33 GMT

    Sachin,you are wrong about Yuvaraj.True,he has done great things in the past for India.That does not mean he can continue to play when he is not in form and play,especially,in a final match.

  • SLRevSwing on April 7, 2014, 16:32 GMT

    I hope Yuvraj will have courage keep his chin high as he should. He is a tremendous competitor the entire cricketing world admire even if his own fan base may not do so when the chip are down. As we know, a handful of over passionate, Indian fans can not only be critical but very cruel when expressing their feelings. It is great for SRT to come in support of Yuvi. Bounce back strong Yuvi. Best wished from SL.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:31 GMT

    If we go on encourage like this means every Match will be tough day for Indian cricketers......especially for yuvi...he will play until 2020 WC also without form. when he is playing well its good, but when he is not in form from past 2011... so y we should continue him in team..n go for other options like(raayudu, gambhir..., If we continue supporting for such players like yuvi...india will go for qualifying round for next WC for final10 teams. And india team will be last position in world ranking....

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:29 GMT

    Sorry, i have lots of respect for tendulker but in this case he is wrong. Even in the gane against SA, while fielding, we saw ball passing between yuvraj's legs. He sucked in batting, fielding and his face looked like he had some very bitter medicine whenever he walked on the field, to bat or field. What surprised me the most is kohli, usually very vocal and emotional about the game, did not walk up to yuvraj and told him, hit out or get out. I guess kohli recommending banglore IPL management to pay the highest ever for yuvraj is probably the reason. Kohli has to keep good relation with yuvraj because he is going to be his IPL mate. India seems to have same problem as my ex country pakistan has, they keep including players on their past laurel, not the current form.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:27 GMT

    If we go on encourage like this means every Match will be tough day for Indian cricketers......especially for yuvi...he will play until 2020 WC also without form. when he is playing well its good, but when he is not in form from past 2011... so y we should continue him in team..n go for other options like(raayudu, gambhir..., If we continue supporting for such players like yuvi...india will go for qualifying round for next WC for final10 teams. And india team will be last position in world ranking....

  • y4yoga on April 7, 2014, 16:26 GMT

    People its the time to back one of the greatest Indian batsmen... ofcourse its very hard to digest yesterday match. If we look at the past many players have also have been a major reason for the loss of some matches... but Talents like Yuvi needs to be supported... he is in the worst form of his career.. let him gain his confidence.... come strong as he was . I am sure that he will defenitely make a strong come back in the IPL...

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:20 GMT

    Excellent comments from Majrekar. Thanks Cricinfo for posting it. We Indians want the legends to resurrect their carieer and be ever green always. It does not happen that way. It was a mistake of selectors, team management and captain to select payer only based on past performance instead of current form. As Majrekar says this is a clear example of what will happen if you place high expectation on a payer who is past his prime.

    There is no way Yuvi would have batted well in nets. He would have really struggled based to put bat on the ball even in nets. Team management should be stupid to think that miracle will happen in final and he suddenly will put the bat on the ball.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:20 GMT

    Give YV a break. It is right that he wasn't good. But do not ignore the excellent bowling by Sri Lanka. Virat was at 70 off 50 balls at the end of the 16th over. How many runs did he make in the last 8 deliveries he faced? A total of 7 runs? That is the batsman of the tournament in the form of his life batting at 70. Dhoni the best finisher in the world, made 4 off 7. That was at a time where he had to just hit without worrying about his wicket. YV came much earlier where he had to defend the first few ball. In the end, he wasn't able to catch up. But nobody was able to either.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:17 GMT

    If we go on encourage like this means every Match will be tough day for Indian cricketers......especially for yuvi...he will play until 2020 WC also without form. when he is playing well its good, but when he is not in form from past 2011... so y we sh...

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:17 GMT

    All are saying Yuvi will come back strongly... But the truth is he is out of form... never come back in form. The same thing happened with Viru & Gambhir. completely out of form players never back into the team. It is true. Everybody should understand this situation. Somebody criticize yuvi, not only the last match performance. It is about his returning performance after injury. Very disappointing all fans......

