11th match, Bristol, June 07, 2019, ICC Cricket World Cup

Match abandoned without a ball bowled

Match centre 
Scores: Ranjith P
Comms: Hemant Brar (@Cricquest)

That's all from our side for this game, unfortunately. Thanks you all for joining our coverage. Tomorrow it's a double-header Saturday with Bangladesh taking on England in Cardiff followed by New Zealand v Afghanistan in Taunton. See you then!

Sanket Kumar: "So as a result of this match being called off, Sri Lanka and Pakistan go 3rd and 4th on the points table!" -- Right you are.

After so much wait, the teams will finally share a point each. Thanks to rain, for the first time Sri Lanka have avoided a defeat against Pakistan in a World Cup game.

3.46pm And the game has been called off.

More from Alan: "Several Pakistan players by the outfield. Hasan Ali has done the 50-50 hand gesture to someone in the crowd. Gould and Llong coming out again now. Match referee Andy Pycroft out there, too."

3.40pm "The umpires have walked off, Gould saying something to Mickey Arthur," pings Sharda. "And now Arthur has headed quickly into the dressing room."

Nizam: "Up to what time minimum overs mach is possible plz Hemant Brar update about it." -- The cut-off time for a 20-overs-a-side game is 4.19pm.

The BCCI "won't escalate" the matter of MS Dhoni's gloves with the ICC. But they have also asked ICC for "flexibility". Raise your hands whoever thinks this is the last of the matter we'll hear. No one? Okay then read about the latest on the issue, brought to you by the indefatigable Nagraj Gollapudi.

3.30pm "Lots of milling around, which is ominous," says Alan Gardner. "Covers still on, umpires going back and forth. People sitting expectantly in their seats now."

There are a few watery patches on the field which the umpires are keenly observing.

3.15pm The umpires are walking out for an inspection. The sun is out in patches, the covers are still on though.

Derek: "Weather is a factor in cricket which makes it compellingly beautiful and infinitely complex like the endless variations of chess. Clouds, sun, overcast conditions, wind, pitch moisture, humidity all make the game more than just see-ball-hit-ball. A morning session in heavy conditions with skillful batsmen negotiating a swinging ball is lots more interesting than slogged sixes."

Thanks, Saurabh. We have an inspection in about ten minutes from now. Fingers crossed.

S. M. FAHAD : "Why rain effects cricket game only. Almost all sports have nominal rain effect. " - that's why cricket is special. On which note, handing it back to Hemant.

3.01pm: Sharda Ugra can see blue sky! "Honest, not kidding," she says. "Pakistan team members are coming onto the field."

Asim: "Guys why we have minimum 20 overs to play for a match.Why cant we can have 5 to 7 overs each for the sake of having a conplete match instead of giving points to each team. Being in mind that we already have super over" - this is an ODI. You can't have a 7-over match and have it approximate an ODI in any sense...

Rup Sandhu: "Surely, being a fan of cricket (I don't like cricket, I love it) you need to accept the conditions as they occur? No one can control the weather. So if it happens that your team gets a point for a rained off game, then so be it. You just need to make sure you win the games that are in front of you??"

mitesh has a metaphorical (and literal) bucket of cold water for us: "Hate to spoil the fun - according to ever reliable BBC-Weather, there is going to be heavy rain from 5 onwards. On a positive note, it has been fun to chuckle at some hilarious comments here."

Anees Wajid: ""Who needs football?". Apparently all the teams in this world cup in the training sessions." - paging Sunil Gavaskar. (He hates the practice in case you're wondering why).

2.45pm: The next pitch inspection will be at 3.15 pm, so in 30 minutes from now.

Nauman: "I disagree with bonus points suggestion in world cup. Football doesn't have any bonus points when teams lose by big margin neither should cricket" - football also doesn't have Jofra Archer. Any sport that has Jofra > a sport that doesn't. Who needs football?

Nadeem Muhammad: "It's been years since I am following cricinfo. Well I guess it remains the most visited or used application in cricket lovers handsets.. I never got any of comment published but I want to say that all of cricinfo team deserves praised in abundance. My father who is in his early 60s now.. passes most of his time on cricinfo. Wish all the best to this wonderful team and hope today we can get some cricketing action ..." - we're all suckers for praise Nadeem. Best wishes to your father.

Ahsan: "At the very least there's a case for complete outfield covers and better drainage at these grounds- why should we have to wait for hours after the rain has stopped for them to mop up the ground?? Potential play time wasted..." - agreed.

