4th T20I, Lauderhill, August 12, 2023, India tour of West Indies and United States of America
(17/20 ov, T:179) 179/1

India won by 9 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
84* (51)
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2.15pm So on a hot and humid day in Florida, India have pulled off a fantastic victory. That means that this five-game series will go down to the wire, with the last match to be played tomorrow at the same venue. With everything to play for, we should have another cracking contest tomorrow, so be sure to be back here to follow the game. And if you want a recap of how the game went today, hop on over to read Sudarshanan's report For today, that will be all from us. On behalf of Suds, Venkat and the rest of us at ESPNcricinfo, this is Abhimanyu signing off.

2.02pm Time for the presentation ceremony.

Hardik Pandya: "[On Gill-Jaiswal] Brilliant. As we've seen, there's no doubt in their skillset. They just needed to spend some time between the wickets. Going forward we have to take more responsibility as a batting group and support the bowlers. I've always believed bowlers win matches. Yashasvi and Shubman were brilliant. Very pleasing to see. [On his captaincy in the last two games] I like to captain how I see the game. It's about how the game is going and I like to go with my instincts. Yes we lost two games but in the first game it was our own errors. We were cruising and in the last four overs we slipped. We spoke about how these kind of games show our character and the boys took it in their stride. The two games we played reflected that we pull up our socks and we make sure to play some good cricket. In T20 cricket no one's favourites. You have to turn up and play good cricket. You have to respect the opposition. They were 2-0 up because they played better cricket than us. Tomorrow we have to turn up and do exactly what we did today."

Rovman Powell: "I think it was a good batting surface and we were 10-15 runs short, but having said that I think Hetmyer and Hope played really well. I think there's quality bowling in our unit but we didn't stick to our plans and no matter who is bowling, when you don't stick to your plans against quality batters they will always put you under pressure. We always knew this series would come down to how we play against spin. I think both teams played good cricket to reach where they are and tomorrow's a final and in a final, I would back West Indies. [On his injury] I'm feeling okay and ready to lead the guys tomorrow."

The player of the match, Yashasvi Jaiswal: "Of course [international cricket] is not easy but I just love to go out and enjoy myself. I would love to thank Hardik bhai and the support staff, the way they have spoken it really had an impact. [On his T20 approach] I just try to play how the team needs and how I can express myself. I just think of how quickly I can score and how many runs I can get in the powerplay. Of course reading the wicket and reading the situation, but my intent is always to score runs. [On playing against Royals team-mates] I have faced them many times so I can read them well. [On batting with Gill] It was really amazing. We knew which bowlers to take on."

avikrams: "is it Pitch which helped batters or gill-Jaiswal duo were classy?" The pitch seemed to have slowed down when India were batting. The ball wasn't coming on as nicely, but they were good in their application and played some good shots and found the gaps, so I would say the credit should go to Gill and Jaiswal for making it look as easy as they did.

Siddhesh: "This was always looking like a good batting pitch and the comprehensive way in which India chased it had shown that. Definitely credit should go to Kuldeep for putting the brakes on the WI innings early and denying them a good platform to get a better launch. "

1.55pm India have pulled off the highest successful chase on this venue and they have done so with utter ease. Shubman Gill and Yashasvi Jaiswal absolutely bossed the proceedings, giving nothing away. Gill fell for 77 but by the time he was out, India were already all but assured of victory and Jaiswal went on to stay unbeaten on 84 in just his second T20I. Of course, it was brilliant bowling performances from Arshdeep Singh and Kuldeep Yadav that helped keep West Indies under 180. Shimron Hetmyer and Shai Hope stood tall for West Indies, but in the end it was not nearly enough for them. And now we will have a decider tomorrow! Stay tuned for the presentation ceremony that's coming up shortly.

