Best bowling figures in an innings for New South Wales in List A

Best bowling figures in an innings
Match Date
9.403673.72NSWv South AustBrisbane04 Oct 2014List A
8.422562.88NSWv TasmaniaSydney02 Nov 1996List A
8.422562.88NSWv CA XISydney05 Oct 2015List A
10.015865.80NSWv QueenslandBrisbane26 Feb 2023List A
12.506064.67NSWv TasmaniaHobart04 Feb 2012List A
10.022152.10NSWv ZimbabweBulawayo02 Apr 1986List A
9.012652.88NSWv QueenslandSydney19 Nov 2008List A
7.302853.73NSWv West AustSydney21 Nov 1979List A
8.432853.23NSWv QueenslandBrisbane14 Oct 1990List A
9.313553.68NSWv TasmaniaHobart11 Feb 2013List A
9.033854.22NSWv VictoriaMelbourne06 Jan 2002List A
12.533953.03NSWv QueenslandBrisbane20 Nov 2011List A
8.303954.58NSWv TasmaniaSydney12 Oct 2015List A
10.014054.00NSWv CanberraCanberra31 Oct 1998List A
8.014355.37NSWv TasmaniaNorth Sydney25 Sep 2018List A
12.104453.61NSWv West AustSydney30 Nov 2011List A
10.004654.60NSWv VictoriaMelbourne17 Nov 2019List A
10.404754.40NSWv West AustPerth26 Nov 2010List A
10.015055.00NSWv West AustSydney03 Feb 2002List A
6.505357.75NSWv South AustCoffs Harbour12 Jan 2002List A
10.005355.30NSWv QueenslandSydney01 Oct 2018List A
8.505456.11NSWv VictoriaCoffs Harbour14 Jan 2006List A
10.007057.00NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney23 Sep 2018List A
10.031041.00NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney23 Oct 2016List A
9.031541.66NSWv VictoriaMelbourne05 Nov 1995List A
5.101542.90NSWv West AustNorth Sydney04 Feb 2001List A
6.221542.36NSWv QueenslandBrisbane14 Oct 2005List A
10.021741.70NSWv QueenslandBrisbane10 Oct 1993List A
8.021742.12NSWv TasmaniaSydney29 Sep 2013List A
9.012042.22NSWv TasmaniaHobart17 Nov 2022List A
7.212142.86NSWv VictoriaSydney24 Nov 2021List A
10.022242.20NSWv QueenslandBrisbane18 Oct 1996List A
6.502343.36NSWv QueenslandBrisbane24 Feb 2002List A
9.412342.37NSWv West AustSydney10 Oct 2015List A
7.002343.28NSWv West AustSydney11 Apr 2021List A
8.022443.00NSWv South AustCanberra11 Dec 2004List A
10.022442.40NSWv West AustPerth02 Jan 2005List A
10.022642.60NSWv TasmaniaSydney08 Feb 1998List A
10.022642.60NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney13 Oct 2002List A
8.102643.18NSWv QueenslandSydney14 Oct 2016List A
8.312743.17NSWv South AustNorth Sydney08 Oct 2015List A
6.002944.83NSWv VictoriaMelbourne08 Nov 1998List A
10.012942.90NSWv West AustSydney10 Oct 2015List A
9.513043.05NSWv TasmaniaNorth Sydney28 Oct 1989List A
8.303043.52NSWv TasmaniaSydney16 Oct 1990List A
10.003143.10NSWv VictoriaMelbourne04 Mar 1989List A
10.023143.10NSWv QueenslandBrisbane14 Oct 2005List A
6.113145.02NSWv QueenslandSydney16 Oct 2015List A
9.013143.44NSWv TasmaniaPerth02 Oct 2017List A
8.213243.84NSWv VictoriaSydney20 Oct 1990List A
8.003244.00NSWv West AustPerth23 Jan 1998List A
9.003443.77NSWv VictoriaSydney08 Nov 1986List A
10.023543.50NSWv West AustPerth07 Feb 1982List A
8.003544.37NSWv England AWollongong07 Dec 1996List A
9.523643.66NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney15 Oct 2000List A
10.003643.60NSWv VictoriaSydney13 Feb 2005List A
7.303644.80NSWv South AustAdelaide18 Dec 2005List A
10.003743.70NSWv QueenslandBrisbane10 Oct 2004List A
8.013844.75NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney09 Oct 2023List A
8.103944.77NSWv West AustNorth Sydney01 Nov 2009List A
11.403943.34NSWv West AustPerth22 Feb 2012List A
13.004043.07NSWv TasmaniaCanberra04 Dec 2011List A
9.004044.44NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney14 Feb 2024List A
10.014144.10NSWv West AustPerth14 Oct 1984List A
10.004244.20NSWv QueenslandSydney17 Jan 2004List A
9.124444.80NSWv South AustAdelaide23 Nov 2003List A
7.004544.82NSWv VictoriaMelbourne17 Dec 1972List A
8.004545.62NSWv VictoriaSydney13 Feb 2005List A
10.004644.60NSWv England ASydney05 Dec 1996List A
10.014844.80NSWv South AustAdelaide22 Oct 2008List A
9.004845.33NSWv West AustSydney04 Nov 2023List A
10.005045.00NSWv TasmaniaHobart18 Mar 2021List A
10.015145.10NSWv South AustAdelaide09 Oct 2010List A
9.415245.37NSWv ZimbabweHarare23 Mar 1986List A
10.005345.30NSWv QueenslandBrisbane08 Dec 2000List A
8.015445.06NSWv South AustAdelaide23 Nov 1975List A
9.005446.00NSWv West AustSydney19 Feb 2006List A
10.005545.50NSWv TasmaniaSydney22 Feb 2004List A
10.015745.70NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney20 Oct 2013List A
9.015746.33NSWv West AustPerth29 Sep 2017List A
9.505845.89NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney18 Oct 2015List A
10.005945.90NSWv West AustPerth22 Oct 1995List A
8.006147.62NSWv TasmaniaSydney29 Nov 2008List A
13.006244.76NSWv South AustSydney04 Nov 2011List A
13.026745.15NSWv West AustPerth16 Sep 2012List A
9.007047.77NSWv CA XISydney07 Oct 2016List A
10.007847.80NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney12 Oct 2014List A
7.32931.20NSWv TasmaniaDevonport03 Nov 1984List A
8.041431.75NSWv West AustPerth01 Feb 2024List A
7.121631.68NSWv TasmaniaHobart17 Dec 1973List A
3.101835.68NSWv West AustPerth01 Feb 2024List A
7.021932.71NSWv QueenslandBrisbane21 Feb 1988List A
7.012032.85NSWv QueenslandSydney21 Feb 1999List A
6.002033.33NSWv VictoriaWangaratta02 Jan 2006List A
4.002035.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane12 Dec 2007List A
10.032232.20NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney13 Oct 2002List A
7.212233.00NSWv West AustSydney23 Jan 2008List A
6.202332.76NSWv QueenslandBrisbane30 Oct 1977List A
7.002333.28NSWv QueenslandBrisbane21 Feb 1988List A
9.012432.66NSWv VictoriaSydney15 Feb 1997List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

New South Wales vs Western Australia at Sydney, The Marsh Cup Final, Feb 25, 2024 [List A]

Victoria vs New South Wales at North Sydney, The Marsh Cup 21st Match, Feb 14, 2024 [List A]

Western Australia vs New South Wales at Perth, The Marsh Cup 16th Match, Feb 1, 2024 [List A]