Saad Ayub: "We can use cricinfo platform to discuss every matter regarding cricket and can provide our suggestion to improve cricket. This could leads towards a useful discussion. I am totally convinced that ICC official are also watching our comments" [brb, hastily deleting any snide comments made towards ICC]

Asanga: "Why there is no bonus points awarding system in the world cup? if so, it will be helpful for teams suffered by rain-effected matches." - I like this suggestion. Will make any matches that are one-sided also more interesting.

2.35 pm: the promised inspection is happening folks, but is still underway. Mickey Arthur is also out there and there is a lot of "pushing toes gingerly into the outfield" says Alan.

Khalid khan: "Sitting in a remote village of Germany (who have mostly nothing to do with cricket) being a die-hard fan of cricket. Cricinfo is the best to follow even if you are at work. Cheers!!! At last rain has stopped"

Marvin Roberts: "Can we make a case for covered cricket grounds, with retractable roofs? Are there any in use for international cricket ?" - Takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the retractable roof to cover Centre Court at Wimbledon. Imagine how long it would take to cover a cricket ground...

Chandresh G: "@Radical suggestion from Rajkumar A A - what will happen if India-Pak match washed out, they never play bilateral series now." - good point. But will rain dare disrupt an India-Pakistan match?

jawad sohail: "First time ever on cricinfo. You guy's are doing a great job even when we don't have game . It's just good to be here and it's time when we start playing cricket in rain icc.. Thanks " - thank you but why is this your first time on Cricinfo? Must catch up by being on the site 24/7 for all that you've missed, I say...

Radical suggestion from Rajkumar A A: "In WC matches, whenever there is rain, instead of sharing points, we can award 2 points to the team which had won the last bilateral series between the two teams. It will make bilateral series more meaningful."

Cric freak: "Do i need to write with my blood to get my comment published? Happy to know that rain has stopped would be more happy if my comment gets published" - digital blood, I guess...

If it doesn't rain anymore, the umpires will have an inspection at 2.30pm

PradeepM: "It's good to read commentary even without the match itself . It's like one huge family interacting about cricket . Can you add the local time in the match details instead of the score card dock ? It will be useful in rainy days like this" - It absolutely does feel like that Pradeep. As for the local time, all the times you see in this ball by ball commentary at the start of some paragraphs in bold are local times.

And here's Sharda with a further update: "An umpire has walked out for a pitch inspection and one lot of covers has been taken off."

Deiva Muthu asking the important questions: Who has the best mustache in this World Cup: Hafeez or Ferguson or Dhawan? Go vote in our #livereport

2.05 pm: Breaking News: It's stopped raining! Alan chimes in from the ground: "Definitely stopped raining now, and the Pakistan players have arrived. Huge cheers, especially for Mohammad Amir, who is coming down to shake hands. Shoaib Malik poses for selfies, there is chanting and horns going off. The most action we have seen all day!"

2.02 pm: Further good news from Alan: "Rain is quite light now, might even be stopping - conditions slightly brighter for the first time today. But we're looking at two hours to get the ground ready, so it's touch and go from here, with a 4.15pm cut-off."

Umran Afzal: "I think the solution for matches that are affected by rain is not to have reserve days but if a team missed out on qualification due to the rain affected match, they could replay the match at a later date." - To make this workable though, there need to be 'free' days somewhere in the schedule. The World Cup is already about 7 weeks long, without free days. There's no time to fit extra matches in. The reality for cricket is we have to live with the elements.

Junaid Naseer : "Such a disappointment it is that even with the latest technology available for weather forecasting, we still loose a whole game day that is not just an ordinary game but a worldcup's ...!! And Still World Cup is planned in such conditions with rain everywhere. I Hope there are some considerations in the future ...!! " - well technological progress is real, but we aren't yet at the stage where humanity can control the weather!

Fahd Malik: "What is the cutoff time to abandon the match?" - we don't have official word yet on a cut-off time, but it looks likely that if it continues raining for another hour or thereabouts, we'll have vanishingly small chances of play happening.

1.48 pm: Alan has another update from Bristol. This one is a bit more cheery: "Dimuth Karunaratne is here, possibly the rest of the Sri Lanka team as well. He is watching the rain from the balcony by the dressing rooms, where there is a reasonable crowd of people gathered looking for distraction. "Malinga!" shouts a small boy pleadingly. "Malingaaaaaa!" There is no sign of Lasith, sadly, who is probably best served keeping that perm out of the rain."

faaiz 28: "I've been trying to follow this game on google as well and it appears the rain just stopped Can you plz confirm if thats true? "Fingers crossed" - I'm going to let Alan answer that one faaiz, and he says, "No, no, raindrops have literally just been falling on my head."

