Best bowling figures in an innings For National League Division Two, 2005

Best bowling figures in an innings
Match Date
8.002763.37Sussexv WarwickshireBirmingham23 Aug 2005List A
9.002652.88Somersetv DerbyshireTaunton25 Sep 2005List A
9.023053.33Sussexv ScotlandHove30 Aug 2005List A
9.003253.55Kentv ScotlandEdinburgh08 May 2005List A
9.023253.55Warwickshirev KentCanterbury27 Jul 2005List A
9.024555.00Derbyshirev LeicsDerby30 May 2005List A
9.004855.33Durhamv SussexChester-le-Street02 May 2005List A
7.001241.71Leicsv SomersetOakham05 Jun 2005List A
7.211341.77Durhamv LeicsChester-le-Street16 Aug 2005List A
4.001443.50Yorkshirev SurreyThe Oval17 Apr 2005List A
9.021441.55Surreyv DerbyshireDerby04 Sep 2005List A
6.111542.43Leicsv SurreyLeicester15 May 2005List A
6.011642.66Durhamv SurreyChester-le-Street24 Apr 2005List A
7.111642.23Kentv ScotlandCanterbury01 Sep 2005List A
8.021742.12Durhamv DerbyshireChester-le-Street13 Jun 2005List A
9.032242.44Warwickshirev ScotlandStratford-upon-Avon29 May 2005List A
9.002542.77Yorkshirev SomersetLeeds24 Apr 2005List A
5.002645.20Sussexv SomersetHove01 Aug 2005List A
9.022843.11Durhamv SurreyChester-le-Street24 Apr 2005List A
9.002843.11Derbyshirev YorkshireScarborough28 Aug 2005List A
9.022943.22Sussexv DurhamArundel19 Jun 2005List A
8.003444.25Somersetv SussexTaunton30 May 2005List A
5.003647.20Sussexv SurreyGuildford24 Jul 2005List A
9.003644.00Scotlandv DurhamChester-le-Street28 Aug 2005List A
8.013644.50Surreyv ScotlandThe Oval25 Sep 2005List A
9.033744.11Leicsv SussexHove07 Aug 2005List A
9.003944.33Leicsv SussexLeicester21 Aug 2005List A
9.004344.77Surreyv KentCanterbury07 Aug 2005List A
8.004946.12Surreyv WarwickshireBirmingham14 Sep 2005List A
7.305246.93Kentv SomersetBath12 Jun 2005List A
9.006046.66Derbyshirev SomersetDerby03 Aug 2005List A
4.00631.50Yorkshirev SussexLeeds01 May 2005List A
9.021231.33Surreyv DurhamChester-le-Street24 Apr 2005List A
6.001332.16Warwickshirev DurhamChester-le-Street17 Jul 2005List A
9.031531.66Kentv SussexHove08 Jul 2005List A
9.011531.66Durhamv SomersetChester-le-Street18 Sep 2005List A
7.031632.28Durhamv DerbyshireChester-le-Street13 Jun 2005List A
8.531731.92Kentv DurhamTunbridge Wells29 May 2005List A
7.031732.42Surreyv DurhamThe Oval30 May 2005List A
7.021732.42Kentv ScotlandCanterbury01 Sep 2005List A
6.011833.00Derbyshirev LeicsDerby30 May 2005List A
7.011932.71Scotlandv WarwickshireStratford-upon-Avon29 May 2005List A
5.002034.00Yorkshirev ScotlandLeeds30 May 2005List A
9.022032.22Surreyv DerbyshireDerby04 Sep 2005List A
9.012032.22Sussexv YorkshireHove25 Sep 2005List A
7.412433.13Durhamv SomersetChester-le-Street18 Sep 2005List A
4.402535.35Derbyshirev KentMaidstone05 Jun 2005List A
9.002532.77Leicsv ScotlandEdinburgh24 Jul 2005List A
7.002533.57Sussexv WarwickshireBirmingham23 Aug 2005List A
