Perth, October 07 - 10, 2002, ACB Cup

SAust 2nd XI won by 71 runs


Deitz stars in South Australia's 71-run win over Western Australia

South Australia have recorded a 71-run victory over Western Australia on the fourth day of the ACB Cup at Tompkins Park in Perth

David Bebb
South Australia have recorded a 71-run victory over Western Australia on the fourth day of the ACB Cup match between the two sides at Tompkins Park in Perth.
Going into the final day, Western Australia needed 229 for victory. With three wickets down and only 90 runs on the board at stumps on day three, many thought WA would be hard pressed to meet the challenge.
After an innings of safety-first cricket, Simmons 34 (127) pushing forward, edged to the keeper Deitz who was standing up to the bowling of Davidson only half an hour into the start of the final day. Western Australia losing its fourth wicket with 108 the score.
Voges 11 (52) lived a dangerous life, offering a few half chances. The South Australians, in fact, at one point were convinced that they'd had him caught. His dismissal eventually came when he padded up to a ball from Cleary and was given out 'leg before wicket'. Western Australia were now five down for 120.
Conservative Casson 4 (35) pushed forward to Davison and was caught at first slip by Higgins. Before that he offered no chances, stoutly defending and supporting his partners. Western Australian hopes were now evaporating with Ronchi the only remaining recognised batsman and 128 the score after six wickets had fallen.
Ronchi 48* and Karppinen 24* resisted the South Australian bowlers upto the lunch break when Western Australia were 194 for the loss of six wickets after 68 overs had been bowled.
Drama enveloped the dismissal of Ronchi 56 (60) who pulled Harrity in the air to deep backward square leg where Marsh running around to his left and lunging forward to take the catch, appeared to lose control of the ball after he hit the ground face down. The ball, then, appeared on the turf behind him and he seemed to turn to scramble after it. Players in the middle were of mixed attitute. Some were downcast and others enraptured. The umpires conferred and Ronchi sensing his fate moved toward the pavillion. Umpire Jeff Brookes confirmed the decision to Ronchi and Western Australia now knew for certain that it would just be a matter of time before they would all be back in the pavilion.
Thorp 18 (26) was the next to go, clean bowled by Cosgrove, a victim no doubt of the variable bounce of the fourth day pitch. This left Western Australia two wickets away from defeat at 239-8. Then, Clark 2 (20) drove Marsh to Cosgrove at cover and was caught there to leave Western Australia writhing at nine wickets for 246.
Attempting to make his fiftieth run, Karppinen 49* (85) called Michael Thistle 0 (4) back for a second and ultimately suicidal run. The final wicket falling with 247 the score sealed South Australia's 71-run win.
Harrity and Davison, who claimed three wickets each, were the pick of the South Australian bowling. Cleary, Cosgrove and Marsh all took one wicket each. The South Australians may have to look at some wayward returns from the deep fielders and some lack of intensity toward the end but that said they acquitted themselves quite well.
The South Australian victory was achieved on the final day in the middle session after the drinks break, but the real work had been done on the first and second days. Western Australia fought hard to get back into the match on the third day but ultimate success has eluded them today.
While there was no official man of the match award Deitz was by far the best player on view. His 140 runs in the South Australian first innings, while sharing in an 85-run partnership with Harris and a 179-run partnership with Ferguson, put the visitors into a seemingly indominatable position.
He took two catches and effected the stumping of Karppinen in the WA first innings and then followed up with two more catches in the WA second innings. An observer claimed quite rightly that the quality of Deitz as a batsman/keeper exceeds this level of the game.

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