0.1 gone! What an incredible start! A back-of-a-length delivery on the pads, Strauss played with an angled bat to deflect the ball into the leg-side, but Hashim Amla, under the lid at backward short leg, swooped superbly with his right hand, and clung onto a blinder! 0/1
    9.4 a review coming up, as Cook is given out lbw ... it could be marginal ... He took a while to ponder the option, but it seemed to the naked eye to be quite high, and potentially outside leg... this is absolutely crucial ... and there are so many permutations. No inside-edge, but surely that was a no-ball! Perhaps there is a fraction of leather behind the line ... either way, it's been given! 39/4
    1.6 full length, loose on-drive, that's plumb! The end of a bewildering innings from Trott, who swished at anything that moved, and eventually played across the line to a full-length delivery 7/2
    7.5 good grief, another one bites the dust, and it's the debutant Wayne Parnell at mid-on! Back of a length, Pietersen climbs into a full-blooded pull, but he doesn't time it properly and Parnell is on hand to intercept. 32/3
    30.3 squared up, a leading edge, and that's caught at point! A massive breakthrough and that is McLaren's first in Tests. Smith's hunch has paid off, just enough nibble off the deck to turn a regulation nurdle off the pads into a muffed false shot, and Duminy leans forward to collect a lobbed opportunity! 115/5
    37.4 castled! And that is exceptional bowling. Steyn has been swinging everything away, and this one zips back off the deck, through the gate, and into the stumps! High quality fast bowling, and there's very little that Bell could have done about that 133/6
    39.1 England collapsing here! Prior gone! Short ball, Prior tries to pull it away but it catches the gloves and goes slowly though to Boucher. Easy catch and South Africa are all over England here. 'So much for your quiet hour,' says Miller. 136/7
    40.5 gone this time! One shot too many perhaps. Back of a length, straight into Broad and he flaps it, needlessly really, in the air to mid off. Hit, hope and fail. 148/8
    47.5 gets him this time though. Outside off stump, Swann flays at it and it comes off an inside edge through to a diving Boucher. 180/10
    43.2 gone! Steyn gets another! All very easy really, outside off, Sidebottom comes forward and nicks it behind to Boucher. South Africa rampant here! 155/9
    not out
    5 (lb 2, w 3)
    180 all out (47.5 Overs, RR: 3.76, 228 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Andrew Strauss, 0.1 ov), 2-7 (Jonathan Trott, 1.6 ov), 3-32 (Kevin Pietersen, 7.5 ov), 4-39 (Sir Alastair Cook, 9.4 ov), 5-115 (Paul Collingwood, 30.3 ov), 6-133 (Ian Bell, 37.4 ov), 7-136 (Matt Prior, 39.1 ov), 8-148 (Stuart Broad, 40.5 ov), 9-155 (Ryan Sidebottom, 43.2 ov), 10-180 (Graeme Swann, 47.5 ov)
    DW Steyn13.515153.6810
    M Morkel1113933.5420
    R McLaren1033013.0000
    WD Parnell301806.0000
    JH Kallis1034014.0000
    57.2 edged and gone! A good length delivery that seams, rather than swings, and Strauss at first slip gobbles the edge in his midriff 201/2
    16.3 that one is definitely out! Good delivery climbing outside off, Prince propped forward, found a thick edge, straight into Swann's midriff at second slip 36/1
    64.6 the swing does the trick! Exceptional one-handed catch from Prior, diving in front of first slip, as Amla leans into a drive, but the ball ghosts away late, snicks the edge and England have their incision! 217/3
    65.6 wow, now we have got a game on here! Well-directed bouncer from Sidebottom, Kallis is caught completely unawares and muffs a bail-out pull. Anderson in the gully reacts like lightning, hurtles forward, scoops with one hand, and suddenly South Africa have lost two in two overs! 217/4
    102.4 got him this time! Slightly shorter, de Villiers leans into a whippy pull, but his shot hasn't got the power or the timing to beat wide mid-on. And that's a timely wicket for England 355/6
    73.1 absolutely incredible! Swann has struck with his first ball yet again, and his bunny, Duminy, can only shake his head in disbelief! A perfect line and length, tossed up outside off, sharp spin and extra bounce, and Collingwood snaffles the edge 235/5
    117.1 oh that is unlucky for Boucher, so close to a hundred, he's top edged a sweep down to a tumbling Trott at deep square. Fantastic innings from a fantastic cricketer. 419/7
    not out
    not out
    23 (b 7, lb 10, nb 1, w 5)
    423/7d (119 Overs, RR: 3.55, 531 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-36 (Ashwell Prince, 16.3 ov), 2-201 (Graeme Smith, 57.2 ov), 3-217 (Hashim Amla, 64.6 ov), 4-217 (Jacques Kallis, 65.6 ov), 5-235 (Jean-Paul Duminy, 73.1 ov), 6-355 (AB de Villiers, 102.4 ov), 7-419 (Mark Boucher, 117.1 ov)
    JM Anderson30411103.7001
    RJ Sidebottom3169823.1600
    SCJ Broad2948332.8610
    GP Swann2309324.0400
    PD Collingwood612103.5000
    12.3 Review: much fuller ball, and this nips off the seam and thuds into Strauss' pads. Massive appeal for lbw. Was there an inside edge? He was given out by Tony Hill... and after some deliberation that is given out and that's Wayne Parnell's first wicket in Test cricket 48/3
    3.4 Morkel strikes! South Africa breakthrough early! On the off stump channel, moving away with the angle, a touch of extra bounce and it finds the outside edge of Cook's defensive shot and flies through to Smith at slip who gobbles it up gleefully 6/1
    6.1 Gone! Got him! You always felt Steyn could be lethal against the right handers, Trott had not settled but what could he do with this. Full, snaking away at the last moment, flies off the outside edge from a defensive shot to third slip 21/2
    22.4 there's the breakthrough! A push across Pietersen's bows, a wild swish to a ball that keeps going towards the slips, and a faint nick through to Boucher! 84/4
    39.1 got him straight away! Horrid delivery, dragged down, Collingwood tried to hoik it out the Wanderers but didn't quite time it and found Morkel at deep square 154/9
    29.3 this time he's gone. Another fine delivery from Morkel. Superb line, excellent bounce, a regulation edge at head height to second slip 103/5
    29.5 well, that was even briefer than anyone could have imagined! A short ball outside off, a loose swish, a steepling top-edge, and Smith back-pedals to cling onto the catch 103/6
    31.3 Review. Broad given not out to one that arrowed down the leg side. Instant review and looks like it clipped the glove. There was a big, dare I say it, sound Even Harper could get this right, surely. Yes, he's gone. Broad hangs around for a while and drags himself off. Wheels are off for England now. 104/7
    35.5 gone this time! Full and swinging, Swann aims to block but the late away swing finds the edge and it goes straight through to De Villiers at slip. Almost all over now! 134/8
    42.5 Gone, got him! South Africa win the Test and level the series! Sidebottom tried to heave this through the leg side but misses and it crashes into the stumps. South Africa win by an innings and 74 runs. 169/10
    not out
    13 (lb 6, nb 6, w 1)
    169 all out (42.5 Overs, RR: 3.94, 213 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-6 (Sir Alastair Cook, 3.4 ov), 2-21 (Jonathan Trott, 6.1 ov), 3-48 (Andrew Strauss, 12.3 ov), 4-84 (Kevin Pietersen, 22.4 ov), 5-103 (Ian Bell, 29.3 ov), 6-103 (Matt Prior, 29.5 ov), 7-104 (Stuart Broad, 31.3 ov), 8-134 (Graeme Swann, 35.5 ov), 9-154 (Paul Collingwood, 39.1 ov), 10-169 (Ryan Sidebottom, 42.5 ov)
    DW Steyn1416424.5702
    M Morkel1655943.6813
    WD Parnell811722.1200
    R McLaren311304.3301
    JP Duminy1.501025.4500