Lakshitha: "I'm a Sri Lankan currently living in Melbourne. Can you please tell me if there is at least a distant chance of having a game today? It's already 10.30pm and feeling sleepy." - well there is always a distant chance. About as distant as Melbourne is from Bristol in this case though...

Thanks Hemant. I've come to drown my sorrows at Federer's imminent loss in the Bristol rain.

And with that, I hand over the duties to Saurabh.

1.30pm Elsewhere in the World Cup, the gloves are off between Dhoni/BCCI and ICC. Or are they? Catch all the snippets from the tournament at World Cup Central.

Ikram Khan: "My first world cup memory is a bit old. Mike Hednrick ripping through Pakistan middle order to clinch an impossible victory. Cried for hours after that as it was given that nobody could beat windies(opponent in semifinal) in those days (although Pakistan almost did that )"

Darshak Trivedi: "Refreshing the memories, Can not get rid of 1996 Quarter Final between India vs Pakistan..Jadeja's blasting Innings, Pak's assualt in response. Blasting all around the ground of Chinnaswamy and Pin drop silence in the crowd with every boundary scored, Srinath's dismissal to fight India back into the game and then the epic 5 minute drama of Prasad vs Sohail..and Laslty, when India hoped that Miandad will take the game away, Jadeja hitting the stumps and Fireworks started..So much to recall !!!!" And not to forget Sidhu's 93

Shenith: "My earlier memory of the World Cup was the 1992 one. The first cricket match I ever saw was of India vs Australia. Still remember India required 4 of 1 ball and Srinath slogged and the catch was dropped by Steve Waugh. But still India missed the mark by one run as Raju was runout taking a 3rd. Still remember the commentator Bill Lawry shouting "Come on run". After that match I had a sleepless night and soon realised why people love this game so much." -- 13 off the final 6 balls, and 5 off 4 was required to win, say our match notes.

Ahsan Malik: "My oldest memory of worldcup match is 99 Semi-Final of Pakistan vs Newzeland. I remember how Saeed Anwar thrashed decent bowling of NZ all over the park with Wasti anchoring the inning with a slow 80+. Pakistan were clear favorites for the finals and the unthinkable happened. Still not over that final." -- And they chased 242 with nine wicket in hand.

All Pakistan fans here, who wants some left-arm magic? Alan Gardner overheard a potentially significant conversation: One of the volunteers here just stopped Wasim Akram in the lunch queue to mention that his team is in need of a bowler this weekend. Wasim said, "My bowling's not up to much now." "Can you bat?" came the reply.

Alex Stockton: "I'm English and 24 years old, so nothing really comes to mind ..."

SamyaSen: "My first world cup memory was of 1996 World Cup at Eden Gardens Semi-finals. India were started with picking up both the openers. Then D'silva started smashing. At last, the heartbreaking cry of Vinod Kambli. First world cup of sorrow:("

In Paris, a dominant Rafael Nadal has taken the first set 6-3 against Roger Federer in the French Open semi-final. You can follow live scores from the match here.

Manish Yadav: "My oldest memory of world cup is the match between Ind vs SL, Srinath took two wickets in the first over. As a 8 year old kid I was delighted but then things got changed and India ended up losing that match. "

More from Alan: "The groundstaff are sweeping water off the covers, though I think it's still drizzling. Plenty of umbrellas remain up."

1.10pm Meanwhile, here is an update from Alan Gardner: Rain is still pretty steady.

Venky: "My oldest memory of a WC game dates back to 1999 when India faced Sri Lanka in the group stages. Ganguly and Dravid put up a great show (modern day T20). Loved that jersey of Indian team." By the way, Srinath Sripath and Ishita Mazumder did a wonderful jersey story here.

Who will win in Bristol: Sri Lanka, Pakistan or the Rain? Go vote in our #livereport

Wasey: "I have watched the whole 1999 world cup but can't remember a lot as I was only 6 and half. But can't get rid off the the Pak vs Aus Final. Didn't eat that night and was keep crying. I remember saying to my uncle that Wasim Akram can bowled any batsman but why isn't doing it. My first love till now remains Cricket"

Abhijato: "My first (concrete) World Cup memory is the '11 Quarter Final match India played v AUS, the perennial favourites, (I was 8 years old). Till then, our choke v SA and the incredible tie v England were just headlines for me. I remember seeing the Ponting century and being in awe. Yuvraj Singh, on his knees after winning, letting out a cathartic roar - that is the image of that World Cup for me. When we beat Australia, I believed we could win that WC. When we did, I fell in love with cricket :)"

Lots of super World Cup memories folks. Which is the perfect segue to talk about what memories you'll form from this World Cup. Before it began, you might have been expecting to witness 350 being chased every match. But it's not quite panned out like that. Why? Sidharth Monga might have the answer from Trent Boult. Glossier balls.