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:15 GMT

    Yuvraj singh was not performing through out the tournament, Only person need to criticize is dhoni, if he was not doing well throughout why dhoni sent yuvraj when he know that raina is in good form. Indian people need to understand who is wrong, I am Pakistani and have respect for Yuvraj singh.

  • PPL11 on April 7, 2014, 16:10 GMT

    UV is just going through a bad patch - may be time for him to get away from international cricket for a while may be domestic cricket or English County Cricket? just re-discover your self and get back in blue we want to see UV of 2011 again !! all the best

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:06 GMT

    Yuvi has has contributed a lot to Indian cricket. I still remember the way as a teen he smashed Alan Donald in Kenya. He has won so many important matches for India equal to what Sachin has done. Attacking his home is a disrespect to his past. But his innings made the difference in this T20 Final, he gave the momentum to Srilanka. I will also put the blame on Dhoni. Yuvi literally struggled like a number 11 batsman. There is no way he would have batted better in nets. Why pick such a player then? ALso Yuvi even at his best is a poor player of Spin which costed him a place in Test side. He can attack a quality Pace bowling or average spin but not a quality spinner. Knowing that Yuvi is struggling even in nets and spinner still had overs to bowl in final (that too an offe), why send him ahead at Number 4? This clearly shows Dhoni's inability to make sudden adjustments in order and thinking ahead. Dhoni did decently in this tournament but not still up to the mark. He lacks innovation.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:06 GMT

    this is what indian fans do.they never recall the past.they never can give gratitude and respect when it is due.even kohli and dhoni struggled against death question is-why dhoni sent Yuvi when he knew that yuvi is not in right form?was it searching scapegoat?

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:04 GMT

    Well I definitely agree with Mr.Sachin. Yuvraj has lost his strength and yes potentially a lot less of a threat as such to bowlers. Previously bowlers would fear bowling to him but it is the exact opposite now. But yes again people and most importantly the Selectors have to back Yuvraj. We've seen how dangerous he can be in the past as well as once in this World T20 as well, against a world class Australian bowling line-up. He has batted well after coming back from the clutches of a deathly disease and can't be written off just yet. But if he were to back away from the team it would be a big loss. He brings loads of experience into the team. If he were to be left out now, it would definitely be due to this one off tournament's performance which I think any player will go through and will be unfair.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:02 GMT

    I firmly believe that Yuvraj should never have been on this tour. All is not well with him, health-wise. Except for the innings against Australia, Yuvraj has been a wobble on the field, with the bat and the ball. If anyone needs to be blamed, it should be the management who took an unfit Yuvraj along.

  • on April 7, 2014, 16:00 GMT

    yuvi should play domestic cricket and perfoem there no body can neglate you if you are performing well in the domestic cricket, and let's not blame yuvi only even rahane and dhoni also consumed deliveries so let's just forgot this and hope yuvraj perfirm well in ipl and proov that he is the best

  • AncientAstronaut on April 7, 2014, 15:59 GMT

    I don't hate Yuvraj because he failed in the World Cup. It's the manner in which he failed. It's very hard to hate a man that single-handedly won two World Cups for India, but it's impossible to understand the approach he took last night. He should've simply tried to hit out after a while. It's the final, for crying out loud! For all his experience and contributions to Indian cricket, it was sorry to see that his ego consumed him -- and another World Cup glory for India. It hurts to see a former champion leave this way.

  • Kashi0127 on April 7, 2014, 15:57 GMT

    Mr. Yesterdays presumed Glory should stop taking about extending misery of someone who is past prime. There is no stistics involved here sir.. So please let Yuvi go in peace.

  • rishmanisation on April 7, 2014, 15:57 GMT

    He'll come back to form, I hope he does. Sachin summed it up pretty nicely here.

