23rd Match, Pool B (D/N), Brisbane, Mar 1 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup
(49.4/50 ov, target 236)215
Pakistan won by 20 runs
Player Of The Match
54* (46) & 4/45

9.55pm Alrighty, folks. That was a fantastic game of 50-over cricket, and a pleasure to bring to you. Hope you enjoyed it, and keep tuning in for more. Until next time, ta ta!

KaFi: "Assuming India, SA and West Indies take three of the slots from this group, the last league match between Pak and Ireland should decide the fourth slot" -- I don't think we can assume any such thing. West Indies, Ireland and Pakistan will all be in contention for the third and fourth slots, I think. And hey, it's also possible that Pakistan could beat South Africa.

WasimQadir: "Where is that guy who said "If Pakistan win any match in this World Cup I will quit my civil engineering job and shave my head and walk around Calgary downtown wearing my green shirt?""

Misbah: "It was really tough, because it was make or break for us. We were in a must-win situation. You can't believe how happy we are, because we would be out of the tournament if we lost this game. Pitch wasn't easy, it was holding up, it was a bit two-paced. When I went there I found it really difficult to rotate the strike. I was thinking if we could get to 250-260 it would be really challenging, because we had five regular bowlers. We were 15-20 runs short after losing those wickets, but the kind of quality the bowlers showed, the fielding was also good, credit should be given to the fast bowlers, the way they bowled today. When there is extra bounce, Irfan is the kind of bowler, if somebody hasn't faced him before, it can be really difficult, especially in Australian conditions. We need to really work hard, because we need to improve our batting. Other teams are getting to 300, 280, 290. We need to start well and capitalise."

Chigumbura: "I'm still to go for a scan, I will know tomorrow morning. Today the bowling was much better, thought we executed well, but we gave away too many extras, if you are being critical about our bowling. It's disappointing to lose a game like this when we felt we had a good chance of winning. Hamilton getting out was the turning point. We have to learn from this. We haven't had one guy scoring a hundred and carrying us through. That's where we need to improve."

DJ: "Umpires haven't given good decisions. There were at least 3-4 front foot no-balls and some wides missed. If umpires' decisions were correct then the result might be different. Better luck next time Zimbabwe."

Wahab Riaz is the man of the match. "The discussion [with Misbah] was to play all 50 overs and if we take chances, we will do that in the last three or four overs, and rotate the strike till then. The team management are working really hard with me, they believe I can do something with my batting. Thanks to them and thanks to Almighty Allah. In the start the ball was not coming on to the bat, not going through quickly, but we had to work hard, I think the way the fast bowlers and Shahid Afridi bowled, credit has to go to us. We know there were not many runs on the board and Irfan bowled really well. I want to dedicate this trophy to my dad and my mum. They will be really happy."

Greening: "Brisbane's produced a couple of good competitive games that have ebbed and flowed. Shame that's the last match there." -- Yup, this is an awesome pitch. Bounce, a bit of seam movement, and turn for the spinners.

Sidd: "Though Pakistan have won this, they've played quite poorly to say the least. Thankfully for them, Zimbabwe played worse and left too much for Chigumbura to do in the end. Tough road ahead for both teams in this WC. Pakistan will obviously go back happier but not satisfied."

9.36pm Four wickets for Wahab, four for Irfan. Rahat Ali was also excellent, and the three left-armers have been at the forefront of Pakistan's defence of 235. Zimbabwe looked to be on course to reach the target at various points of the chase, but Pakistan kept chipping away and kept picking up wickets at critical junctures. You feel they needed one of Masakadza, Taylor or Williams to carry on and make a far more substantial score. Brilliant game from Wahab, a critical half-century and a four-for.

Wahab Riaz to Chigumbura, OUT

banged in short, Chigumbura goes for the hook, and top-edges it through to Akmal, who takes his fifth catch of the match, and Zimbabwe have been bowled out

Elton Chigumbura c †Umar Akmal b Wahab Riaz 35 (60m 35b 4x4 0x6) SR: 100
Wahab Riaz to Panyangara, OUT

now the batsman goes the other way, shuffling across his crease. Wahab bowls it short on middle stump again, he swivels to pull, misses, and they try to steal a bye and Akmal rolls it at the stumps, misses, but the bowler picks it up and hurls it at the bowler's end, hits the stumps there, and catches Panyangara short of his crease