Surat khan : "My world cup memory was to watch Pak vs AUS in 1999 wc Final bcz my cousin brother loves cricket at that tine i was only 7 years old i was happy bcz we escape from school to be honest i didnt knew tht whts cricket and whos playing....."

Mitch: "According to live radar, rain should break at Bristol in 60-90 min. Then a gap, and maybe rain again later. New showers now covering Jersey & Guernsey, heading generally north. The gap between the areas of rain may not be enough to get in a full match. (Wish I had better news.)"

12.30pm Meanwhile, it's still raining in Bristol. The cut-off time is 4.19pm local.

Hasnu: "92 WC final I just entered to a restaurant to have a cup of tea i didn't know much about cricket that time the people around me are very excited and roaring as last movements of final were going on hence I witnessed the historical movement not intentionally since then great fan of cricket. "

Vittal S Ananta: "first memory from the very first 1975 Prudential World Cup Final.. listening to the commentary on radio till 1 am in the night in Bharat..291 vs 273 final scores and WI winning "

Farhan: "My first WC memory was 1992 WC semi-final between Pak and NZ. I was at school waiting to hear my result and there our principle announced that Pak won the match, I also took 2nd position so it was a happy day for me :)"

Khurram Lal: "Refreshing your comments feed continuously to see if my comment is posted.... So far disappointed. Kindly share this so I may know my comments are reaching you." -- Yes, it's raining comments here [sorry, couldn't resist]. Trying to post as many as possible.

Ahsan: "My world cup memory was to watch Srilanka lift the 1996 world cup trophy. Was present at the Gaddafi stadium supporting Srilanka. What a moment !"

Ravi: "Only ODI century of Sunil Gavaskar during 1987 WC against the NZ. It was the last league match and needed to chase 220+ under 25 overs to play thr semis against Eng at Mumbai..otherwise NRR will take them Pak for 2nd semis. Which India did chase. Its huge back then chasing 10 an over." -- That game also saw Chetan Sharma's hat-trick, the first-ever in the World Cup.

Muddassir: "1992 World Cup... India v Pakistan.. Sachin scoring 70-odd not out and Kiran More sledging Javed Miandad!.. Eventually Pakistan, led by an inspirational Imran Khan, winning the world Cup! Was just happy the World Cup came to Asia"

sufian: "My 1st ever match was a world cup match in 2003 between Pakistan and Australia. Wasim akram takes early wicket but Andrew symonds played very good inning and Pakistan lost."

Sami Khan: "First World Cup memory: 1979 Pakistan lose to England despite restricting then to 160 odd. Disappointed. One of many to come mixed the absolute join of Phoenix like recoveries. England 2019 being one." -- Yes, Pakistan fell short by 14 runs

Shankar: "My first memory - 1987 world cup - Was 15 years old then. Australia as underdogs lifting the cup under Allan Borders captaincy - memorable moment Steve Waugh's slower ones and his all-round performances. This made by a hardcore Aussie fan and had a gala time when they won four more times after that."

Jack: "I remember 2007 when Ireland shocked Pakistan on St Patrick's Day at Kingston. Goosebumps. Showed the world they have officially arrived. Been following the Irish team with interest ever since, even though I'm an Aussie supporter"

Subrahmanyam Ch: "My first world cup memory is year 2003. Still I remember how sachin tendulkar got out by taking edge from his bat and ball gone upwards. In that world cup India won all the matches except two against Australia only. One was in group stage and another one was FINAL match"

Lakshman Kumar: "My first WC memory or for that matter my first Cricketing memory is the 1996 WC match between Australia and Kenya at my hometown Visakhapatnam, where Mark Waugh scored a superb century..! I watched that match live from the stadium..! "

Ravi: "I remember the hammering given by Ricky Ponting, Damien Martyn and Adam Gilchrist to Indian bowlers in 2003 world cup final. I remember first wicket felt somewhere around 100 runs and we hoped that Australia will crash now, but then came Ricky Ponting and all is history thereafter. Still feel that we could have won that world cup had one more Indian batsmen stayed with Virender Sehwag on the crease."

