County Championship Division Two at Taunton, Jul 14-17 2006
396 & 415/7d
(36.4 ov, target 472)
340 & 127
Derbyshire won by 344 runs
Derbyshire 1st Innings
SD Stubbings c †Gazzard b Willoughby1938363050.00
MJ Di Venuto c Parsons b Willoughby424451016.66
CR Taylor c JD Francis b Caddick601291537146.51
MJ North c †Gazzard b SRG Francis13215520622085.16
Hassan Adnan c †Gazzard b SRG Francis2078973025.64
G Welch (c)c Parsons b SRG Francis2045444044.44
DJ Pipe c JD Francis b Willoughby2447575051.06
GG Wagg c Parsons b Caddick1728302160.71
AKD Gray c †Gazzard b Caddick031000.00
PS Jones not out3481943041.97
ID Hunter lbw b White4858808082.75
Extras(lb 11, nb 6, w 1)18
TOTAL(113.5 Ov, RR: 3.47)396
Fall of wickets: 1-25 (Steve Stubbings), 2-30 (Michael Di Venuto), 3-175 (Chris Taylor), 4-244 (Marcus North), 5-265 (Hassan Adnan), 6-274 (Graeme Welch), 7-304 (Graham Wagg), 8-304 (Andy Gray), 9-318 (James Pipe), 10-396 (Ian Hunter)
AR Caddick3079933.3003
CM Willoughby29810633.6510
SRG Francis2186132.9000
CL White21.526312.8800
PD Trego824005.0000
KA Parsons301505.0000
AV Suppiah10101.0000
Somerset 1st Innings
JL Langer lbw b Welch18152040120.00
MJ Wood c North b Jones213100015.38
AV Suppiah lbw b Welch501021424049.01
JD Francis c †Pipe b Hunter3057725052.63
CL White (c)c Wagg b Jones1540020.00
KA Parsons retired hurt926390034.61
PD Trego c Welch b Hunter13516622225081.32
CM Gazzard c Stubbings b Welch1920313095.00
SRG Francis c †Pipe b Jones36921174039.13
AR Caddick  b Jones011000.00
CM Willoughby not out17122940141.66
Extras(lb 10, nb 12, w 1)23
TOTAL(83.5 Ov, RR: 4.05)340
Fall of wickets: 1-12 (Matt Wood), 2-20 (Justin Langer), 3-90 (John Francis), 4-91 (Cameron White), 5-125 (Arul Suppiah), 5-129* (Keith Parsons, retired not out ), 6-149 (Carl Gazzard), 7-292 (Simon Francis), 8-292 (Andy Caddick), 9-340 (Peter Trego)
G Welch2037233.6001
PS Jones1928844.6301
ID Hunter19.549224.6303
GG Wagg1615603.5000
AKD Gray721602.2800
MJ North20603.0000
Derbyshire 2nd Innings
MJ Di Venuto lbw b Caddick66310100.00
SD Stubbings  b Trego12424434219050.81
AKD Gray run out00300-
CR Taylor c Langer b White741531849048.36
MJ North c †Gazzard b Trego7510311813072.81
Hassan Adnan c Wood b Willoughby42851023049.41
G Welch (c)c JD Francis b Suppiah1331251141.93
DJ Pipe not out3263693050.79
GG Wagg not out20152221133.33
Extras(b 8, lb 10, nb 8, w 3)29
TOTAL(116 Ov, RR: 3.57)415/7d
Fall of wickets: 1-6 (Michael Di Venuto), 2-6 (Andy Gray), 3-159 (Chris Taylor), 4-286 (Marcus North), 5-311 (Steve Stubbings), 6-326 (Graeme Welch), 7-376 (Hassan Adnan)
AR Caddick2147813.7102
CM Willoughby2778012.9600
SRG Francis1113202.9010
PD Trego1754422.5800
CL White1909214.8400
AV Suppiah2036213.1000
JD Francis10909.0000
Somerset 2nd Innings (target: 472 runs)
JL Langer c Di Venuto b Welch3059786050.84
MJ Wood c †Pipe b Wagg1443622032.55
AV Suppiah c †Pipe b Wagg411101036.36
JD Francis c Hassan Adnan b Wagg414200028.57
CL White (c)c †Pipe b Wagg1621263076.19
PD Trego c †Pipe b Welch1936544052.77
CM Gazzard c Di Venuto b Wagg46-1066.66
SRG Francis c †Pipe b Wagg41081040.00
AR Caddick not out1323282056.52
CM Willoughby c Taylor b Welch42110200.00
KA Parsons absent hurt-
Extras(b 1, lb 4, nb 10)15
TOTAL(36.4 Ov, RR: 3.46)127
Fall of wickets: 1-46 (Matt Wood), 2-56 (Arul Suppiah), 3-56 (Justin Langer), 4-72 (John Francis), 5-77 (Cameron White), 6-85 (Carl Gazzard), 7-95 (Simon Francis), 8-123 (Peter Trego), 9-127 (Charl Willoughby)
G Welch6.412433.6001
PS Jones1224804.0000
ID Hunter621202.0000
GG Wagg1233863.1604
The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
TossDerbyshire , elected to bat first
SeriesCounty Championship Division Two 2006
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 1.15pm-1.55, Tea (usually) 4.10-4.30, Close 6.30<br>Final day: Lunch 1.00pm-1.40, Tea 3.40-4.00, Close 6.00
Match days14,15,16,17 July 2006 (4-day match)
Peter Willey
John Holder
PointsDerbyshire 20.5, Somerset 6
Fri, 14 Jul - day 1 - Derbyshire 1st innings 374/9 (PS Jones 30*, ID Hunter 30*, 104 ov)
Sat, 15 Jul - day 2 - Derbyshire 2nd innings 31/2 (SD Stubbings 5*, CR Taylor 10*, 6 ov)
Sun, 16 Jul - day 3 - Derbyshire 2nd innings 376/6 (Hassan Adnan 42*, DJ Pipe 17*, 110 ov)
Mon, 17 Jul - day 4 - Somerset 2nd innings 127 (36.4 ov) - end of match
Day 4
  • Derbyshire deducted 0.5 points for slow over rate
Day 3
  • Derbyshire 2nd innings
  • SD Stubbings 100 in 284 mins off 199 balls, 16x4
Day 2
  • Somerset 1st innings
  • PD Trego 100 in 162 mins off 132 balls, 18x4
Day 1
  • Derbyshire 1st innings
  • MJ North 100 in 166 mins off 127 balls, 16x4
  • KA Parsons (1) retired hurt at 129/5