  • Nirav_IPL on April 7, 2014, 15:53 GMT

    It's a sport at the end of the day, and in sports you need to compete, and it requires fit and competitive players. Yuvi, for all due respect, WAS the great in his hay days (like Kohli today), but you've got to accept the fact, where he stands TODAY? If you notice, he's never regained his form back post 2011 WC, and after his cancer. If IPL performance is accounted for, then he was a bystander in Pune team. After practicing and sweating a lot in net for long hours, you keep on dropping the catch, and struggling to take singles, forget alone of living upto the expectations.. how can one bear,man. T20 is such a short format, that one person can change the game completely in matter of overs. Yesterday, Yuvi did with his lackluster performance. SL dropped Captain Chandimal coz of lack of form, what on earth Dhoni was doing not to realize after seeing repeated out for form & confidence Yuvi? And that has cost a Championship to Ind. You can't play players based on past laurels anymore.

  • PrRockz on April 7, 2014, 15:53 GMT

    i think India shod prepare the same kinds of green bouncy wickets that they will face in newzeland and australia and practice thoroughly on them. Pitches around the country should be modified and should be made like the pitches in australia. The only way India can defend their world title.Also india shoud develop new young fast bolwers and train them under some of the best bowling coaches like wasim akram or even kapil dev. I doubt a bit on yuvraj's role in 2015. Many to blame for this loss yesterday. But the biggest culprit was Yuvi. And most important give chance to youngester. If selectors can drop sehwag and gambhir them why cant yuvraj be dropped..??? A big question on that...

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:49 GMT

    I don't think yuvi will play in 2015 WC, bcoz he struggled in Asian pitches, then how he will play in fast pitch like Aus. He struggled BAT, Bowl and field. Then how he can earn a place in 2015 WC squad. No way. I am a big fan of YUVI. But this time sorry to say, Yuvi's Career is over........ He already lost his place in TESTS & ODI, that's why I am saying like this..

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:41 GMT

    Cricket like many other games is momentum based; if Yuvi had built momentum, even Ashwin would and come in and hand a thrashing to the bowlers. It happens all the time:-with momentum in favor of the batsman, no balls would flow, there would be wides etc. Dhoni couldn't score because SriLanka had so much momentum and performed at their peek while India was already sapped of energy and enthusiasm.

    There is no doubt that Yuvi was so instrumental in winning the 2011 world cup. But every player should know when to get out. Yuvi just cost the entire nation the world cup. India got to the final after 7 years.. such opportunities don't present themselves often. Sanjay Manjrekar put it so aptly in his analysis; if you see signs of fading, the selectors should put the player away

  • rustyryan on April 7, 2014, 15:34 GMT

    Til yest I was cursing him.. But when God himself says, then we have to back him.. Yuvi, I was not with you but I will be with you.. After many years, when we hear your name, your six sixes against Stuart Broad and Your match winning innings against Aus in semi-final will come to our mind but not this innings.

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:33 GMT

    and please yuvraj did not have only one bad day..he was not even a distant shadow of himself in the whole tournament...MSD tried his level best to give him chances..but yuvraj devoid of any fitness, form in almost all the matches was shame for indian campaign

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:33 GMT

    yuvraj is finished. yes served india well and he should go now because of his poor performance india lost. very simple mr sachin . this is not rocket science. he is finish

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:32 GMT

    @Cricket Maan.... Perfectly analysed. Agree with your comments. Yuvi is not used to drop catches. So, team management has to be with him

  • coolgal100 on April 7, 2014, 15:32 GMT

    Its not just final match was very obvious from the first match, that Yuvi was not able to perform in any match....entire India was able to see that Yuvi, did not deserved to be in the team....then why Dhoni/selectors cant see that?? And everyone knew Yuvi, did not deserve to step out...he was just in the team because of the money he bagged in IPL auction......what a shame he has been.....and I wish RCB just dont give him a single game.......and sell him off......