Muhammad Haris: "My first WC memory is from 1999 clash between Pak and Aus (in group stages) when Moin Khan hit McGrath monstrous sixes on slog sweep in last couple of overs and later Wasim cutting short the celebration of taking last ticket to run away from crowd. It was that match which kept us rooting for Ausies in semi final against SA. We thought we'd have a better chance against them in final... "

Arjun: "My 1st WC memory is a bit different. With the World Cup being hosted in India and all the excitement coming with it. As a 10 year old Indian, remember West Indies losing to Kenya in the 96 WC and wondering why every elder was so shocked! Then dad telling me how great the West Indians used to be at one point in time and what it means to lose to an Associate nation."

KT_Dissa: "My first world cup memory was in 1996 where Sri Lanka smashed India in their group match.Oh boy !!! who thought Master blaster ( Sanath ) and Little dynamite ( Kaluwitharana ) would outclass the fabulous century of Little Master ( Sachin ). There were days for Sri Lanka !!! "

Rohantha: "My first was the 1975 WC, I was 8 years old and listening to Sri Lanka vs Australia on Shortwave radio. Aussies scored 328 for 5 in 60 overs and SL made a very creditable 276 for 4 in their 60 overs. Two batsmen, Sunil Wettimuny and Duleep Mendis were sent to hospital after being hit on the head batting against Lillee, Thomson and Walker - facing such hostile bowling for the first time, and without helmets as well!"

chris dixon: "Malinga's 4 in 4 in 2007! I was only 9 years then but wanted to be a fierce bowler ever since!"

Nitin: "1983 world cup finals was shown live on Doordarshan. We were disappointed after Indian batting and it was a relief when Doordarshan took a break from live telecast for 15 mins news and half and hour weekly entertainment program as Viv Richards was toying with Indian bowlers. After 45 mins Our hopes rose when Doordarshan announcer said we are going back for live telecast with match 'interestingly poised'. Next we saw the score 66 for 6. In that break of 45 mins Indian cricket changed for ever. "

Joe: "I was like 8 years old.. in 2003 Chaminda Vaas getting 4 wickets in the first over including a world record hat-trick against Bangladesh" -- Yes, he ended with 6 for 25

Naman Singla: "My first wc memory is off 2007(unlucky I know). It was Bangladesh defeating India. Being a die hard Indian cricket fan, I cried for nearly 2 hours"

Abdul Rauf: "Pak vs England, 1987 World Cup, Rawalpindi Army Cricket Stadium. Pakistan won by 18 runs, thanks to Abdul Qadir's 4 for.

Ankit Kumar: "1999 world cup Semi Final !! Allan Donald disastrous run out." -- Here's some awesomeness from Rob Smyth on that unimprovable game

Qazi: "My world cup memory at the age of 7. Pakistan winning 1992 world cup final and me with my cousins, spread my arms (like Shoaib Akhter) and running in a circle in my home lawn singing "Dil ki sabhi duaein, Imran Khan k naam""

Sehwag: "Venky Prasad knocking the stumps of Aamir Sohail at Bangalore '96 world cup!!! I remember the fireworks outside our street when we won that match ." -- And the two sort of recreated the moment during the Champions Trophy 2017

Maninder Singh: "My first memory from WC is from 92' West Indies v Pakistan. Brian Lara smashing his way to 88 before dreaded Wasim Akram toe-crusher forced him to be carried off the field. The love story with Brian Lara, West Indies flair and Pakistani fast bowlers started that day and continues till now" -- Now known as in-1992-also match

"My fave memory - Azhar's 3/19 v Australia in 1987 WC," says Raghav from the other room.

Divy: "I watched my first game in Chennai, well half of it anyways, had to leave in the night, Me and the Uncle I was watching it with were both supporting England in that game against Sri Lanka. Think England scored 225 or something and I was saddened by the fact that I had to leave before the second innings, then I was assured by my Uncle that England would definitely win this one. They did. One hell of a world cup, some classic matches and great set of commentators on TV as well."

adi: "Sachin's 137 against Sri Lanka in the 1996 edition. He was such a phenom in that World Cup and every bowler feared him."

Sheharyar: "1996, Pakistan Vs India, Pakistan chasing and Salim Malik ruined it all. Not everyone wants to have their first WC Memory like that :(" -- Can understand.

Sak: "First WC memory was Inzi smashing the kiwis in the 92 WC ... fell in love with the game ever since" -- Ah, yes 60 off just 37 balls at Auckland.

