Minor Counties Championship at Bournemouth, Jul 23-24 2006
(45.1 ov)
79 & 117
Dorset won by an innings and 91 runs
Berkshire 1st Innings
PJ Prichard c †Park b Ford718251038.88
PR Carter lbw b Metcalfe12139004.76
JC Morris  b Metcalfe1939542048.71
SP Naylor lbw b Metcalfe1349572026.53
MDT Roberts c Cowley b Ford24350004.65
JR Wood (c)lbw b Metcalfe012000.00
DPJ Allaway c Hicks b Metcalfe0914000.00
NEL Gunter not out2943544067.44
LE Beaven c sub (TCZ Lamb) b Metcalfe029000.00
MRL Foster c Deakin b Ford317190017.64
A Parson c Lewis b Ford033000.00
Extras(b 4, w 1)5
TOTAL(40.5 Ov, RR: 1.93)79
Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Paul Prichard), 2-11 (Paul Carter), 3-34 (James Morris), 4-41 (Steven Naylor), 5-41 (Julian Wood), 6-41 (David Allaway), 7-55 (Michael Roberts), 8-66 (Luke Beaven), 9-79 (Mark Foster), 10-79 (Anthony Parson)
MD Ford12.553242.4900
MJ Metcalfe2083761.8510
RC Kitzinger85600.7500
Dorset 1st Innings
GR Treagus lbw b Wood3271765045.07
CL Park lbw b Wood411121203036.60
PJ Deakin (c)lbw b Carter1760660228.33
SA Selwood c Prichard b Carter4271765059.15
DJ Cowley  b Beaven1570020.00
PD Lewis  b Carter413171030.76
TC Hicks  b Carter1036441027.77
BJ Lawes not out56971138057.73
MJ Metcalfe not out5176907067.10
Extras(b 11, lb 15, nb 2, w 5)33
TOTAL(90 Ov, RR: 3.18)287/7
Fall of wickets: 1-61 (Glyn Treagus), 2-98 (Chris Park), 3-109 (Peter Deakin), 4-113 (Darren Cowley), 5-126 (Philip Lewis), 6-159 (Steven Selwood), 7-168 (Tom Hicks)
NEL Gunter1605903.6820
SP Naylor1052102.1000
LE Beaven33109112.7500
JR Wood1343222.4601
PR Carter1855843.2230
Berkshire 2nd Innings
PJ Prichard c Hicks b Metcalfe1921254090.47
PR Carter  b Ford315200020.00
JC Morris c Deakin b Ford79211077.77
SP Naylor c Hicks b Metcalfe938602023.68
MDT Roberts c Deakin b Ford012000.00
JR Wood (c)c Kitzinger b Ford48101050.00
DPJ Allaway lbw b Hicks28871223132.18
NEL Gunter  b Lewis2578753032.05
LE Beaven c †Park b Lewis1670016.66
MRL Foster not out2780028.57
A Parson c sub (TCZ Lamb) b Lewis32400150.00
Extras(b 3, lb 10, nb 2, w 1)16
TOTAL(45.1 Ov, RR: 2.59)117
Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Paul Carter), 2-23 (Paul Prichard), 3-35 (James Morris), 4-35 (Michael Roberts), 5-43 (Julian Wood), 6-49 (Steven Naylor), 7-98 (Neil Gunter), 8-106 (Luke Beaven), 9-114 (David Allaway), 10-117 (Anthony Parson)
MD Ford1244243.5000
MJ Metcalfe1471721.2110
TC Hicks1132212.0000
RC Kitzinger411303.2500
PD Lewis4.111032.4001
Dean Park, Bournemouth
TossDorset , elected to field first
SeriesMinor Counties Championship 2006
Match days23,24 July 2006 (3-day match)
Cliff Pocock
Guy Randall-Johnson
PointsDorset 23, Berkshire 3
Sun, 23 Jul - day 1 - Dorset 1st innings 186/7 (BJ Lawes 18*, MJ Metcalfe 0*, 70 ov)
Mon, 24 Jul - day 2 - Berkshire 2nd innings 117 (45.1 ov) - end of match
  • Scorers: Chris Drew and Roy Arnold
  • Umpires changed after lunch on Day 1
  • Sunday pm: Cliff Pocock and Roy Arnold (Berks scorer)
  • Monday: Cliff Pocock and Peter Kingston-Davey