  • metalthrasher on April 7, 2014, 15:28 GMT

    I'm clearly ashamed of how people think about someone who brought so much success and glory to Indian Cricket. Without Yuvraj,India would have NO chance of winning 2007 and 2011 WCups. Yes, It was an off day and maybe a bit off tournament for YV, but the fans of Indian Cricket should up his morale and help him play much better in the future because his service to Indian Cricket is just outstanding! Every good player has off days and the nation MUST stand behind him and push him to perform, not demoralise him more! And I still believe he is one of the players with good talent, he just needs some confidence to bring out his best. And the primary reason for his failure is EXCELLENT bowling by SL, remember even Kohli had <100 strike rate for like 40 balls! Accept the reality that SL were a much better and disciplined team on the day! India did NOT lose because of YV,maybe even Raina/Dhoni could flop because SL bowlers bowled exceptionally well.SL were a better side and DESERVED to win!

  • Raj12345 on April 7, 2014, 15:27 GMT

    Ok ok ok. No body wants to bad cricket. This is international true. But the problem you can't keep one who can't is not competitive. Don't we know that age factor killed/shutdown the door for many players to come into India team. Shall we apply the same theory to Yuvi and shut the door to him. No one is forgetting his contribution and we always remember those sweet memories.

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:27 GMT

    Thanks Suchin for understanding Yuvi's ..Fans should understand ...this is not the way to treat he did the best for india during last world cup against Sri Lanka.. its is not his fault but all teams should responsible....BUT every day you can't win ....

  • CricketMakdi on April 7, 2014, 15:24 GMT

    Well, Mr Sachin you have to look at other teams. They never take decisions based on emotions except Pak.

    Perform or perish we all know that how it works, if you are out of form go back to domestic work yourself hard and come back strong.

    First two matches he played terrible 3rd match others should have got a chance don't you think?

    Emotions are taking over team rather than cricket!

  • Dr_Dre on April 7, 2014, 15:23 GMT

    Well my point is why only Yuvi ? What about the skipper ? The world class finisher. He failed to deliver good score at the end as well. It's all about superb SL balling, Nothing else. And people who blame Yuvi today will blame Kohli one day. I can see that they have already stated to blame Dohni as well. They have forgotten all the good things these players did in the past. Cricket is so dynamic and you can't just blame one person for the defeat. It is a team work. The team should back everyone up. It is so regretful to see that Yuvi got neglected its own team mates.

  • Amar_bw on April 7, 2014, 15:18 GMT

    The problem is, after first 10 balls, Yuvi should have decided to either hit out or get out and not waste any more balls. The whole point of T20 is, you don't have much luxury of waiting for the right ball to come on bat. I feel, Raina, Dhoni and Jadeja could have batted significantly better to take score around 160/170.

  • thinkgood on April 7, 2014, 15:15 GMT

    Why people still support Yuvi ? He is in denial about his bad form and the team management is also in denial about his form. Now we have Sachin singing the popular tune - dont forget your past players and keep rewarding them until the Indian team does not have any good player to play with except some old hags such as Yuvi. My advise - Drop him.

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:14 GMT

    yuvi is great player .But his days are over in he should retire respectfully.donot be burden on team.yesterdays loss was due to his batting.He should take responsibility for the loss.

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:14 GMT

    Never say Never again.All the best Yuvi.Tendulya is absolutely right

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:13 GMT

    One genuine hero who overstayed his welcome can surely understand anther hero doing the same; but detrimental to the rest. Hope Yuvi will not let you down Sachin in your faith in him, unlike the way he crushed the faith of the selectors, Dhoni, Virat, the whole team, and millions of Indian cricket fans, in just 21 balls!.

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:12 GMT

    form is not a matter. but looks like yuvi's attitude is not good. poor in fielding, poor running between wickets. no need to play big shots but he could not take single run to give strike. not only in final, he also did similar thing in match against WI. thank god in WI's match yuvi out before 3 balls. otherwise we had to play super over.

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:11 GMT

    Good to see support coming in for Yuvi ! he has undoubtedly been a match winner and India needs him and his experience to defend the World Cup next year on not so comforting pitches for Indian batsmen

  • mshyder on April 7, 2014, 15:09 GMT

    Only a true gentleman and a friend can be so supportive. It was not just an one off match for Yuvraj, it was the whole tournament and all matches (except for one performance) since his comeback which have been one off. It is not easy to let go of all the glory, fame and money but life has to move on. People want to remember Yuvraj the great stroke maker not a pale shadow of himself so he should acknowledge that he is no more the same player of yesteryears and announce his retirement with grace. Not everyone is SRT to be able to play at the same standard till he is 40.