Tinashe Panyangara run out (†Umar Akmal/Wahab Riaz) 10 (43m 28b 0x4 0x6) SR: 35.71
Wahab Riaz to Chigumbura, 3 runs

fuller now, follows the backtracking batsman, and Jamshed puts down a dolly at deep midwicket. Swung hard, miscued it high, and the fielder was coming in from the boundary, he got right under it, it dropped into his cupped palms, and bounced right off

Wahab Riaz to Chigumbura, no run

backs away from leg stump and Wahab bowls a short one over leg stump. Swivels to pull, doesn't connect

24 to win now. Chigumbura's played wonderfully, but this, you feel, is too far away

end of over 494 runs
ZIM: 212/8CRR: 4.32 RRR: 24.00
Elton Chigumbura32 (32)
Tinashe Panyangara10 (27)
Mohammad Irfan 10-2-30-4
Wahab Riaz 9-1-42-3
Irfan to Chigumbura, 1 run

full on off stump, swiped down to long-on, keeps the strike with the single

Irfan to Chigumbura, 2 runs

shortish outside off, pulled in the air, bounces down to deep midwicket

Irfan to Panyangara, 1 run

full on off stump, stabbed down to mid-off

Irfan to Panyangara, no run

now he makes room to carve through the off side and Irfan bowls a slower bouncer outside off. Swings and misses again

Irfan to Panyangara, no run

another bouncer and he shuffles across to try and fend it away into the leg side. Misses, and Akmal caught it over his head. That was definitely over Panyangara's head, should have been called wide

Irfan to Panyangara, no run

short outside off, bounces too high to connect with the pull

Here's that man Irfan. Can he get a five-for? Or can Zimbabwe, somehow, go after him?

end of over 486 runs
ZIM: 208/8CRR: 4.33 RRR: 14.00
Elton Chigumbura29 (30)
Tinashe Panyangara9 (23)
Wahab Riaz 9-1-42-3
Shahid Afridi 10-1-53-0
Wahab Riaz to Chigumbura, no run

short, angling away from Chigumbura, who stays leg-side of the ball and can't connect with the flat-bat slap

Wahab Riaz to Chigumbura, FOUR runs

shot! That's a length ball outside off and he makes a bit of room to smack that into the gap between cover and mid-off

Wahab Riaz to Chigumbura, no run

slower ball now, back of a length, goes between the batsman and the stumps after he's into the pull too soon

Wahab Riaz to Chigumbura, no run

short, angling away from Chigumbura at 145kph, too quick to pull

PEEYUSH: "That's the difference b/w a top side and an average: Australia were bowling out Starc in search of every possible wicket and Pak kept Wahab and Irfan for last 3 vers when they could have sealed the win 8-10 overs back" -- Australia were defending a far smaller target. There was no way that was going to be a 50-over chase.

Wahab Riaz to Panyangara, 1 run

backs away to slap it through the off side and he bowls it shorter, extra bounce causes him to edge that towards third man

Superb atmosphere at the ground, lots of synchronised clapping as the bowler runs in

Wahab Riaz to Chigumbura, 1 run

back of a length on the body, tucked away towards short midwicket

Wahab Riaz back into the attack. Zimbabwe need 34 from 18.

end of over 47Maiden
ZIM: 202/8CRR: 4.29 RRR: 11.33
Tinashe Panyangara8 (22)
Elton Chigumbura24 (25)
Shahid Afridi 10-1-53-0
Sohail Khan 10-0-45-0
Afridi to Panyangara, no run

back of a length on off stump, dabbed to point, and Afridi's birthday, which began with a duck and took plenty of punishment in nine overs, ends with a superb maiden over

Afridi to Panyangara, no run

what a beauty this was. A bit slower and he was at full stretch to defend it outside off. Turned past his edge again and Akmal had his bails off in a flash. It's gone upstairs, but Panyangara indicates to his partner that he never moved his foot out of the crease, and he's right.

Afridi to Panyangara, no run

back of a length now, outside off. Backs away and misses the carve through the off side

Afridi to Panyangara, no run

length ball angling in towards off stump, gets a big stride out and blocks it back to Afridi

Afridi to Panyangara, no run

and again, this time he looks to drive and again it dips and turns past his angled bat

Afridi to Panyangara, no run

lovely. Dipped on Panyangara as he stretched out to defend outside off and bounced past his outside edge

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