(N), Gurgaon, March 27, 2008, ICL 20s Grand Championship
(19.4/20 ov, T:162) 139

Chennai won by 22 runs

Player Of The Match
69 (51)
Chennai Innings
Ahmedabad Innings
Match Flow
Chennai Superstars  (20 ovs maximum)
Ian Harvey run out (Sanjeev/Tamrakar)54410125.00
Ganapathi Vignesh  b Sriram117920157.14
Russel Arnold c Sanjeev b Gillespie69518161135.29
Stuart Law (c) b Gillespie1014181071.42
Hemang Badani c Tamrakar b Gillespie4547593195.74
Rajagopal Sathish not out 11300100.00
Vasanth Saravanan not out 00100-
Extras(lb 8, nb 4, w 8)20
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 8.05)161/5
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Ian Harvey, 0.5 ov), 2-19 (Ganapathi Vignesh, 1.6 ov), 3-48 (Stuart Law, 5.4 ov), 4-160 (Russel Arnold, 19.4 ov), 5-160 (Hemang Badani, 19.5 ov)
Abhishek Tamrakar2025012.5033011
Sridharan Sriram402917.2573010
1.6 to G Vignesh, gone ! on the leg stump and spinning. Vignesh tries to reach for the ball and defend it but is beaten by the last minute drift and is cleaned up. Sriram is ecstatic and lets the world know about it. 19/2
Heath Streak403308.2572121
Jason Gillespie402536.25110131
5.4 to SG Law, bowled! Slower ball on the middle stump, Law picks it and wants to dislodge it in vee but gets an inside edge onto the leg stump and has to go back. Quite unlucky but clever piece of bowling by Gillespie. 48/3
19.4 to RP Arnold, slower on the off stump, Arnold lofts again as Sanjeev Martin takes the catch at deep midwicket. 160/4
19.5 to HK Badani, full outside the off stump, lofts to long off where the catch is taken. 160/5
Martin Sanjeev2020010.0033001
Wavell Hinds201105.5051000
Anshu Jain201005.0051000
Ahmedabad Rockets  (T: 162 runs from 20 ovs)
Wavell Hinds c †Parore b Vignesh2129313072.41
Damien Martyn (c)lbw b Shabbir Ahmed771100100.00
Murray Goodwin run out (Saravanan/Harvey)871610114.28
Parvez Aziz c sub b Syed Mohammad24152121160.00
Sridharan Sriram c Harvey b Shabbir Ahmed30243720125.00
Anshu Jain c Sathish b Harvey20131120153.84
Heath Streak  b Kumaran10101310100.00
Martin Sanjeev  b Shabbir Ahmed2320066.66
Jason Gillespie  b Shabbir Ahmed2380066.66
Pallav Vora not out 3680050.00
Abhishek Tamrakar  b Harvey043000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 7, nb 3, w 1)12
TOTAL19.4 Ov (RR: 7.06)139
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Damien Martyn, 2.6 ov), 2-38 (Murray Goodwin, 6.4 ov), 3-39 (Wavell Hinds, 7.1 ov), 4-80 (Parvez Aziz, 11.5 ov), 5-106 (Anshu Jain, 14.4 ov), 6-119 (Sridharan Sriram, 16.1 ov), 7-123 (Martin Sanjeev, 16.6 ov), 8-129 (Heath Streak, 17.5 ov), 9-134 (Jason Gillespie, 18.5 ov), 10-139 (Abhishek Tamrakar, 19.4 ov)
Shabbir Ahmed402045.00120012
2.6 to DR Martyn, on the off stump and swerving in a touch, struck on the back pad and an appeal goes up and is upheld but what the umpire misses is an inside edge. Martyn is disappointed, why shouldn't he be ?. 21/1
16.1 to S Sriram, full on the off stump, drives to extra cover where Harvey takes the catch. 119/6
16.6 to KM Sanjeev, yorker on the middle stump, and Sanjeev can be witness as his stumps are rearranged. 123/7
18.5 to JN Gillespie, slower on the off stump, strikes the off stump on the full and is bowled. 134/9
Ganapathi Vignesh402215.50153000
7.1 to WW Hinds, outside the off stump, tries to go for the drive and gets a faint nick back to Parore and is on his way back. 39/3
Thirunavukkarasu Kumaran302418.0063000
17.5 to HH Streak, slower on the middle stump, Streak goes for a lofted drive and misses and is bowled. 129/8
Ian Harvey3.402125.7281000
14.4 to AS Jain, on the leg stump, Jain gets under it and lofts it, gets the height not the distance as he is caught at long on. 106/5
19.4 to A Tamrakar, full toss on the middle and leg, heaves and misses and is bowled. 139/10
Jamaluddin Syed Mohammad402716.7572001
11.5 to P Aziz, lofts straight down the throat of Devendran at long off. 80/4
Vasanth Saravanan1017017.0012100
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  • Chennai Superstars innings
  • Chennai Superstars: 50 runs in 6.2 overs (42 balls), Extras 10
  • 4th Wicket: 50 runs in 52 balls (RP Arnold 19, HK Badani 24, Ex 7)
  • Chennai Superstars: 100 runs in 13.6 overs (92 balls), Extras 15
  • RP Arnold: 50 off 41 balls (5 x 4)
  • 4th Wicket: 100 runs in 83 balls (RP Arnold 48, HK Badani 43, Ex 9)
  • Chennai Superstars: 150 runs in 18.4 overs (122 balls), Extras 17
  • Innings Break: Chennai Superstars - 161/5 in 20.0 overs (R Sathish 1, SV Saravanan 0)
  • Ahmedabad Rockets innings
  • Ahmedabad Rockets: 50 runs in 8.6 overs (56 balls), Extras 4
  • Ahmedabad Rockets: 100 runs in 14.1 overs (87 balls), Extras 4
Tau Devi Lal Stadium, Gurgaon
TossChennai Superstars, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Russel Arnold
Hours of play (local time)19.00 start, First Session 19.00-20.20, Interval 20.20-20.40, Second Session 20.40-22.00
Match days27 March 2008 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Match Referee
PointsChennai Superstars 2, Ahmedabad Rockets 0
Ahmedabad Innings
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ICL 20s Grand Championship