Match Day

632dThe Report by Alex Malcolm

Wright, Bird power Stars to win in opener

After losing to the Melbourne Renegades twice last season, the Melbourne Stars exacted revenge on their cross-town rivals in dazzling style on the opening night of the Big Bash League 2013-14

Melb Reneg 2nd innings Partnerships

1st25AJ FinchAJ Doolan
2nd5AJ FinchTLW Cooper
3rd0AJ FinchBJ Rohrer
4th14AJ FinchJC Buttler
5th67PM NevillJC Buttler
6th0WD SheridanJC Buttler
7th17NJ RimmingtonWD Sheridan
8th2AW O'BrienWD Sheridan
9th0AW O'BrienJM Herrick
10th2M MuralitharanAW O'Brien