51st Match (N), Perth, Feb 3 2019, Big Bash League
(20 ov, target 183)155/9
Scorchers won by 27 runs
player of the match
Ashton Turner
Perth Scorchers
end of over 203 runs • 2 wickets
MS: 155/9CRR: 7.75 
Adam Zampa1 (2)
Daniel Worrall1 (1)
Matthew Kelly4-0-31-3
Nathan Coulter-Nile4-0-30-3

That's all from us for this game. Hope you enjoyed over coverage. See you soon.

Ashton Turner is the Man of the Match.

9.35pm A 27-run victory for Perth Scorchers, in Michael Klinger's last home game in the BBL. Ashton Turner set it up with a 42-ball 69 as Scorchers finished on 182 for 3. Then Nathan Coulter-Nile and Jason Behrendorff kept it tight in the Powerplay. Coulter-Nile finished with 3 for 30, while Behrendorff conceded only 18 from his four overs. Towards the end, Matthew Kelly also chipped in with three wickets and despite a 40-ball 61 from Glenn Maxwell, Melbourne Stars could manage only 155 for 9.

Kelly to Zampa, no run

fuller outside off, in the blockhole, cannot put bat on the ball

Kelly to Worrall, 1 run

a low full toss on the stumps, backs away and dabs it towards covers

Kelly to Zampa, 1 run

goes for the yorker but doesn't get it right, Zampa turns this half-volley towards square leg

Hat-trick ball

Kelly to Bird, OUT

another full toss, this time outside off, and hits it towards long-off, Marsh comes in and takes a low catch

Jackson Bird c Marsh b Kelly 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Kelly to Gotch, OUT

a full toss around off, goes aerial but cannot get the timing right, Coulter-Nile takes it at long-on, tumbling backwards

Seb Gotch c Coulter-Nile b Kelly 16 (8b 1x4 1x6) SR: 200
Kelly to Bird, 1 run

fuller outside off, steers it towards deep point

end of over 1913 runs • 1 wicket
MS: 152/7CRR: 8.00 RRR: 31.00 • Need 31 runs from 6b
Seb Gotch16 (7)
Jackson Bird0 (0)
Nathan Coulter-Nile4-0-30-3
Matthew Kelly3-0-28-1
Coulter-Nile to Gotch, 2 runs

length ball, slower one outside off, Gotch cannot pick it up and ends up dragging it towards deep midwicket

Coulter-Nile to Gotch, FOUR runs

length ball on middle and leg and pulled away behind square leg for four

Coulter-Nile to Plunkett, OUT

third wicket for Coulter-Nile, a low full toss on middle and leg, Plunkett takes on the long-on but does't get the elevation, a nice overhead catch by Tye

Liam Plunkett c Tye b Coulter-Nile 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Coulter-Nile to Plunkett, no run

slower one outside off, looks to go over long-on, gets beaten by the lack of pace

Coulter-Nile to Gotch, 1 run

was in the slot once again, looks to go over midwicket, gets an inside edge on to the pads

Coulter-Nile to Gotch, SIX runs

a low full toss on the stumps and lofted over the bowler's head, into the sightscreen for a six