Ramakrishna Gol: "When I was 10 it was 99 WC between Ind Vs SL match when Dada scored 183*. My first WC memory." -- Yes, Taunton. Dravid and he shared 318 for the second wicket, which was then the highest partnership for any wicket.

While we wait for the rain to stop, why not ping me your first World Cup memory, and I will try to post as many as possible. Here we go...

Minidu: "Is it raining in nights also? If it is not can they change all the games to day & night games. We fans want to watch this very badly or we have to wait for 4 years to watch another"

Amit Zelia: "Hello Hemant, can you look far into the clouds and predict when are the thick ones ending?" -- I wish I could, Amit.

Mayank: "Hemant, I wish they could prioritise the sport over revenue! Have the game, fans will come, and, hopefully, you guys can be there on the reserve day. I will be happy to just read CricInfo commentary! :)"

Raja: "Ready to share some sun shine from Dubai" -- I hope it worked that way, but thanks a lot for your offer.

Thanks, Saurabh. And hello everyone. Yes, it's still raining.

And while you're dipping into the latest on ABdV, I'll dip into some chai, while Hemant will take you through the next phase of rain.

11.48 am: So it's still raining (big surprise). Less of a surprise, we have some more excellent reading material for you. The revelations that AB de Villiers offered to come out of retirement 24 hours before South Africa's World Cup squad had to be picked have caused a bit of a tectonic plates shifting in the cricket world. Here's Firdose Moonda with answers to the question everyone is asking. Did AB attempt to eat his cake, and have it too?

Jason Done: "in regards to reserve games in the league stage, wouldn't that just be the next day, when another match will be going on at a (hopefully) different stadium? That wouldnt affect much in terms of scheduling, right?" - it would affect broadcasting though.

Prash: "I take it that there are no reserve days so if the match does not go ahead - points will be shared?" - correct.

Muneeb Khan: "Why can't be there reserve days for league matches too . What harm will it do "

Valid question from Muneeb, and one that many of you have been asking. But logistically, you can't have a reserve day for every single league game. It will just make the tournament nightmarishly long.

Daood: "If we have a 20 overs match Can Pakistan change their Line up to change imam for Imad so Babar Can come is as an opener?" - No toss has happened so far, so both teams are free to name any XI they want to from the squad they have.

11.30 am: I'm afraid the rain is still dropping over Bristol. There's a couple of Super Soppers lumbering across the covers, but the groundstaff are still wearing their raincoats, as are the few hardy fans who are still at the stadium.

Meanwhile, Deiva Muthu has been busy updating our live blog too. And he has a question he wants you to answer: Would you climb a tree to launch a protest if your favourite player doesn't bat up the order? Go and vote in our #livereport.

11.22 am: While Bristol soaks in the rain, why don't you prep for one of the biggest match-ups in world sport? ESPN tries to answer the one question Roger Federer hasn't been able to in all these years - How do you beat Rafa Nadal on clay?

Another update from Sharda. Those who were praying for sunshine, look away now. "Okay it is now raining with refreshing enthusiasm. Not audible, but making its presence felt."

11.03 am: Some more stuff to chew on while the rain falls. Yesterday's match between Australia and West Indies was a thriller - but the umpires didn't come out of it looking very good, and they copped some stinging criticism from commentators and even players.

Danish: "I'm reading some positive stuff about the 'Cricketeers'. I visited 2 games at Trent Bridge and can confirm that this idea is wonderful and the people were super helpful!"

subhayan : "For me West Indies is the surprise package of this world cup. Bangladesh, we always knew that they will pull out one or two but West indies fast bowling in the last game and till now batting today has been really great to watch."

S Gallangoda: "I dont think a wash out favors SL at all. To reach Semis (at least to have a hope) This is the kind of match SL has to win. I know PAK are favorites for this match but they are not as heavy favorites as most of other countries SL are about to face in coming rounds."

Umar: "Checking out the official cricket merchandise outside the stadium. It's raining heavily guys. And cricketeers here are suggesting to check Cricinfo app for the updates." - they're a fine bunch of folk, are the cricketeers. Always ready to help, and always with a smile.

Zohaib: "Are you serious??? dance-off..! The Windies will blow away every opposition with their moves... " - but it will be far more entertaining to watch than arm-wrestling. And West Indies would likely win that too.