Shepherd to Tilak Varma, 2 wide

Banged in short down leg, Varma goes to pull and misses but they steal the bye. And it's a wide so that will be that! India have pulled the series level after going 0-2 down!

end of over 177 runs
IND: 177/1CRR: 10.41 RRR: 0.66 • Need 2 runs from 18b
Yashasvi Jaiswal84 (51b 11x4 3x6)
Tilak Varma7 (5b 1x4)
Jason Holder 4-0-33-0
Romario Shepherd 3-0-33-1
Holder to Jaiswal, no run

Full on off, driven hard to cover along the ground

Holder to Tilak Varma, 1 run

Slower short ball on leg, Tilak Varma swivels and pulls it square

Just three runs needed now

Holder to Tilak Varma, FOUR runs

Very full outside leg and Tilak Varma just gets his bat on it to tickle it very fine down to the boundary

Holder to Jaiswal, 1 run

Length ball on leg, Jaiswal looks to clip it leg side and gets a leading edge that takes it towards the vacant point region

Holder to Jaiswal, no run

Jaiswal misses the ball as Holder goes full around leg. Mild appeal from the bowler, but umpire wasn't interested

Over the wicket now

Holder to Tilak Varma, 1 run

Banged in short outside off, Varma cuts to deep point for a single

Here's Holder, meanwhile

India fought back from 1-3 down to beat Malaysia 4-3 and win the Asian Champions Trophy. It's these moments that you remember, it's these moments you strive for in professional sport, and there they were - an Indian collective. Here's how India pulled off the memorable win in Chennai.

end of over 1613 runs • 1 wicket
IND: 170/1CRR: 10.62 RRR: 2.25 • Need 9 runs from 24b
Yashasvi Jaiswal83 (48b 11x4 3x6)
Tilak Varma1 (2b)
Romario Shepherd 3-0-33-1
Jason Holder 3-0-26-0
Shepherd to Jaiswal, FOUR runs

Full and wide, Jaiswal flashes at it and it beats short third as he picks up four more!

Shepherd to Tilak Varma, 1 run

Varma clips it out to deep square leg to get off the mark

Shepherd to Tilak Varma, no run

Full on off, Varma defends

Here's Tilak Varma

Gill and Jaiswal's was the joint-highest opening stand for India in T20Is.

Shepherd to Gill, OUT

Finally, a wicket! It's full on off, Gill flicks it in the air and Shai Hope takes a good catch falling to his right at deep midwicket. Wonderful knock from him comes to an end and this is probably too little too late for West Indies

Shubman Gill c Hope b Shepherd 77 (47b 3x4 5x6 75m) SR: 163.82
Shepherd to Gill, 2 runs

Low full toss outside off, Gill drives to the left of wide long-off for two more

Shepherd to Gill, SIX runs

Gill with the short-arm jab again! Just back of a length and he pulls it over cow corner and that one goes into the stands!

So 22 runs needed off the last five. Shepherd back into the attack

end of over 156 runs
IND: 157/0CRR: 10.46 RRR: 4.40 • Need 22 runs from 30b
Shubman Gill69 (44b 3x4 4x6)
Yashasvi Jaiswal79 (47b 10x4 3x6)
Jason Holder 3-0-26-0
Obed McCoy 3-0-32-0
Holder to Gill, 1 run

Full on off, Gill digs it out to long-on

Holder to Jaiswal, 1 run

Low dipping full toss, a slower one again, and Jaiswal slaps it out to sweeper cover

Holder to Jaiswal, 1 wide

Dug in short outside off and moving further away from Jaiswal, who leaves it alone. Umpire calls wide

Holder to Jaiswal, no run

Banged in short and Jaiswal cuts hard to point

Holder to Jaiswal, no run

Length ball across Jaiswal, who dances out of the crease and looks to go inside out but is beaten

Holder to Gill, 1 run

Slower one, full on off and Gill swings it down the ground. Doesn't get it cleanly and it just lands safe as Mayers at long-on runs across and puts in a dive!

Holder to Gill, 2 runs

Length ball outside off sits up nicely. Gill pulls it wide of long-on and picks up a brace with the fielder doing well to put in a stop