  • myStraightTalk on April 7, 2014, 15:09 GMT

    I'm a SL fan. If the Senior fail to recognize there time is over and they keep spoiling the team then they will be no proper send off when they leave. Like Sachin, Yuvraj did not get proper send off in 1Day because of this. Sangakarra and Jayawardana announced their retirement before the game and now they get hero send off. Way to go Sanga and Jaya.

  • STres on April 7, 2014, 15:08 GMT

    I agree with Sachin, people of India have very short memories, unlike in Sri Lanka, we love our cricket and we like our players even if they fail. Yuvi did not do badly even Kohli and Dhoni could not score, Give credit to SL and their superb bowling. I wish to see Yuvi back in the side and proving all these fake Indian Fans wrong

  • on April 7, 2014, 15:03 GMT

    Don't very yuvu we still are you

  • K_Srini on April 7, 2014, 15:02 GMT

    Sachin is absolutely correct. Nobody intends to play bad cricket. Anybody can have a bad day. Let us not forget that it was the same Yuvraj whose contributions were monumental in India winning the World Cups in 2007 & 2011. Lets us not be so unfair to Yuvraj who has done so much to Indian cricket. A lot of credit should be given to Srilanka for the way they bowled. Even Dhoni could not get the ball away in the last 2 overs. So lets not blame Yuvraj for the loss, but rather give credit to Srilanka for the win.

  • wonderstar1 on April 7, 2014, 15:02 GMT

    All@ SL fans, I have seen in many forums that you ppl are defending Yuvraj for whatever reason. Yes SL bowled well so credit to them and rightfully SL won. be happy with that. But in spite of all this we feel that Yuvraj should have played a lot better or maybe could have rotated the strike more so that the momentum was not broken. Because we know what he is capable of.But please don't tell us on how we should treat our players. we know when to criticize and when to appreciate our players. Maybe in SL you keep defending the players all the time even if he fails in 10 matches. but we have our own Indian way on how to deal this. Just enjoy your victory and don't interfere on how we should treat our players.

  • CricketMaan on April 7, 2014, 14:56 GMT

    I guess his main issue since his comeback from treatment has been inconsistency and very ordinary body language in the field. He has played som good innings in between, but is not the Yuvi we all have seen in the past. Lastly his blowing too has suffered and so has his once supreme fielding! Its not just this batting and the big hitting abilties at will, its the overall package that Yuvi was, has declined. If he is still in Duncan and Dhoni's scheme of things someone needs to sit with him and talk thro' and set expectations. Just to keep believing that he will one day turn and hit 6s all over the park or sparkle in the field is too much to ask and at times unfair too. I support his spirit and talent, but the question is where is he in his career, only Yuvi can answer that question. It was the same with Zak in SA and NZ. Looked fit, but performance was far from what we have seen!

  • web_guru2003 on April 7, 2014, 14:55 GMT

    Players from sub-continent in general and India and Pakistan in particular don't know when to exit no matter how great they are and Yuvi and Sachin are no exceptions. Sachin played after his best before date himself and now he is advising wrongly to Yuvi too.

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:55 GMT

    Well said.. Haters keep hating.. We are with you yuvi.. No matter how you perform..

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:52 GMT

    Good to see GOD of cricket is supporting Yuvi which according to me is one of the most destructive left hander in world cricket.

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:52 GMT

    The whole Indian team is very talented , probably the most talented in the World now , but they lost all the fans outside India because of their arrogance and attitude of dismissing others , with the exception of Dhoni who is very well respected and admired individual and as much as I was happy for Sri Lanka I felt sorry for Dhoni being on the losing side .

