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1st Match (D/N), Ahmedabad, October 05, 2023, ICC Cricket World Cup
(36.2/50 ov, T:283) 283/1

New Zealand won by 9 wickets (with 82 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
123* (96) & 1/76
Full commentary

9pm NZ have started the World Cup with a bang. They've found a new hero in Rachin Ravindra. He might not have even played had Ferguson been fit. He has now made himself undroppable. Thanks for tuning in today. Until next time, this is Deivarayan Muthu signing off on the behalf of Andrew Miller. Take care and cheers

8.40pm No Williamson. No Southee. No Ferguson. No Bracewell. No problem for NZ as they dispatch defending champions England in Ahmedabad. After winning the toss, NZ limited England's power-packed line-up to 282 for 9, thanks in no small part to Mitch Santner and Matt Henry. Sam Curran then struck with his first ball to dismiss Will Young for a duck in NZ's chase, but Conway and Ravindra struck up a stunning stand to smash England's attack. Conway made a career-best 152* while Ravindra become NZ's youngest World Cup centurion at 23. Stay locked in for the post-match presentation.

Rachin Ravindra, Player of the Match: Sometimes it's unbelievable at times, but great to have a great day out. The bowlers bowled well and lucky enough to have Devon out there. I spent a lot of time with Dev and we are very, very close mates. I was little more comfortable and I have a lot of chat with Dev - being able to do that in the middle is cool. For sure, if you asked us four-five years, we all knew the kind of player Dev would become. The surface was very good and lovely to bat on, similar to the warm-up game in Hyderabad.

Jos Buttler, England captain: Disappointing day. Very much outplayed by NZ and tough defeat to take. It's still one loss in a long tournament. I think a lot of guys in our team have played a lot of cricket - we won't be too down on ourselves and won't be too high on the other side. I thought we were well below par. We were aiming for somewhere around 330 and it [the pitch] somewhat played better under lights. We just lacked being clinical with your execution. Some of the dismissals were right shots but not executed properly. I think NZ played some great cricket shots and got great value for them. Devon Conway - can't think of massive shots but he scored quickly. Him and Rachin put together a fantastic partnership and we were well beaten. I think the pitch skidded on better under lights but we played a long way short of our best. Don't think there's any question around Root. He's been our best player in our team for a long while. We will wait and see (on Ben Stokes?). Fingers crossed, he can get fit as soon as possible.

Tom Latham, NZ captain: Obviously, a fantastic partnership between Rachin and Devon. From the 30-over mark onwards, to restrict them to 280 was fantastic. It has been a quick build-up - the warm-ups and guys from Bangladesh. We've played a bit in these conditions and I thought we adapted to these conditions beautifully. The two seamers - Henners and Boulty - did a great job and took wickets at crucial times. To restrict them to 280 was outstanding. Probably, the most pleasing thing was Devon and Rachin just reacted to what was being bowled. Rachin played a fantastic innings and proud of him. Looking forward to get around him tonight.

Mitch Santner speaks to Star Sports: Obviously, England are a tough opponent and probably a good toss to win. It looked like it skidded on under lights. Hats off to Devon and Rachin. Lockie had soreness and it kind of changed the balance of the team. Rachin made the most of his opportunity and he showed that he's a world-class player. These two love batting together. They do domestically and love it. We've seen Conway's quality for a while and Rachin played well during the warm-ups. They just want to keep batting and batting, which is good for us. I thought we got wickets at crucial times and Matt Henry's wicket of Jos...

Arvind: "Incredible to see Rachin being so articulate and charming after being in the field for 99 overs in this heat...a megastar in the making."