Saranga Gallang: "SL had too many strong teams. They did really well in world cups. They have one world cup win and two runners up places for show for that. But still no wins against PAK at world cups. I know its true. But how can that be? Any logical (literally) explanations???" - there are no explanations for these quirks. In the same way that Pakistan don't have a win against India in World Cups.

Rohan Arinaya: "Just curious, what are the fantasy league recommendations for today's game??" - asking the right questions is Rohan. Read today's recommendations here. Now if only the skies would be as sunny as your optimism, we might be able to sneak in a game.

Aliyan Khan: "What if Pak vs Ind match is washed off???" - even the clouds are not so bold as to attempt something that foolhardy...

Shishank Dahiya: "Mohd Shahzad is out of the WC. How bad that is for Afg's chances." - The World Cup will certainly be losing colour. But I don't think it will harm Afghanistan's chances a whole lot. Here's more on the Shahzad injury and withdrawal.

Jake: "Looking at the weather forecast around the UK for the next week or so, I'm sad to say it looks like we could have a few more washed out games...as well as likely this one :("

KanwariKuri: "In WC matches, there should be a contingency, if no result is possible on the field, the two captains have a best of 3 arm wrestle, winner takes the 2 points; simples" - on the whole, I'd prefer a dance-off.

10.40 am: For those standing line, and for those waiting at home - we've got you covered in terms of what to do with your time while waiting for the rain to stop. Listen in: It's not been an easy couple of years to be a Sri Lankan cricket fan. But some have made their way from Canada to Cardiff, and a papare band from Melbourne is cheering them on through the World Cup! All of that and more in our latest Talking World Cup podcast, with Fidel Fernando and Sharda Ugra

(you can subscribe on Apple podcasts here)

JPH: "For those of us with tickets who are following updates on here - can you remind us the minimum overs that need to be played for a game to be completed please? Is it 20 per side? i.e. we'd need a solid 3 hours of good weather to get that in? Thanks" - It is 20 overs per side indeed JPH.

10.32 am: The pitch and square remain under covers, as do the bowlers' run-ups. A scattering of fans are under umbrellas at Bristol. The drizzle continues. Groundstaff in rain jackets are trying to super-sop water from the covers. But if the rain becomes heavier, that will be a moot task.

Shaz: "Cricket boards and ICC seriously need to invest in some sort of solution to counter rain playing spoil sports particularly at world cup. Roofing is an option with fixed scores to hit certain part of ceiling. " - there were matches played under a roof in Australia, in Melbourne. Wasn't an unqualified success as an experiment.

Jamshed Khan: "Seeing the satellite images last night on NEWS, complete match wouldn't be possible on any ground in UK today. Can they fly to Holland and have a match there, my wishful thinking....."

10.24 am: Another one to add to your reading lists. Alan Gardner wonders if rain will allow us some play, and if it does, whether Sri Lanka can overturn their woeful World Cup record against Pakistan. And does it with sparkling humour too. Read it here.

Hussain: "So what're the chances of this match being completely called off due to rain? Feel like Pakistan will be the one at a disadvantage if that does happen. :/" - most people would agree. But there's also this: If it had rained before Pakistan vs England, most people would have felt England would have been at a disadvantage. Cricket, it's a funny old game, isn't it?

Shanoomama: "No rain can stop us from following Cricinfo. In Pakistan, we play a lot of street cricket under rain. Let the game begins, shouting out loud in Vienna!" - that's the spirit!

Sharda has done some quick math and says that the latest we can start a game is at 4.15pm local time for a 20-overs a side game. That's six hours away, so we could have some play still.

10.10 am: Some reading goodness for you while rain is making us wait: They only played together in two of Pakistan's 11 losses in a row, and their tandem act contributed significantly to ending that losing streak. Osman Samiuddin on how Amir and Shadab made Pakistan smile again.

Tom: "Got tickets for the match and keeping a close eye on ESPNcricinfo and the Met office to see if /when we head over to Bristol. Very wet in my city but you'd expect it with a name like Bath! (p.s. didn't buy Dinesh's tickets but still feeling stiffed by the rain)" - Bath brings to mind Asterix comics, and Shakespeare sonnets.

Abdul Wahab Maj: "In 1992 world, Pakistan lost the first match to West Indies, won the second and third was washed off. So if there is anything called history is repeating itself, we are not going to see any match today. "

The toss is delayed of course. We have official confirmation of that. But since it's 10.05 am and no sign of activity, that was a given naturally.

