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Player of the Match
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Sammy helps West Indies save face

West Indies scrapped hard for their dignity and a narrow 11-run win to deny Ireland their first bilateral series victory against a Full Member

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20 | 13 Runs 1 Wkt | IRE: 85/8 (12 runs required, RR: 4.25)

  • Tim Murtagh2 (2b)
  • Max Sorensen9 (18b)
  • Dwayne Bravo4-0-24-1
  • Krishmar Santokie4-0-12-1

Harsha: "Much Needed Victory for West Indies".... Yes Harsha, they had lost 5 in a row before today, so a much needed win.

So this will remain as the historic day that was not, Ireland will have to wait for the one-off ODI to win a series against a Test playing nation.

Darren Sammy is the man of the match and Alex Cusack has been picked as the man of the series.

The last game of the tour is on Sunday, be sure to join us then. Good night and good luck.

Bravo to Murtagh, 1 run, another single to end the innings! West Indies win by 11 runs.
Bravo to Sorensen, 1 run, worked away on the leg side, just a single
Bravo to Murtagh, 1 run, there it is! just a single and Ireland need 14 from 2 balls.

that should do it for the West Indies

Bravo to Sorensen, OUT, looks to loft it away through midwicket, but the ball clips the inner half and rolls down the track - they go for the single, Bravo quickly moves across, picks it up and runs down the wicket at the striker's end.

AR Cusack run out (Bravo) 8 (6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

Bravo to Cusack, 1 run, just a single, that is a good ball - length delivery, slower as well, Cusack could only manage to work it away
Bravo to Cusack, FOUR runs, 16 more to get! slaps at it and the ball races away to third man, fielder in the deep had no chance of cutting it off.

Ireland 2nd innings Partnerships

1st3WTS PorterfieldPR Stirling
2nd12EC JoyceWTS Porterfield
3rd7EC JoyceGC Wilson
4th3GC WilsonAD Poynter
5th4KJ O'BrienGC Wilson
6th20GC WilsonSR Thompson
7th23GC WilsonMC Sorensen
8th10AR CusackMC Sorensen
9th3TJ MurtaghMC Sorensen