6th Match, Group C, Gros Islet, Mar 16 2007, ICC World Cup
(41/50 ov)210/4
New Zealand won by 6 wickets (with 54 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
87* (113) & 2/25
end of over 4111 runs
NZ: 210/4CRR: 5.12 
Jacob Oram63 (83)
Scott Styris87 (113)
Liam Plunkett 7-0-43-1
Kevin Pietersen 1-0-2-0

A convincing win from New Zealand, thanks to the superb fifth-wicket stand of 138 between Jacob Oram and Scott Styris after England had taken early wickets. England will look back at their own middle-order collapse as being the point they really blew the game.

New Zealand should now progress to the Super Eights - it is inconceivable they will lose to both Canada and Kenya - and assuming England go through as well, the Kiwis will carry forward the two points for this win. But England have to beat both the Associates, and while Canada look to offer little, Kenya are a tougher nut to crack and that is the last group match on March 24.

"It's always nice to come out of holes and be on the winning side," said Oram. "It was a big game... we should beat Canada and Kenya, so to do well against England sets us up nicely against them." And asked about his troublesome little finger - "Batting, it was a little bit jarring but it's OK."

That's all from me, Martin Williamson, and Jenny Thompson. Check out Andrew McGlashan's bulletin and the match gallery. The South Africa-Netherlands game is still going on elsewhere as well. We will be back tomorrow with two more matches, so until then, goodnight.

Plunkett to Oram, FOUR runs

pulled fine, not where it was intended but just as effective, and Panesar dives but can't stop the ball trickling over the boundary. That's that, and the largely English crowd are almost silent ...

Plunkett to Oram, 2 runs

clipped to the leg side, they want two and come back for it with comfort

Plunkett to Oram, FOUR runs

beautiful off drive, too full and wide - right in the slot - and Oram hammered that all along the ground past the futile dive of mid-off

Plunkett to Oram, no run

inside edge into pads, the ball squirms into the off side and the batsmen briefly think of the single but the fielders are closing too fast

Plunkett to Oram, no run

good length, patted back to Plunkett

Plunkett to Styris, 1 run

new ball, same result. Steered down to third man from outside off stump

It's Liam Plunkett ... and now they decide to change the ball as if none of them have homes to go to ... and then they take an age over it

end of over 402 runs
NZ: 199/4CRR: 4.97 RRR: 1.10
Scott Styris86 (112)
Jacob Oram53 (78)
Kevin Pietersen 1-0-2-0
Paul Collingwood 3-0-20-0
Pietersen to Styris, 1 run

full, Styris almost yorks himself but squeezes the ball to Panesar at mid-on, Panesar winds up for about a second and then from ten yards hurls the ball at Pietersen's feet ... KP jumps to avoid getting one right on the foot

Pietersen to Oram, 1 run

turned round the corner for a scurried single

Pietersen to Oram, no run

played into the off side

Pietersen to Oram, no run

pushed to Colingwood at point and his throw almost finds the non-striker short as he was sent back by Oram

Pietersen to Oram, no run

real rip there from KP

Pietersen to Oram, no run

flighted at Oram's feet, a good start

Pietersen comes on to bowl ... hmm

end of over 398 runs
NZ: 197/4CRR: 5.05 RRR: 1.18
Scott Styris85 (111)
Jacob Oram52 (73)
Paul Collingwood 3-0-20-0
Jamie Dalrymple 4-0-29-0
PD Collingwood to Styris, FOUR runs

swept with real skill from leg stump down to the long-leg fence

PD Collingwood to Oram, 1 run

slower ball hit to Anderson, and although his throw clatters into the stumps at the bowler's end, Oram was home about 10 seconds earlier

PD Collingwood to Styris, 1 run

firm drive to Anderson who is at deep mid-off

PD Collingwood to Oram, 1 run

into space behind square on the off side

PD Collingwood to Oram, no run

confident drive but right to mid-off

PD Collingwood to Styris, 1 run

bat and pad together and into the off side, Pietersen scrambles in from extra cover as the two batsmen suffer indecision, his underarm hits the stumps and all that happens is that the batsmen get an overthrow. It never rains ...

Paul Collingwood back on.

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