Jon Lewis, Sri Lanka's batting coach, had this to say yesterday: "It's hard to say for sure what you need to do to reach that semi-final. It's quite likely that the weather will have an impact on some people's games - and if some people are lucky, that might have an impact on how far as you go as a team. We realistically know that we're not one of the strongest sides in the competition but that doesn't mean that we can't reach the semi-finals if we get our performances right at times when other people don't quite hit their straps and maybe the weather comes in at the right time for us once or twice."

Vinod Rajpal: "Hey Saurabh, Good Morning : No worries for me for the Pak-SL match , would enjoy the game of the Tournament in French Open - Federer vs Nadal ; #GOATs !! The pair have not played each other on clay since 2013 and have not met in Paris since 2011." (p.s: there's going to be one TV in office tuned to that channel. So if you see me describe a cover drive as a smashing ace, or a straight drive as a forehand drilled down the line, be understanding...)

dinesh: "Having bought tickets to this match, I had to put it back on the ICC website to resell due to work commitments. I live 2 hours away from Bristol and we've been issued a yellow warning for the day. So glad I sold them and feel a little bit bad for the poor the chaps who bought it!" - those who bought Dinesh's tickets, please know that he didn't intentionally stiff you!

Sumeet V Vaidya: "I have the correct forecast.. it will be raining sixes because the match is going to be a T20 :)"

Ryan: "My comments are like the rain. They always get rained off!" - and whoosh sending a deluge of comments to drown this one too!

9.55am: We did predict a rainy day in our preview. Have a read of what Shashank Kishore thinks will be the key points - provided there's a match of course.

yash: "Cricket is not everything, not by any means, but it is a large part of who we are, no matter which country are you. Nothing is easy in cricket. Maybe when you watch it on TV, it looks easy.But its not. Cheers Lions! Good Luck Pakistan! Love from SL"

Gamini: "who (SL,PAK) will be more happier to have 1 point due to a situation a single ball will not being bowled in this match?" - on recent form, it has to be Sri Lanka. They don't look like they can beat Pakistan if Pakistan are having a good day.

Alan Gardner, who is also at Bristol, is competing with Sharda about who can give the more dire picture. "Steady drizzle now - though it might convert to mizzle soon. But cats and dogs are forecast," he says.

shoaib: "Its 3rd Day of Eid here in Pakistan. I cancelled all my plans with friends and family just to enjoy the match. What next?? A Rainy Bristol with forecast with more rain. ....Huh.... Its annoying." - you are gathering cricketing karma Shoaib. It shall not go waste. (ps: Don't cancel plans with friends and family. Unless it's to follow cricket on ESPNcricinfo).

9.45am: The bad news is that conditions are very wet at Bristol still. The good news is, we'll still be here to keep you entertained...Sharda Ugra, who is at the venue, has this morbid weather update for us. "The weather is miserable. Full range of English "monsoon" over the last 90 minutes we have been here: it has spat, it has pickled, it has drizzled."

Lakwin: "Back here in Colombo the streets are bustling with people trying to get home early to tune in to their TVs, and theres a sense of excitement in the air - the World Cup is not only a moment that gives us pride, but its an occasion that truly brings our country together. Whatever the critics and pundits have to say, it'll be a brave call to rule out SL right away given our past record in global tournaments. SL has the most number of players to cross 1000 WC runs(5), and to cross 40 WC wkts(3)!! "

9.35 am: Hello and welcome to the 11th match of this 2019 World Cup. It's Pakistan taking on Sri Lanka, but right now it's prayers taking on the rain in a wet Bristol. I am Saurabh Somani and will be joined by Hemant Brar over the course of this game.

Shoaib Malik Allrounder
Mohammad Hafeez Allrounder
Wahab Riaz Bowler
Imad Wasim Allrounder
Sarfaraz Ahmed † (c)Wicketkeeper Batter
Mohammad Amir Bowler
Haris Sohail Middle order Batter
Babar Azam Batter
Asif Ali Middle order Batter
Fakhar Zaman Opening Batter
Imam-ul-Haq Top order Batter
Hasan Ali Bowler
Shadab Khan Allrounder
Shaheen Shah Afridi Bowler
Mohammad Hasnain Bowler
Match details
County Ground, Bristol
Tossno toss
Match numberODI no. 004152a
Hours of play (local time)10.30 start, First Session 10.30-14.00 Interval 14.00-14.30, Second Session 14.30-18.00
Match days07 June 2019 - day (50-over match)
Ian Gould
Nigel Llong
TV Umpire
Paul Wilson
Reserve Umpire
Rod Tucker
Match Referee
Andy Pycroft
PointsPakistan 1, Sri Lanka 1