3rd Match, Group A, Sydney, Mar 7 2009, ICC Women's World Cup
(33/33 ov, target 146)132/6
NZ Women won by 13 runs (D/L method)
player of the match
Kate Pulford
New Zealand Women
end of over 336 runs
AUS-W: 132/6CRR: 4.00 RRR: 4.35 • Need 74 runs from 17 overs
Jodie Fields26 (53)
Ellyse Perry17 (27)
Suzie Bates3-0-17-0

And the covers are coming back out as the rain begins to fall again. Disappointing for the Aussies as they are well behind the par score for the Duckworth/Lewis method

4.50pm Still raining in North Sydney. The radar suggests there'll be a bit of rain about all afternoon, but whether it will be enough to finish the game, it remains to be seen.

We'll keep you updated when we hear any more news on a resumption time.

As it stands Australia is behind the par score, so if the match doesn't resume, the Kiwis will be the victors

5.30pm The game has officially been abandoned due to rain with New Zealand being handed the victory via the D/L method, with the Aussies 13 runs behind the par score.

It was an interesting day's cricket, with the Australians no doubt disappointed by the result, especially given the partnership Fields and Perry were building.

Thanks for your company today, good evening from North Sydney.

Bates to Fields, 1 run

full and driven through cover

Bates to Perry, 1 run

gets forward and guides to third man off the front foot

Bates to Perry, no run

full and defended on the front foot, looks solid in defence

Bates to Perry, 2 runs

driven through the covers, well run

Bates to Fields, 1 run

great yorker, just dug out by Fields

Bates to Perry, 1 run

flicked to fine leg

end of over 322 runs
AUS-W: 126/6CRR: 3.93 RRR: 4.44 • Need 80 runs from 18 overs
Jodie Fields24 (51)
Ellyse Perry13 (23)
Kate Pulford7-0-32-3
Pulford to Fields, no run

good area outside off, defended from the crease

Pulford to Perry, 1 run

full on off and driven straight back past the bowler, who dives to her right to attempt the save

Pulford to Perry, no run

full on off, driven to mid off

Pulford to Fields, 1 run

full on leg, flicked down to fine leg

Pulford to Fields, no run

strays onto the pads, balloons up on to the on side

Pulford to Fields, no run

good full ball first up

end of over 314 runs
AUS-W: 124/6CRR: 4.00 RRR: 4.32 • Need 82 runs from 19 overs
Ellyse Perry12 (21)
Jodie Fields23 (47)
Suzie Bates2-0-11-0

All 50 overs will still be played despite the break for rain

Bates to Perry, no run

defended outside off

The bowler's really struggling to grip this wet ball. The rain is getting heavier and the covers are coming out.

Hopefully it'll just be a short delay, but we'll keep you up to date on the latest happenings as the crowd dashes for cover.

The covers are off and we're set for a restart here

Bates to Fields, 1 run

another low full toss, driven to cover

Bates to Fields, no run

low full toss, driven to mid on

This is all the Aussies need, singles. Perhaps the Kiwis need to have a more attacking field

Bates to Perry, 1 run

wide outside off, driven through the covers

Bates to Fields, 1 run

full and driven through cover point

The RR required is fine, it's simply a matter of wickets in hand that will determine this match

Bates to Perry, 1 run

width outside off, guided to third man