Only Test, Hyderabad, Feb 9 - 13 2017, Bangladesh tour of India
687/6d & 159/4d
(100.3 ov, target 459)388 & 250
India won by 208 runs
player of the match

India collect the trophy for the one-off Test and pose for the cameras. Thanks for joining our coverage here, look out for pieces from the Hyderabad from Mohammad Isam. For now and from commentary, however, it's goodbye

Virat Kohli wins the Man of the Match award "Definitely, it was a good wicket to bat on, good toss to win, putting massive runs on the board helps. Bangladesh batted well in the first innings, the plan was to get into good habits and we have a big series coming up as well and the bowlers got into their rhythm and all in all a good game for us. The bowlers found ways to get batsmen out, that's been the characteristic of our team. We didn't get overexcited. Ishant's spell was outstanding, coming with a soft ball, reversing it at pace. If we have two world class spinners in the side, you can tell the fast bowlers to come in and attack and the partnership between them and the spinners is great. Umesh was a revelation really. It's been coming off nicely, last year was something that I didn't expect to happen. I just go into each game with a fresh mind, try to be aggressive, but not over-attack. I'm very comfortable with where my batting is. I thought England was the biggest series for us this season, but having won that 4-0, we want to consolidate on that against Australia. Everyone's minds and hearts are already on it. The crowd was outstanding througout the five days. There have been a lot of people coming in to watch the Test matches, they want to come and see us play and we've been giving them entertainment. I hope this continues"

2.30 pm "Obviously, I thought, in the first innings," Mushfiqur Rahim says, "we created a lot of opportunities with the bowling. If we had restricted India to 550 or 600, we could have had a chance. It's quite tough out there in the second innings, India have a lot of options, not only among the spinners but the fast bowlers as well. Hopefully we learn from this and come up with better performance. I'm really proud of the boys, even the tail-enders showed really good character. Little things are what we need to improve on. Couple of matches coming up in Sri Lanka. Hopefully we capitalise there. We batted more than 100 overs each innings, and Mehedi batted and bowled well. Taijul bowled well. But I think our fielding let us down. If we can compete for five days, we can push the big boys"

"It's my wedding anniversary, really proud that the guys have finished the match early for me," Cheteshwar Pujara, who has the most first-class runs in an Indian season, says. "My first Test hundred was here, then I got a double against Austrlalia. Missed out on a hundred in the first innings, but came back in the second. [The players say you don't sleep when you miss out on 100s. Are they right?] Most of the time they are, recently I've been missing out on hundreds, got out on 70s, 80s. Overall I'm in good form. I think it all started from the Duleep Trophy. I wasn't getting big scores, but once I got that double hundred there, my footwork came along, my concentration came along. I'm really happy with the way the season's gone"

"When the ball is reversing, I know how to make the most of it because I can move it both ways. We are No. 1 side, and we are playing against Bangladesh and we have to show that we are aggressive,"Ishant says, "I think the way Umesh and Bhuvi bowled, it was tremendous to see how they hit their lengths on a flat pitch. It was a pretty difficult wicket to bowl on, but if you are patient enough, you can get the rewards"

"This was a very good surface to bat on and we had to bowl 200-plus overs to get 20 wickets," Kumble says, "I expected it to break up a little more on the fourth and fifth day but it held on. Especially with a long home season, you need to look after the bowlers and we can play five of them because of the depth of the batting line-up. Really pleased for Saha getting a hundred here. Really pleased that the players are not looking at the surface and they just go out there and win Test matches. Looking forward to the Australian series, really pleased with all the things we have been able to do, contributions with the bat all through the order and every bowler is doing well as well."

2.16 pm That's the sixth successive series win for India, since the one in Sri Lanka 2015. Virat Kohli tucks a stump under his arm and leads his men off, he has led India to 19 matches without a defeat, going past Sunil Gavaskar's record. The only losses under his captaincy have been Adelaide 2014-15 and Galle 2015. On the batting front, he became the first player in Test history to hit double hundreds in four successive series, and also claimed the most Test runs in a home season, 1206.

Wriddhiman Saha got a hundred on his comeback from injury, and kept in a manner that befit his tag of being the best wicketkeeper in the country. M Vijay also cashed in with a hundred. Ravindra Jadeja just missed out on back-to-back five fors. R Ashwin became the fastest bowler ever to 250 Test wickets. Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav put in fantastic performances too, making the old ball talk consistently and lining it up with the stumps to make sure the batsman just had to play and couldn't just leave and get settled at the crease.

Bangladesh put up a really strong fight, playing out 100 overs in each innings. Only the sixth instance of them batting so long in a Test match. Mushfiqur Rahim produced a back-to-the-wall century that can rank among the best. If only they had been better with some of the timing of their expansive shots, and placing a better price on their wickets, this could have been a little better. The bowlers weren't disciplined enough on a pitch that did not offer any help on days one and two, the major reason that they've lost by 208 runs.

Ashwin to Taskin, OUT

tosses it up, massively, and Taskin tries to flick, seems to miss the ball and opens himself up for an lbw appeal. Umpire Erasmus says wait, and then goes to check with his partner. Finally, he tags in the third umpire, and the soft signal is out. No bat there, so the catch should go out the window. They don't check the lbw though, not out flashes on the screen. But wait, Kohli has reviewed for lbw. So two reviews for the same ball. Pitched in line with leg, straightens enough to hit the front pad in line, and crashes into the stumps too. Three reds. India win

Taskin Ahmed lbw b Ashwin 1 (10m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 14.28
Ashwin to Taskin, no run

lobs up a carrom ball, that hits the front pad, way too high for the lbw

Ashwin to Taskin, no run

pushes it through from around the wicket, pitching on middle and then going onto the middle of Taskin's bat

end of over 1001 run
BDESH: 250/9CRR: 2.50 
Kamrul Islam3 (70)
Taskin Ahmed1 (4)
Ravindra Jadeja37-15-78-4
Ravichandran Ashwin30-10-73-3

Ram: "Kamrul Islam Rabbi is doing an ABD/Faf du Plesis here with his bloackathon on the 5th day. Unfortunately, no one to support him." That's huge praise. I suppose it is proportionate to his being a tailender. Played a similar innings in the Tests against New Zealand recently

Jadeja to Kamrul, no run

goes for a drive but finds point

Jadeja to Kamrul, no run

good length ball on off stump, he defends with soft hands and an open face

Jadeja to Kamrul, no run

tosses it up on off stump, drives to cover

Jadeja to Taskin, 1 run

there's a little room outside off to work with, and Taskin dabs it through point to get off strike

Jadeja to Taskin, no run

presses forward to meet a length ball outside off and pushes to mid-off

Jadeja to Taskin, no run

good length ball, pitches in between two rough patches, Taskin defends

end of over 99Maiden
BDESH: 249/9CRR: 2.51 
Kamrul Islam3 (67)
Taskin Ahmed0 (1)
Ravichandran Ashwin30-10-73-3
Ravindra Jadeja36-15-77-4
Ashwin to Kamrul, no run

lobs up an offbreak on off stump, Kamrul is so late in deciding what to do with this ball, and eventually defends with the angled bat

Ashwin to Kamrul, no run

sneaks in a carrom ball on off stump, Kamrul blocks

Ashwin to Kamrul, no run

good length ball outside off, Kamrul lunges across to block

Ashwin to Kamrul, no run

pushes it through on off stump, blocks

Ashwin to Kamrul, no run

Gets the flighted delivery outside off to dip on Kamrul, who in an effort to defend, gets an inside edge

Ashwin to Kamrul, no run

tosses it up outside off, Kamrul presses forward to defend