Best strike rates in an innings For National Cricket League Division Two, 2003

Best strike rates in an innings
Match Date
3.0-1244.50Nottsv DerbyshireDerby23 Jul 2003List A
2.3-1127.50Nottsv SussexHorsham25 May 2003List A
4.0-2038.00Lancashirev HampshireManchester18 May 2003List A
4.0-2738.00Somersetv LancashireManchester28 Jul 2003List A
4.1-1138.33Scotlandv LancashireManchester25 May 2003List A
7.2-4158.80Sussexv MiddlesexLord's08 Jun 2003List A
6.012149.00Durhamv MiddlesexChester-le-Street21 Sep 2003List A
3.0-1029.00Middlesexv NottsNottingham22 Jun 2003List A
6.2-3449.50Somersetv SussexHove21 Sep 2003List A
5.0-15310.00Northantsv LancashireManchester27 Apr 2003List A
5.0-38310.00Scotlandv DurhamEdinburgh07 Jul 2003List A
5.0223310.00Northantsv NottsNottingham31 Aug 2003List A
7.0-25410.50Derbyshirev ScotlandEdinburgh20 May 2003List A
7.0131410.50Northantsv SomersetBath08 Jun 2003List A
8.5122510.60Durhamv NottsNottingham15 Jun 2003List A
9.0-48510.80Middlesexv ScotlandRichmond17 Jun 2003List A
9.0135510.80Durhamv SomersetChester-le-Street03 Aug 2003List A
9.0133510.80Durhamv MiddlesexLord's10 Aug 2003List A
7.5120411.75Durhamv HampshireChester-le-Street24 Aug 2003List A
8.0132412.00Nottsv SussexHorsham25 May 2003List A
8.0133412.00Hampshirev SomersetSouthampton25 May 2003List A
8.0122412.00Lancashirev ScotlandEdinburgh09 Jul 2003List A
8.0-40412.00Derbyshirev SussexArundel13 Jul 2003List A
8.0224412.00Hampshirev SussexHove05 Aug 2003List A
8.0129412.00Sussexv ScotlandEdinburgh28 Aug 2003List A
8.0-57412.00Northantsv DurhamNorthampton07 Sep 2003List A
6.0-56312.00Somersetv NottsTaunton18 May 2003List A
6.0125312.00Scotlandv DerbyshireEdinburgh20 May 2003List A
6.0133312.00Sussexv SomersetTaunton06 Jul 2003List A
6.0-45312.00Hampshirev SussexHove05 Aug 2003List A
6.0-28312.00Scotlandv SussexEdinburgh28 Aug 2003List A
6.0122312.00Northantsv NottsNottingham31 Aug 2003List A
6.0124312.00Northantsv NottsNottingham31 Aug 2003List A
6.0-26312.00Derbyshirev SomersetTaunton14 Sep 2003List A
6.0-20312.00Hampshirev DerbyshireDerby21 Sep 2003List A
6.0116312.00Durhamv MiddlesexChester-le-Street21 Sep 2003List A
4.0-26212.00Northantsv LancashireManchester27 Apr 2003List A
4.0111212.00Durhamv LancashireChester-le-Street05 May 2003List A
4.0-44212.00Lancashirev HampshireManchester18 May 2003List A
4.0-12212.00Lancashirev HampshireManchester18 May 2003List A
4.0-14212.00Lancashirev NottsManchester08 Jun 2003List A
4.0-18212.00Nottsv LancashireManchester08 Jun 2003List A
4.0-32212.00Somersetv MiddlesexSouthgate13 Jul 2003List A
4.0-17212.00Northantsv DurhamChester-le-Street13 Jul 2003List A
4.0-26212.00Somersetv LancashireManchester28 Jul 2003List A
4.0-18212.00Somersetv LancashireManchester28 Jul 2003List A
4.0-29212.00Somersetv SussexHove21 Sep 2003List A
8.4-40413.00Hampshirev NorthantsSouthampton30 Jul 2003List A
6.3118313.00Lancashirev HampshireSouthampton07 Sep 2003List A
8.5-43413.25Durhamv SussexChester-le-Street26 Aug 2003List A
8.5-60413.25Lancashirev SomersetTaunton01 Sep 2003List A