Moeen Ali to Ravindra, 1 run

on the pads once again, this is Ravindra's turn to pick it away to deep midwicket. He hits the winning runs for NZ on his WC debut. Stuff of dreams. Ravindra then gets together with his Wellington mate Conway

Moeen Ali to Conway, 1 run

on the pads, tucked away to deep midwicket. The scores are level

end of over 3616 runs
NZ: 281/1CRR: 7.80 RRR: 0.14 • Need 2 runs from 84b
Rachin Ravindra122 (95b 11x4 5x6)
Devon Conway151 (120b 19x4 3x6)
Liam Livingstone 3-0-24-0
Sam Curran 6-2-47-1
Livingstone to Ravindra, FOUR runs

good length and turning down the leg side, Ravindra rolls out the sweep and gets it fine to take NZ closer to victory

Livingstone to Conway, 1 run

floated up outside off, Conway stays back and smashes it to mid-off

Livingstone to Conway, FOUR runs

rank long-hop on leg stump, duly dispatched. Conway rocks on the back foot and pulls it away to the square-leg fence. 150 up for Conway. Williamson and Co. are up on their feet to applaud Conway. What a player

Livingstone to Conway, 2 runs

tossed up and outside off, seems like the legbreak. Conway slog-sweeps it between deep midwicket and long-on

Livingstone to Conway, FOUR runs

tossed up outside off, Conway sees the wide line and reverse-sweeps it away between the keeper and short third. Another top shot from Conway

Afeef: "During England's innings, it felt like NZ's fielders are everywhere. While in New Zealand's innings, it feels like England's fielders have disappeared."

Livingstone to Ravindra, 1 run

legbreak, turning into Ravindra, who skips back and pulls it along the ground to deep midwicket

end of over 3520 runs
NZ: 265/1CRR: 7.57 RRR: 1.20 • Need 18 runs from 90b
Devon Conway140 (116b 17x4 3x6)
Rachin Ravindra117 (93b 10x4 5x6)
Sam Curran 6-2-47-1
Moeen Ali 9-0-58-0
Sam Curran to Conway, FOUR runs

muscled away to the left of Root at long-on this time. Slower ball, short and into the pitch, the line is outside off. Conway sits back, waiting for it, then powers it away down the ground. He continues to show his range

Sam Curran to Conway, 2 runs

hauled away to deep midwicket

Sam Curran to Conway, 2 runs

Conway stays leg-side of this shortish ball outside off and carts it away wide of sweeper cover. Livingstone slides and cuts it off in the deep

Sam Curran to Conway, 2 runs

slower and into the pitch, hacked away to Brook at deep midwicket. Conway hares back for the double

Sam Curran to Conway, FOUR runs

back-of-a-length slower ball outside off, back-of-the-hand variation, Conway delays his slap and hits it between extra-cover and mid-off. Bam!

Sam Curran to Conway, SIX runs

pumped over Root at wide long-on for six more. NZ are rushing to victory. Length ball on off, not sure if it was the slowie. Nevertheless, Conway sizes it up and dispatches it

8.27pm Hello, again, everyone. Cheers Miller. This has been some partnership from Conway and Ravindra. NZ are just 38 runs away from a memorable win in this WC opener. Can England somehow separate the two Wellington boys?

end of over 3411 runs
NZ: 245/1CRR: 7.20 RRR: 2.37 • Need 38 runs from 96b
Rachin Ravindra117 (93b 10x4 5x6)
Devon Conway120 (110b 15x4 2x6)
Moeen Ali 9-0-58-0
Sam Curran 5-2-27-1

Well, crumbs. It's been a total and utter pasting. Here's Deiva to apply the gloss finish.

Moeen Ali to Ravindra, 2 runs

rocks around the corner to lift a pull to backward square. That will be drinks. Make England's a stiff one!

Moeen Ali to Ravindra, 2 runs

on the back foot, slapped hard down the ground, Livingstone commits to a sprawling dive, proper commitment, but ultimately it's all in vain tonight

Moeen Ali to Ravindra, SIX runs

massive! Lots of air from Moeen, dipping in his arc, Ravindra drops to one knee and muscles his slog-sweep up into the stroke!

Moeen Ali to Ravindra, no run

slapped into the covers, no way through there

Moeen Ali to Conway, 1 run

dragged to the on-side, one bounce to long-on

He's the fastest Kiwi to make a World Cup hundred, and he's also the youngest. What a night!

Moeen Ali to Conway, no run

on the back foot, hacked to short cover

Win Probability
NZ 100%
100%50%100%ENG InningsNZ Innings

Over 37 • NZ 283/1

New Zealand won by 9 wickets (with 82 balls remaining)
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