1st ODI, Harare, August 12, 2011, Bangladesh tour of Zimbabwe
(41.2/50 ov, T:185) 186/6

Zimbabwe won by 4 wickets (with 52 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
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That's it from us for this game. Join us for the 2nd ODI from Harare at 9.30 am local time (1.30 pm Bangladesh time). This is Abhishek Purohit signing off for the moment. Cheers

Brian Vitori is Man of the Match on debut. Vitori: "I had seen these guys in the Test so I had an idea of how and where to bowl. I found that these guys like to play the heaves a lot, so I was trying to mix things up. I am enjoying it."

Brendan Taylor: "We would have loved to finish it three or four down. Vusi put his head down and batted through and Brian was brilliant upfront. We thought we might something out of the wicket upfront, which Brian did, I would not have been disappointed to bat first on that wicket as well. We saw Rubel reverse the ball well."

Shakib Al Hasan: "We have to bat better, I thought 250-260 would have been a good total. The batsmen need to step up and put on a good show."

Brian Vitori and Vusi Sibanda starring for Zimbabwe, Vitori ran through Bangladesh with a four-wicket burst at the start, and Sibanda was all dancing feet and flashing blade against the left-arm spinners despite the early loss of Taylor. They could have so easily got bogged down, but he saw them through despite a stirring display of swing with the oldish ball from Rubel. They would have liked to be more clinical in the chase, but after having faltered so often against the Bangladesh slow left-armers in the past, the win will be satisfying.

Vusi Sibanda: "It's just the confidence that I have to take it in to the one-dayers. It's always the key (taking on the Bangladesh spinners) as you cannot let them settle down."

Razzak to Mutizwa, FOUR runs

Zimbabwe get it done with finally, to lots of applause, he gets it away to the third man boundary

Razzak to Mutizwa, no run

comes down the track to try and finish it, he fires it down leg, and he pushes it in the air off the pad

end of over 41Wicket maiden
ZIM: 182/6CRR: 4.43 RRR: 0.33
Prosper Utseya0 (3)
Forster Mutizwa23 (51)
Rubel Hossain 10-1-26-4
Abdur Razzak 7-1-36-0
Rubel to Utseya, no run

bit of an inside edge as he gets forward to keep out another one angled in

Rubel to Utseya, no run

solidly defended from the crease as he bowls a pacy fuller one around off

Rubel to Utseya, no run

gets front foot across and pushes a length ball on the off side

Rubel to Chigumbura, OUT

Zimbabwe are taking an age to get home, now Elton goes, Rubel has his fourth, tries to smoke a full delivery over mid on but cannot clear the man

Elton Chigumbura c Tamim Iqbal b Rubel Hossain 3 (17m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25
Rubel to Chigumbura, no run

stays beside the line and guides a length ball towards point

Rubel to Chigumbura, no run

stands in the crease to a fullish one homing in and plays it out down the track, Zimbabwe in no hurry to get home

end of over 404 runs
ZIM: 182/5CRR: 4.55 RRR: 0.30
Elton Chigumbura3 (9)
Forster Mutizwa23 (51)
Abdur Razzak 7-1-36-0
Rubel Hossain 9-0-26-3
Razzak to Chigumbura, 1 run

another heave, this time in front of square leg

Razzak to Chigumbura, 2 runs

comes down the track and gets it past midwicket with a heave, they thought about the third for a long time, but non-striker had to dive back in the end as the throw came in before the decision was made

Razzak to Chigumbura, no run

defends a fullish one bat and pad close together

Razzak to Mutizwa, 1 run

down the track and eases a fullish one past the non-striker;s stumps

Razzak to Mutizwa, no run

gets forward and defends off the front foot

Razzak to Mutizwa, no run

pushed away towards extra cover but the bowler gets to it

end of over 392 runs
ZIM: 178/5CRR: 4.56 RRR: 0.63
Elton Chigumbura0 (6)
Forster Mutizwa22 (48)
Rubel Hossain 9-0-26-3
Abdur Razzak 6-1-32-0
Rubel to Chigumbura, no run

pushes hastily from the crease, Rubel has his hand on his head, another incoming one that could easily have been chopped on

Rubel to Mutizwa, 1 run

pushes a fuller one off the front foot and brings elton back on strike with a single to mid on

Rubel to Chigumbura, 1 leg bye

gets off strike, he won't mind that, with a work on the leg side

Rubel to Chigumbura, no run

knows this is going to be another short ball and eagerly launches in to the pull, but too early in to the shot and takes it close to the helmet

Rubel to Chigumbura, no run

another short one, not as big a brute as the earlier one, he gets out of harm's way

Rubel to Chigumbura, no run

nasty short one from Rubel, he has bowled superbly today, gets big on elton who bends the knee and goes down just as this one rears at his throat

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