9.042632.88Warwickshirev YorkshireBirmingham20 Sep 2005List A
9.032733.00Yorkshirev ScotlandEdinburgh07 Aug 2005List A
8.022733.37Leicsv YorkshireLeeds04 Sep 2005List A
9.022733.00Derbyshirev YorkshireDerby14 Sep 2005List A
9.012833.11Yorkshirev SussexLeeds01 May 2005List A
9.002833.11Warwickshirev DerbyshireBirmingham09 Jul 2005List A
9.022833.11Surreyv KentCanterbury07 Aug 2005List A
8.132933.55Kentv WarwickshireCanterbury27 Jul 2005List A
9.022933.22Warwickshirev YorkshireBirmingham20 Sep 2005List A
9.023033.33Durhamv KentChester-le-Street04 Sep 2005List A
7.103134.32Surreyv DurhamThe Oval30 May 2005List A
5.313135.63Scotlandv DerbyshireEdinburgh26 Aug 2005List A
9.023133.44Durhamv KentChester-le-Street04 Sep 2005List A
7.003234.57Sussexv DerbyshireHove24 Apr 2005List A
9.013233.55Leicsv ScotlandLeicester20 Jun 2005List A
9.013233.55Derbyshirev WarwickshireBirmingham09 Jul 2005List A
8.213233.84Sussexv KentCanterbury18 Sep 2005List A
6.003235.33Sussexv KentCanterbury18 Sep 2005List A
6.203335.21Durhamv YorkshireChester-le-Street15 May 2005List A
9.023333.66Durhamv KentTunbridge Wells29 May 2005List A
8.103334.04Scotlandv SomersetTaunton17 Jun 2005List A
7.003334.71Derbyshirev ScotlandDerby19 Jun 2005List A
9.013433.77Warwickshirev KentBirmingham01 May 2005List A
9.023433.77Surreyv LeicsLeicester15 May 2005List A
9.013634.00Kentv SurreyCanterbury07 Aug 2005List A
7.003635.14Kentv ScotlandCanterbury01 Sep 2005List A
8.113734.53Warwickshirev KentBirmingham01 May 2005List A
6.003736.16Sussexv WarwickshireHove08 May 2005List A
7.003735.28Warwickshirev SurreyCroydon05 Jun 2005List A
9.013934.33Warwickshirev SussexHove08 May 2005List A
9.013934.33Scotlandv LeicsLeicester20 Jun 2005List A
9.013934.33Yorkshirev SurreyLeeds13 Jul 2005List A
9.003934.33Durhamv DerbyshireDerby20 Jul 2005List A
9.013934.33Surreyv ScotlandThe Oval25 Sep 2005List A
9.004034.44Durhamv YorkshireChester-le-Street15 May 2005List A
9.004134.55Leicsv SomersetOakham05 Jun 2005List A
9.004134.55Somersetv SurreyThe Oval28 Aug 2005List A
9.004134.55Yorkshirev LeicsLeeds04 Sep 2005List A
9.014434.88Sussexv KentHove08 Jul 2005List A
9.004434.88Warwickshirev SurreyBirmingham14 Sep 2005List A
9.004635.11Kentv LeicsCanterbury24 Apr 2005List A
6.304637.07Warwickshirev SurreyBirmingham14 Sep 2005List A
6.004737.83Surreyv DurhamThe Oval30 May 2005List A
8.004735.87Derbyshirev SomersetDerby03 Aug 2005List A
9.004835.33Somersetv LeicsTaunton01 May 2005List A
8.014936.12Warwickshirev SussexHove08 May 2005List A
9.015235.77Durhamv WarwickshireBirmingham25 Sep 2005List A
8.005336.62Somersetv SurreyTaunton02 May 2005List A
7.416438.34Yorkshirev SurreyThe Oval17 Apr 2005List A
9.006437.11Kentv WarwickshireBirmingham01 May 2005List A
9.007037.77Derbyshirev SussexHove24 Apr 2005List A
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