  • Saumen on April 7, 2014, 14:52 GMT

    I think people should stop blaming Yuvi and forget what happened yesterday. He is not the lone who didn't performed. It's team game and every member of it is equally responsible. But people do find someone to criticize. Today everyone calls Kohli the best but who knows he will also have one bad day and then will you start blaming him also. Behave like mature fans. In past Tendulkar also goes through such phases where so called fans wanted him to leave. So this goes on and on. Support your players in tough times.

    Get over WC T20 and welcome the cricket vaganza- IPL which is due to start in 9 days. Hope Yuvi find his form and put locks on his critiques. I'm fan of Yuvi and Indian cricket and can never forget that he played biggest role in T20 WC 2007 and WC 2011 and even if he is having bad time, I stand by him.

  • SLMaster on April 7, 2014, 14:50 GMT

    It is not Yuvi's fault. SL bowled well in the last few overs. I do not think anyone could handle it. Even Dhoni got nowhere...

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:49 GMT

    Great Cricketers know the fellow cricketer very well than any other

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:49 GMT

    We are all Morally & faithfully supported to Yuvraj, Don't blame he is a legend

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:46 GMT

    I admire and respect both Sachin and Yuvraj BUT we must not let our emotions get the better of us. Yuvraj place in the Indian Team will be a disaster for India. I was quite surprise to see him come in before Raina and Dhoni, giving the situation of the Game AND knowing quite well that he was out of touch for the ENTIRE Tournament

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:44 GMT

    No he wil never rise again he is out of form

  • kila995 on April 7, 2014, 14:42 GMT

    If a living legend can say he's going to come-back strong , why not others who kept on trashing this guy ? .. I trust Yuraj will come-back strong :)

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:38 GMT

    Well done Sachin.... Yuvraj needs all the support her can get right now.

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  • on April 7, 2014, 14:38 GMT

    Well done Sachin.... Yuvraj needs all the support her can get right now.

  • kila995 on April 7, 2014, 14:42 GMT

    If a living legend can say he's going to come-back strong , why not others who kept on trashing this guy ? .. I trust Yuraj will come-back strong :)

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:44 GMT

    No he wil never rise again he is out of form

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:46 GMT

    I admire and respect both Sachin and Yuvraj BUT we must not let our emotions get the better of us. Yuvraj place in the Indian Team will be a disaster for India. I was quite surprise to see him come in before Raina and Dhoni, giving the situation of the Game AND knowing quite well that he was out of touch for the ENTIRE Tournament

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:49 GMT

    We are all Morally & faithfully supported to Yuvraj, Don't blame he is a legend

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:49 GMT

    Great Cricketers know the fellow cricketer very well than any other

  • SLMaster on April 7, 2014, 14:50 GMT

    It is not Yuvi's fault. SL bowled well in the last few overs. I do not think anyone could handle it. Even Dhoni got nowhere...

  • Saumen on April 7, 2014, 14:52 GMT

    I think people should stop blaming Yuvi and forget what happened yesterday. He is not the lone who didn't performed. It's team game and every member of it is equally responsible. But people do find someone to criticize. Today everyone calls Kohli the best but who knows he will also have one bad day and then will you start blaming him also. Behave like mature fans. In past Tendulkar also goes through such phases where so called fans wanted him to leave. So this goes on and on. Support your players in tough times.

    Get over WC T20 and welcome the cricket vaganza- IPL which is due to start in 9 days. Hope Yuvi find his form and put locks on his critiques. I'm fan of Yuvi and Indian cricket and can never forget that he played biggest role in T20 WC 2007 and WC 2011 and even if he is having bad time, I stand by him.

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:52 GMT

    The whole Indian team is very talented , probably the most talented in the World now , but they lost all the fans outside India because of their arrogance and attitude of dismissing others , with the exception of Dhoni who is very well respected and admired individual and as much as I was happy for Sri Lanka I felt sorry for Dhoni being on the losing side .

  • on April 7, 2014, 14:52 GMT

    Good to see GOD of cricket is supporting Yuvi which according to me is one of the most destructive left hander in world cricket.