County Championship Division Two at Leicester, Jun 16-19 2009
(147 ov)
165 & 487/5d
Match drawn
Leicestershire 1st Innings
MAG Boyce  b Dernbach5891062.50
JJ Cobb c Schofield b Dernbach11421007.14
HH Dippenaar (c)c Butcher b Murtaza Hussain3954937072.22
HD Ackerman c †Batty b Jordan2125303084.00
J Allenby c Schofield b Jordan0810000.00
JWA Taylor lbw b Jordan1645431135.55
TJ New c †Batty b Dernbach4449888089.79
CW Henderson c †Batty b Dernbach1233342036.36
JKH Naik lbw b Dernbach714170050.00
AJ Harris c Butcher b Dernbach1314193092.85
HF Gurney not out014000.00
Extras(lb 6, w 1)7
TOTAL(44.1 Ov, RR: 3.73)165
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Matthew Boyce), 2-16 (Josh Cobb), 3-43 (HD Ackerman), 4-49 (Jim Allenby), 5-87 (Boeta Dippenaar), 6-87 (James Taylor), 7-110 (Claude Henderson), 8-122 (Jigar Naik), 9-154 (Andrew Harris), 10-165 (Tom New)
JW Dernbach14.134763.3100
CJ Jordan1635433.3710
SC Meaker703204.5700
CP Schofield512505.0000
Murtaza Hussain21110.5000
Surrey 1st Innings
SA Newman c Cobb b Henderson4069716057.97
MJ Brown c Henderson b Gurney10129265410034.58
MR Ramprakash c †New b Gurney851884826045.21
MA Butcher (c)c Cobb b Harris718441038.88
U Afzaal lbw b Allenby2932425090.62
JN Batty lbw b Allenby031000.00
CP Schofield c †New b Harris1631502051.61
CJ Jordan c †New b Gurney1829323062.06
Murtaza Hussain  b Gurney110160010.00
JW Dernbach not out18140012.50
SC Meaker c †New b Gurney91182081.81
Extras(b 6, lb 14, nb 2)22
TOTAL(115 Ov, RR: 2.86)329
Fall of wickets: 1-58 (Scott Newman), 2-216 (Mark Ramprakash), 3-231 (Mark Butcher), 4-282 (Usman Afzaal), 5-282 (Jonathan Batty), 6-282 (Michael Brown), 7-311 (Chris Jordan), 8-317 (Chris Schofield), 9-317 (Murtaza Hussain), 10-329 (Stuart Meaker)
AJ Harris2758123.0000
HF Gurney3188252.6401
J Allenby3077322.4300
CW Henderson2627112.7300
JWA Taylor10202.0000
Leicestershire 2nd Innings
MAG Boyce lbw b Murtaza Hussain2972854040.27
JJ Cobb c Butcher b Murtaza Hussain40981317040.81
HH Dippenaar (c)c sub b Afzaal14333132617143.20
HD Ackerman  b Afzaal18022629624079.64
J Allenby c †Batty b Afzaal1129301037.93
JWA Taylor not out2366832034.84
TJ New not out2763654042.85
Extras(b 8, lb 10, nb 6, w 10)34
TOTAL(147 Ov, RR: 3.31)487/5d
Fall of wickets: 1-67 (Matthew Boyce), 2-90 (Josh Cobb), 3-404 (Boeta Dippenaar), 4-412 (HD Ackerman), 5-421 (Jim Allenby)
JW Dernbach1918304.3610
CJ Jordan2258003.6301
SC Meaker1807103.9412
Murtaza Hussain3469622.8200
CP Schofield3156602.1200
U Afzaal1815132.8300
SA Newman301003.3320
MJ Brown201206.0020
Grace Road, Leicester
TossLeicestershire , elected to bat first
SeriesCounty Championship Division Two 2009
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days16,17,18,19 June 2009 (4-day match)
Michael Gough
Jeremy Lloyds
PointsSurrey 10, Leicestershire 7
Tue, 16 Jun - day 1 - Surrey 1st innings 121/1 (MJ Brown 46*, MR Ramprakash 29*, 49 ov)
Wed, 17 Jun - day 2 - Surrey 1st innings 217/2 (MJ Brown 82*, MA Butcher 0*, 85 ov)
Thu, 18 Jun - day 3 - Leicestershire 2nd innings 181/2 (HH Dippenaar 50*, HD Ackerman 50*, 65 ov)
Fri, 19 Jun - day 4 - Leicestershire 2nd innings 487/5d (147 ov) - end of match
Day 4
  • HD Ackerman 100 in 144 mins off 121 balls, 16 fours.
  • HH Dippenaar 100 in 237 mins off 233 balls, 13 fours and 1 six.
Day 2
  • MJ Brown 100 in 348 mins off 288 balls, 10 fours.