September 20, 2000

Media Release on Grant Flower

Umpire Darrell Hair called Grant Flower for throwing in breach of Law 24 of the ICC Standard Playing Conditions. He was called 3 times and the caution, the final warning and removal from the attack procedure was implemented as per Law 42.8.

As a result of this action, the Zimbabwe Illegal Delivery Panel consisting of A Pycroft, D Stannard, C Coventry convened a meeting whereby they examined Grant Flower's action from tapes produced by Octagon CSI during the 1st Test Match between New Zealand & Zimbabwe. The unanimous view of the panel was:

a) There was absolutely no evidence that on any of the footage viewed that Grant Flower's action was in any way questionable either under the current or new laws.

b) The apparent "blimp" in his arm action occured because of his short backward movement of the bowling arm in gathering to deliver; but this clearly occured and his arm was completely straight before it reached the horizontal level.

c) Grant Flower's action was cleared from a Zimbabwean perspective.

D Ellman-Brown
Chief Executive