5th Test, Port Elizabeth, Feb 16-20 1962, New Zealand tour of South Africa
275 & 228
(144 ov, target 314)
190 & 273
New Zealand won by 40 runs
New Zealand 1st Innings
GT Dowling lbw b Adcock2--00-
JT Sparling c Lance b Pollock3--00-
PT Barton c Bromfield b Lance109-276200-
JR Reid (c) b Adcock26--60-
SN McGregor  b Pollock10---0-
PGZ Harris c McGlew b Bromfield7---0-
AE Dick c †Waite b Pollock46-15860-
GA Bartlett hit wicket b Adcock29---0-
JC Alabaster lbw b Lawrence24---0-
RC Motz c McLean b Lawrence2--00-
FJ Cameron not out1--00-
Extras(b 1, lb 7, nb 8)16
TOTAL(111.2 Ov, RR: 2.47)275
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Graham Dowling), 2-20 (John Sparling), 3-82 (John Reid), 4-108 (Noel McGregor), 5-115 (Zin Harris), 6-180 (Paul Barton), 7-225 (Artie Dick), 8-269 (Gary Bartlett), 9-272 (Dick Motz), 10-275 (Jack Alabaster)
NAT Adcock27116032.2200
PM Pollock2896332.2500
GB Lawrence26.277122.6900
HR Lance1445013.5700
HD Bromfield1671510.9300
South Africa 1st Innings
EJ Barlow c Dowling b Motz20---0-
GB Lawrence c †Dick b Alabaster43-14180-
JHB Waite c Dowling b Cameron0--00-
WS Farrer c †Dick b Motz7---0-
RA McLean c McGregor b Bartlett25-2141-
KC Bland lbw b Bartlett12---0-
HR Lance st †Dick b Reid9---0-
DJ McGlew (c)not out28-82-0-
PM Pollock lbw b Motz8---0-
NAT Adcock c Dowling b Reid5---0-
HD Bromfield c †Dick b Alabaster21---0-
Extras(lb 6, nb 6)12
TOTAL(72.4 Ov, RR: 2.61)190
Fall of wickets: 1-34 (Eddie Barlow), 2-39 (John Waite), 3-65 (Buster Farrer), 4-92 (Roy McLean), 5-112 (Colin Bland), 6-115 (Goofy Lawrence), 7-125 (Tiger Lance), 8-137 (Peter Pollock), 9-143 (Neil Adcock), 10-190 (Harry Bromfield)
FJ Cameron1124614.1800
GA Bartlett841021.2500
RC Motz1473332.3500
JC Alabaster25.476322.4500
JR Reid1462621.8500
New Zealand 2nd Innings
GT Dowling lbw b Lawrence78-29080-
JT Sparling c Bromfield b Pollock4---0-
PGZ Harris c Bland b Adcock13---0-
PT Barton lbw b Pollock2--00-
JR Reid (c)c Bromfield b Lance69-20182-
SN McGregor  b Lawrence24---0-
AE Dick lbw b Lance1--00-
GA Bartlett c Barlow b Lawrence18---0-
JC Alabaster c Adcock b Lawrence7---0-
RC Motz c †Waite b Pollock01-000.00
FJ Cameron not out00-00-
Extras(b 4, lb 6, nb 2)12
TOTAL(83.1 Ov, RR: 2.74)228
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (John Sparling), 2-37 (Zin Harris), 3-50 (Paul Barton), 4-175 (John Reid), 5-185 (Graham Dowling), 6-192 (Artie Dick), 7-216 (Noel McGregor), 8-228 (Jack Alabaster), 9-228 (Gary Bartlett), 10-228 (Dick Motz)
NAT Adcock21112511.1900
PM Pollock24.157032.8900
GB Lawrence2858543.0300
HR Lance803624.5000
HD Bromfield22000.0000
South Africa 2nd Innings (target: 314 runs)
EJ Barlow  b Reid59-15690-
WS Farrer lbw b Cameron10-92-0-
DJ McGlew (c)run out26---0-
JHB Waite c Dowling b Reid7---0-
RA McLean  b Alabaster10---0-
KC Bland lbw b Reid32-9441-
HR Lance c †Dick b Reid9---0-
GB Lawrence  b Alabaster17---0-
PM Pollock not out54-103100-
NAT Adcock  b Motz24-49-0-
HD Bromfield c McGregor b Cameron0-3600-
Extras(b 6, lb 3, nb 14, w 2)25
TOTAL(144 Ov, RR: 1.89)273
Fall of wickets: 1-57 (Buster Farrer), 2-101 (Eddie Barlow), 3-117 (Jackie McGlew), 4-125 (John Waite), 5-133 (Roy McLean), 6-142 (Tiger Lance), 7-193 (Colin Bland), 8-199 (Goofy Lawrence), 9-259 (Neil Adcock), 10-273 (Harry Bromfield)
FJ Cameron1864822.6600
GA Bartlett932602.8800
RC Motz20113411.7000
JC Alabaster52239621.8400
JR Reid45274440.9700
St George's Park, Port Elizabeth
TossNew Zealand , elected to bat first
SeriesNew Zealand tour of South Africa
Series result5-match series drawn 2-2
Match numberTest no. 524
Match days16,17,19,20 February 1962 (4-day match)
Fri, 16 Feb - day 1 - New Zealand 1st innings 242/7 (GA Bartlett 19*, JC Alabaster 8*)
Sat, 17 Feb - day 2 - New Zealand 2nd innings 36/1 (GT Dowling 19*, PGZ Harris 12*)
Sun, 18 Feb - rest day
Mon, 19 Feb - day 3 - South Africa 2nd innings 38/0 (EJ Barlow 25*, WS Farrer 8*)
Tue, 20 Feb - day 4 - South Africa 2nd innings 273 (144 ov) - end of match
  • Barton's first and only test century (276 mins, 20 fours)
  • Waite sets new world record for wicketkeeping dismissals in a series (26)
  • NZ won with just 21 minutes to spare -- won two tests in a series for the first time (and did not achieve this again until 1982-83) McGlew's last test -- he played with a splinted thumb, and (after a fielding accident in the first innings) a plaster-encased shoulder.