9th Match, Kuala Lumpur, May 4 2014, Asian Cricket Council Premier League
(47.5/50 ov, target 158)161/8
Oman won by 2 wickets (with 13 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
4/36 & 2 catches

Oman's captain Sultan Ahmed saw his team through after they were in some trouble against some excellent Nepal bowling in defending just 157. There was a bit of turn in the track all day for the bowlers but it was a wicket that played true with pace and bounce and Nepal's top order played their strokes before settling in and perished. Oman's left-arm spinner Aamir Kaleem is Man of the Match for his 4-36.

Nevertheless Nepal's bowlers did a terrific job after dismissing Zeeshan Maqsood who was threatening to take the game away fro them single-handedly. At one point just 20 runs came off 15 overs for the loss of five Oman wickets and had the fielding been just a little sharper, Oman would have been completely becalmed. In the end had it not been for Sultan Ahmed and Amir Ali, Nepal would in all likelihood have won. A day of some upsets, Malaysia beating Afghanistan too. Thanks for being with us, we're back from Malaysia tomorrow with more from ACC Premier League 2014.

Khadka to Sultan, FOUR runs

takes half a step down and hits a low full toss high through midwicket, one bounce over the rope and Oman have won by two wickets

Khadka to Sultan, no run

in a bit of a tangle again,enough bat on ball though

Khadka to Sultan, no run

spinning in off a length

Khadka to Amir Ali, 1 run

tip and run to mid-off and Amir fairly races through

Khadka to Sultan, 1 run

dabbed away fine on the off

Captain to captain could decide it right now

end of over 473 runs
OMAN: 155/8CRR: 3.29 RRR: 1.00
Sultan Ahmed27 (51)
Amir Ali13 (37)
Shakti Gauchan 10-2-19-2
Paras Khadka 8-2-17-2
Gauchan to Sultan, 1 run

short and wide, cut away to extra cover

Gauchan to Sultan, no run
Gauchan to Sultan, no run

Paras down well at mid-on to save runs off a firm drive

Gauchan to Sultan, no run

defending from the crease

Gauchan to Sultan, no run

right back in the crease to defend a length delivery spinning in

Gauchan to Sultan, 2 runs

short and with width, cut away square

Shakti to bowl his last over