9.0-30413.50Middlesexv DerbyshireLord's27 Apr 2003List A
9.0131413.50Durhamv SomersetTaunton27 Apr 2003List A
9.0136413.50Scotlandv DurhamChester-le-Street04 May 2003List A
9.0-41413.50Nottsv DerbyshireNottingham05 May 2003List A
9.0-44413.50Hampshirev DurhamSouthampton08 Jun 2003List A
9.0237413.50Lancashirev DerbyshireDerby15 Jun 2003List A
9.0144413.50Nottsv MiddlesexNottingham22 Jun 2003List A
9.0332413.50Nottsv ScotlandEdinburgh06 Jul 2003List A
9.0-34413.50Durhamv ScotlandEdinburgh07 Jul 2003List A
9.0152413.50Northantsv HampshireSouthampton30 Jul 2003List A
9.0322413.50Hampshirev NorthantsSouthampton30 Jul 2003List A
9.0225413.50Middlesexv DerbyshireDerby03 Aug 2003List A
9.0-58413.50Middlesexv SomersetTaunton05 Aug 2003List A
9.0136413.50Middlesexv DurhamLord's10 Aug 2003List A
9.0124413.50Lancashirev SussexHove13 Aug 2003List A
9.0126413.50Hampshirev DerbyshireSouthampton17 Aug 2003List A
9.0150413.50Sussexv NottsNottingham24 Aug 2003List A
9.0139413.50Durhamv DerbyshireDerby31 Aug 2003List A
9.0-46413.50Sussexv MiddlesexHove03 Sep 2003List A
9.0-45413.50Middlesexv HampshireLord's14 Sep 2003List A
9.0214413.50Sussexv LancashireManchester14 Sep 2003List A
4.3-17213.50Sussexv NorthantsNorthampton15 Jun 2003List A
7.0-50314.00Somersetv NottsTaunton18 May 2003List A
7.0-22314.00Derbyshirev NorthantsNorthampton18 May 2003List A
7.0-33314.00Northantsv SussexNorthampton15 Jun 2003List A
7.0-25314.00Northantsv DurhamChester-le-Street13 Jul 2003List A
7.0-40314.00Middlesexv NorthantsNorthampton27 Jul 2003List A
7.0315314.00Derbyshirev ScotlandDerby07 Sep 2003List A
7.1144314.33Derbyshirev SomersetDerby04 May 2003List A
7.2318314.66Lancashirev NottsCleethorpes03 Aug 2003List A
5.0-24215.00Durhamv SomersetTaunton27 Apr 2003List A
5.0-29215.00Hampshirev SussexSouthampton04 May 2003List A
5.0116215.00Lancashirev HampshireManchester18 May 2003List A
5.0112215.00Sussexv MiddlesexLord's08 Jun 2003List A
5.0-34215.00Sussexv DerbyshireArundel13 Jul 2003List A
5.0-23215.00Lancashirev DerbyshireManchester04 Aug 2003List A
5.0-42215.00Hampshirev SomersetTaunton10 Aug 2003List A
5.0114215.00Nottsv ScotlandNottingham14 Sep 2003List A
7.4211315.33Hampshirev SussexSouthampton04 May 2003List A
7.5-47315.66Derbyshirev MiddlesexLord's27 Apr 2003List A
7.5216315.66Nottsv DurhamNottingham15 Jun 2003List A
8.0217316.00Hampshirev SussexSouthampton04 May 2003List A
8.0-45316.00Middlesexv SussexLord's08 Jun 2003List A
8.0-53316.00Somersetv ScotlandTaunton15 Jun 2003List A
8.0-38316.00Lancashirev DurhamManchester22 Jun 2003List A
8.0-48316.00Middlesexv LancashireLord's06 Jul 2003List A
8.0-41316.00Durhamv ScotlandEdinburgh07 Jul 2003List A
8.0-31316.00Lancashirev SussexHove13 Aug 2003List A
8.0-19316.00Sussexv ScotlandEdinburgh28 Aug 2003List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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Derbyshire vs Hampshire at Derby, National Cricket League Division Two , Sep 21, 2003 [List A]

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