Match Details


England , elected to bat first

Player Of The Match

Player Of The Series

Series result

4-match series drawn 1-1

Match number


Hours of play (local time)

10.00am start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30

Match days

14,15,16,17 January 2010 (5-day match)

TV Umpires

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee

Close of Play

  • Thu, 14 Jan - day 1 - South Africa 1st innings 29/0 (GC Smith 12*, AG Prince 15*, 12 ov)
  • Fri, 15 Jan - day 2 - South Africa 1st innings 215/2 (HM Amla 73*, JH Kallis 7*, 63.2 ov)
  • Sat, 16 Jan - day 3 - England 2nd innings 48/3 (KP Pietersen 9*, PD Collingwood 0*, 13.2 ov)
  • Sun, 17 Jan - day 4 - England 2nd innings 169 (42.5 ov) - end of match

Match Notes

  • Lloyd and Lockie to lead UDRS investigation

    Advocate Brent Lockie, a senior barrister from Edinburgh, will team up with the former West Indies captain, Clive Lloyd, to carry out an independent investigation into the Umpire Decision Review System controversy

  • ICC plans meeting to tackle review system

    The ICC is planning a meeting with television broadcasters in March to sort out problems arising from the Umpire Decision Review System

  • ICC panel to review Harper's 'volume mistake'

    The ICC will appoint a panel to investigate whether Daryll Harper in the television umpire's room had the volume feed turned up to the appropriate level during the fourth Test between South Africa and England at the Wanderer

  • England fined for slow over-rate

    Andrew Strauss has been rested for England's forthcoming tour of Bangladesh, but he may yet miss more matches for England after his team was fined for maintaining a slow over rate during the course of South Africa's victory in the final Test of the series

  • 'Want an argument for reviews? Put Harper on the field'

    England seethed after they found Daryl Harper hadn't heard a nick off Graeme Smith's bat because the volume on his system was not turned up

England 3rd innings Partnerships

1st6AJ StraussAN Cook
2nd15AJ StraussIJL Trott
3rd27AJ StraussKP Pietersen
4th36PD CollingwoodKP Pietersen
5th19PD CollingwoodIR Bell
6th0PD CollingwoodMJ Prior
7th1PD CollingwoodSCJ Broad
8th30PD CollingwoodGP Swann
9th20PD CollingwoodRJ Sidebottom
10th15RJ SidebottomJM Anderson