2nd Semi-Final, Southampton, Aug 14 2010, Friends Provident t20
(13/13 ov, target 121)117/4
Somerset won by 3 runs (D/L method)
player of the match
Jos Buttler
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• Andrew McGlashan at the Rose Bowl

Trescothick and Buttler lead Somerset to the final

One moment of fielding brilliance from Kieron Pollard turned Somerset from losers to winners and put them into the Friends Provident t20 final by three runs

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Scorecard summary
Somerset182/5(20 overs)
Nottinghamshire117/4(13 overs)
end of over 136 runs • 1 wicket
NOTTS: 117/4CRR: 9.00 RRR: 11.67 • Need 35 from 18b
David Hussey27 (21)
Chris Read3 (3)
Peter Trego2-0-14-1

It is official then. Somerset have gone through to the finals, winning by three runs on the D/L method. Patel and Hussey, some 20 runs behind D/L when they got together, had brought Notts slightly ahead when Pollard pulled off that special catch at the edge of the long-on boundary. It was that close. Thanks for joining us for this one. Stay back for the final

6.34pm It has stopped raining, but there is no way we can get the covers off in one minute. Or can we?

6.30pm We are five minutes from the cut-off for this match. It looks like Somerset right now, because it is still raining

Notts now three runs behind on D/L. And what's more? It's pouring now and we have players going off the field. That beauty of a catch by Pollard at long-on might just have won Somerset the match. Notts were ahead on D/L then, and not only did Pollard take the wicket all by himself, he saved six runs too. And as of now, Notts are only three behind

Trego to Hussey, 2 runs

makes room, gets a low full toss, hits it wide of long-off, gets two

rain gets harder

Trego to Read, 1 run

pulled away, towards long-on, gets just a single

Trego to Read, 2 runs

slower ball, driven just to the right of sweeper-cover, and he rushes back for the second, and puts in a full-length dive. He looked gone for all money with the throw halfway through to the keeper, but Read beat it by a split-frame. So tight

Trego to Read, no run

back of a length, defended towards midwicket. Dot ball. pressure on Notts

Read to face for the first time

Trego to Hussey, 1 run

plays with an open face, past point, for one

Trego to Patel, OUT

of all the men Patel could pick he has picked Pollard to take a superb overhead catch at long-on! He makes room and lofts it dead straight, and Pollard first moves to his left, and then jumps at the right time at the edge of the boundary to take the catch. And suddenly Notts are behind on D/L

Samit Patel c Pollard b Trego 39 (25m 26b 3x4 3x6) SR: 150
end of over 129 runs
NOTTS: 111/3CRR: 9.25 RRR: 10.25 • Need 41 from 24b
Samit Patel39 (25)
David Hussey24 (19)
Alfonso Thomas3-0-22-2
Thomas to Patel, 1 run

full again, driven through extra cover, will be just the one

Thomas to Hussey, 1 run

what a moment! Hussey plays it in the air towards long-off, Philips picks it up late, still goes for it, sees he cannot get there, but while on his knees, makes a nice overhead save to save three runs

Thomas to Patel, 1 run

full toss outside off, plays with an open face, places it past point for one

rain is back as we speak

Thomas to Hussey, 1 run

driven to sweeper-cover for one

it has stopped raining, it seems. Bumble Lloyd says it's raining either side of the ground, but not there

Thomas to Patel, 1 run

full again, driven to long-off for one

Thomas to Patel, FOUR runs

full, into the pads, whipped away powerfully for four. Poor delivery, dealt with superbly, what a powerful, Asian whip-flick

Towels are out. Tresco plays the big trick, brings Thomas back. Rain has slowed down a bit

end of over 119 runs
NOTTS: 102/3CRR: 9.27 RRR: 10.00 • Need 50 from 30b
Samit Patel32 (21)
David Hussey22 (17)
Kieron Pollard2-0-19-1
Pollard to Patel, 1 run

slower short ball, pulled away, along the ground, another single

Pollard to Hussey, 1 run

length ball, driven to long-off for one

rain gets harder, Notts three ahead on D/L. Hussey taking his time. I would too

Pollard to Patel, 1 run

easily worked away off the pads for one

Pollard to Hussey, 1 run

bowled from wide of the crease, punched down to long-on for one

Pollard to Hussey, FOUR runs

beautiful shot, nicely done, slower ball one, and he guides it - late, really late - between the keeper and short third man. Hussey is keeping a cool head

Pollard to Patel, 1 run

starts with a slower delivery, pushed to long-on for one

Par score at the end of this over, with three wickets down is 100. And it is drizzling. What drama and Pollard comes on to bowl

end of over 1012 runs
NOTTS: 93/3CRR: 9.30 RRR: 9.83 • Need 59 from 36b
David Hussey16 (14)
Samit Patel29 (18)
Murali Kartik3-0-28-0

and Notts have now nosed ahead on D/L

Kartik to Hussey, 2 runs

short ball, pulled away again, between deep square and deep midwicket, gets two

Kartik to Hussey, 2 runs

quick footwork, rocks back early to pull this shortish delivery, wide of deep square

Match details
The Rose Bowl, Southampton
TossNottinghamshire, elected to field first
SeriesFriends Provident t20
Player Of The Match
Jos Buttler
Jos Buttler
Series resultSomerset advanced
Hours of play (local time)15.00 start, First Session 15.00-16.15, Interval 16.15-16.35, Second Session 16.35-17.55
Match days14 August 2010 - day(20-over match)
England Image
Nigel Llong
England Image
Richard Illingworth
TV Umpire
England Image
Neil Mallender
Reserve Umpire
England Image
Rob Bailey