4th Test, Leeds, August 11 - 15, 1977, Australia tour of England
(f/o) 103 & 248

England won by an innings and 85 runs

England 1st Innings
Australia 1st Innings
Australia 2nd Innings (Following on)
Match Flow
England 1st Innings 
Mike Brearley (c)c †Marsh b Thomson031000.00
Geoff Boycott c Chappell b Pascoe19147162923040.55
Bob Woolmer c Chappell b Thomson371001336037.00
Derek Randall lbw b Pascoe2026263076.92
Tony Greig  b Thomson43801024153.75
Graham Roope c Walters b Thomson34921214036.95
Alan Knott lbw b Bright571351777042.22
Ian Botham  b Bright031000.00
Derek Underwood c Bright b Pascoe625271024.00
Mike Hendrick c Robinson b Pascoe412101033.33
Bob Willis not out 512150041.66
Extras(b 5, lb 9, nb 22, w 3)39
TOTAL155.4 Ov (RR: 2.80)436
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Mike Brearley), 2-82 (Bob Woolmer), 3-105 (Derek Randall), 4-201 (Tony Greig), 5-275 (Graham Roope), 6-398 (Alan Knott), 7-398 (Ian Botham), 8-412 (Derek Underwood), 9-422 (Mike Hendrick), 10-436 (Geoff Boycott)
Jeff Thomson34711343.32---00
Max Walker48219702.02---00
Len Pascoe34.4109142.62---00
Doug Walters31501.66---00
Ray Bright2696622.53---00
Greg Chappell1022502.50---00
Australia 1st Innings 
Rick McCosker run out 2739503169.23
Ian Davis lbw b Hendrick026000.00
Greg Chappell (c)c Brearley b Hendrick411150036.36
David Hookes lbw b Botham2426304092.30
Doug Walters c Hendrick b Botham418200022.22
Richie Robinson c Greig b Hendrick2041513048.78
Rod Marsh c †Knott b Botham216210012.50
Ray Bright not out 922341040.90
Max Walker c †Knott b Botham7881087.50
Jeff Thomson  b Botham031000.00
Len Pascoe  b Hendrick0610000.00
Extras(lb 3, nb 2, w 1)6
TOTAL31.3 Ov (RR: 3.26)103
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Ian Davis), 2-26 (Greg Chappell), 3-52 (Rick McCosker), 4-57 (David Hookes), 5-66 (Doug Walters), 6-77 (Rod Marsh), 7-87 (Richie Robinson), 8-100 (Max Walker), 9-100 (Jeff Thomson), 10-103 (Len Pascoe)
Bob Willis503507.00---00
Mike Hendrick15.324142.64---00
Ian Botham1132151.90---00
Australia 2nd Innings (Following on) 
Rick McCosker c †Knott b Greig1248630025.00
Ian Davis c †Knott b Greig1933454057.57
Greg Chappell (c)c Greig b Willis361461904024.65
David Hookes lbw b Hendrick2135341060.00
Doug Walters lbw b Woolmer1532442046.87
Richie Robinson  b Hendrick20961212020.83
Rod Marsh c Randall b Hendrick63871319072.41
Ray Bright c Greig b Hendrick518171027.77
Max Walker  b Willis3054634055.55
Jeff Thomson  b Willis021000.00
Len Pascoe not out 065000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 4, nb 18, w 4)27
TOTAL89.5 Ov (RR: 2.76)248
Fall of wickets: 1-31 (Ian Davis), 2-35 (Rick McCosker), 3-63 (David Hookes), 4-97 (Doug Walters), 5-130 (Greg Chappell), 6-167 (Richie Robinson), 7-179 (Ray Bright), 8-244 (Max Walker), 9-245 (Jeff Thomson), 10-248 (Rod Marsh)
Bob Willis1473232.28---00
Mike Hendrick22.565442.36---00
Tony Greig2076423.20---00
Ian Botham1734702.76---00
Bob Woolmer84811.00---00
Derek Underwood831602.00---00
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Thu, 11 Aug - day 1 - England 1st innings 252/4 (Geoff Boycott 110*, Graham Roope 19*)
Fri, 12 Aug - day 2 - Australia 1st innings 67/5 (Richie Robinson 6*, Rod Marsh 0*)
Sat, 13 Aug - day 3 - Australia 2nd innings 120/4 (Greg Chappell 29*, Richie Robinson 11*)
Sun, 14 Aug - rest day
Mon, 15 Aug - day 4 - Australia 2nd innings 248 (89.5 ov) - end of match
  • Eng 1st innings
  • Boycott scores his 100th first-class hundred, the first to do so during a Test Match. He was also the fouth English player to be on the field for the entire duration of the Test Match.
  • G Boycott: 191 runs, 471 balls, 629 min., 23x4, 1x5
  • APE Knott makes his 250th dismissal (Davis)
  • RGD Willis takes his 100th wicket (Thomson)
Headingley, Leeds
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Series resultEngland led the 5-match series 3-0
Match numberTest no. 807
Match daysday (5-day match)
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