County Championship Division Two at Canterbury, May 6-9 2009
282 & 409/5d
(69 ov, target 385)
307 & 180
Kent won by 204 runs
Kent 1st Innings
SA Northeast c †Wallace b Kruger8714017413062.14
RWT Key (c)lbw b Shantry2542513059.52
GO Jones lbw b Shantry01-000.00
M van Jaarsveld lbw b Shantry068000.00
DI Stevens run out39140033.33
JB Hockley  b Kruger49151044.44
JC Tredwell lbw b Dalrymple591512076139.07
WD Parnell c & b Croft901121229280.35
PS Jones c Rees b Croft011000.00
RH Joseph not out044000.00
MJ Saggers run out021000.00
Extras(b 4, lb 7, w 3)14
TOTAL(79.3 Ov, RR: 3.54)282
Fall of wickets: 1-63 (Rob Key), 2-63 (Geraint Jones), 3-65 (Martin van Jaarsveld), 4-76 (Darren Stevens), 5-84 (James Hockley), 6-131 (Sam Northeast), 7-282 (Wayne Parnell), 8-282 (Steffan Jones), 9-282 (James Tredwell), 10-282 (Martin Saggers)
DS Harrison1506604.4000
AJ Shantry2035432.7020
GJP Kruger1544222.8010
RDB Croft1726623.8800
JWM Dalrymple10.313513.3300
BJ Wright20804.0000
Glamorgan 1st Innings
GP Rees c Hockley b Parnell516161031.25
MP O'Shea c Hockley b Joseph501001166050.00
BJ Wright c sub b PS Jones41761138053.94
MJ Powell  b Saggers651561906041.66
JWM Dalrymple (c)c Northeast b Tredwell7911612211068.10
TL Maynard c Northeast b Tredwell4661066.66
MA Wallace  b Tredwell18120012.50
RDB Croft c Hockley b Saggers1747492036.17
DS Harrison  b Saggers041000.00
AJ Shantry  b Parnell1433381042.42
GJP Kruger not out1118231061.11
Extras(b 1, lb 7, nb 12)20
TOTAL(95.4 Ov, RR: 3.2)307
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Gareth Rees), 2-94 (Michael O'Shea), 3-100 (Ben Wright), 4-239 (Jamie Dalrymple), 5-243 (Tom Maynard), 6-251 (Mark Wallace), 7-279 (Mike Powell), 8-279 (David Harrison), 9-290 (Robert Croft), 10-307 (Adam Shantry)
WD Parnell25.469723.7700
MJ Saggers2055932.9500
RH Joseph1535013.3306
PS Jones603015.0000
JC Tredwell2485432.2500
M van Jaarsveld51901.8000
Kent 2nd Innings
SA Northeast st †Wallace b Croft1536452041.66
RWT Key (c)c †Wallace b Shantry1339570033.33
GO Jones c Dalrymple b Harrison13319225017069.27
M van Jaarsveld lbw b Harrison18222126819282.35
JB Hockley not out1937602051.35
WD Parnell c Wright b Shantry18152120120.00
JC Tredwell not out2660033.33
Extras(b 9, lb 14, w 4)27
TOTAL(91 Ov, RR: 4.49)409/5d
Fall of wickets: 1-31 (Sam Northeast), 2-41 (Rob Key), 3-350 (Geraint Jones), 4-372 (Martin van Jaarsveld), 5-400 (Wayne Parnell)
GJP Kruger1516604.4000
AJ Shantry2126823.2340
DS Harrison18010025.5500
RDB Croft2629613.6900
JWM Dalrymple904104.5500
BJ Wright201507.5000
Glamorgan 2nd Innings (target: 385 runs)
GP Rees c van Jaarsveld b Tredwell251091262022.93
MP O'Shea lbw b Tredwell2552533148.07
BJ Wright  b Tredwell8115718312051.59
MJ Powell c & b Tredwell1540020.00
JWM Dalrymple (c)c PS Jones b Tredwell1029281034.48
TL Maynard c Key b PS Jones4651066.66
MA Wallace c sub b Tredwell012000.00
RDB Croft c †GO Jones b Parnell726220026.92
DS Harrison  b Tredwell11816005.55
AJ Shantry c van Jaarsveld b Tredwell014000.00
GJP Kruger not out513131038.46
Extras(b 3, lb 11, nb 6, w 1)21
TOTAL(69 Ov, RR: 2.6)180
Fall of wickets: 1-39 (Michael O'Shea), 2-99 (Gareth Rees), 3-101 (Mike Powell), 4-139 (Jamie Dalrymple), 5-144 (Tom Maynard), 6-145 (Mark Wallace), 7-154 (Robert Croft), 8-163 (David Harrison), 9-167 (Adam Shantry), 10-180 (Ben Wright)
RH Joseph1003203.2013
WD Parnell1752911.7000
JC Tredwell2876682.3500
M van Jaarsveld1103102.8100
PS Jones31812.6600
St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury
TossKent , elected to bat first
SeriesCounty Championship Division Two 2009
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days6,7,8,9 May 2009 (4-day match)
Peter Willey
Jeremy Lloyds
PointsKent 19, Glamorgan 6
Wed, 06 May - day 1 - Glamorgan 1st innings 27/1 (MP O'Shea 14*, BJ Wright 6*, 14 ov)
Thu, 07 May - day 2 - Kent 2nd innings 30/0 (SA Northeast 15*, RWT Key 10*, 10 ov)
Fri, 08 May - day 3 - Kent 2nd innings 361/3 (M van Jaarsveld 174*, JB Hockley 6*, 81 ov)
Sat, 09 May - day 4 - Glamorgan 2nd innings 180 (69 ov) - end of match
Day 3
  • Kent 2nd innings
  • GO Jones 100 in 172 mins off 134 balls, 14 fours.
  • M van Jaarsveld 100 in 155 mins off 137 balls, 11 fours.